Rohatyn Center Student Leaders: We Oppose Legutko Lecture Sponsorship

As the Rohatyn Student Advisory Board, we would like to express our opposition to the Political Science Department (PSCI) and Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs’ (RCGA) sponsorship of the lecture by Ryszard Legutko.

To quote the Open Letter to PSCI and RCGA: “By co-sponsoring a speaker who blatantly and proudly expounds homophobic, racist, xenophobic, misogynistic discourse, the RCGA is severely undermining its mission to ‘build bridges across disciplines and communities.’ In endorsing Legutko and the rhetoric that he embodies, the RCGA is shutting out large swaths of the Middlebury community, all of whom are engaged, critical, and rigorous thinkers whose energies would be better spent not combatting degrading and dehumanizing rhetoric.”

While we were neither informed of nor involved in the decision to sponsor the event, we are acting in our fullest capacity to advise the Rohatyn Center leadership, imploring them to withdraw support and co-sponsorship. We stand in solidarity with the rest of the student leadership listed on the open letter to the RCGA and Political Science Department.

Meiriely Amaral ’19
Laura Dillon ’19
Ben Lahey ‘21.5
Isabella Mauceri ‘20.5
Mari Odoy ’20
Greg Treiman ’19
Georgia Vasilopoulos ’21

The above students represent all  members of the Rohatyn Student Advisory Board. They serve in this role for all of the 2018-19 academic year.