To college staff: notes from the desk


We, as students, stand in solidarity with you in your unionization efforts. We see great potential for a union to address many of the recent concerns you’ve voiced — low wages, unpredictable schedules, a lack of communication, voicelessness — concerns that deeply disturb us.

According to an article published in The New York Times, declining union membership in the U.S. since the 1960s has contributed to increased income inequality and lower wages. Today, union workers now earn an average of 30% more than non-union workers in similar jobs.

We understand, however, that some staff members have important reasons for not wanting to unionize; fears, for example, of losing their current benefits. With this in mind, we want to emphasize that we stand with you in whatever routes you choose to pursue — union, or not — to better your livelihoods.

We hope that other students feel similarly strongly about supporting staff efforts, in whatever forms those efforts may take, to improve your working conditions and gain a stronger voice on this campus. There are students listening for ways to support you, who want to hear your stories and your hopes for this job. We also encourage our peers to go beyond listening, to be active in finding ways to contribute, whether it be holding meetings, writing petitions or letters, organizing protests or participating in other acts of solidarity.

You should not be alone in this.


Sarah Asch ’19.5, Senior News Editor

Hannah Bensen ’21, News Editor

Riley Board ’22, News Editor 

Ellie Eberlee ’20, Senior Opinions Editor

Rain Ji ’23, Layout Editor

Jack Kagan ’20, Sports Editor

Elsa Korpi ’22, Arts & Academics Editor

Lily Laesch ’23, Layout Editor

Nora Peachin ’21, News Editor

Amelia Pollard ’20.5, Digital Director

April Qian ’20, Senior Arts & Academics Editor

Emmanuel Tamrat ’22, Online Editor

Editors’ note: Editors involved in reporting last week’s story about the unionization efforts were not involved in creating, editing or publishing this op-ed.