Men’s squash comes up short against higher ranked opponents


In November, the Panthers started off strong. However, they struggled this month to bring home a win.  Since Jan. 5, Middlebury has taken on 8 teams and walked away with only one win against Amherst this past Thursday, 9–0. They finished off the long weekend by losing 6–3 to Franklin and Marshall College and 5–4 to Brown. By this time last year, the men’s team had competed in 12 matches and walked away with 10 wins. For reference, last season, the Panthers defeated Brown and Williams, two teams that beat them this month. It is worth noting that the order of the schools they played are very different from years past. The Panthers played most of the schools that they traditionally lose to earlier this season than last, and schools they generally beat, the Panthers have yet to play. The Panthers look to this weekend for another opportunity to compete. The team will take on Bates this Thursday, Jan. 23, who they have beaten at least the last three times they’ve played.