Sunrise movement hits Middlebury with banner drops


A banner dropped in BiHall on December 6 by Sunrise Middlebury. The nation-wide youth movement advocates for action to combat climate change.

Student members of Sunrise Middlebury dropped banners in Davis Family Library and McCardell Bicentennial Hall at the end of the fall semester to stand in solidarity with the climate strikes organized by Sunrise Movement hubs across the country. The national youth-led climate organization focuses on fighting for climate justice. 

Sunrise Middlebury organizers aimed to highlight the urgency of the climate crisis, writing, “Grades don’t matter on a dead planet” on the sign dropped at Davis Family Library on December 5, and, “You know the science. Do something!” on the one dropped in Bicentennial Hall on December 6, in an effort to bring the focus back to the future. 

“By dropping these banners and disrupting the normal flow of people in these spaces we could emphasize the importance of immediate climate action,” said Victoria Andrews ’23, a student organizer. Andrews said Sunrise Middlebury hoped to bring attention to their presence on campus. 

Fearing that in an academically rigorous environment like Middlebury, students preoccupied with grades and classwork may not prioritize climate justice, Sunrise Middlebury wants to educate students and hold them accountable for the future of the planet.