An invitation from the Scott Center


While the turn of the calendar year is often a time for optimism, it is hard to ignore the threat of war with Iran we faced earlier this month, along with the devastating bushfires in Australia that have wreaked havoc on people, animals and their homes. These are the consequences of the neglect we show the planet and the devastating power of modern weaponry. These world events, as well as the struggles of building a society free from hate, can weigh heavily on us. 

We at the Scott Center for Spiritual and Religious Life find ourselves as speechless as any in the wake of these reports that fill our media outlets lately. We also know that this is the time to appeal to the deepest wisdom of our traditions for insight, inspiration to action and hope. 

Our traditions and worldviews vary widely, and so too will our actions and responses. We all hope and pray that our world leaders will find restraint in matters of war, action in matters of the climate crisis, and wisdom and compassion in both.  

We are holding those personally affected by events around the world close in our thoughts, while offering our friendship and solidarity. To this end, we invite anyone wanting to share these concerns to gather with us at Wisdom Wednesday on Jan. 29 at 1:30–2 p.m. in Mead Chapel. Wisdom Wednesdays happen every week in Mead, and provide a place for the college community to gather for reflection and shared strength. 

May the opening of this new decade be a call to all of us to pursue wisdom from all quarters in order to build a future of love, peace and care.

The Scott Center for Spiritual & Religious Life team includes Saifa Hussain, Muslim Advisor/Associate Chaplain; Ellen McKay, Program Coordinator; Mark R. Orten, Dean of Spiritual & Religious Life; and Danielle Stillman, Rabbi/Associate Chaplain