Letter to the editor: Feb. 27, 2020


Sad day, again, for the college. As a moderate swing voter, I will add: a sad day for the Republican recruiting effort as well. Inviting Charles Murray back to Middlebury College is almost like kids throwing rocks at a nest to demonstrate how angry the hornets are. It’s pretty clear to outsiders this is a deliberate, and simple, attempt to create controversy. Why? Because the student body hasn’t reacted this way to any other speaker; their discontent is clear.  Rather than antagonize, bring to the stage some serious topics with the goal of solving complex problems and making the world a better place.  That’s the first step in swaying some would-be Republicans over to your side. Until then, don’t forget the Golden Rule and “Be Nice To Each Other Out There People.”

Alyth Hescock is an Addison County resident. He identifies as a frequent Campus reader and avid WRMC listener.