Siefer’s Scoop Podcast: An introduction


Cole Crider (86) charges at a Trinity defender on September 28, 2019. Middlebury went on to edge out the Bantams, 32-27. (Photo courtesy of Cole Crider)

The Siefer’s Scoop Podcast is coming to The Middlebury Campus in the 2020–2021 school year! The podcast is hosted and produced by Blaise Siefer ’23 and aims to tell the stories of Middlebury’s varsity athletes. Each week I’ll host a different athlete, learning about their introduction to sports, how they progressed to the collegiate level and the importance of sports in their lives. The Siefer’s Scoop Podcast will also explore the sports landscape amid a pandemic. We’ll ask varsity athletes about how training and competition has changed, how they are managing to stay connected to teammates in a social distanced world and more. 

Episodes will run about 30 minutes. 

Episode #1: Cole Crider ’23, Men’s Football and Baseball

Cole Crider ’23, a member of the men’s football and baseball squads, joins the podcast in its first episode of the school year. A sophomore at Middlebury, Crider was a member of the 2019 football team that set a litany of NESCAC records after going undefeated last year. He also pitches for the baseball team and was set to carve out a role for himself on the squad as a first year. 

On this podcast, we ask the Nashville native about how the pandemic has shifted athletics. Why did he decide to return to Middlebury despite the altered athletic landscape? How does training look for both sports? How is he keeping bonds with his teammates strong? We also touch on his experience with the football and baseball squads last year, getting the inside scoop on the 9–0 football record and last year’s (canceled) baseball season. 

Also, we explore his past with athletics. How did he first get into football and baseball? What are some of the sacrifices he needed to make to juggle both sports? What are some of his most notable achievements in high school?

Our first episode with Crider offers exclusive information about Middlebury athletics — we hope you enjoy it!