September 17 Issue

This week, The Campus presents its second issue of the semester. This fall, we will continue publishing content online on a weekly basis on Thursdays. You can browse our stories on our website, as well as check out a virtual front page each week.

The stories

“Middlebury does an amazing job prioritizing sustainability and the environment during a typical semester, this semester is not typical, and when the rubber hits the road health and safety has to come first.” Read more
In Friday’s remote lecture, scholar-in-residence Bill McKibben drew comparisons between the pandemic and the climate crisis. “We have this huge mix of crises on top of each other,” he said. Read more
Middlebury, along with its peers in the New England Small College Athletic Conference, have been able to maintain low Covid-19 rates through a mix of geographical and size advantages paired with stringent health protocol. Read more
“The Abenaki language needs speakers to help keep it alive,” Jesse Bowman Bruchac said, reflecting on this summer’s two-week pilot program on Abenaki language and culture. Read more

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