October 1 Issue

This week, The Campus presents its fourth issue of the semester. This fall, we will continue publishing content online on a weekly basis on Thursdays. You can browse our stories on our website, as well as check out a virtual front page each week.

The stories

Campus reporter joins the Proctor Dining Hall staff to get a peek into what the lives of staff and student workers look like during the age of Covid-19 Read more
MiddView leaders grappled with expectations to serve as educators and BIPOC ended up bearing the brunt of the burden. Read more
Two professors started a remote lecture series that allows all members of the Middlebury community to learn across disciplines from their own homes. Read more
First-years elected two class senators to represent the class of 2024 and seniors elected one senator in a special election. Read more
The death of Supreme Court Justice and libral icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg leaves students and faculty members remembering the woman who dedicated her life to fighting injustice. Read more

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