Siefer’s Scoop Episode #5: Eli Drachman ’24, men’s swim & dive

By Blaise Siefer

Eli Drachman ’24 competed for the Eagle Swim Team, a club in the Baltimore area, in high school. (W. Streaker. February 23, 2018.)

Eli Drachman ’24 joins the Siefer’s Scoop podcast for the fifth episode of the year. A first-year on the men’s swim and dive team, Eli chats about what it’s been like to be a first-year at Middlebury during a pandemic. How has he navigated the social landscape? What is his favorite part about the school? Eli also discusses the guidelines surrounding swim practice and his experience in the pool thus far. He offers his outlook on the 2020-2021 season, which includes the potential of virtual meets. We wrap up the episode by talking about Eli’s beginnings with swim, his experience competing for his club team and why he chose Middlebury.