October 8 Issue

This week, The Campus presents its fifth issue of the semester. This fall, we will continue publishing content online on a weekly basis on Thursdays. You can browse our stories on our website, as well as check out a virtual front page each week.

The stories

Ilsley Public Library is hosting a series of challenges for amateur photographers, the first of which will be open for submissions until October 24th. Read more
For the inaugural lecture of the Black Studies Program, Dr. Daphne Brooks discussed the role of protest music in Black activism from Fredrick Douglas to Breonna Taylor. Read more
The library faced a 25% budget cut in July and further cuts in the fall, forcing library staff to end subscriptions to certain resources. Read more
Given social distancing protocol, the Mail Center has moved from its home in McCullough to a warehouse behind the student center. Read more
Many professors face successes and setbacks as they adjust to a semester of online learning. Read more
Despite strict restrictions for clubs and organizations, Middlebury has maintained its $436 student activities fee. The SGA Finance Committee worked with clubs to find creative ways to spend it. Read more
Departments and students adjusted as various student employment positions faced cuts and restrictions. Read more
What happens if a Middlebury community member tests positive for Covid-19? What is the next step? Middlebury has partnered with the VDH to tackle contact tracing. Read more

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