Siefer’s Scoop Episode #6: Amanda Frank ’23, women’s tennis

By Blaise Siefer

Amanda Frank ’23 joins the Siefer’s Scoop podcast to discuss her Middlebury tennis career, as well as her experience interviewing Venus Williams this past spring. (Photo Courtesy Middlebury Athletics Department)

Amanda Frank ’23, a member of the women’s tennis team, joins the Siefer’s Scoop podcast this week. Frank starts the conversation by describing the restrictions that the tennis team faces this semester. What do practices look like? What’s it like wearing a mask while playing tennis? Frank also gives her outlook on the tennis team in general. What’s the team culture like? What does it add to her college experience? Finally, Frank reflects on her youth career and how she ended up at Middlebury.
Bonus: Frank goes in depth about her interview with Venus Williams this past spring. What was the seven-time grand slam winner like face-to-face? What did she say about Middlebury?