October 15 Issue

This week, The Campus presents its sixth issue of the semester. This fall, we will continue publishing content online on a weekly basis on Thursdays. You can browse our stories on our website, as well as check out a virtual front page each week.

The stories

Read about the MOVEMIDD Challenge which brought alums together to raise money for the college's financial aid budget. Read more
Student clubs adapt to connect with peers during a time of social distance. Read more
College administrators and the Student Government Association partnered to host an open meeting on Anti-Racism, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion on Oct. 9. Read more
When the Knoll was founded by members of the class of ’04.5 they never imagined it would become an escape for students seeking peace during a pandemic. Read more
Students studying remotely, by choice or by circumstance, are adjusting to a new type of college education. Read more
When Middlebury students dispersed around the globe last March, they had to “Box, Label and Leave” their belongings. This summer staff had to scramble to get everything to the right place in time. Read more
When President Trump tested positive for Covid-19 on Oct. 2, Benjy Renton ’21 helped construct one of the most comprehensive public dashboards contact-tracing the President. Renton has also become an expert on Covid-19 and higher education, writing weekly reports about Read more

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