Election Day

November 3, 2020

Voting in Middlebury will take place at the Town of Middlebury Recreation Center & Gymnasium at 154 Creek Road. Vermont offers same-day voter registration with a valid form of ID or address verification, like a bank statement or utility bill.

Read The Campus’ Middlebury voting guide for more information.

4:20 p.m.: According to an email from Acting Dean of Students AJ Place and Jason Duquette-Hoffman at the Center for Community Engagement, staff, faculty, and supportive community members will be walking on public sidewalks on College Street and Route 30 for the next few days, including evenings from 6 p.m. to midnight. “We have heard from students that you are concerned about potential reactions to the U.S. election results, and specifically concerns about non-Middlebury community members driving on College Street and targeting students,” they write. “While we cannot prevent people from driving along these roads or saying things to students as they drive, we recognize the impact this can have, and we hope that this show of solidarity will provide some support to our entire community.”

4:04 p.m.: Governor Phil Scott, a Republican, told media outside the town hall in Berlin that he voted for Joe Biden. The news was first reported by Seven Days’ Paul Heintz. He is the first incumbent Republican governor to support the Democratic nominee. Scott was the first GOP governor to support Trump’s impeachment inquiry in 2019. “It’s been a bit of a struggle for me, but I ended up voting for Joe Biden,” he said. “It’s something that I’d never done in my lifetime. I had never voted for a Democrat for president, so I had to some soul-searching.”

3:30 p.m.: Voting continues.

12:55 p.m.: Teddy Best ’22, a New York resident, voted in Vermont’s gubernatorial race this year.

Emmanuel Tamrat

10:45 a.m.: Shuttles through MiddVotes are running every hour to take students down to the polls.

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