November 19 Issue

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Although Community Council approved the installation of security cameras with the understanding that they would only be located outside, the college installed cameras both inside and outside buildings. Read more
The college set a goal of testing 750 individuals per week throughout the semester, with some weeks surpassing and some weeks dipping below that tally. Middlebury has less stringent testing measures than some other colleges. Read more
When the U.S. implemented a 1994 policy that increased border patrol presence in urban areas, migration routes were redirected through the harsh desert environments across the southern border. Middlebury’s Hostile Terrain 94 video commemorates the migrants who have perished attempting Read more
The college adjusted Covid-19 protocol at the end of last week, confining students to campus quarantine on the evening of Nov. 13 and implementing a number of restrictions on social gatherings in line with new Vermont guidelines. Read more
Kim Downs-Burns, the associate vice president for Student Financial Services, told the Campus that explained that there is a common misconception that J-term room and board cost is built into the fall and/or spring fees. Costs are actually covered by Read more
What do you need to pack and take with you? What can you leave behind? All of your move out day questions, answered. Read more
Though the media declared former Vice President Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 presidential race, President Donald Trump has yet to concede. As the President’s lawsuits and claims of election fraud drag on, students and faculty consider the results Read more
Françoise Niyigena ’21 designed and implemented a program to help remote first years navigate Middlebury from afar, connecting groups of new students with mentors that serve similar roles as the First Year Counselors that typically guide students in college residence Read more
Though 602 first years matriculated this fall, the college saw a lower yield rate and an uptick in deferrals, who will join the class of 2025.5 and 2026. Read more

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