Siefer’s Scoop episode #9: Nate Moll ’22, men’s squash

By Blaise Siefer

Nate Moll ’22 fires a shot at MIT on Jan. 31, 2020. (Credit: Nate Moll)

Nate Moll ’22 joins the Siefer’s Scoop podcast this week, the first guest to appear in 2021. A junior on the men’s squash team from Birmingham, Michigan, Nate begins the conversation by explaining why he picked up squash and how he progressed to the college ranks. Who were some of his early influences? During his college search, why did Middlebury stand out? Next, we discuss the squash team in general, and Nate sheds light on some of his favorite moments in the Middlebury uniform. Finally, we look forward to the spring semester as Nate describes how he is preparing for his return to Vermont.