Radio Roundup: A Springtime Pastel Playlist

By WRMC Staff

Pia Contreras

Have your Spotify playlists become stale? Is your weekly mix just not cutting it? Maybe it’s time to branch out and listen to something new. The Executive Board of WRMC, Middlebury College’s radio station, has selected a wonderfully wide range of albums, spanning time and genre, for your listening pleasure. Check back each week for a new set of recommendations.

*RIYL (recommended if you like)


Business Manager’s Pick – Maia Sauer ’22

Album: “Anika” – Anika

Genre: Post-Punk, Dub, Electronic

RIYL: John Maus, Ariel Pink, Molly Nilsson

Blurb: For her 2010 self-titled project, Anika worked with Geoff Barrow of Portishead, a fun mix of ’60s pop and folk covers. I just rediscovered “Anika” on my Spotify and have been enjoying its moments of punky heaviness interspersed with those of greater mellowness. Anika’s echoey speak-singing carries throughout the album. Give this one a listen if you’re looking for a lowkey energy boost this week.


Tech Director’s Pick – Maddie Van Beek ’22.5

Album: “tape 001” and “tape 002” – BETWEEN FRIENDS 

Genre: Alternative Pop

RIYL: Dayglow, Gus Dapperton, Remi Wolf, Ryan Beatty, Kid Bloom

Blurb: Alt-pop sibling duo BETWEEN FRIENDS is in the process of releasing three short mixtapes about the past year, with “tape 001” and “tape 002” already out and “tape 003” on the horizon. After a two-year hiatus, their work has matured and become much more daring. While “tape 001” sticks to their pop roots and evokes artists like MIA or Crystal Castles, “tape 002” takes more risks, leaning into hyperpop in a self-described “ode to nightlife.” The mixtapes are short, fun listens — keep your eyes peeled for “tape 003!”


Creative Director’s Pick – Chad Kim ’23.5

Album: “The Future’s Still Ringing In My Ears” – Sam Cohen

Genre: Ethereal, Psychedelia 

RIYL: Sam Evian, MGMT, Post Animal

Blurb: Striking a delicate balance between the nightmarish and the blissful, “The Future’s Still Ringing In My Ears” embodies acoustic and electric overtones complemented by psychedelic undertones that can really get you amped for the nightmare zone. You don’t have to worry about being a poser, as two of Cohen’s most popular songs come from this album; I believe this is a testament to the album’s allure. If you’re looking for an album to narrate actions of metaphorical arson or a drunken stupor whilst in a playground, then this album is for you. 


Creative Director’s Pick – Pia Contreras ’22

Album: “Good Thing” – Leon Bridges

Genre: R&B,Soul

RIYL: John Mayer, Sam Cook, Otis Redding, Ray Charles

Blurb: This album masterfully plays with old-school tropes and new sounds to create what I think is a very cool album. While of course I am a fan of “Beyond,” I recommend listening to “Bet Ain’t Worth the Hand” and “If It Feels Good (Then It Must Be)” to understand just how versatile Bridges can be. Give these a listen if you’re interested in a fun blend of new music that leans toward retro.


Social Media Manager’s Pick – Jose Morales ’22

Single: “Star” – Yella Beezy ft. Erica Banks

Genre: Rap, Hip-Hop

RIYL: Key Glock, Megan Thee Stallion, Boosie Badazz

Blurb: Yella Beezy and Erica Banks have both made a name for themselves this year in Texas with singles like “That’s on Me” and “Buss It.” Banks’ “Buss It” became a Tik-Tok phenomenon, and she has been on a couple features since that record. These two up-and-coming artists have now collaborated on the fairly recent single “Star,” that dropped in late January. The beat is a throwback to glamorous 2010’s Hip-Hop productions with its use of background vocals, a drum introduction and light bells. The artists also bring an aggressive rap flow with their usual brand of braggadocious lyrics, and Erica Banks’s feature is the highlight of the track. Her delivery is punchy, fun and creative, and I am looking forward to her upcoming projects.