Siefer’s Scoop Episode #18: Bochu Ding ’21, rower and editor in chief

By Blaise Siefer

Benjy Renton
Bochu Ding ’21 is a four-year member of the men’s crew team. He’s also the editor in chief of The Campus.

This week, Siefer’s Scoop welcomes rower and editor-in-chief of The Campus, Bochu Ding ’21. The podcast opens with a check-in on Ding’s senior year. What’s his final semester at Middlebury been like? What are his plans for next year? Next, the discussion transitions to the crew team at Middlebury. How does the team operate? What are Ding’s favorite aspects of the team? Also the editor in chief of The Campus, Ding reflects on his four-year career with the newspaper and how he’s enjoying his current role. How has he navigated The Campus through this unprecedented time? What lessons has he learned? Finally, we end with rapid-fire questions, where Ding reveals his go-to study spot, his favorite academic building and one thing he wishes he did more at Middlebury.