Special Edition: The Culture Issue


In many ways, culture is invisible; unless you squint your eyes to bring it into focus, it fades into the background. And it remains elusive precisely because it touches every aspect of our day-to-day lives: From jokes at the dinner table to the stickers we plaster over our laptops to the angles and curves of architectural design, culture lurks in every corner of social life. It shapes how we interact with others, what we consider to be aesthetic and which values we consider important in our communities. Culture instills a sense of normalcy — it’s what makes our world feel familiar. 

Because culture seems invisible, it doesn’t show up too often in the pages of our paper. Usually, we’re focused on the newsworthy, the immediate. But today, we’re stepping back and looking at the bigger picture, at what lies beneath, at the aspects of our lives that have always been there, unwritten. (Read the full Notes from the Desk here)


Ten years later, the pitfalls of Midd culture stand the test of time
Despite strong athletic programs, Middlebury’s fan culture falls short
A look inside Middlebury’s activist culture
From prohibition to pandemic, a day in the life of a Middlebury co-ed
Nocturne arts festival re-animates campus with live music, vibrant exhibitions
In a fluctuating milk market, Monument Farms Dairy sticks to values
Breaking bread: Dining halls lay the foundations for community life at Middlebury
The grind never stops: Skateboarding at Middlebury flourishes during pandemic
Notes from the Desk: Why a culture issue?
From Febmester to Snow Bowl graduation, Febs celebrate unique traditions and experiences
Coffee culture brews strong at Middlebury
Local Abenaki Chief Don Stevens talks land acknowledgement
After the pandemic, picking up the pieces of Middlebury’s traditions
Hookup culture and heteronormativity: Reflections from a gay athlete
Mister Up’s celebrates 50 years of brews under the bridge
As a young professional, I am still unlearning Middlebury’s culture of overwork
Midd on wheels: Manoeuvering Middlebury’s campus
Biting into crunchiness culture: Midd students engage with the outdoors
MiddKids and townies: It’s complicated
When did you last feel ‘alive’?
The conspicuous consumption behind the MiddKid image
Behind the wheel: Cars shape the Middlebury experience
Notes from the Desk: A love note to the book that brought me to Middlebury