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Author: Jeff Patterson

Head Coach: Katherine DeLorenzo
Captains: Reid Berrien ’08, Lacey Farrell ’08
Save the Date: Sept. 30, when the Panthers host Bowdoin
Get it Stat: 4 of 5 of the top goal scorers from last year’s team have returned

After spending 10 days scrimmaging in Argentina, the Middlebury field hockey team is ready to pass with the precision of Manu Ginobli, score goals like Diego Maradona and win a national championship like Angel Cabrera. The only thing stopping them in years past has been Bowdoin College, but this year the regular season match-up is at home on Kohn Field and the Polar Bears are without Kate Leonard, the winningest netminder in the school’s history, who has graduated.

Middlebury also has a new goalie, in Caitlin Pentifallo ’09, but is probably in better shape going into the season. “I think it’s safe to say that our goalkeeper, Caitlin, is better than their rising junior, formerly their back-up goalie,” said Coach Katherine DeLorenzo.

Pentifallo made her coach proud when she opened the season with a shutout over Connecticut College, stopping all 15 Camel shots. She is not, however, the only new face getting playing time. Five new first-years have joined the team and several have made immediate contributions. Sally Ryan ’11 scored in her first collegiate game and Allison Grant ’11 not only scored, but added an assist.

“It’s a good strong class,” said DeLorenzo. “Every single one of them is making our team better. I don’t foresee any of the five of them just being complimentary players for their careers. Each of them brings something a little bit different to the field, but they are all fast and have a lot of experience.”

In addition to changes in the roster, there has been a change in the formation. After having problems scoring goals last year, DeLorenzo deemed it necessary to has add an extra attacker up front. “You can really only do that if you have people who can run,” she said. “We now have people who can really run. It’s a movement-oriented system, where everybody is moving in all directions. So we’re hoping to turn the heads of a few defenders.”

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