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Katrina Spencer

Katrina Spencer is the Literatures & Cultures Librarian. She pens the weekly Arts & Academics column, "The Librarian is in."

Sep 24, 2020
Sep 17, 2020
Sep 10, 2020
May 14, 2020
May 07, 2020
Apr 30, 2020
Apr 30, 2020
Apr 22, 2020

The Librarian is in: ‘Exit West’ by Mohsin Hamid

September 24, 2020
In a nameless country in the Middle East, a civil war breaks out. Not only is this inconvenient for new lovers Nadia and Saeed, it’s potentially fatal.

The Librarian is in: ‘A Brief History of Seven Killings’ by Marlon James

September 17, 2020
“A Brief History of Seven Killings” is the most enrapturing audiobook vocal performance I’ve ever encountered.

The Librarian is in: ‘100 Times’

September 10, 2020
“100 Times” by Chavisa Woods is a compilation of autobiographical vignettes in which the author tells of the many times she has been sexually harassed, assaulted and/or discriminated against.

What do librarians do when the library is closed?

What do librarians do when the library is closed?
April 30, 2020
The seven librarians in the research and instruction group meet regularly to talk about how we’re connecting community members with library resources.

The Librarian is in: Audiobooks and Ebooks

The Librarian is in: Audiobooks and Ebooks
April 2, 2020
Looking to stay connected to Davis Family Library remotely? Here are some instructions and suggestions to connect through Overdrive.

The Librarian is in

4:44 Jay-Z 2017
September 12, 2019
Katrina Spencer is a Literatures & Culture Librarian in the Davis Family Library who writes in weekly with her take on a different piece of art or piece of literature.

The Librarian Is In

April 25, 2019
'American Like Me' sheds light on prioritized narratives, stati, origins and accepted ways of being in this country.

The Librarian Is In

Literatures & Cultures Librarian Katrina Spencer is liaison to the Anderson Freeman Center, the Arabic Department, the Comparative Literature Program, the Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies (GSFS) Program, the Language Schools, the Linguistics Program and the Department of Luso-Hispanic Studies.
April 11, 2019
"Marbles" refers to the common parlance phrase we use, “to lose one’s marbles.”

The Librarian Is In

March 14, 2019

I was enchanted. I’m sure it was the book cover art that stopped me and attracted me to this work: a man is falling precariously but his only preoccupation is his writing. I needed to know more....

The Librarian Is In

The Librarian Is In
March 7, 2019
'Sister Outsider' by Audre Lorde is for anyone who is beginning to understand and identify their interlocking identities and feels puzzled.

The Librarian Is In

The Librarian Is In
February 21, 2019

If I am honest with you, the author of this work is everything I’ve ever wanted to be: a smart, paid and recognized writer who addresses issues of race in her writing without being beholden to them...

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