The Urdu Language Table’s Few But Devoted Attendees


As most at the College know, language tables are one of the many opportunities offered to students seeking to hone their foreign language speaking and[…]

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Reflecting on Jewish Life at Middlebury


Anti-Semitism on college campuses is not a new phenomenon. During the early 1900s, many schools capped the admission of Jewish students at a certain percent.

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Student Group Fights to Free Migrant Worker


The Vermont-based Migrant Justice Coalition held a protest on Church Street in Burlington, calling for the release of Miguel Alcudia, a Migrant Justice leader arrested in Vergennes.

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The Empty Shelves at Midd-Xpress


When Maxwell Leslie ’18 returned to the College this year, he noticed a big change at Midd-Xpress. “All the options are gone and therefore the[…]

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