Trustees Donate Millions to Political Campaigns

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Twenty-two of the College’s 32 voting members of the Board of Trustees are active contributors to political campaigns, according to data published by the Federal[…]

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The Good Ol’ Campus: Middlebury Mummy


A recent viewing of Nicholas Cage’s National Treasure inspired me to investigate the College’s very own mummy. This week’s Good Ol’ Campus turns to the[…]

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Alum Corrects Spinal Deformities in Ethiopia, Changes Lives


When Dr. Rick Hodes ’75 went to Ethiopia in 1985 to volunteer, he never dreamed he would spend the next 30 years of his life practicing medicine abroad.

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Why Can’t We Be Friends?


The year is almost over, and this is the last edition of my column, for the next four months at least. It’s been a heck[…]

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Professors Lead the Field in Lake Champlain Oceanography


Visiting Assistant Professor of Geology Tom Manley and Professor of Geology Pat Manley spoke with The Campus Monday, May 9, about a new round of[…]

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