Federal Hiring Freeze Affects Student Job Prospects Across Middlebury


On Jan. 22, 2017, as one of his first acts as President, Donald J. Trump signed an executive order placing a sweeping hiring freeze across[…]

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Lecture on Trump’s Executive Orders


It may be difficult to keep track of the flurry of executive orders President Donald J. Trump has signed since his inauguration. In many ways, the dust these orders kicked up has yet to settle.

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PoliSci Lecturer Discusses Politics and Uncertainty


Scott Wolford, associate professor of political science from the University of Texas at Austin, delivered a lecture on “American Foreign Policy in the Age of[…]

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The Second Annual Wellness Challenge


As students return to Middlebury for the start of the spring semester, there’s the usual activity of new classes, add/drop period and Winter Carnival. Not[…]

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