“10 O’Clock Ross” Relocates to Proctor

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10 o’clock Ross will be relocated to Proctor after dining staff discovered alcohol on the premises. The SGA-run program offered students ice cream and cereal in Ross dining hall between ten and eleven pm Monday through Thursday.

“10 o’clock was suspended by Ross dining staff because beer cans were found in the trash when they came in to set up one morning,” said SGA president Karina Toy ’17. Instead of cancelling the service outright, the SGA has elected to offer food at the same times in Proctor dining hall beginning this week.

The SGA decided to move the service to Proctor in part because it is not linked to any residential spaces. “It’s a more central and neutral location that’s not connected to or associated with any one dorm or commons,” Toy said. “Not being connected to a dorm will hopefully dissuade people who are coming back home from partying from dropping in with liquor.”

Moving the service to Proctor also gives the SGA the chance to expand its amenities. “The original intent of the Ross program was to expand it to other food than ice cream and cereal, which was never able to happen because of incidents like the one that got it suspended,” Toy added.

Students received an email from the SGA on January 31 stating that alcohol had been discovered in Ross and that the program would be discontinued as a result. The service was immediately discontinued by dining staff because of potential consequences due to licensing. “Because Ross is not licensed to serve alcohol, if a liquor inspector had come by that morning and seen the trash, the dining hall could have had its license to serve food taken away,” said Toy.

10 o’clock Ross began last year to provide students with a place to unwind, socialize and de-stress during late study nights. “The SGA wanted to provide a space for students to relax during the week, especially during potentially stressful and isolating hours of the day,” said SGA member Michael Brady ’17.5. “During the evening, many students find themselves stuck in the library or in their dorm trying to finish their work. We hoped to create a space that would allow students to take a break, connect with friends, and enjoy some food.”

The new 10 o’clock Proc became available on Monday, March 13, per an email sent to students by the SGA. Students can now enjoy food in Proctor at the same times as 10 o’clock Ross was offered: 10 to 11 p.m., Monday through Thursday.

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