Alex Newhouse


Student Organizations Start Strong This Year

Baseball Analytics Club Mason Hinckley ’17 is a self-described statistics junkie.

A New Look at Americana

It is easy to discount “American Culture” as a loose, insufficient, reductionist term for the patchwork heritage of the U.S. As we all know, America[…]

Confronting Life’s Big Questions

“Oh, I’ve spent my time pondering my existence, contemplating life and death, wondering what it all means.” It’s the cliché joke about intellectuals – sitting[…]

The Value of Doing Less While Abroad

The end of my second week in England is coming to a close. I have started getting into a routine. I finally know how to[…]

Enjoy The Moment

It’s been a hard winter and a hard spring semester. We grow restless as the cold weather drags on long into April, and we’re given[…]

One Life Left: Hotline Miami 2

Alright. Four guards patrolling the room to the right, one guard in an alcove to the left. Shoot forward and they’ll all come running. But[…]

Why I am an Objectivist

Often I find myself debating against people who argue that it is impossible to know the best way to live a life, or the best[…]

One Life Left: Journey

It opens with a view of sand. Dark tan and flashing in the sun’s rays — this is clearly the desert. The camera pulls up[…]

On the Path to Transhumanism

Every day we accelerate toward longer life, healthier life, fewer diseases, and better recovery from those diseases we can’t cure. Every single day our technology[…]

The Arrogance of Youth

Most of us probably came to Middlebury in order to have our beliefs challenged. We wanted to confront situations that would make us think and[…]

One Life Left: The Last of Us

How do you confront the unthinkable? How do you persevere in the darkest situation imaginable, when everything familiar and comforting is warped and erased? How[…]

Finding the Constant in Your Life

Recently I’ve found myself describing my life as a runaway freight train. At some point in the last year, it began changing so rapidly and[…]

Nothing is Above Criticism

Each horrifying act of violence that occurs in the world cuts at us. Each example of cruelty takes our conceptions of security and turns them[…]

One Life Left: The Swapper

I’ve experienced my share of existential crises in my life, not surprisingly. But rarely have I had to confront questions of my own physical and[…]

Beating the Winter Blues

The cold has finally arrived. Snow has carpeted the grass and framed the buildings with a border of white. Temperatures are dropping and freezing drizzles[…]

A New Form of Literature

For decades, video games served one main purpose. From “Pong” to “Space Invaders” to “Super Mario Bros.”, games were created and shared to entertain. People[…]

Choose Not To Party

This year, I have not gone to a single party. I have not been involved in any of the party culture, I have only once[…]

Reorient Yourself

 Over the last few weeks, an internet blog has been making the rounds throughout Middlebury students. At this point, you’ve probably heard of it. Called[…]

Breaking Out of The Bubble

It’s often said that we at Middlebury live in a bubble. Our little college sits deep in the Vermont woods, hours from the nearest major[…]

We Need Progress

The United States is growing, in general, increasingly liberal with each passing year. With this liberalization comes greater equality, but perhaps more importantly, a greater sense and understanding of how unequal our society remains.

No Thank You for Smoking

I love to leave my window open in my room. The cool breeze, the smell of the trees and the rain, and the soft white[…]

A Critique of Pure Reading

In my short time here at Middlebury, I estimate that on average, I read about 400 pages a week for class. This guess takes into[…]

Doesn’t Mean I’m Lonely When I’m Alone

I love to be alone. There is something so valuable about solitude, something so unique and singular, that I make a point to find it[…]

Choose Your Words Carefully

We need to change the way we interact with each other. Words are disconnected from speech, and the subsequent loss of emotion, rationality, and intent[…]

No Ambition? That’s Ok

My parents often ask about my future and about what I’m doing to prepare for a career. Most of these conversations descend into arguments, during[…]