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Finding a Middle Way

The Charles Murray visit continues to divide us. More than that, it has polarized members of our community. Some people argue that the visit revealed[…]

Hindsight Is 20/20

Hi, I’m Katrina Spencer (go/katrina/), the Literatures & Cultures Librarian at the Davis Family Library. I’m the person populating the wooden, easel-shaped display with rainbow-themed[…]

Diversity and Free Speech

One of the unfortunate things to come from the Charles Murray incident on March 2 was some confusion about diversity and free speech. They are[…]

Letter from Middlebury Community Members

Members of the Middlebury Community, Violence, physical aggression and behavior which prevents a guest from speaking should have no place on our campus — in[…]

Shattering the PC

    I would like to note that this article was submitted to The Campus a couple of weeks ago, but was not published because[…]

Free Inquiry on Campus: A Statement of Principles

On March 2, 2017, roughly 100 of our 2,500 students prevented a controversial visiting speaker, Dr. Charles Murray, from communicating with his audience on the[…]

Brooker Welcomes Students into Outdoor Community

Brooker, Middlebury’s Outdoor Interest House, has played an unequivocal role in outdoor exclusivity over the course of its history. Acknowledgement of this fact is long[…]

Letter to the Editor

I write on March 8 as an alumnus. Class of 1984 (and an editor of The Campus back in my day). Yes, that old. The[…]

In Response To: Nuance, Free Speech and Responsibility

In his letter to The Middlebury Campus on March 9, Political Science Professor Erik Bleich calls for a nuanced response to the incidents surrounding the[…]

Do Better Middlebury

What happened at your school?” This was the question I faced repeatedly from my family and friends in the days following the Charles Murray talk.[…]

Charles Murray, Middlebury, the Working Class and the Rise of Trump’s America

I saw a handful of signs at the Murray protest that read “Working Class.” Of course, I can’t say with any certainty what the background[…]

A Disappointing Response

There are numerous reasons to want to challenge Murray’s ideas and research. Some believe that one of his books, The Bell Curve, is very offensive,[…]

Letter to the Editor

Dear Middlebury: Although I am not a Middlebury Alumnus, I have written a sufficient number of tuition checks to your institution to feel that I[…]

Playing to Win

We got played last week. That was a major point in Middlebury sociology professor Linus Owens’ poignant op-ed on last week’s events surrounding the Charles[…]

This Is Not My Protest: Navigating Uncertainty in the Wake of the Murray Talk

I acknowledge that my views may not sit well with some of my Middlebury peers. I also encourage everyone — whether or not you initially[…]

Letter to the Editor

Dear President Patton, I am sorry to make your acquaintance in the wake of such ugliness at Middlebury. Obviously, the scope and the scale of[…]

A Lesson?

Earlier last week, a letter made it to my inbox which I was asked to sign. In this letter, members of the faculty voiced their[…]

The Need for More Protests

The remarkable series of events that followed the announcement of Charles Murray’s visit to campus contains more than a few lessons for both the community[…]

A Sad Day on Campus

Twenty years ago, I was a sophomore at Tehran Polytechnic. In addition to being one of the most prestigious universities in Iran, our campus was[…]

To President Patton

Dear President Patton: I question the decision to offer the imprimatur of Middlebury’s forum to Mr. Murray. The College can do better than lend its[…]

Vilification from the Protesters

The controversy centered on Mr. Murray’s talk last week taught me how exaggerated some protesters’ rhetoric can become when used to vilify their ideological opponents.[…]

Rethinking the Consequences of Neutrality

I wore a suit to protest Charles Murray. I now need to explain that choice, for the record, for anyone who thinks it’s a neutral[…]

To the Editors

Dear Editors: One does not have to agree with Charles Murray’s ideas, or even to be interested in hearing him speak, to be deeply disturbed[…]

Toward Community Healing

Over the past week, there has been a slew of media coverage of the protest and surrounding events that occurred on Thursday, March 2nd in[…]

Why We Should Listen to the Protesters

When I engage with fellow students, I start by asking questions. This past week I often asked, or some form of, “do you think that[…]

Shine a Light on Abhorrent Ideas, Don’t Shovel Them Under

There’s little doubt that we are living in loud times.  Many of us have an understandable wish to turn it down.  Stop the sound, we[…]

Questions For Those Who Shut Down Murray

On behalf of President Donald J. Trump, I would like to thank the protesters who prevented other people from hearing Charles Murray’s last week. The[…]

Nuance, Free Speech and Responsibility

Like many who have written already, I want to provide my perspective on the events during Charles Murray’s recent visit. I write as a professor[…]

From Abroad: A Letter to President Patton

Although we are physically removed from Middlebury, we assure you that we are closely following campus events and are writing to register our disappointment with[…]

Free Speech vs. Elevated Speech

“Let him speak,” I hear some of my peers say, looking upon the Charles Murray protest with distaste. “He has a right to free speech.”[…]

Why We Protest

As soon as word got out that Middlebury College would host a lecture by Charles Murray (CM), students gathered and began organizing to ensure that[…]

An Open Letter to President of Middlebury Laurie L. Patton

Over 640 students have signed an open letter to President of Middlebury Laurie L. Patton concerning Dr. Charles Murray’s 3/2 visit. While the piece came[…]

A Response to “Love Trumps Hating Trump Supporters”

I was intrigued to read Thomas Leaycraft’s opinion piece, “Love Trumps Hating Trump Supporters.” I had not heard about the incident regarding the class of[…]

Charles Murray at Middlebury: Unacceptable and Unethical, Say Over 450 Alumni

The following is a letter, co-signed by over 450 Middlebury alums (and counting), condemning the decision to invite Charles Murray to campus: Dear Middlebury College,[…]

Charles Murray: An Open Letter to the Middlebury Community

In response to a piece published on Feb. 26 on VT Digger, Dr. Charles Murray sent “An Open Letter to the Middlebury Community” to the[…]

Letter from AEI Middlebury Student Leadership

Debate, disagreement, criticism and controversy. These define the American experiment and our experience as citizens. We think, argue and act because we have always cared[…]

Letter from Middlebury Faculty

Dear President Patton, We the undersigned faculty respectfully request that you, as our president, cancel your introductory remarks at the Charles Murray event on Thursday.[…]

Why Murray Should Speak, And We Should Go

Before I begin, let me provide a statement of credibility: I voted for Bernie in the primary, I voted for Hillary in the election, and[…]

White Students for Racial Justice Oppose Charles Murray

No one’s humanity is up for debate. By hosting a speaker whose ideas dehumanize many students on our campus and cause very real harm both[…]

An Open Letter From the Political Science Department

We are divided. Over the past weekend, the Political Science department has debated over email about our department’s co-sponsorship of the Charles Murray visit to[…]

An Open Letter to the Political Science Department

The American Enterprise Institute has been joined by the Political Science department in co-sponsoring Charles Murray. Murray is most well-known for arguing that societal hierarchy[…]

Why I’m Declining AEI’s “Invitation to Argue”

I know that the people who penned “AEI invites you to argue” are good, well-meaning people. I understand the premise: a college should be a[…]

Love Trumps Hating Trump Supporters

Following the election, controversy arose at Middlebury over a post in the class of 2020’s Facebook page. After a rumor circulated that one student, an[…]

The Truth About EatReal’s Meal Plan

EatReal’s efforts to reallocate Dining Services’ budget away from industrial meat towards higher quality and more sustainable protein options has been surrounded by false rumors concerning[…]

Seeking Difference

For the last several weeks, I have been helping student facilitators get ready for the first ever all-first-year JusTalks. JusTalks is the result of a[…]

Faculty: In Support of Economic Diversity

The following statement will be presented at the next Middlebury College faculty meeting on March 17, to be voted on to express the sense of[…]

The Secret Life of a Feb

Three years ago, Zach Drennen published a piece in The Campus titled “End the Feb Program.” While I full-heartedly disagree with his main idea (being[…]

Political Differences

As I am writing this, it’s been exactly 10 days since I sat in disbelief and watched Donald Trump win the presidential election. Like many[…]

The Harmful Rhetoric of “Love Trumps Hate”

On Facebook, sidewalk chalk in front of Mead, in conversation, Opinions sections and in politicians’ televised national addresses we’ve heard repeated rhetoric that tells us[…]

Continued Support for JusTalks

Classes of 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020, we are alumni from the classes of 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012. We wanted to write to[…]

Performing Arts Spotlight: Cellist Sophie Shao

Cellist Sophie Shao returns for her ninth consecutive appearance on the Middlebury College Performing Arts Series at 3 p.m. this Sunday, Dec. 4 at the Mahaney Center for the Arts.

Racial Discourse at Middlebury

Professor David Stoll writes in about racial discourse following the election. Has Middlebury College developed a case of lockjaw? Following Shaun King’s talk in Mead[…]

Professors Against Derogatory Rhetoric

Dear College Community, In normal circumstances, a presidential election would not prompt a public statement of opposition from professors at a liberal arts college. However,[…]

Against Islamophobia, Bigotry, Hate

The Staff of the Scott Center for Spiritual and Religious Life denounces hateful rhetoric in the aftermath of Trump’s election win. At our core we[…]

Negative Impact of “All Lives Matter”

The Community Bias Response Team writes in about how a recent racial bias incident impacts members of our community. Last week’s edition of the Campus[…]

Asking Questions vs. Casting Aspersions

By Bill Burger, Vice President for Communications As I have communicated to the editors of the Campus, I believe the decision to publish the Beyond[…]

Setting the Record Straight

By Sue Ritter, Title IX Coordinator and Compliance Officer I am writing to express my deep concern about the errors of fact, misrepresentations and false[…]

A Liberal Arts Education Informs Entrepreneurship

As very recent Middlebury alums, we are fairly unqualified to advise you on what to do after graduation, but we are going to anyway. We[…]

The Fallacy of Achievement Generates Stress

My alarm went off at 5 a.m. this morning, like every other weekday, so that I could squeeze 30 to 45 minutes of exercise and[…]

A Critique of Recent Public Safety Emails

On Tuesday Oct. 18 and Wednesday Oct. 19, all students, staff and faculty received two emails from Public Safety, the first entitled “Timely Warning –[…]

History Repeating Itself, Unfortunately

I was surprised to see the headline “Christian Group Dismissed Gay Leaders” in the last Campus, and not just because it shouldn’t be happening at[…]

Nurturing Diversity in Spiritual Life

I was deeply concerned by reports in the most recent edition of the Campus concerning alleging acts of discrimination by students at Middlebury in selecting[…]

Religious Homophobia on Campus

In John 13:34-35, Jesus says, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.[…]

Cigarettes: We Do Know Better

Since their ill effects have come to light over the last several decades, I have been told to never, ever smoke cigarettes. My grandfather suffered[…]

The Real Hillary Clinton

I’m definitely no fan of Donald Trump, and I’ll be the first one to say that he has no maturity, class, or moral backbone. But[…]

A Treatise on the Virtue of Taxation

Anyone watching the debates last week had plenty to gawp at. From Hillary Clinton’s gif-worthy shoulder wiggle to Donald Trump’s wild tinfoil-hat finger pointing. But[…]

I Stand With Refugees Because…

I was raised with the refugee story. I always knew my grandparents’ haunting tale of surviving the Holocaust and its aftermath. They were Jews who[…]

Students Support Rainey for SGA President

I believe Charles Rainey is the best candidate for SGA President because after almost a year of being friends, classmates, and members of the First Year[…]

Mindfulness in the Message

As we return from Spring Break, we as a community must be conscious of the events that occurred on this campus as of late. I feel[…]

White Guilt and White Fragility

This column is written by white students and for white students. Each week, we will discuss topics or themes regarding race, and more specifically, the[…]

Playwrights on their Plays

The term “colorblind casting” may not be familiar to people outside the theatre world, but the issues that pertain to colorblind casting are ever pervasive[…]

Activists, Allies and Accomplices

“Racial Tensions Escalate Dramatically Across College Campuses” was a frequent headline across the country this past year. Many of our peer schools found themselves included[…]

Crew Teams Compete at the New England Rowing Championships

The men’s and women’s crew teams competed in the New England Rowing Championships on Saturday, April 30 in Worcester, MA. The men’s first varsity four[…]

JusTalks Is Totally Not a (Mandatory) Cult

Like the rest of the woke students on campus, I was absolutely thrilled to learn the exciting news that JusTalks will be made mandatory for[…]

Total Disrespect

Along the path from the tennis courts at Middlebury College through the cemetery to Route 30, someone has been destroying flags attached to gravestones. Not[…]

Rainey Reads Mean Yik Yaks

Rainey Reads Mean Yik Yaks from Margaret Lindon on Vimeo. Charles Rainey ’19 is from Lithonia, Georgia.

The Case for Makerspace

What makes an idea powerful? A good idea is not implicitly powerful; an idea is made powerful by being shared. Over the past few months,[…]

The College and The Campus

Katrina Drury, the first-year responsible for last week’s opinion piece “It’s Not Fair,” shows no remorse. Like her prior writings, Drury openly attacks Black and[…]

Equity Before Equality

This column is written by white students and for white students. Each week, we will discuss topics or themes regarding race and, more specifically, the[…]

Racism Doesn’t Exist

I’m only human, but I think it’s long past time for me to shrug off the pitiful garments of my victimhood and take a stand,[…]

White Privilege in the Face of the Law

This article is not meant to be comprehensive as it neither discusses the depth and complexities of policing, prosecution and incarceration nor the intersections of[…]

It’s Not Fair

Life’s not fair. Ever since we were little children, we’ve heard that phrase so many times, and while we never wanted to believe it, it’s[…]

Imagining Radical Accountability for Sexual Violence

We will not engage in a “debate” about the college judicial process. We are not here to attack college administrators who are working within the[…]

Not Victims, Not Risks, Not Impressed

This letter was co-authored by three Middlebury survivors. It is not our intention to speak for all survivors, but rather to speak from our own[…]

Inclusion Beyond Tradition

“All paradises, all utopias are designed by who is not there, by the people who are not allowed in.” — Toni Morrison

On Club Sports and Student Interests

Do you currently play a club sport? Have you ever tried one out? I think a typical experience of many students on this campus, if[…]

The Question of Unpaid Work: No, I’m Not Talking About Your Internship

In her 2016 letter outlining her philanthropic goals for the year, Melinda Gates chose to focus on the question of unpaid work. Specifically, she outlined[…]

Alumni Find Humor in Sales Ban

To the editor, I laughed out loud when I saw Middlebury making national news with its recent ban on Red Bull. So did the entire[…]

Reflections on Seeing

In 2007, Middlebury College’s Commencement speaker was former President Bill Clinton.  If you weren’t here then, it is probably still possible for you to imagine[…]

Letter to the Middlebury Community

Editor’s Note: In light of the specific account and criticisms made in this column, The Campus asked the administration if it wanted to respond.  We[…]

Reexamining Our Sexual Assault Investigative Process

This student has requested to remain anonymous, and given the highly personal and sensitive nature of the piece, the Campus has honored this request. Though the[…]

We Are All Humans

Dear Katrina, I want to thank you for letting us hear your story. Thank you for saying what you really mean to say. It is[…]

The Inclusion of Our Humanity

Dear Katrina, As always, the willingness to put pen to paper, with a signature, and publish it in a public forum is important and admirable.[…]

National Mentoring Month

January was National Mentoring Month! We at Community Engagement wanted to say: Thank you to our Middlebury College mentors! National Mentoring Month (NMM) was created[…]

I’m Only Human

I am a white student who has “white privilege” and who has committed hundreds of “micro-aggressions” throughout my life due to my “ignorance” of other[…]

A Call for Allyship

Dear Middlebury Community, Through this letter I want to address a previous op-ed named “Letter to the Middlebury Community.” I would like to thank the[…]

Go/refuge: The Syrian Academic Emergency

In the midst of a refugee crisis, driven in large part by turmoil and civil war in Syria, the provision of safety, food and shelter[…]

Middlebury Refuses to Commit to Full Inclusion

Our Trustees’ response to the petition asking Middlebury to change the design of the new residence halls west of Adirondack View is profoundly disappointing.  On[…]

The Antidote to Stockholm Syndrome: the Confluence of Academics, Mental Health and Stress

I was accepted into Middlebury as a Top 100 Applicant (a now discontinued program) with a 32 on the ACT and a 3.91 GPA. I[…]

Reader Response

“We apologize that we offended with our poster. We care about the role of comedy in discourse on this campus. As intentional members of the[…]

The State of Our Endowment is Strong

I read with interest the opinion piece by Ethan Brady, “The State of the Endowment,” and I feel it’s important to address some of what[…]

Against Mandatory Accessibility at New Dorms

Four years ago as a sophomore enjoying my first summer at Middlebury, I would also have another first — giving my first accessible tour. Up[…]

Ridgeline Petition

Below is a letter drafted by Lauren Kelly ’13, Dan Egol ’13, and Barbara Ofosu-Somuah ‘13. It aims to communicate interest and concern regarding accessibility[…]

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor, The Campus opinion pages have included a number of references as of late to the Center for Careers & Internships (CCI) and[…]

Open Letter to the President and Trustees

For five decades Middlebury College has been an outstanding leader in promoting environmental studies and international studies and in adopting sustainable operating procedures. Laurie Patton[…]

Correcting the Record on Story about New Residences

To the Editor:   We are writing to correct one significant error in last week’s Campus article about the construction of the new student residences[…]

Venture for America

If you’re currently a senior, a super-senior or an ambitious more youthful individual, you are probably beginning to have some existential thoughts as you look[…]

Letter from Communications

To the Editor, While well intentioned, last week’s editorial in the Campus relied upon several incorrect assumptions and a misreading of the chronology of key[…]

Can Middlebury Spark a ‘Slow Learning’ Movement?

In December 1989, delegates from 15 countries endorsed the Slow Food Manifesto, which began: “Born and nurtured under the sign of Industrialization, this century first[…]

Stand on the Right Side of History with Divestment

Twenty-nine years ago, the Middlebury College Board of Trustees stood on the right side of history when they voted to divest from the South African[…]

SRI Platform Presentation

The Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) Club’s mission is simple: we believe that Middlebury’s $1 billion endowment should reflect our College community’s values. This process must[…]

Unions Are The Solution

Phil Hoxie’s column “Unions and Unfunded Pension Liabilities” blames middle-class workers – teachers, nurses, bus drivers, firefighters – and their organizations for the crises that[…]

Information Should Accompany Endorsements

In the April 23 issue of t​he Campus,​ the editorial board of the paper chose to publish a political endorsement regarding the SGA elections. The[…]

Healing and Hope from Connections

I myself lost my father to suicide when I was 22 years old, as a senior in college, and I know how terribly painful this[…]

Time to Own the Honor Code

Middlebury College tells anyone who will listen that the Honor Code is an essential part of student life. We all heard about it in info[…]

Nonviolence: Then and Now

 There is a perception amongst many people that the Civil Rights Movement was a wholly nonviolent effort. While there is indeed a rich history of[…]

Our Education is Leisure, Not Work

How many times in a single day do you hear or say the following phrases? “I need to go do work.” “I have so much[…]

Museum, Other Resources are Underutilized

Driving down Route 30, you will pass one of the most beautiful facilities on our campus. Built for the benefit of all students, this facility[…]

Look Before You Leap

I am Jake Nidenberg, a native of Brooklyn, N.Y. and a junior here at Middlebury College. I am a declared Mathematics and Economics double major[…]

More Than a Game: College Athletics Develop Integrity and Character

Dear Hannah and Isaac, I read your piece, “It’s Actually Just a Game,” with more than a touch of bemusement. I am the straw man[…]

Look Before You Leap: A Response to “It’s Actually Just a Game”

I am Jake Nidenberg, a native of Brooklyn, N.Y. and a junior here at Middlebury College. I am a declared Mathematics and Economics double major[…]

The Middlebury Seal: Here To Stay

To the Editor: In the two weeks since Middlebury announced its new identity system, I’ve heard from several students and alumni who said they were[…]

Divestment Politics 101

We all know fossil fuels are contributing to Climate Change, but do you know how much power they hold in Washington?

Divestment: The Financial Argument

This January is set to be a big month for the Middlebury Divestment from Fossil Fuels Campaign, otherwise known as DivestMidd, as we lay the[…]

Thank You Coach Wanner!

If you happen to walk by the Middlebury Crew Team Sweatshop in the early afternoon, chances are you will see a former U.S. National Team[…]

The Punishment of Being Innocent

Here I stand with a lit candle at this vigil along with 30 other Middlebury students, staff and faculty to remember and pray for the[…]

Je Suis Charlie Aussi

Je suis Charlie. These words echoed across France as cities across the country, and around the world, on Sunday Jan. 11, as people proudly protested Wednesday’s shocking terrorist attack on the headquarters of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

What Shirley Taught Us

I first met Dean of the College Shirley Collado at an event about hardships low-income students face at Middlebury. I was moderating the event, and[…]

Framing It Happens Here

As the student organizers of It Happens Here (IHH), we wanted to take time to further the conversation around triggering and advertising. It Happens Here[…]

Divestment’s New Mission

Divest-Middlebury invites you all to read our new mission statement:  Divest Middlebury believes Middlebury College has the potential to be a leader in social responsibility[…]

The Real Side of the Hunger Games

After I saw Mockingjay Part 1, I was a bit of an emotional wreck. Not because I love Peeta and couldn’t stand to see him[…]

Project Resilience

Founder of Project Resilience Emma Erwin ’15 shares her story and answer to “What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done?” Two and a half years[…]

The Benefits of MiddCourses

One of the most beautiful and terrifying aspects of college life is the perpetual change.  These four years are some of the least constant of[…]

An Open Letter to the Faculty

To the Faculty,  We write to you as the student leaders of the group MiddIncluded. We are spearheading the campaign to change Middlebury’s current cultures[…]

On My Honor

Three weeks ago I found my bike in a bush. I had locked the wheel to the frame, but not the bike rack. Someone had[…]

Try MiddCourses

As registration for spring semester approached during my first year at Middlebury, I remember the stress and excitement that came with it. And, like any[…]

Reform Now

In my last column, I discussed three important responsibilities of the SGA on campus: 1) allocating the student activities fee, 2) managing student organizations and[…]

Trace the Problem to the Source

It is a joy to live in a home rather than a dorm. Whether coming back from the library to find your friends catching up[…]

Green Or Bust?

It was 8 o’clock on a Thursday morning when I heard a knock at my front door. The sky was blue, the birds were chirping,[…]

Food for Thought

We have all seen them: the placards on every table in our dining halls hawking EatReal, a student-run organization seeking to advocate for more socially[…]

Sexual Assault Clarification

We are writing in response to the article Oct. 8 Campus article “Report Shows that Sexual Assault Numbers Tripled.” While we think it is important[…]

Why SGA?

Shortly after the administration announced its controversial change to the tailgating policy, many students asked me why I, as the President of the SGA, had[…]

Politics and Generation Y

As of 2012, the estimated population of Americans belonging to the so-called “millennial” or Generation Y numbered around 80 million, making those born between the[…]

What’s Really Going On

While I don’t agree with the manner in which the College administration revised the tailgating policy, I understand it. Especially with the advent of social[…]

The Hunt For Heinz

You may already know about my campaign to get Heinz ketchup in all of our dining halls. Between the WeTheMiddKids petition, the go/heinzforall posters, and[…]

My Summer In Jerusalem

So where were you over the summer?  Well, you know, I was back at home in Palestine-Israel.  Oh, wow, how was it? Umm, I mean,[…]

Let’s Get Back to the Game

A large majority of you reading this letter will not recognize my name, so as a way of introduction, I was the football coach at[…]

Religion in the Modern World

 Religion has been crucial to human cultures for millennia, but it appears to have been dwindling in importance for the about the last century. Although[…]

Sit Down Now, Stand Up Soon

 Ever since the new tailgating policy was announced, we’ve been outraged. Outraged at the outrage. In MiddBeat’s coverage and subsequent online comments and Jack Dolan’s[…]

Alienating Alumni

 To the Editor, Along with many of my fellow alumni, I read with dismay that alcohol and music have been banned from tailgating at Middlebury[…]

Why We Banned Alcohol at Our Football Games

Dear Middlebury College Community, I know some of you have taken exception to our decision to ban alcohol at football game tailgate events. Let me[…]

Compassionately Conservative

When Erin first approached me about writing this column I had some…reservations. I just couldn’t help but feel I had been down the path of[…]

Breaking Open

The summer before my senior year of high school I joined a pretty radical group working for environmental justice in the Fruitvale neighborhood of Oakland,[…]

My Summer in Tel Aviv

Jolted out of bed at 2 a.m. by the wailing of the fire alarm, I flail around in my dark room to find some resemblance[…]

Gucci Mane’s Historic Run

You have probably heard of the rapper Gucci Mane.  You might have a song or two of his.  Or you remember his cameo in 2013’s[…]

What Middlebury Should Never Forget

Editors’ note: The following text contains vulgarity and obscenities. Printed with Ada’s permission. They say that if you forget your history, you are doomed to[…]

An Apology from Tavern

To the Middlebury Community, This weekend, we at Tavern hosted our annual first weekend party.  We’d like to thank everyone who showed up and helped[…]

Discovering the Power of Food

My home state has been in the news a lot recently, neither for maple syrup nor for skiing, but as the face of drug use[…]

One Woman Army

You may not know it, but there is a very real military presence on the Middlebury campus. Maybe you’ve seen someone wading through the crowds of flannel and Toms in camouflage and combat boots.

Bring Middlebury Confessional Out of the Dark

It’s not uncommon that college students turn to the Internet to seek relief from the papers, exams, problem sets and job applications that lie ahead.[…]

Why Donating Matters

In the Campus on April 24, we read an op-ed written by Hannah Bristol describing her experience with the senior class gift and the fundraising[…]

No Contest? Not No Problem

We have a lot of problems on this campus. There are a lot of issues that keep people up at night, issues that people believe[…]

On Middlebury Interactive Languges (MIL)

In recent weeks some faculty colleagues have questioned the College’s investment and participation in Middlebury Interactive Languages (MIL). MIL is a for-profit, joint venture created[…]

Imagining Our Multicultural Center

Exactly a week ago, PALANA house hosted PALANA Uncensored: “Multicultural Center or nah?,” a discussion in the Hillcrest Orchard. (This event is related to and[…]

CCI Helps Connect the Dots

Last week’s Op Ed piece on “Connecting the Dots with CCI” raised some valid points but also included some misrepresentation of the facts. The invitation[…]

$50 Mil. is a BFD

The college announced this week that it is going to be investing $50 million in a responsible investment fund. This is an amazing thing. Why?[…]

Ghosts of History Past

Geert Wilders, the leader and founder of the Dutch Party for Freedom (PVV), appeared proudly before his loyal following in The Hague on Wednesday night,[…]

We Too Are Angry

It seems each week there is a new article in the Campus that has dangerous implications. These articles are the mouthpiece of hegemonic ideology —[…]

Hunting: It Doesn’t Get Any More Local Than This

I don’t know how many months I spent at Middlebury before more than just a few people knew that I hunted.  It wasn’t that I[…]

Things We Won’t Tolerate

Last week, our fellow editor Edward O’Brien ’17 wrote an interesting Notes from the Desk calling out a group of straight Middlebury guys who verbally[…]

Bring AAL into a Globalized World

On February 12th, Max Kagan ’14 wrote an op-ed in The Campus entitled “Just Call AAL Other” in response to a recent student-led campaign that[…]

An Inconvenient Truth About Carbon Neutrality

Last week, the Campus updated us on Middlebury’s plan to become carbon neutral by 2016.  The degree of precision found in this initiative is incredible.[…]

It’s a White Woman’s World After All

A sea of blonde and brunette ponytails filled the social space for a discussion on body image disorders and ideals for women led by Courtney[…]

In Defense of EUR

I did not plan to write for the Campus this semester. I am studying abroad and had hoped to spare the Middlebury community my whining[…]

Trust Us: We Can Handle It

Here at Middlebury, we live by an extensive set of rules. Some are necessary to maintain our safety, but many are superfluous and actively undermine[…]

It Takes More Than Just Being Here

When I read the article by Jeanette Cortez, class of 2015 and from Los Angeles, not Philadelphia, as reported in last week’s issue, “Not Like[…]

Diversity in the Curriculum

To the Editors: I am writing as an alumnus and recent visiting instructor (Winter Term 2014) in support of the student cultural organization, Midd Included,[…]

All Men Are Created Equal?

Last night I had another terrible experience with Western Union. It was supposed to transfer my money to my friend in need in Rhode Island[…]

Just Call AAL Other

A recent student initiative suggests that Middlebury’s system of academic requirements is in need of reform. Specifically, the authors of the proposal, Daniela Barajas ’14.5[…]

Not Like Taking a Fifth Class

An article in the November 13, 2013 edition of the Campus, “Racial Casting Call Criticized” quoted Debanjan Roychoudhury ’16 as saying that “being a student[…]

How We (Shouldn’t) Approach People at Midd

To honor Valentine’s Day, what better to discuss than relationships and sex? Middlebury is probably not unique in its messed up idea of courtship. Think[…]

Rich for a Night

It is no secret that Midd has a predictable social scene. You know that, for example, you will usually find the athletes at Atwater and[…]

The Changing Future of the Honor Code

About a year ago the SGA hosted a student forum on the future of the Honor Code. Members of the SGA, the Judicial Board and[…]

Last Words from the Class of 2013.5

On Jan. 13, seven students from the class of 2013.5 auditioned to be the student speaker at their graduation at the end of the month.[…]

For the Gifted Delinquent

Before having ever stepped foot inside my freshman dorm, I had already landed myself in academic hot water. I had not been performing to the[…]

Graduation Speeches 101

The start of J-term is one of the happiest times of the year for Middlebury students. Unless you are one of those masochistic types who[…]

Questionable Motives

The newspaper you are holding in your hands would read very differently had the school administration not deliberately shied away from an important civil dialog.[…]

Ski It If You Can

The most marked observation I took away from my short-lived skiing experience is the recognition that people of color are not skiing along with me,[…]

Reconsider TFA

When simple solutions and polished narratives are applied to complex issues, there is often something fishy lurking beneath the surface. Such is the case for[…]

Accept the Challenge

We are the generation that is the least aware of how technology is changing our lives. Our gadgets, and the virtual realities that we can[…]

Look at Me, Not through Me

From across Ross dining hall you spot a girl. It’s the same brown face you often see in passing around the campus. Long black braids[…]

Privilege in the Bedroom

“Privilege” is a word we love to use at Middlebury. It works well with our classroom discussions on the global south, how we perceive our[…]

The Case for Alumni Interviews

To the Editors of the Middlebury Campus, We would like to offer some comments and clarification on the article entitled “Reading and Ranking: Shaping the[…]

Fasting for the Philippines

“…we are fasting today not only to stand in solidarity with the Filipino people, but also because we believe that shared suffering is a path to empathy.”

Visibility Revisited

Four Fridays ago, for the first time since I’ve been a student here at Middlebury, I felt truly invisible. I don’t mean that my presence[…]

Don’t Overlook Bullying

As we approach a month since the troubling and startling suicide of 16-year-old Olivia Scott of Bristol, Vt., the newspapers, media and other news outlets[…]

Migrant Workers Beyond the Bubble

“I love Middlebury College because it is in Vermont: everything seems to work here, I feel like I’m far away from those sad things that[…]

Unnatural Disasters

We’ve become largely desensitized to words like ‘10,000 likely dead.’ It’s not our family, our friends. But can we stop for a minute and recognize[…]

Check Your Authenticity

For any of my readers, the next time you see me, I expect consistency in the way you approach me and others on this campus.[…]

Who Is Responsible For Rap?

Like many other students on this campus, I went to the Chance the Rapper over the weekend. I danced and yelled and had a great[…]

Our Vision for TEDxMiddlebury: Research, Rethink, Rebuild

Part of our fascination with innovative people is the almost palpable buzz of potential that surrounds them. Every insight that slips out is valuable in[…]

Moral Criteria for Investment

During one of my first weeks in college, I did what every self-respecting Middlebury freshman did: I signed up for every and any club I[…]

Take a Chance, MCAB

A friend on the MCAB Concert Committee wrote to me after middbeat had posted my email, “I love to mess around as much as you[…]

Don’t End the Feb Program

Dear Editor, I write in response to Zach Drennen’s recent ill-informed and unfortunate column, “End the Feb Program,” with the following points. 1) Mr. Drennen’s[…]

Dear Mr. President

Dear President Liebowitz, the College administration, and the Board of Trustees, Thank you for your transparency in your statement regarding divestment and the Board’s internal[…]

It is Easy Being Green

Trigger Warning: References to sexual assault. It’s the green issue – hip hip hooray! For so long have we waited for this very day! A[…]

Greetings to the Board

To the Middlebury Community, On Friday midday, we, the undersigned, will gather outside of Old Chapel to greet the Middlebury College Board of Trustees as[…]

(Not So) Safe Space

Editors’ Note: The following text contains vulgarity.  As both members of and allies to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer community at Middlebury, we are[…]

Our Struggles are United

I write to us all from Elsipogtog First Nation in New Brunswick, Canada. For the past three years, a coalition of First Nations people, French[…]

The Best Language Institution?

Middlebury College prides itself as a well-established language institution that offers students with a wide array of high quality language courses. We have languages such[…]

Share the Road Responsibly

Middlebury’s latest effort to become more bike friendly and safe includes the addition of “sharrows” stenciled on downtown streets to remind motorists that they “share[…]

Overseas Briefing

I have been in Brazil for a month now, but it feels like I’ve been here for almost a year. It’s uncanny how easily I[…]

Charred Paper

At around 9:30 AM, my friend’s mom arrived to pick him up from school. Fifteen minutes later, three moms and two dads came by to collect[…]

Overseas Briefing

Six weeks ago I stepped out of the airport with a suitcase, two backpacks and new passport stamp. Having overconfidently thought that I could survive[…]

A Call for Civility

As faculty members at Middlebury College, we were extremely saddened by the lack of civil debate following the removal of the American flags that comprised[…]

Community Letter of Support for Anna

Anna Shireman-Grabowski ’14.5 is a member of the Middlebury College community. She is our classmate, our co-worker and our friend. She has cared for us,[…]

Closed Doors on Town Offices

While students have been away for the summer, the citizens of Middlebury have been debating the merits of a College Town plan to move the[…]

Lessons on Life and Loss

Yom Kippur is the holiest day of the year for me as a Jew. While fasting this past Saturday, I reflected on my own actions[…]

It was a Bright, Warm Day

One of Middlebury’s strengths is the drive with which students endeavor to make the world a better place. We don’t always agree on how to[…]

Addressing our College’s History

The action on Sept. 11, 2013 carries intense emotions for a few reasons. On the one hand, the 9/11: Never Forget Project plays on the[…]

Thoughts from a Soldier

As a member of the Middlebury College alumni community, I feel compelled to share my reflections on the offensive and deeply saddening act that occurred[…]

Divestment 101

What is this “divestment”? To those of you new to Middlebury or just returning from abroad, I wish to say welcome and keep an eye[…]

In Response to ‘A Signed Professor Evaluation’

This piece is in response to Michelle Smoler’s ’13 “A Signed Professor Evaluation.” The professor to whom she refers advised our senior theses as well,[…]

Faculty, Staff and Alumni in Favor of Fossil Fuel Divestment

As Middlebury faculty and staff, we hope our trustees will commit to fossil-fuel divestment and a new kind of investment, investment that yields high returns[…]

Time to Lead on Divestment

This weekend, the Middlebury College board of trustees may decide whether or not to divest our endowment of holdings in fossil fuels and arms manufacturing.[…]

Let Direct Democracy Replace the SGA

Student government at Middlebury is currently based on the principle of representative government; we elect a handful of senators with whom we entrust our decision-making[…]

The Rainbow Funeral

May 2012, I was elected to be a new Middlebury Open Queer Alliance (MOQA) President, or “President of the gays” as one of my exchange[…]

No Silver Bullet

On April 17, after America’s 113th Congress rejected a series of proposed gun-control measures, Barack Obama asked a teary-eyed, red faced crowd in the White[…]

Apartheid? Apartheid!

Recently, an independent fact-finding mission of the United Nations (UN) presented a report about the Israeli settlement policy. The report confirms what was assumed for[…]

Abortion: Not Good, But Neccessary

In his recent op-ed about abortion, Kenneth Burchfiel ’13 claims to “support life.” He equates abortion with the Nazi genocide of Jews and other non-Aryan[…]

In Pursuit of Moral Clarity

Last week’s op-ed by Kenneth Burchfiel ’13 regarding abortion has (unsurprisingly) already been met with vitriolic attacks on the Campus website, and will no doubt[…]

When Writing an Op-ed

This op-ed goes out to everyone who is thinking about writing an opinion piece in a published medium that circles in a community (ie. newspapers,[…]

Following Up On The Divestment Panel

Jeannie Bartlett ’15 There were a number of things I wanted to add to my comments at the Student Divestment Panel that I didn’t get[…]

Apply Practically

We wish to address serious factual inaccuracies in Zach Drennen ’13.5’s April 25 column “Middlebury Finds a New Pipeline to Protest.” First, a clarification of[…]

The Squawk Box: 10 Things I Wish I Knew As An Underclassman

  1. It takes patience to live in Middlebury for four years. It’s also worth it. 2. The harder you try to get laid, the[…]

Voices Against the Addison County Natural Gas Project

We are a coalition of Middlebury College staff, faculty and students who stand in opposition to the Addison County Natural Gas project. The project will[…]

What Abortion Has Taught Me About the Nature of Evil

Growing up in the 1990s, my understanding of evil was based mainly on Disney movies. The nemeses in those films all recognized that they were[…]

We Fell for Liddell

The SGA campaign season is an exciting time for us as members of the current SGA Senate to reflect back on our year, engage with[…]

Staying Well Through Living Hell

As we near the end of the semester, when assignments abound and professors squeeze in those last 250 pages of reading, it is as important[…]

XL Pipeline Revisited

Environmentalists across North America have recently become infatuated with the XL Keystone Pipeline System. The current proposals will expand the pipeline system to provide oil[…]

Why Peace Matters

  “I told you,” Columbia Professor Joseph Massad said at his lecture about Zionism, Palestinians and Israel last week, “I was not interested in building[…]

Innovation in Our Education

Grant Nishioka ’13 is from Wayland, Mass. As liberal arts students, we’ve learned a lot. We’re able to contrast the behavior of international markets with[…]

Putting Our Money Where Our Mouths Are

Stu Fram ’13 is from Waterbury, Vt. Middlebury is on track to achieve carbon neutrality by 2016, an accomplishment whose imminent realization can be ascribed[…]

Be Smart About STI Testing

From the conversations I have had with students on campus, STI testing services seem to be underutilized, underappreciated and misunderstood. After seeing the results of[…]


Amitai Ben-Abba’s op-ed of March 20 “Occupation — the Censored Word” labels Ambassador Dennis Ross’s recent lecture on the Middle East and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict[…]

My Raw Heart

I have a sister. I have a best friend. I have parents. I also watched a film called Five Broken Cameras today. A documentary by[…]

Listening to Egypt

I got back from Alexandria, Egypt almost three months ago. “Wow, you were in Egypt? How was it?” “Incredible.” “Did you see the pyramids?” “Yeah,[…]

Refuting Jay Saper

In last week’s Campus article, “Arrested Students Protest ‘Environmental Racism,” Middlebury alum Jay Saper ’12.5 is quoted as saying, “We’ve talked more about environmental racism[…]

Bridging the Gap

Two years ago when we received the fat acceptance package from Middlebury, we were pleasantly surprised to find a letter encouraging newly admitted students to[…]

Occupation — the Censored Word

It is not surprising that the word “occupation,” was not mentioned in Dennis Ross’s lecture on Tuesday night. The word does not exist in the[…]

A Response to Hillcrest Graffiti

As student organizers within the divestment campaign on this campus, we would like to make clear that groups that have been working towards divestment at[…]

In Support of Delta

To whom it may concern, As Delta alumni, we are writing to express our collective concern over the potential disbandment of the Delta student organization[…]

Reclaim Your Weekend

Girl is a few drinks in. Feeling a good buzz, but maybe had a couple too many. It’s one a.m. and this Ridgeline basement is[…]

Student Supporters Needed!

The Sexual Assault Oversight Committee (SAOC) has been dedicated to the development and implementation of an advocacy program, and we are so excited to finally[…]

Loving Privileged White Males, Not Loving Oppression

Last week’s op-ed, “A Call for a More Inclusive Movement,” attempted to show how white privileged men are excluded from feminist and other activist discourses[…]

Not a Goodbye Letter: The Push for Real Inclusivity

After Nathan Weil’s piece, “A Call for a More Inclusive Movement,” came out in last week’s issue of the Campus, I heard responses that generally[…]

Responding to Study Abroad Concerns

I write to address two points raised in your article “Abroad Programs Raise Concerns” printed Feb. 28, 2013. First, it is important to note that[…]

Hey, I’m from Ohio

This op-ed was written in response to Ryan Kim’s winning TEDx talkat the Nov. 8 student speaker competition. Kim will speak at this Saturday’s TEDx[…]

The Privilege of Discomfort

I have grown to appreciate and accept Middlebury as the college that I attend. Daily we engage in dialogue surrounding identity. But many of these[…]

An Incident in the Ross Dining Hall

At 5:15 p.m. on Sunday, March 3, I walked into Ross Dining Hall to grab an early dinner. The line was already relatively long, and[…]

A Call to Share Your Story

On Feb. 10, “The Map Project” went up in Davis Library. The project documented locations where students had experienced sexual assault at Middlebury. And if[…]

Hot and Cold

“It’s getting hot in here so take off all your clothes.” The above lyric is not only a line from rapper Nelly’s hit song “Hot[…]

College Considers Experiential Learning

The Educational Affairs Committee (EAC) recently convened a working group to discuss the possibility of integrating internships, fieldwork and other types of experiential education formally[…]

Overseas Briefing

After just 15 days in Cameroon’s chaotic capital city, I am still in the process of starting anew. I still haven’t braved the outdoor marché[…]

Building a National Movement for Climate Change

While I agree with Zach Drennen ’13.5 in his column “Divestment: No Excuse for Inaction” that divestment does not go far enough, his argument undersells[…]

MiddChallenge: The Best of Both Worlds

In my opinion, people tend to feel one of two ways about summer. They are either anticipating the break from the routine of the academic[…]

The Best of Midd

Learning to navigate a new community is a daunting task. For seasoned Midd kids, we forget that we were all once fresh faces on campus.[…]

A Call for a More Inclusive Movement

I love Middlebury, but, despite all its beauty and opportunity, I am constantly disappointed in the culture of debate on campus. Daily, we engage in[…]

Parking Fines Increase to $50

On Feb. 10 Public Safety announced an increase in parking ticket fines from $10 to $50, a change that has been applied to weekday and[…]

Overseas Briefing

“Guiri” is a colloquial term used in Spain to describe what is considered to be the stereotypical tourist or foreigner, and it is associated primarily[…]

Calling on the Board of Trustees to Divest

Last Saturday morning, the seven of us gave a 45-minute presentation in front of the full Board of Trustees advocating for divestment of Middlebury’s endowment[…]

What’s Missing in Neo-Missing

Last week I experienced the curious feeling of missing someone. I actually didn’t realize I missed this person (who I will call Django) until I[…]

Overseas Briefing

Technically speaking, I am not overseas. But every week, this section of the Campus features the exciting tales and fascinating challenges of our peers who[…]

Justifying JusTalks

The Breakfast Club did it, Principal Duval in Mean Girls did it and now, Middlebury has done it too. Gather a bunch of students with[…]

Thoughts for First-Year Febs

Dear first-year Febs, I’m just a guy in his last semester that wants to welcome those in their first.  I want to be an example[…]

The Middlebury Epidemic

Winter term is wonderful for so many reasons: more fun with friends, homework for only one class and ample time to plan elaborately themed parties,[…]

Corrections: “Room 404 Features Unconventional Stories”

Last week the Campus published an article on Room 404, a new student publication. They ran an early draft of the article that was largely[…]

Do the History

Are you ready to do the math? I am too … but in the last few days, I’ve also been doing the history. Yes, doing[…]

The Capitol Express

As Congress resumes its session, and with the Presidential Inauguration just eight days away, D.C. is full of activity. This week kicked off with the[…]

From the President’s Desk

It’s J-Term — a time to indulge in all Middlebury has to offer. One glorious month when students learn how to speak Swahili, go skiing[…]

Overseas Briefing

Iaorana, Middlebury. As I sit in the communal kitchen of Anteres House in Woods Hole, Mass., a week and a half into the shore component[…]

What It Feels Like to Be a Woman in Karachi

The recent movie Zero Dark Thirty showed extremely clear visuals of Pakistan and I felt awkward sitting in a theatre in Boston watching my own[…]

Letter to the Editor

In an article published on the front page of the Dec. 6, 2012 edition of the Campus (Panel Discusses Racial Diversity), my position on affirmative[…]

It’s Elementary

I could not focus as I clicked through the questions.  While I was supposed to select answers, it did not seem there could possibly be[…]

Sweet, Sour and Weirdos: Recipe for Peace

I believe in a strong correlation between rules and the game of sweet or sour. If you have ever played the game — and with[…]

From The President’s Desk

Congratulations on finishing another semester at Midd! The end of the year is a time for reflection. I am proud of the hard work that[…]

Overseas Briefing

The verb “to love” is expressed in Hindi as “pyar karna” – directly translated, it means “to do love,” rather than “to love.” In the[…]

Connecting with Community: Sister-to-Sister

Have you ever wished to relive the glory of your middle school years? Whether you were a confident kid or one who kept your eyes[…]

Learning to Take No for An Answer

Dear my fellow students: I encourage you to lay down your passions, lay down the issues you care about and learn to take no for[…]

Fire Tara

The first op-ed I ever wrote for the Campus was titled “Keep Affolter.”  Her anti-racist protest at last week’s affirmative action panel, however, “pushed [me][…]

I Wish I Were Under the Word Count So I Could Talk About Corporate Word Counts

[The following regards conversations on campus surrounding divestment, activism and diversity, which all directly relate to corporatization. It links newspaper reporting, silencing of oppressed voices[…]

An Encounter with the Civilian Army of the 21st Century

I left the U.S. this Thanksgiving break. France granted me access into their country sans glitch. I glided through their customs saying my bonjours, mercis[…]

A Deeper Look at Divestment

A recent op-ed (“Divestment Creates Positive, Systemic Change”) argued that divestment is a valuable tool in the fight against global warming. While I wholeheartedly share[…]

Overseas Briefing

As I sat at the local café, sipping a glass of wine and staring up at the cathedral, I couldn’t help shake that despite the[…]

Overseas Briefing

«Tu viens ici chaque semaine, oui?» (Translation: You come here every week, right?) People thrive in environments where they feel comfortable. It’s certainly not a[…]

Connecting With Community: Dance Marathons

This winter term, Middlebury College will once again join a national organization that hosts Dance Marathons on college campuses across the country to raise money[…]

For the Record: Hands of Glory

Earlier this year this brilliant man released Break It Yourself, to which this Hands of Glory serves as a companion. Perhaps less experimental as 2010’s[…]

Race, Class And Hurricanes: The Inequality Of Disaster

In the past few days, I have read headline after headline detailing the damaging effects of Hurricane Sandy on the New York metropolitan area. Millions[…]

Israel And Beinart

I came into Peter Beinart’s lecture last Thursday night feeling very nervous. Mr. Beinart, a modern Orthodox Jew and author of The Crisis of Zionism,[…]

The Truth is at Stake

The past three months of travel on the Watson Foundation’s ticket has been the most phenomenally humbling, addictive, complicated, joyful experience of my life. I[…]

Dealing With Distance

I met my two best friends at a three week summer program about four years ago. Twenty-one days is all it took to develop close[…]

Divestment Creates Positive, Systemic Change

Divestment is a tool that is best used as part of a broader movement towards a real-world goal. My goal is to keep the global[…]

From the President’s Desk

Just two days ago, hundreds of millions of Americans exercised their right to vote — they cared enough about the issues at stake to take[…]

Overseas Briefing

The mackerel pike is a long skinny fish that is quite common to Japanese cuisine. Arriving in Tokyo in early fall, I was presented with[…]

Connecting with Community: MAlt

A few weeks ago, I sat in front of my laptop and filled out the application form for the mini-MAlt trip in a somewhat careless[…]

Politics of Destruction

Most people in the world who look at Middlebury College see a bastion of decency, fairness and social justice. Most people see Middlebury’s continued commitment[…]

A True Commander-in-Chief

With so much focus on the economy in this election cycle, much of the electorate has been paying little attention to foreign policy. However, with[…]

Announcing the Return of the Cameron Cup

We are happy to announce the return of the Cameron Cup at Middlebury! In years past, the Cameron Cup was awarded at the end of[…]

In Support of Treasurer Wilton

Treasurer Candidate Wendy Wilton is reasonable, reliable and respectful. She has worked with the State Auditor’s Office over the past few years to improve municipal[…]

Overseas Briefing

For as long as I can remember I have always loved taking public transportation. As a child I loved swiping my plastic fare card during[…]

One Student’s View of the Endowment Issue

It is because I believe in Middlebury College’s ability to educate passionate and critical thinkers that I am extremely disconcerted by the fraudulent press release[…]

Faculty Members Weigh In on the DLWC

Lately professors all over the country and here at Middlebury have been trying to answer the question, “Why liberal arts?” Although the answer is complex,[…]

Prospective Students’ Account

My passion lies in the heartbeat of the Earth. With its warming hands and nurturing care, the Earth provides me with everything I need. There[…]

We Are Not Neutral

There has been quite a bit of talk about divestment at Middlebury College in the past few weeks. For many students, this is their first[…]

Press Release Authors Come Clean: A Call for Middlebury to Do the Same

On Friday, Oct. 12, Middlebury College welcomed His Holiness the Dalai Lama to campus.  An announcement was made that in honor of the visit from[…]

Silence Has the Rusty Taste of Shame

In the aftermath of the Dalai Lama’s visit, students received an email claiming that Middlebury College was divesting from war in order to “align its[…]

Taking Concussions Seriously

During my junior year of high school, I hit heads with another player during a soccer game, resulting in my first concussion. Two weeks later,[…]

Grandma Lama

In exchange for my willingness to do any miscellaneous tasks necessary for Scott Center Administrative Program Coordinator Ellen McKay and College Chaplain Laurie Jordan, I[…]

From the President’s Desk

Welcome to the first edition of the Student Government Association’s (SGA) bi-weekly column, From the President’s Desk with SGA President Charlie Arnowitz ’13. In this column, we[…]

Overseas Briefing

I am addressing you from Buenos Aires, the Paris of South America, a gorgeous city where wine is cheaper than water, the dead get the[…]

All Blood is Created Equal

We are the co-chairs of the Middlebury Open Queer Alliance, each affected personally and practically by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) bans enforced[…]

Dirty Blood?

Last Wednesday, Atwater Commons hosted its annual American Red Cross blood drive in McCullough Social Space. While waiting to donate, I encountered a friend who[…]

Setting the Record Straight on JusTalks

While we appreciate your inclusion of our initiative in the Campus this past week, we were perturbed by the narrative that was constructed about JusTalks[…]

Did Romney Really Win the Debate?

At the conclusion of last Wednesday night’s presidential debate, the media consensus was clear — Governor Romney had won the debate. President Obama underperformed. The[…]

An Easy Way to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Don’t carry your groceries all the way from Shaw’s up the hill back to campus. There’s a FREE bus every half hour from town to[…]

Finding Common Ground

Many thanks to the staff of the Campus for its coverage of the Project on Creativity and Innovation, including the accompanying editorial, “Expanding Your Liberal Arts Education.”[…]

Thanking PCI Contributors

Speaking on behalf of colleagues at the Project on Creativity and Innovation (PCI), many thanks to the Campus for running the series of articles last[…]

Overseas Briefing

I’ll admit, when I arrived in Stockholm, Sweden, a little over a month ago, I had big expectations. Visions of an eco promised land where[…]

Rational Consumer Behavior (and Why Most of Our Mind Isn’t Ready for It)

Imagine a completely rational society. People behave in a consistent, predictable manner based on the information available to them. They make decisions that promote the[…]

Overseas Briefing

In between classes and exploring the city, I often stop at the View Himalayan Restaurant and Terrace, one of ten or more rooftop cafes overlooking[…]

JV Sports: Who Knew?

I am proud to say that I have discovered the best kept secret on campus. A new panini to be made at Proctor? No.  An[…]

The Right’s Race Issue

The day that Barack Obama became the nation’s first African American President is one that will forever live in our history books. Many Americans felt[…]

In Support of WAGS

In a routine conversation with my grandmother last year, I mentioned that I was considering adding a women’s and gender studies (WAGS) major to my[…]

It Begins with Registering to Vote

In just 50 days, millions of Americans will head to the polls to choose the nation’s next president. They will line up to exercise the[…]

The Evolution of Midd Kids

As I made my way down Route 7 last week, I couldn’t help letting my eyes wander occasionally. At first, the seemingly endless fields of[…]

Sticking by the President

In last week’s “The Elephant in the Room” column, Ben Kinney ’15 offered a litany of what he perceived to be the failures of the[…]

Overseas Briefing

My bags imprudently overstuffed and my back frequently overburdened, I spent a 13-hour travel experience wondering whether carrying-on my raincoat was truly necessary.  I allude[…]

Caring for the Whole You

During the health and wellness presentation of my freshmen orientation three years ago, 500 other first-year students and I were given two memorable pieces of[…]

Educating for a Greener Future

With all due respect to my fellow faculty members, I’d like to think that Nick Muller and I, with joint appointments in Economics and Environmental[…]

Two Too Hot for Middlebury During Winter

In response to fossil fuel pollution, rising oil prices and complaints about building temperatures, we, a subset of the Sunday Night Group, have formed The[…]

Student Extends Apology to Community

I would like to express my deepest apologies for my actions at the halftime intermission at the Middlebury football game Saturday. These actions not only[…]

ADP Apologizes for Half Time Fumble

In response to the embarrassing half time show over Homecoming Weekend, I would first like to apologize, on behalf of Alpha Delta Phi (ADP) and[…]