Emilie Munson


Historic Speech Competition Returns with Heated Preliminary, Semi and Finals to Come

Nosagie Asaolu ’18 stumbled into the room. Surprised, he glanced around at the panel of student judges arranged in half moon in front of him.[…]

@eatVT: Alum Starts ‘Food Porn’ Instagram

Rocket ’14 decided it was time to take a pause from his nomadic lifestyle and return to his old stomping grounds in Middlebury.

Parker Merrill Speech Contest Championships

The final round of the Parker Merrill Speech Competition will be Friday, April 29th at 7:30pm in Dana Auditorium.

Rising from the Ashes: How the College’s Public Art Policy Emerged from a Violent Act of Vandalism

On the eve of Commencement 1985, a student crept into the meadow where McCardell Bicentennial Hall stands today, took a blowtorch to a tall, boxy[…]

The Caffeine Fix: Dining Hall Switches to a New Brew

During Winter Term, the dining halls welcomed a new brew at the beverage station: coffee by local roaster Vermont Coffee Company. Based in Middlebury Vermont,[…]

Orb Weaver Farm Celebrates Nearly 35 Years of Artisan Cheese Making in Vermont

For local Vermont farmers Marjorie Susman and Marian Pollack, cheesemaking has been a way of life since 1982.

Associate Chaplain Awarded Vermont Women in Higher Education Scholarship

On Dec. 21, 2015, Associate Chaplain Naila Blaloch at the College’s Scott Center for Spiritual and Religious Life was awarded the Vermont Women in Higher[…]

The Yearbook Question

In a meeting on December 1, the fate of a 145-year-old historical document was decided: the College’s yearbook. The first edition of the Kaleidoscope was[…]

How It’s Handled Here: Sexual Misconduct on Campus

According to the 2015 Annual Security & Fire Safety Report due to release this week, nine rapes were reported last year, one incident of forced[…]

From SAF to SGA: A Million Dollar Budget

The advent of 10 o’clock Ross raises more questions than just cake or cereal. The Student Government Association initiative, which began last week, is a[…]

Alum Creates Podcast on Bernie Sander’s Grassroots Campaign

Bernie Sanders, well known for his “democratic socialist” platform and veteran affairs activism, has found another way to distinguish himself from the other presidential candidates. […]

Midd Alum Simplifies Gardening for Urbanites

Less than five miles from the College, one company is working to transport the benefits of Vermont agriculture to urban millennials across the United States.[…]

The Rise of the Millennial Intern

Highly-educated. Self-motivated. Hard-working. Unpaid. These adjectives describe a growing proportion of the current national work force: the undergraduate intern. The US Department of Labor defines[…]

Questions Surround Off-Campus Housing Lottery

On Feb. 19, a group of 10 disgruntled students shook up a Community Council-sponsored “Community Conversation” event with loud allegations directed towards the College’s Residential[…]

Bringing Laundry into the 21st Century

Senator Karina Toy ’17 has been working since January to create legislature implementing LaundryView, a new technology that would allow students to check the status of the College’s laundry machines remotely.

The Boiling Point

Nail biting. Isolation. Tiredness. Irritability. Anxiety. These are all ways to tell when you’ve reached the boiling point. As most students have probably experienced, stress[…]

Follow the Money

The Middlebury Campus brought big money out of the shadows this week. We distributed surveys polling our personal spending habits, where our spending money comes[…]

beyond the green Sparks Controversy

Since its launch on April 9, 2014, beyond the green, a publication that seeks to provide an outlet for marginalized voices at the College, has rocketed to the forefront of campus consciousness.

What is Your Cure for Writer’s Block?

Bill McKibben Schumann Distinguished Scholar It’s never been a huge problem for me. I grew up writing for newspapers, and that tends to cure you[…]

New Leadership to NOM Initiative

On a beautiful Thursday last week, I accompanied the student initiative NOM (Nutrition Outreach Mentoring) to the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Vergennes. Inside[…]

Power Couples

The Campus sat down with faculty couples this week to find out if they know each other as well as they know their subject matter.

Middkid Who Competed on Jeopardy! Who is Erika Sloan?

This February, Erika Sloan fulfilled her childhood dreams when she watched herself appear on national television, competing on Jeopardy!’s annual College Championships.

Davis Puts Fresh Spin on Masculinity in Sports

On Tuesday evening, former National Football League (NFL) cornerback Wade Davis received snaps and laughs from a packed Mead Chapel audience as he honestly —[…]

SRI Creates New RISE Endowment Fund

The College’s divestment debate took a break from being in the spotlight during the Fall semester, but a new initiative from the Socially Responsible Investment[…]

IHH Event Planned for January

It Happens Here (IHH), a student group that raises awareness of sexual assault at the College, announced that it will be holding its third annual[…]

Students Form Local Food Group

This year, the College’s numerous student organizations focusing on food consciousness have joined forces to create a Food Cluster group. Led by College Food and[…]

Public Safety Cuts Parking Ticket Fee

A reduction in parking ticket fees this year from $50 to $10 marked a concession of Public Safety to the demands of the Student Government[…]

College Revives Finance Courses

In concession to strong student demand, the College has agreed to continue offering a finance course this academic year in a last-minute addition to the[…]

MCAB Announces Upcoming Speaker

  Inspired by the fervor for educational reform among members of the college community, Middlebury College Activities Board (MCAB) has invited Mike Feinberg, co-founder of[…]

Bartlett To Give Talk on Tolstoy’s Karenina

Today, April 25 eminent scholar of Russian literature and history, author and translator Rosamund Bartlett will visit the College. Bartlett most recently published a biography[…]

Middlebury Foods Tackles Local Hunger

Though most of us overlook it, the College, one of the wealthiest institutions in the state, is located in one of the poorest counties in[…]

Biology Professor Accepts Perkins Award

  On April 4, 2013, the Perkins Award for Excellence in Teaching was presented to Assistant Professor of Biology Catherine Combelles in recognition of her[…]

Committee Reviews Honor Code

On Monday, March 13, the Student Government Association (SGA) invited students, staff and faculty to discuss a question of central importance to the college community:[…]

Posse Retreat Spurs Dialogue and Discussion

On Friday March 1, 54 current Middlebury Posse scholars and 76 of their student, faculty and staff guests, called “plussers,” traveled to Silver Bay, N.Y.[…]

Students Protest XL Pipeline in D.C.

  On Sunday Feb. 17, over 50 students and Schumann Distinguished Scholar Bill McKibben attended the “Forward On Climate” rally in Washington, D.C. The rally,[…]

Alum Speaks On Global Fracking

On Tuesday, Feb. 12, international freelance journalist and Middlebury alumnus Dimiter Kenarov ’03.5 spoke to students and community members in a lecture titled “Shale Gas:[…]

Affolter Speaks on Race in the Classroom

Visiting Assistant Professor of Education Studies Tara Affolter addressed the entangled issues of race and education in her lecture on Thursday, Dec. 6 entitled “Tell[…]

Panel Discusses Racial Diversity

On Tuesday, Nov. 27 at 7 PM., the Student Government Association (SGA) sponsored an Affirmative Action panel in the McCullough Social Space. The panel, which[…]

Dickinson Finds Election Too Close to Call

During his lecture “Who Will Win the 2012 Election?” on Oct. 31, Professor of Political Science Matt Dickinson tentatively predicted that Barack Obama will win[…]

Crime Stats Expose Swell in Alcohol Citations

On Oct. 1, Public Safety released the Middlebury College Annual Security and Crime Report. This report, emailed to all students in compliance with the Jeanne[…]

WRMC Headlines Vacationer for Fall Concert

On October 27th, WRMC, the College’s student-run radio station, is hosting its annual fall concert in the McCullough Social Space. Starting at 8 p.m., students,[…]