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The Campus Voice: Town vs. Gown

The Campus Voice: Breaking the Silence

On Sunday, Sept. 15 Greta Neubauer and Ian Stewart discussed the role of the media in the conversation about sexual assault on college campuses on[…]

Updated: Community and Country React

As Kyle Finck reported for the Campus earlier this week, “a 2,977 flag memorial was ripped out of the ground in front of Mead Memorial Chapel shortly before[…]

Students Replant Memorial Flags

Following a midday protest, in which five individuals removed a temporary memorial commemorating the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, students gathered on Wednesday evening to replant[…]

Fall 2013 Convocation

On Sunday, Sept. 8 first-year students gathered in front of Mead Memorial Chapel for convocation in the late afternoon. (Campus/Paul Gerard)

Overseas Briefing

As part of the Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs’ conference on the “Politics of Fresh Water: Access and Identity in a Changing Environment,” my geology[…]

The Campus Voice: McKibben

On Saturday, Jan. 26 Schumann Distinguished Scholar and co-founder of, Bill McKibben sat down in the WRMC studio with News Editor Bronwyn Oatley to[…]

Into the Woods

Students took to the stage this past weekend in a production 0f Stephen Sondheim’s and James Lapine’s Into the Woods at the Town Hall Theater on[…]

Liveblog: Panel on the Endowment

Following Sunday evening’s discussion on divestment by Schumann Distinguished Scholar Bill McKibben, the Campus Current is back with another liveblog from McCullough Social Space, starting at 7:30 p.m. Tonight[…]

Let Freedom Sing!

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the Departments of Music, Theater and Dance organized the 15th annual “Let Freedom Sing!” celebration in Mead[…]

Liveblog: Midd Does the Math

The Campus Current will be liveblogging “Midd Does the Math” beginning at 7:30 p.m. from Mead Memorial Chapel. The event, which is sponsored by Divest for Our[…]

Alpenglow Plays Mead Chapel

Alpenglow, a five piece folk-band with origins at the College, performed for a large crowd in Mead Memorial Chapel on Saturday, Jan. 19. Burlington-based singer Maryse[…]

Alpenglow Sets Stage for Concert, New Album

Alpenglow, a five-piece folk band formed in Vermont, will perform in Mead Memorial Chapel at 7 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 19.  The band features students[…]

Cyrus Chestnut Returns

On Friday, Jan. 11 jazz pianist Cyrus Chestnut returned to Middlebury with bassist Eric Wheeler and drummer Billy Williams as the Cyrus Chestnut Trio. They[…]

College Awards Tenure to Seven

On Thursday, Dec. 20 the News Room announced the promotion of seven faculty members to associate professor, as well as three faculty members to professor:[…]

New Strategy for Diversification

President Ronald D. Liebowitz and Dean Shirley Collado with Williams’ Michael Reed at LADO’s Presidents Forum in September 2012. (Courtesy/Lee Wexler) The Middlebury College News[…]

Alpenglow Plays the Gamut Room

On Sunday, Dec. 9 Alpenglow played for a large crowd at the Gamut Room and Performance Space. Alpenglow consists of students Graeme Daubert ‘12.5 and[…]

Once Upon a RIDDIM

On Saturday, Dec. 8 RIDDIM World Dance Troupe presented two performances of “Once upon a RIDDIM” to sold-out crowds at the McCullough Social Space. Co-Directors[…]

ISO Debuts “Translingual” Publication

Middlebury’s International Students Organization recently published its inaugural issue of Translingual, a biannual journal featuring photographs from around the world and writings in nine different languages[…]

Burka Fitting at Ross

On Wednesday, Dec. 4 artist Marie Rim engaged students in her latest project, “Burka Fittings Across America.” With a mirror and billboard set up outside[…]

What’s Happening at OSM?

Following the Old Stone Mill‘s end-of-the-semester showcase at the Crossroads Cafe, Middlebury Magazine’s Stephen Diehl and Blair Kloman produced a video about the event. They write: It[…]

The Rise and Fall of Middlebury

In a posting on The Eighth Man, “a quiddicth media site designed to bring together elements of strategy and sports analysis,” Benny Nadeau discusses the implications of[…]

Divestment Discussion Begins

On Tuesday, Dec. 5 President of the College Ronald D. Liebowitz sent the following email to students, faculty and staff with a subject heading, “On[…]

Competition Winners Describe Study Abroad Photography

After winning the study abroad photography contest, the Campus sat down with Matthew Dengler ’13 to discuss his entry “Untitled,” as well as Madeline Brooks ’13 to[…]

Intercollegiate Logrolling Competition

 On Sunday, Dec. 2 Middlebury defeated Skidmore College 6-1 in the country’s first intercollegiate logrolling competition. Although the top position went to Skidmore’s Will Hoeschler,[…]

New VP for Communications

On Monday, Dec. 3 the Middlebury News Room announced that Bill Burger, associate vice president for communications at Brandeis University, would be joining Middlebury’s administration[…]

Mokaad Plays the Bunker

On Saturday, Dec. 1 New York-based bands Emefe and Mokaad played live funk music for a crowded Bunker late into the night; a sample of[…]

Jupiter String Quartet

On Friday, Nov. 30 the Jupiter String Quartet performed for a large audiance at the Mahaney Center for the Arts Concert Hall. The quartet, comprised[…]

African Music and Dance

On Wednesday, Nov. 28 the Middlebury African Music and Dance Ensemble performed in the Mahaney Center for the Arts under the direction of Assistant Professor[…]

Middlebury History Online

On Wednesday, Nov. 28 the Middlebury News Room announced the debut of Middlebury History Online, a growing digital archive capturing the College’s past through historic[…]

Affirmative Action Discussions

The Campus will provide complete analysis of this week’s affirmative action discussions in its issue to be released on Thursday, Dec. 6. In the meantime, summaries, opinions[…]

I Feel So Close to You!

Nearly a month old with more than 11,000 views, the Huffington Post recently reposted “I Feel So Close to You!”, a video featuring the Middlebury panther jumping[…]

Start-Ups, Vermont Style

Middlebury Magazine’s Maria Theresa Stadtmueller recently published an interesting article about two Middlebury graduates’ local startups: Not all business start-ups incubate in the family garage. Gardens, kitchens,[…]

The Words We Use

Dean of the College Shirley M. Collado incorporated the above recorded discussion on “the words we use” in a recent posting on her blog, One[…]

Liveblog: Shell’s Olav Ljosne Lecture

On Thursday, Nov. 15 Olav Ljosne, a senior manager at Shell, delivered a lecture entitled, “Meeting Future Energy Needs: Conflict and Cooperation”, at the Robert[…]

Mosaic: ISO Cultural Show 2012

In two separate performances on Saturday, Nov. 17 the International Student’s Organization presented “Mosaic: ISO Cultural Show 2012” in the McCullough Social Space. The two-hour[…]

Swing and Sound Investment

On Friday, Nov. 16 the Sound Investment Jazz Ensemble and the Swing Dance Club came together for an evening of music and dance in McCullough Social Space.[…]

Students Prepare for Shell Lecture

Divest for Our Future  prepared students for Thursday’s lecture by Shell senior manager Olav Ljosne with signs featuring statistics and quotes about the company posted throughout campus, as[…]

Study Abroad Photography Contest

Study abroad photography is currently on display in the Crossroads Cafe and on the Schools Abroad Facebook Page; voting is open on both Thursday and[…]

D8 Performs in the Gifford Annex

On Sunday, Nov. 11 Dissipated Eight sang for a large crowd in the Gifford Annex. The College’s oldest a cappella group performed a wide-ranging set,[…]

Diallo House Quartet at 51 Main

On Saturday, Nov. 10 the New York City-based Diallo House Quartet performed at 51 Main. The quartet has been one of many jazz groups to perform here[…]

Music Extravaganza!!!

On Friday, Nov. 9 the Middlebury College MLK Spiritual Choir performed their “Music Extravaganza!!!” at the Mahaney Center for the Arts Concert Hall. The large[…]

Victory for Political Scientists

After monitoring and analyzing election returns with students on Tuesday evening, Professors Matt Dickinson and Bert Johnson discussed the election with Middlebury Magazine, as part of[…]

Election at the (Karl Rove) Crossroads Cafe

On Tuesday, Nov. 6 students and faculty gathered at the (Karl Rove) Crossroads Cafe to monitor and analyze election results with the help of Professor[…]

Dalai Lama’s Return to Middlebury

Middlebury Magazine recently released the following short video by Brendan Mahoney ’11, documenting “the Dalai Lama’s Return to Middlebury” for two days in mid-October. In addition to[…]

Mamajamas Perform Halloween Concert

On Wednesday, Oct. 31 the Mamajamas performed for a large crowd of students gathered in Hepburn Lounge. Most, including the entire a cappella group, came in[…]

Old Chapel: Liberal Arts Evolution

With the ongoing discussion regarding the value of a liberal arts education – including an faculty op-ed, comments on the Project on Creativity and Innovation[…]

Sound Investment at 51 Main

As previewed last Thursday, Middlebury’s Sound Investment Jazz Ensemble played for a large crowd at 51 Main on Friday evening; their opening piece can be streamed[…]

Stuck in the Diddle

Stuck in the Middle and the Paradiddles performed in their first-ever joint concert at Coltrane Lounge on Friday evening. Described as ” full of frivolity, brand-new[…]

Liveblog: DLWC’s General Assembly

5:47 PM: As the assembly concludes, organizers and participants confirm next week’s 4 PM meeting in the Warner Hemicycle. An organizer points out that administrators[…]

Thursday Night at the BCG

Daniel Lee, Quinn Bernegger, Will Gyory and Nathan Goldstone held the first “Thursday Night at the BCG” in their suite on Thursday, Oct. 25. Attendees[…]

Preparations for Dalai Lama’s Arrival

Dalai Lamas in History and in Person

In preparing for the arrival of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Middlebury Magazine‘s Maria Theresa Stadtmueller provided the following explanation and information: What is a Dalai Lama? And[…]

Dispatch Live on YouTube at 9 PM

In case you’re still piecing together your plans for the evening, Dispatch’s concert at Radio City Music Hall will be broadcast live on YouTube at 9[…]

Papercraft Exhibit

The papercraft art exhibit in the Kevin P. Mahaney ’84 Center for the Arts Upper Lobby (Peter Broucke).

Fresh Kebab and Hummus

Like many of the campus’ language houses, the Arabic House (located at Sperry House on Franklin Street) spent the afternoon preparing various dishes of the[…]

Liveblog: China Symposium Roundtable

  The college will continue to live stream the International Politics and Economics’ Symposium, “From Deng to Dollars: The Political Economy of China’s Rise” online.[…]

Covering Putin’s First 100 Days

Noting its wonderful title, I jumped at the opportunity to attend James Bettner Brooke’s “Covering Putin’s First 100 Days: From Romney’s Top Foe To Pussy Riot” at[…]

Welcome Online, Middlebury

It’s our pleasure to welcome you to the Campus‘ redesigned website, featuring a simplistic design mirroring our print edition, more capabilities for both our staff[…]