Julianna Morales


Trump’s Budget Threatens Vt. Conservation Efforts

“I’m worried that the new president’s budget priorities are unbalanced and dangerously misguided,” [U.S. Senator Patrick] Leahy stated.

Vt. Senate Unanimously Passes Immigration Bill

On Thursday, Feb. 23, a group of Burlington High School (BHS) students eagerly looked on as members of the Vermont Senate joined together in a unanimous 30-0 vote to pass an immigration bill.

In the Wake of Trump’s Immigration Agenda, the Future of Vt. Migrant Workers is Uncertain

Vt. Gas Takes Financial Hit, Pipeline Protests Continue

Since its proposal in 2012, Vermont Gas Systems’ ongoing pipeline project has drawn criticism from concerned Vermonters and environmental activists alike.

TJ Donavan Elected as VT’s Attorney General

On Nov. 8, Democrat T.J. Donovan was elected to succeed William Sorrell as Vermont’s Attorney General with over 66 percent of the vote. Donovan, a[…]

Middlebury Residents React to the Election

Tuesday, Nov. 8 marked the climax of an exceptionally contentious election year. As voters in each state prepared to head to the polls, it was[…]

Vt. Observes Indigenous People’s Day for the First Time This October

On Oct. 6, Governor Peter Shumlin issued a proclamation designating Oct. 10 of this year “Indigenous People’s Day,” rebranding what had previously been observed as Columbus Day.