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Faculty Pass Symbolic Rejection of K-12, Inc.

On Tuesday, May 13, the faculty voted overwhelmingly to cut ties with K12, Inc., the corporation with which the College partnered to create Middlebury Interactive[…]

The Siblings Behind the Lucrative Sushi Operation

If you ventured down to Crossroads anytime in the past year, you may have noticed a small man and woman in red chef jackets, busily[…]

Living In the Adderall Generation: Part 2

If you wanted to get an Adderall prescription written for you while at the College, you would need to go through a person like Dr. John Young, who works at the Counseling Service of Addison County. He is the consulting psychiatrist for the College and is on the front lines of the complex issue of prescribing psychostimulants.

Living in the Adderall Generation: Part 1

Emma ’14 first snorted Adderall halfway through sophomore year. A friend took the orange 20-milligram (mg) pill and crushed it into a light powder with the bottom of a mug, before guiding the mass into four equal lines with a credit card and instructing Emma to get a tampon. She removed the applicator and blew her first line, beginning a recreational use that continues to this day.

Faculty: This is Required Reading

I recently asked a top administrator what percentage of the faculty read the Campus in some capacity every week. “What do you think?” She asked[…]

Song Avoids Trial, Jail Time

As students finished exams and prepared to leave campus in mid-December, Dong Yub “Don” Song ’13 pled guilty to misdemeanor disorderly conduct, a far cry from[…]

Flaherty Suits Up and Goes Down the Manhole

Features Editor Joe Flaherty ’15 became facilities services newest “dangler,” braving sub-zero morning temperatures to drop down into a manhole outside the Biomass plant on[…]

Liebowitz to Step Down in 2015

President of the College Ronald D. Liebowitz will step down at the conclusion of the next academic year, effective June 30, 2015. He announced the decision in an email sent to students on Dec. 12.

Drugs Seized in Mail Center Bust

Shortly after 3 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 4 three Middlebury Police Officers exited McCullough Student Center carrying a package containing marijuana that had been shipped[…]

College Revises Alcohol Policy

In a detailed letter sent out to all students on Tuesday, Oct. 1, Dean of the College Shirley Collado and Dean of Students Katy Smith[…]

We Missed an Opportunity

In November 2011, a student at Williams College painted the wall of a dormitory with a racist, profanity-laced death threat aimed at African-Americans. In response,[…]

The Campus Voice: Is it Worth It?

Econ majors on finance classes and Hudson Cavanagh on making money and then giving it away. The audio begins at 2:10. [gravityform id=”3″ name=”Campus Current[…]

Doubling Down to Bring You the Best

The Campus has two contracts to uphold this year. A contract with you, the reader, and a contract to pursue the truth at all costs.[…]

Song Charged, Students React

On Monday, Sept. 9, lawyers for former Middlebury College student Dong Yub “Don” Song were back in Addison County Criminal Court facing allegations of Sexual[…]

9/11 Memorial Uprooted in Midday Protest

A 2,977 flag memorial was ripped out of the ground in front of Mead Chapel shortly before 3 p.m. on Sept. 11 by a group of five protestors claiming that the flags were on top of a sacred Abenaki burial site. The flags have been posted in the grass between Mead Chapel and the Davis Family Library annually for nearly ten years.

Liebowitz Officially Puts Delta House to Rest

In a letter sent to Community Council members dated May 16, President of the College Ronald D. Liebowitz announced the official disbandment of Delta House,[…]

Cheating Taints the Honor Code

Four years ago, 35.5 percent of students reported cheating at least once. Ninety-seven percent of students who saw infractions did not report it. With few[…]

What’s the Honor Code Sans Honor?

I wrote this week’s honor code story while sitting in the lobby of a hotel on baseball’s spring training trip in Tucson, Ariz. As players[…]

Abroad Programs Raise Concerns

Mackenzie Stewart ’13 returned from a semester abroad in Valparaiso, Chile disappointed and looking for answers. Student strikes, communication issues among staff and a lackluster[…]

College Hosts Board Meeting

  Trustees descended upon the College over the weekend for one of their four annual meetings. President of the College Ronald D. Liebowitz said that[…]

College Grants Tenure to Seven Faculty

The College awarded tenure to seven faculty members at the end of December, a decision which provides the opportunity to examine the thorough and complex[…]

Overseas Briefing

Students study abroad for myriad reasons: to travel, cement friendships and experience things otherwise unable to be had in Middlebury, Vt. As many students will[…]