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Voting: A Way to Engage as a Student and Citizen

To say that this presidential election is not like any before is an understatement. With the explosion of social media and an increasing divide between[…]

Let’s Try for New Traditions

As Middlebury Homecoming weekend approaches, one might feel a burgeoning sense of school pride. This could be coming from excitement about seeing graduated classmates, a[…]

Towards a More Just Opinions Section

The Middlebury Campus, like other established newspapers, is steeped in traditions — aesthetic, tonal and otherwise. These traditions were designed to help showcase and elevate[…]

Brady for SGA President

With SGA elections to be held this Monday, April 18, The Campus editorial board met  with each of the four candidates running for SGA President[…]

Seniors: Work, Work, Work, Work, Work (Work)

Last Friday, students gathered in McCardell Bicentennial Hall for the Spring Student Symposium to celebrate the scholarly and creative pursuits of their peers. Students in[…]

Women’s Club Water Polo Wins New England Division Championship

Trading Tradition for Progress

Institutions are shaped by inherited traditions and policies, preserved by both codification and memory. The editorial board of The Middlebury Campus is comprised of students[…]

Relay for Life Serves Up Fun to Fight Cancer

The Battell Loop hosted the Middlebury Relay for Life on Saturday, April 30 to raise money for the American Cancer Society. In total, participating teams raised over $50,000.

Atwater Doesn’t Clean Itself

Atwater parties are notoriously messy. Each weekend, dozens of students invade already overcrowded suites, eager to drink and dance away from the watchful eye of[…]

Nae Nae, No Whip: Better Campus Transportation

Any Middlebury student without a car is no stranger to sending mass texts to friends and acquaintances with vehicles. Admittedly, we can get where we[…]

Reflecting on Town-Gown Relations

We have a housing problem here at Middlebury. The off-campus housing of Middlebury students has long been a strain on delicate town-gown relations. The College[…]

MCAB Speakers Committee Invites Jia Jiang To College

Jia Jiang spoke in Wilson Hall on March 22 in an event organized by MCAB Speakers Committee.

A Call for More Equitable Funding

The Campus calls upon [the SGA] to find a solution that is both equitable among the club sports programs and fair in regards to all student activities.

Undercaffeinated and Underwhelmed

Last week, Middlebury’s Community Council voted to recommend the discontiunation of energy drink sales on campus, citing the “problematic behavior” that can arise from the[…]

Students Gather for Super Tuesday

Students gathered in Crossroads Cafe with Professors of Political Science Matthew Dickinson and Bertram Johnson to watch presidential primary results as a part of Super Tuesday on March 1. The event was co-organized by the College Democrats and Republicans.

Crossword: How Well Do You Know Midd?

By Will Nathan 1.     Every other Tuesday 2.     Shirts off 3.     A drink and a church 4.    […]

A More Inclusive Campus

On Feb. 15, a group of cultural organizations sent an email to the student body in protest of The Campus. They called upon this publication[…]

A Paper for the People

Issues related to race, privilege and language have been frequently and publicly discussed on our campus in the last few months. Town-hall forums were orchestrated[…]

As 2015.5 Skis Away, 2019.5 Moves In

Over February Break, the class of 2015.5 skied down the Ski Bowl to family and friends waiting below. The graduation was featured in the Wall Street Journal last week. After the graduation festivities were over, orientation leaders welcomed the class of 2019.5.

Lightening the Load for Incoming Febs

While the editors at The Campus applaud the freedom that the Feb program allows, we think that some are left overwhelmed by options or without funding to do what they want to do.

J-term: Not Just Play-term

With J-Term more than halfway over, many of us have accomplished a great deal: we have plowed through new Netflix series (Making a Murderer, anyone?!),[…]

Liberating the Liberal Arts

Last Friday, the Middlebury faculty voted to indefinitely renew the Pass/D/Fail program. The program permits students to take two courses for college credit, receivng a[…]

A Call for Compassion

To say cultural appropriation is a challenging topic to address in a way that does justice to all perspectives would be an understatement. We cannot[…]

Stress and the Student Body

As the end of the semester draws near, a familiar topic bubbles to the surface of everyday conversation: stress. The student body, as a collective,[…]

Beyond the Blackout

Across the United States, controversies are erupting over race relations on college campuses. The responses to these controversies reflect a range of emotions — from[…]

Students Need a Seat at the Table

This past Friday, the Middlebury faculty met for its monthly session to discuss the AAL requirement and whether or not to renew the pass/D/fail option.[…]

Pragmatic Passion on Ridgeline Project

Passion is palpable on Middlebury’s campus. As students, we devote ourselves to a wide variety of causes – perhaps best evidenced by the College’s 169[…]

Time to Divest

As the last trees on campus dramatically change from green to gold, it is hard for members of the Middlebury community to lose sight of[…]

Resting on Our Lauries

On Sunday, Middlebury College officially inaugurated its first female president. We celebrated the occasion with fireworks, panel discussions like “Race, Gender and Inequality” and a[…]

Sign Your Name

Last week, the Black Students Union (BSU) was the target of anonymous campus vandalism. Posters they had hung up raising awareness for Middlebury’s black community[…]

Disrupt the Finance Pipeline

Finance. A profitable, secure industry – alluring to many. But often the source of allure begins and ends with just that – security and profit.[…]

Zero Tolerance: Here or Anywhere

On July 10, 2015 a Middlebury student was expelled from the College after an internal investigation found him guilty of sexual assault. The student, “John[…]

The Coddling of the Middlebury Mind

In her column in this week’s Campus, President Laurie Patton stresses the importance of resilience. “Resilience,” she writes, “is one of those words we think[…]

Taking a Moment to Reflect

As the school year comes to a close, the Campus would like to reflect on this passing of time. We saw a long foliage-filled fall,[…]

Dear Frank: How To Say No to Commitments

Dear Frank, I’m on an advisory committee for an issue that excited me several months ago, but after several meetings of being ignored, I’m no[…]

Editor’s Note

Since last week’s issue, some students have voiced concerns regarding the editorial board’s endorsement of Caroline Walters for SGA President and Durga Jayaraman for Student[…]

A New Angle: In Support of Cameras

On Monday, Community Council voted down the installation of surveillance cameras. We at the Campus, however, see surveillance cameras as an effort to protect that community and trust, not destroy it.

Dear Frank: Senioritis and Choosing Classes

Dear Frank, senioritis is hitting hard.  This obviously means that I’ve been neglecting work, but I also find myself deciding whether or not to bother[…]

Endorsing Walters for an Improved SGA

Each year around this time, the Campus turns its focus to the upcoming Student Government Association presidential election. Unlike last year, there will be competition[…]

McCullough Must Go

Last week’s center spread of this newspaper focused on problematic spaces on campus. In this week’s editorial, we would like to add one more to[…]

Need-Blind for International Students

Admitted students are visiting campus this week during Preview Days to explore all that Middlebury College has to offer; some of these students will be[…]

Remembering Nathan, as a Community

When the Middlebury community learned of the death of one of our own – Nathan Alexander ’17 – we were shocked and saddened. We at[…]

Dear Frank: Value of Relationships, Platonic and Otherwise

Dear Frank, I’m graduating in May and have realized that a lot of the people I’m hanging out with aren’t really people I want to[…]

With Graffiti Art, Means Trumps Message

Recently, a series of incidents of vandalism brought unrest to the College community. Messages such as “Black Power Matters” and “If you win the rat[…]

Revise, Don’t Reject, the Honor Code

Over the past few years, many students and faculty have expressed their frustration over the efficacy – or lack thereof – of Middlebury College’s flagship[…]

Condolences and Thanks

We at the Campus would like to extend our condolences to the five students who lost their house in the fire over the weekend. We[…]

Solving the Rising Demand for Economics

  An unprecedented number of Middlebury students are declaring economics majors. As featured in last week’s edition of the Campus, however, the College’s faculty supply[…]

Admissions Transparency: Pros and Cons

After an article in the Campus last week revealed that students could view their admissions files under FERPA, the College Admissions Office has been flooded with student requests to view their files.

Give it To Me Straight: Roommate Complains

Give it To Me Straight is a new column in the Campus where I, Frank, will be answering questions from students about life at Middlebury,[…]

Weighing New Developments in Housing

Last Tuesday, representatives from Kirchoff Campus Properties, the Dean of Students Office and Facilities Services unveiled new plans for a long-awaited housing project.

Making Affordability a Priority

Not long ago, Middlebury was one of the most expensive schools in the United States. We charged a higher comprehensive fee than any of our[…]

‘Fiscal’ Education Credits

Of all the ways to divide a student body, Middlebury often finds itself separated into two camps: athletes and NARPs (non-athletic regular person). Student culture[…]

New Logo is a No Go

Last Wednesday, students who opened up the Middlebury.edu webpage found themselves looking at a baffling new logo.  With the start of the New Year, the[…]

Give JusTalks Staying Power

It is only two weeks into Winter Term, and JusTalks has once again hit the ground running. Between their keynote speaker, Robin DiAngelo, and their main event, which drew over 100 first-years in its third year running.

Remembering Ferguson at Midd

In 20 years, our children may ask us where we were when Michael Brown was shot. When Darren Wilson’s non-indictment was handed down. When people[…]

A Warm Welcome to President Patton

After months of speculation, the College announced our 17th president on Tuesday — Dr. Laurie Patton, the current dean of the College of Arts & Sciences at Duke University. In last week’s editorial, we laid out the qualities we wished to see in our next president, and in all of these areas, Patton delivers.

A Successful Successor

Ever since President Ronald D. Liebowitz announced he would step down at the end of the current school year, the Presidential Search Committee has been[…]

After A Good Start, It’s Up To Us

We at the Campus commend Liebowitz and the administration for their willingness to engage and their openness to student input. This is a starting place for initiating substantial change.

Repairing Trust With Our Neighbors

Student behavior over Homecoming weekend struck a nerve for many townspeople in Middlebury who were affected by the large and rowdy party on Weybridge St.[…]

Respecting All Identities

Everyone is anxious on the first day of school. You walk into a new classroom, you scan the room in the hopes you know some people, you pray the syllabus is reasonable, then your professor walks in, starts to take roll and you settle into the swing of it.

Changing the Way We Yak

It seems innocuous. An app where you can post something witty, watch it get up-voted and monitor your karma score change as people respond. But this seemingly harmless “fun” often comes at the expense of members of our community.

Inclusion: More Than Acceptance Letters

Over the last 10 years, accessibility and diversity have become buzzwords in higher education. They are the benchmarks for admissions — signs that elite colleges[…]

Mistakes Were Made

 From SGA to Community Council, we have a system of student liaisons to the administration whose key purpose is to keep the two groups on[…]

It’s Got Our Vote

This is a public service announcement: registering to vote and voting absentee is now easier than ever thanks to Middlebury College’s recent partnership with TurboVote,[…]

Remembering John Illig

Middlebury Squash Coach John Illig died suddenly on Sunday Aug. 3 in a tragic accident of injuries sustained by a fall in his home. Illig[…]

Change Has Consequences

With the start of every school year comes inevitable change as a new wave of students and faculty arrive, setting the tone for the coming[…]

Vibrators Generate New Buzz

At intermission of the opening night of “In the Next Room” (or “The Vibrator Play”), the audience of the packed Seeler Studio Theater collectively sighed[…]

Does This Pass The Smell Test?

Have you ever wondered how the College makes its money? It seems straightforward: students in Middlebury and Monterey pay, the College provides education and the[…]

A Real Sex Education

Sexual assault on college campuses is making headlines this month as Tufts was found noncompliant with Title IX and the Department of Education released a list of 55 schools currently under investigation.

AAL is a No Brainer

If someone asked you if all six inhabited continents should be equally represented in our distribution requirements, what would you say? There is not much our editorial board agrees on, but on this point we agree.

WRMC Rocks McCullough with Sepomana

Sepomana brought four bands to the McCullough Social Space, including Dan Deacon and the College’s own Thank God For Mississippi.

Vote No on Apathy

We fully support Taylor for President and encourage everyone to vote for him and to vote generally in the SGA elections. But what does it say about the SGA and about the student body that only one person is interested in running?

Connecting the Dots with Career Services

Do you have plans this summer? This stressful question resounds across campus far beyond the signs posted by the Center for Careers and Internships (CCI). As students scramble to pull together summer plans, post-graduation plans and funding proposals, many engage with the CCI or their resources for advice and opportunities.

The Road to Salem Part 8: The Road Ahead

The Middlebury Panthers’ season has come to a close, cutting their NCAA Tournament hopes short. But the Road to Salem was never a guarantee, nor[…]

The Buck Stops Here

What does $60,000 mean to you? Perhaps a couple new cars, a good chunk of a house, an annual salary in tech or finance for a recent grad or the rounded comprehensive fee at Middlebury College. In 2009, colleges like Middlebury were cresting the $50,000 mark; now five years later, we are approaching $60,000, a change that has been met largely with silence and indifference.

SAT Optional: The Correct Answer

We must reevaluate how we at Middlebury view testing in the admissions process.

The Road to Salem Part 7: The End of the Road

To guarantee themselves a spot in the NCAA Tournament, the Middlebury men’s basketball team needs to win three straight NESCAC tournament games and claim the[…]

Spring Sports Preview

Track & Field (Fiona Maloney-McCrystle) The track and field team enters the 2014 outdoor season fresh off the winter indoor season, making an almost immediate transition[…]

An Easy Win for Athletics

Sixty percent of our student body is involved in athletics, either at the club or varsity level. As such a large part of our school, Middlebury needs to utilize this arena to investigate and combat homophobia. As athletes make up such a large portion of the student body, they are in a unique position to lead the way in fighting homophobia.

Harvard, Yale, Middlebury?

This past week Bill Burger, vice president of communications, pondered these questions when soliciting feedback from students, faculty and the board of trustees on the direction of the college’s brand. Though there was copious talk about a new logo, a website overhaul and renaming, the current lack of diversity is still the biggest issue the College faces as it reevaluates its brand.

Storied Walls & Hallowed Halls

Painter Hall The oldest college building in the state, Painter Hall was constructed in 1814 for $8,000. The Colleges’ original library, the first bathrooms on[…]

The Road to Salem Part 6: Amherst and the All-Americans

Joey Kizel has never shied away from the biggest names or the biggest games, especially when it comes to fellow All-American Aaron Toomey and the[…]

The College on the Hill

Though Sochi might be over 5,000 miles from our home here in Vermont, Middlebury’s connection to the home of this year’s Winter Olympics may not[…]

No Honor (Code) Among Us

Self-proctored exams are one of the most visible manifestations of our honor code. Our professors hand out the exams, answer questions, and then retreat to their offices, coming back only occasionally to check in and make sure everything is ok. For the Economics department, this norm may be changing.

The Road to Salem Part 5: Stuck in Reverse

Every year, certain games are circled on the calendar that mean just a little bit more than others. Follow surprise upstart Jake Brown and free-spirited[…]

Student Employment Spotlight

Language Tables Head Waiter, Ricardo Martini ’16 Ricardo Martini, is a language table super-star. He started working as a humble Italian waiter during the J-term[…]

Don’t Swipe Dining Under the Rug

If before this issue of the Campus hit the stands, you were to walk up to a student in Proctor and ask them what they think about the new dining swipe system coming soon, most would look back at you puzzled. “What swipe system?”

The Road to Salem Part 4: Losing Ways

Three straight losses to start the new year have left the Middlebury men’s basketball team at a crucial junction: win or get off the Road[…]

Birth Control: Beyond the Pill

If you had sex education in high school, chances are you were a pimply fourteen year old who was too embarrassed to pay attention or absorb any information. Most of what you learned was probably heteronormative and geared towards basic pregnancy and STI prevention — either abstain or, if you must, use a condom. All other information you gleaned about sex came from side conversations in math class, parties and gossip in the bus on the way to soccer games.

It Happens Here: It’s Time to Evolve

You cannot avoid them as you walk around campus. The black posters with white writing that reads, “It Happens Here” plaster every door in the Proctor entryway, line the glass on your way into Ross, sit on all the tables in Atwater and coat the walls of the mail center.

The Road to Salem Part 3: Albert Nascimento

While you may see names like Kizel, Merryman and St. Amour on the back pages of the Campus newspaper, Albert Nascimento is essential to the[…]

Six Headlines We Want to See in 2014

The New Year always provides an opportunity for reflection. While BuzzFeed is littered with lists looking back at “14 Animals who Melted your Heart in 2013” and “33 Times Joseph Gordon-Levitt Charmed your Pants Off in 2013,” we have decided to look forward to 2014, with these six headlines we would love to see in the next year.

J-Term, Delay-Term: Tales from the Polar Vortex

Mika Tan ’15 from Singapore The Megabus from Boston that was cancelled was the second cancellation that I experienced that day – first my flight[…]

The Road to Salem Part 2: The Seniors

Behind every successful team is a senior class; this Men’s Basketball team is no different. Despite two early season losses, the six seniors are determined[…]

We Are Better Than This

Upon entering the room where Professor Amy Wax was scheduled to speak, the first thing many people noticed were brightly colored signs with a single word written on it: racist. Some students brought these signs in anticipation of a heated lecture, in part due to hype created both by middbeat and by other students on campus.

The Many Faces of Middlebury Union High School

After viewing the documentary made in a 2011-2012 Middlebury Union High School (MUHS) English Class on middbeat, Local Editor Molly Talbert and Editor-in-Chief Kyle Finck[…]

Give Credit Where Credit is Due

Unpaid internships have become a nearly ubiquitous feature of the modern economy. For many students, they offer the opportunity to explore their field of interest before later attempting to find a paid job.

The Road to Salem Part 1: Jeff Brown

From Rockland County, to the University of Vermont, to Middlebury College, Jeff Brown leads the Panthers on their Road to Salem. Part 1 of a[…]

J-Term: A Winter Wonderland

This four-week haven from the crush of a real semester’s workload is allegedly an opportunity for students to capitalize on their decision to come all the way out to beautiful nowhere. But with a number of students left out in the cold to fulfill important requirements due to dubious course credit policies and a shortage of crucial classes, is this magical month all that the Admissions department dresses it up to be?

Stop Hearing, Start Listening

In a classroom packed with people sitting on the windowsills, students, faculty and administrators gathered on Monday to engage in an honest dialogue unpacking the controversy surrounding Chance the Rapper’s performance Saturday night.

Not a Chance

Earlier this semester, a Middlebury student found a note threatening violence and sexual assault against her on the basis of her sexual orientation taped to her door. Now, just weeks later, the College prepares to welcome Chance the Rapper.

2,512 Students + 32 Trustees = Progress

We owe much of what we enjoy here to the decisions and guidance of the Board of Trustees. But considering how much this group impacts us every day, how well do we really understand the board?

Trading Hard Liquor for Hard Questions

Middlebury College likes to drink. Not all of us, certainly, but it is no secret that the collective BAC of this campus rises substantially when Friday night rolls around. We are not unique in this regard – drinking is an endemic part of college culture nationwide. But in the interest of community safety, alcohol must be controlled and policies must be enforced.

A Different Kind of Physical Education

We often discuss the need for more community engagement as a student body. We’ve devoted barrels of ink and hours of our time to panels, papers, and symposia. Yet all of that leaves us with little more than a general agreement that something needs to be done differently. We would like to suggest a concrete solution to this problem: the implementation of a Community Education (C.E.) credit to be completed by every student before graduation.

Get Out While You Can

In this week’s spread, “Get Out While You Can: A Guide to Exploring Vermont in the Fall/Live it Up in the Fall Foliage,” editors JESSICA[…]

Close the Computer, Open the Dialogue

We’ve all been there. You’re sitting in class, and someone in front of you is watching the soccer game on his computer or browsing New York Times headlines.

In Response to the 9/11 Flag Incident

As a close-knit liberal arts college tucked gently away in the bucolic Vermont countryside, it becomes easy to think of our actions and the scope of our influence as contained within a bubble. But in truth, our actions on campus reverberate far beyond our small community.

Our Balancing Act

Student newspapers, especially at a place like Middlebury, face many challenges when it comes to our coverage of difficult stories. We exist within a small,[…]

There’s Only One Middlebury Sports Magazine

CLICK HERE to download the PDF of There’s Only One CLICK HERE to download the PDF of There’s Only One Welcome to the inaugural edition[…]

The Last Column

From the cross country course to the lacrosse field, Middlebury athletes have accomplished a lot this year. During the fall, the field hockey team put[…]

From Divestment to Dorm Damage, a Year in Review

Each academic year at Middlebury is slightly different from the previous one. While the College could not run without the hard work of faculty, staff[…]

Deconstructing the Pipeline Construction

The current debate about the potential expansion of a natural gas pipeline through Vermont to Ticonderoga, N.Y. highlights a seemingly rare instance of conflict between[…]

Men’s and Women’s Golf Teams Take on NESCAC

The Middlebury men’s golf team was unable to defend its 2012 NESCAC title last weekend, finishing in a tie for third place in the four-team[…]

Overseas Briefing

The number of museums in Paris will kill you. It’s enough that you could spend 100 percent of your time going to see art and[…]

Curtains go up on ‘The Igloo Settlement’

The Middlebury Campus got a chance to talk with Paula Bogutyn ’14,  director and producer, as well as Jordan Ashleigh Jones ’13, costume designer, of[…]

SGA Petition Platform Draws Attention

  In mid-March, the Student Government Association (SGA) launched We the Middkids, an online petition site designed to breakdown the barriers between students and their[…]

Overseas Briefing

It’s a funny feeling, voluntarily getting on a plane and leaving the ground that holds everyone you love, every home you have created. Before leaving[…]

Endorsing Rachel Liddell for SGA President

With the elections for SGA president approaching, the Campus met last Sunday with this year’s trio of candidates, Rachel Liddell ’15, Killian Naylor ’14 and[…]

Addressing the Attack on Bowdoin

Two weeks ago, the National Association of Scholars (NAS) released a 359-page report criticizing the academics and identity politics of Bowdoin College. The report, commissioned[…]

1 in 8700: Paul Viko

The average age of a Peace Corps volunteer, according to the organization, is 28, and only seven percent of the volunteers are over the age[…]

Navigating the Housing Maze

Middlebury students welcome the arrival of spring in many ways, the least pleasant of which may be stress related to housing. As randomly assigned housing[…]

April Fools!

On April 4, the Campus celebrated its annual tradition of releasing an April Fool’s issue. As none of the information presented in the issue is[…]

Deconstructing the Delta Decision

On March 18, Community Council voted to disband Delta. The decision came after the Residential Life Committee conducted its biennial review of Middlebury’s five social[…]

Honoring the Honor Code

With the review of the College’s Honor Code, which this year includes the Community Forum held this past Monday, March 11 and the forthcoming creation[…]

Middlebury Spring Sports Preview

Track and Field After an indoor season which has seen numerous school records fall and a new Division III national record in the women’s distance[…]

Social Houses and the Truth in Marketing

Next Tuesday, Community Council plans to vote on whether Delta, the social house commonly known as ADP and which currently occupies Prescott house, will be[…]

College Shorts

Oberlin Cancels Classes After Hate Crimes Classes were cancelled at Oberlin College on Monday, March 4 as a “Day of Solidarity” after a string of[…]

Overseas Briefing

When I told my relatives, friends and acquaintances that I was studying  abroad in Italy, they usually gave me a cliché response along the lines[…]

A More Constructive Liberalism

Last week, members of Middlebury’s IntraVarsity Christian Fellowship hung posters across campus that sparked complex considerations of religion — “Jesus was either a liar, a[…]

Park at Your Own ($50) Risk

The recent increase in fines for parking violations — from  $10 to $50 for a single ticket — brings our attention to the complex relationship[…]

Happy Valentine’s Day — Please Get Tested

Today is Valentine’s Day. No matter how you feel about this “holiday” — whether you love it, hate it or try to forget about it[…]

Take a Stake in the Divestment Debate

This academic year, there has arguably been no bigger issue on the minds of Middlebury students than divestment. The topic polarizes us at times. Some argue that as an institution with a pledged commitment to environmental and social justice, Middlebury should put its money where its mouth is. Divesting from fossil fuels won’t end their use, but it will take away some leverage from the giant — and environmentally-damaging — fossil fuel industry. Others point to possible disadvantages of divestment, citing the importance of maintaining a stable endowment.

Archives Under Construction

Please excuse our appearance as we update our archives. If you’re looking for a specific article in this issue, you may access the PDF archive[…]

Peering Through the Portal

About one year ago, the College launched a new site — ‘go/portal’ — in order to aggregate information about events and activities on campus. The initiative aimed to provide a single, comprehensive resource for students, many of who were tired of their inboxes being inundated daily with all-student emails from various clubs and organizations. One year later, we ask ourselves how successful ‘go/portal’ has been, and how we as students can communicate more effectively with each other and with the College itself.

A Hard-Hitting Look at Concussions on Campus

After having been long overlooked as an unavoidable part of playing contact sports, concussions have only recently started to get the attention they deserve. The[…]

The Nuances of Free Speech on Campus

On Thursday, Nov. 15, Olav Ljosne, senior manager of international operations at Royal Dutch Shell, came to campus to speak on a variety of topics,[…]

Defining the Role of a Middlebury Professor

One of the College’s greatest strengths lies in its professors. The Princeton Review recently ranked the College seventh in the “professors get high marks” category,[…]

The Future of Activism at Middlebury

The Community Judicial Board’s (CJB) recent decision to reprimand those students who were part of the Dalai Lama Welcoming Committee has undoubtedly sparked conversation within[…]

Digging Deeper Into Our Political Beliefs

Within the next week, Americans will take to the polls and cast their votes for the country’s next president. Anticipation has been high across the[…]

A False Account of a Real Issue

Change at an institutional level can be frustratingly slow. Recent actions taken by a small group of Middlebury students prove that when such change takes[…]

Is a Green Middlebury a Green Midd Kid?

Middlebury College has the reputation of being one of the most environmentally friendly colleges in the United States. With that in mind, one might assume[…]

Expanding Your Liberal Arts Education

A liberal arts education. Trumpeted in the College’s brochures and website, and reinforced by professors and students alike, these few words form the basis of[…]

A Call for Collaboration

This past Saturday night, approximately 100 students flocked to the McCullough Student Center for Jamnesty, an event co-hosted by Verbal Onslaught and Amnesty International. The[…]

Distribution Requirements: American Disabilities Studies

In this course we will examine the history, meanings, and realities of disability in the United States. We will analyze the social, political, economic, environmental[…]

Johnson Gallery Displays “Living Portraits”

On the second floor of Johnson Memorial Building, there is a place for memories, art and imagination. Just after the entrance, one can appreciate a[…]

Endorsing Benson: Student Power on Campus

When endorsing a candidate for Student Co-Chair of Community Council (SCOCC), it is essential to define the position within the context of the college community.[…]

Scoring Summer’s Game

Thirty-eight days and 15,011 miles before the first day of the fall semester, I embarked with three friends (Owen Witek ’13, Craig Thompson ‘13.5 and[…]

Pitcher Michael Joseph ’13 Signs Deal with the Baltimore Orioles

Many rising seniors spent the summer months completing an internship that they hoped might lead to a future job. They worked hard, tried to impress[…]

Middlebury Wins First Ever Directors’ Cup

After a strong spring season, Middlebury overtook Washington University (Mo.) this past June to win its first ever Directors’ Cup, awarded annually to the top[…]

Ryan Sharry Signs Deal in Luxembourg

The final play of Ryan Sharry’s ’12 basketball career will not be Travis Farrell’s buzzer beater in the Sweet 16 of the NCAA tournament. The[…]

The Reel Critic: Summer Movie Recap

The Queen of Versailles In light of the recent Republican and Democratic National Conventions in which the American economy was especially emphasized by both presidential[…]

Astronomy Professor Reaches for the Stars

At 1:31 a.m. on Aug. 5, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Mars Curiosity rover successfully landed on the surface of Mars after an[…]

Renovated Center for the Arts Prepares New Exhibits

This summer, the 20-year-old Kevin P. Mahaney ’84 Center for the Arts (CFA) found itself rejuvanated and reborn. Throughout June, July and August, crews toiled[…]

Science Spotlight: Summer Research

While some students spent their summers hitting the sandy beaches on America’s coasts, over 100 students at the College hit Battell Beach in their hours[…]

College to Broadway: Potomac Theatre Project

The Potomac Theater Project (also known as PTP/NYC) successfully concluded its 2012 summer season with its well-received productions of Caryl Churchill’s Serious Money and Jim[…]

Sustainable Living: Midd’s New Summer Program

This summer marked the kick-off of a brand-new Middlebury-funded internship program called Food Works Louisville. The program strives to solve farming and food access issues[…]

Peru and the Climate Movement

Last Winter Term, Rafael Manyari ’15 took a class called “Next Steps for the Youth Climate Movement” taught by Pic Walker ’93. Because of his[…]

A Global Education: Teaching English in Senegal

It’s no surprise that Midd kids like to take full advantage of their summer vacation to give back to their communities, and Julia Paolillo ‘15.5[…]

Orientation 2012, New and Improved

As a result of student feedback, Orientation for the class of 2016 featured several changes to the schedule of events designed to introduce first-years to[…]

Is This It?

In the beginning of August, I found myself with no job, no place to live and, somewhat unexpectedly, no boyfriend. Was this my welcome into[…]

Still Here

Just a few months ago, when I was still a senior at Middlebury, I felt pretty cool. I had a really loud best friend. Sophomores[…]

Why “˜Hang in There’ Isn’t Enough

Like those Hollywood sequels that never live up to the originals, President Obama’s re-election vision outlined at the Democratic National Convention appeared flat compared to[…]

Take Back Your Summer

Upon returning to campus every September, students are confronted time and again with some form of the question, “what did you do this summer?” And,[…]

College Donates for Local Public Transit

Many students use Addison County Transit Resources (ACTR) as an inexpensive means of public transportation, and a recent grant from the College will expand the[…]

Looking Back on Irene’s Anniversary

On Aug. 28, 2011, Tropical Storm Irene tore through Vermont, destroying bridges, washing out roads, taking houses and even six human lives with record-breaking winds[…]

New Green Website Builds Community

“The Green Poodle,” a website created this summer, seeks to improve coordination amongst green-focused student organizations on campus. The site contains a running blog with[…]

Dalai Lama Tickets Now Available

His Holiness the Dalai Lama will visit the College in October and will give two speeches on Friday, Oct. 12 and Saturday, Oct. 13, as[…]

Eight Professors Receive Honor of Tenure

Eight members of the College faculty were granted tenure by the Board of Trustees at its meeting in July, following the recommendations made by President[…]

Restrooms Open to Every Gender

Renovations are underway to convert two formerly single-gender, multi-stall restrooms in the McCullough Student Center into gender-neutral facilities. The McCullough pilot project, an initiative designed[…]

Policy Changes Course Evaluations

This past May, administrators approved a new policy that offers professors the opportunity to teach courses in which student evaluations are not given to administrators[…]

MTV Site Features Otter Comedians

On Thursday, Sept. 5, a video produced by students from the improv comedy group Otter Nonsense debuted on mtvU, an online offshoot of MTV that[…]

Issue 12 Article

Issue 14 Article

Issue 13 Article

Article 9

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Article 8

Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Praesent a dolor at magna pharetra tincidunt. Vestibulum eleifend blandit mattis. Cras[…]

Article 7

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Article 6

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Article 5

Maecenas id tellus eu dui faucibus pulvinar. Vestibulum iaculis, diam ut faucibus scelerisque, tortor dui gravida ligula, eget sollicitudin nisi arcu in purus. In metus[…]

Article 4

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Article 3

Proin mi dolor, sollicitudin vel facilisis eget, adipiscing sit amet magna. Curabitur viverra nisi et lacus mattis ornare. Aliquam a neque orci. Duis pellentesque hendrerit[…]

Article 2

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Article 1

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Take me Out(Sports)

As the recent diatribes by Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant and Atlanta Braves pitching coach Roger McDowell show, homophobia is still a major issue[…]

Men’s rugby falls short in bid for national championship

The Middlebury College Rugby Club traveled to Pittsburgh last weekend to compete in the Division II National Championship round of the DII men’s rugby playoffs.[…]

Men’s tennis loses first match since March

The top-seeded Middlebury Panthers tennis team lost for just the second time all season Saturday, falling 6-3 to fourth-ranked Amherst. The Panthers fell to 16-2[…]

Women’s lacrosse knocked off in NESCACs

The Middlebury women’s lacrosse team had an intense past week, walking away with a well-earned victory and falling in a tough loss, both in games[…]

Track and field performs admirably at NESCACs

The Middlebury Track and Field team came through with an outstanding performance this weekend at NESCAC Championships at Wesleyan University. The women’s team came in[…]

Baseball drops two to Trinity, heading to NESCAC playoffs

Despite dropping two games to Trinity over the weekend, the Middlebury College baseball team will be heading to the postseason for the first time since[…]

Men’s lacrosse advances to NESCAC semifinals after win

After quelling the early momentum of a spirited Williams squad and prevailing, 12-9, on Friday, Middlebury faced off against Colby in a NESCAC quarterfinal game[…]

Softball sees their winning streak extend to 17 games

The women’s softball team secured a spot in the NESCAC playoffs last weekend with a triple win over the Lord Jeffs: 3-2, 5-0, 8-0. The[…]

Women’s tennis falls to top-ranked Amherst, heading to NESCACs

Middlebury will host the NESCAC women’s tennis championship tournament this coming weekend. This tournament will take place after the Middlebury women were beaten by the[…]

Should the draft-goers no-show?

Consider this hypothetical situation. In an attempt to boost Middlebury’s rankings in the Princeton Review, President of the College Ronald D. Liebowitz decides, under pressure[…]

Panther runners compete despite bad weather

The Middlebury track and field Team managed to shake off the disappointment of its only home meet being postponed due to bad weather and come[…]

Women’s tennis ends five game winning streak

The women’s tennis team suffered two hard felt losses this week to two NESCAC rivals. On Wednesday, the women were defeated by Williams at home,[…]

Men’s golf wins at Williams by two strokes

While the women’s golf team had an off weekend, the men’s team competed in the Williams invitational, coming away in first place. The invitational, named[…]

Baseball sweeps Hamilton, headed to playoffs?

The Middlebury College baseball team swept Hamilton last weekend and, in the process, may have just swept their way into their first postseason appearance since[…]

Women’s lacrosse takes nail-biter over Jumbos

The Middlebury Panthers advanced to 9-4 last week with two strong wins over Skidmore and Tufts. On April 21, the Panthers trumped Skidmore 19-2 on[…]

Men’s tennis dominates on home court

The men’s tennis team demonstrated yet again why it’s deserving of the number one spot in the country over the weekend with two dominant performances[…]

Swim coach resigns

After 14 years of service to Panther swimming and diving, men’s and women’s swimming and diving coach Peter Solomon announced his resignation on Monday night,[…]

Panthers stumble vs. Jumbos, could host NESCAC quaterfinal

Heading into last week’s play, the Middlebury men’s lacrosse team was 10 games into the season, and with their two losses only by a combined[…]

The Middle East and the Middle Bury

I arrived at Middlebury College almost four years ago. I had just spent my senior year of high school in Israel, hiking, washing dishes, attending[…]


Sometimes the most fruitful forums are those that yield no concrete solutions. The forum in McCullough this past Tuesday addressed alcohol use and dorm damage[…]

The Course of College

Truth in the Free Expression of Ideas

“When men have realized that time has upset many fighting faiths,” Justice Holmes states in his dissent to the court opinion in United States v.[…]

My Final Strategic Plan

I don’t do goodbyes well. So, I’m just going to skip that part. I may be sarcastic and cold on the outside, but I have[…]

I’m on a hill

Hello, Ladies. Look at the picture in this column. Now back to your man. Now back at the picture. Now back to… actually just keep[…]

Death of a symbol: Osama Bin Laden – Hafsa Ahmad

September 11, 2001 is hardly a blur. I vividly remember the confusion and the chaos that ensued after school was released early and our mosque[…]

Adjusting perceptions of alcohol use – Brittany Gendron

As a junior at Middlebury College — as a sister, daughter, peer and friend — who has seen the negative consequences of alcohol abuse on[…]

How to train your Middkid – Peter Weinberg

Imagine you’re a parent, and you want to make sure your daughter never burns herself on a stove. Do you: 1) Try to hide every[…]

Considering both sides of the alcohol issue

The open dialogue introduced by administrative leaders at Tuesday’s alcohol forum made it clear that a “dry campus” is not the only answer (let alone[…]

Proposal for a social justice distribution requirement – Paloma Dugan

In a recent study about race relations at Middlebury, many students reported that the majority of prejudiced, racist or stereotypical actions of Middlebury students were[…]

Runners rock 13.1 at Middlebury Maple Run

Roughly 800 runners gathered at the Middlebury Volunteer Ambulance Association on Sunday, May 1 in preparation for the 13.1-mile challenge before them — the 2011[…]

Sanders publicizes book through actions, if not visit

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), the longest serving independent member of Congress in American history, represents something different in politics. For many Vermonters in the Middlebury[…]

One in 8700

For nearly eight years, Mike Lucia of Lincoln, Vt. has driven buses for Addison County Transit Resources (ACTR), following a Middlebury route four days a[…]

Locals find vintage flair at Clementine

Clementine, located at 58 Main Street, resembles a European, dreamy, old-world artisanal shop. It is easy to get lost amidst the leather journals, antique spoons,[…]

Basketball tournament is a slam dunk for United Way of Addison County

On Sunday, May 1, 13 AAU boys basketball teams participated in the first annual basketball event to raise money for the United Way of Addison[…]

College hockey team travels to Burlington for Special Olympics

On Saturday, April 30th and Sunday, May 1st, Special Olympics Vermont hosted its Spring Sports Basketball Tournament at the University of Vermont’s Patrick Gymnasium. In[…]

Campus character: Christian Morel

Once upon a time there was a boy in the Bronx. He kept his hair trimmed low and his shirts crisp. His pants resembled nothing[…]

MCAB discusses spring concert planning process

Every year, Middlebury students hold their breath for the announcement of the spring concert performer. They hope to hear that a well-known artist is coming[…]

Honorary degree recipients share their stories: the last in a series

Maxine Atkins Smith, civil rights activist She knew Martin Luther King, Jr. when they were both undergraduates and she was with him on the night[…]

Students conduct research in old College-owned forest

On a misty April afternoon, a class of 14 Middlebury students, dressed in hiking gear and carrying day packs, are spread out in groups of[…]

Students make connections through AddSeven.com

For Yoni Ackerman and Noah Isaacson, seniors at Bowdoin and creators of AddSeven.com, the premise of their project was simple. “We wanted to create a[…]

Local Lowdown – Summer Edition

Free tai chi May 13, 10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. AmeriCorps members will host a class on the Vergennes city green. The tai chi lesson[…]

Standard Deviations

If our lives are stories we unfold, then leaving is punctuation — the friends we make, the lovers we fall for, often leave our lives[…]

Local Lowdown

Bristol Concert May 6, 8 p.m. – 9 p.m. Join the father and son band, They Might be Gypsies, at the WalkOver concert room in[…]

Fren 306 presents: “L’Avare”

Seventeen students. Twelve weeks. One 17th-century French comedy.  L’Avare, a five-act satire by French playwright Molière, ran in the Chateau Theatre on April 29 and April 30. Translated as The[…]

Catastrophe triumphs in “Victory”

The 17th century meets the world of the contemporary in Howard Barker’s Victory: Choices in Reaction. This past weekend, the College’s theatre department put on[…]

Music, lights inspire improv dance concert

Most people are not strangers to the terrible limbo of indecision.  The choices that face us in our daily lives affect how we move forward. […]

College convenes to discuss alcohol policy

Around 200 students packed into the McCullough Social Space on Tuesday night, May 3 for the open student forum “Alcohol: Use, Abuse, and Disrespect for[…]

“Speed-the-Plow” accelerates onstage

Entering Hepburn Zoo, the audience finds the scene set up in a manner that looks like something ripped right out of an episode of Mad[…]

Student poet captures 51 Main

Amidst talk of plummeting profits and financial instability, 51 Main played host to an event last Thursday, April 28, that transcended any monetary value. The[…]

Student leaders elected in runoff

Riley O’Rourke ’12 will return to serve his second term as President of the SGA for the 2011-12 academic year while Janet Rodrigues ’12 will[…]

Hundreds walk for cancer

On April 29, the College held its annual Relay for Life in Kenyon Arena. The event was created by the American Cancer Society to raise[…]

For the Record – Most Anticipated Albums of 2011

There are no such things as “good” or “bad” years for music, only relatively good or bad years for music. 2011 is shaping up to[…]

The Reel Critic – Farewell

This is my last Reel Critic column for the Campus. It is difficult for me to believe that there is anything more enjoyable than writing[…]

Final plan revitalizes Atwater landscape

Thanks to the work and vision of many students and faculty, the College community will likely see a dramatically new Atwater Commons area this fall.[…]

Students gather for Cultivation Conference

Students from across the northeast descended upon the College April 29-30 for the Campus Cultivation Conference. Hosted by the Middlebury College Organic Farm (MCOF), the[…]

Beyond the Bubble

On Sunday, May 1 America’s most wanted fugitive was killed in Pakistan under the cover of darkness. Following a direct order given by President Obama,[…]

College Shorts

Students celebrate death of Osama bin Laden At 11:35 p.m. on May 1, President of the United States Barack Obama announced that U.S. special forces[…]

Overseas Briefing

BUENOS AIRES — I went to an all-girls school for 10 long and, against my best efforts, formative years of my life. A relatively liberal,[…]

Considered Liberty

Since December of last year the Middle East has been the scene of mass revolt and rebellion. Liberty has become the byword of hundreds and[…]

Sepomana 2011

Seopmana, an annual music festival organized by WRMC, brought four acts to the stage Friday night at McCullough Social Space. Das Racist, Free Energy, Oberhofe,[…]

NER readings inspire at 51 Main

Professor of Literary Studies and editor of the critically acclaimed New England Review (NER) Stephen Donadio welcomed the room of literary enthusiasts at 51 Main[…]

Chamber group plays final recital

The poster set the bar pretty high: three stylish musicians standing against a rugged backdrop, wielding instruments and sporting aviators.  And then there was the[…]

Spotlight On… Leger Grindon, Professor of Film and Media Culture

You’d be hard-pressed to find two film genres more different than romantic comedies and boxing movies. Professor of Film and Media Culture Leger Grindon strives[…]

For the Record – Toro Y Moi

Chaz Bundick makes music with the sensibility of a DJ more than that of any conventional songwriter. He is a skilled manipulator of mood, texture[…]

One Life Left – “Portal 2”

The original Portal was something of an anomaly in the gaming world. What started as an independent project by some students turned into a small[…]

Students explore alternative news sources with MiddBlog

If Midd Kids are buzzing about something, it is probably up on MiddBlog. Or it will be in an hour or so. According to the[…]

Head of the Class: the SGA, MCAB and Community Council organizations

Election season is over at Middlebury, and for the students who do not vote, which is the majority of those at Middlebury, this might not[…]

Times reporter talks Wikileaks, Obama Doctrine

“Little competes with the last six months — the political world has changed,” David Sanger, the chief Washington correspondent for the New York Times, explained[…]

Midd expands Earth Day celebration to full week

This year Middlebury students joined over a billion people in celebrating Earth Day, what, according to the Earth Day Network, is the “largest civic observance[…]

Under the Raydar — 4/28/11

Each time I have tried to start this column, I have begun with generalizations, enigmatic attempts at profundity, and lines that I am pretty sure[…]

The L-word — 4/28/11

When I started this column at the beginning of my fourth semester, I had just come out of a series of non-relationships and random hook-ups.[…]

Staff Spotlight: Enrique Garcia

There is a whole new category of celebrities these days: The YouTube Sensation.  Some become quotable classics, like Kittens Inspired by Kittens (I want beef[…]

Find out which candidates the Campus endorses for SGA President and SCOCC

Pragmatism and optimism abound — and sometimes clash — in this year’s elections SGA and Community Council elections. For each of the posts, run-off elections[…]

Cartoon – Dylan Levy

Thank you for voting, now here’s your Obama pin

It’s no secret that Middlebury is a politically liberal institution. From the students to the faculty and even to the staff, an overwhelming majority of[…]

Oh Em Gee. Dance Sandwich. Laugh Out Loud.

In the New Yorker last week, there was a great “Shouts & Murmurs” titled the “Wisdom of Children.” There were three segments that described certain[…]

My four scents

Coincidentally, several friends of mine have gone into the perfumery business.  They all just developed new scents and are in the process of marketing them. […]

Past Disgrace Should Not Be Forgotten

With this semester’s end,  spring  flowers and warm days comes the 20th anniversary of the infamous Middlebury College staff firings of 1991. A decade ago,[…]

Thoughts on race from a tourist – Chris Brady

Race is an issue that deeply interests me, but not because I feel like I have a huge personal stake in it. I think of[…]

Unsustainable Middlebury – David Reed

Middlebury has some of the best facilities and resources of any small liberal arts college in America, but not by chance. As our academic standing[…]

Middlebury resident crafts innovative GLBTQ project

April 7 marked the second anniversary of the passing of the Marriage Equity Act that legalized same-sex marriage in Vermont. The group that spearheaded the[…]

ACoRN meeting addresses future plans

Over 100 people gathered from across the county to learn about plans for the upcoming year at the Addison County Relocalization Network’s (ACoRN) annual meeting[…]

1 in 8700: Richard Cole

Though he did not know it at the time, Richard Cole’s decision to join a scout group as a freshman at Middlebury Union High School[…]

Candy haven satisfies local sweet tooth

Upon entering Middlebury Sweets in East Middlebury, one immediately notices the colors — from the bright yellow, red and purple walls to the gumball displays[…]

The Pragmatist

A class visit to the statehouse in Montpelier last Thursday brought back a surge of memories — pages in green blazers darted up and down[…]

Local Lowdown

Bernie Sanders book signing April 28, 5 p.m. – 6 p.m. Senator Bernie Sanders, the longest serving independent member of Congress in American history, will[…]

DJs headline spring concert

This week the MCAB concerts committee announced its annual spring concert event, “Triptych,” a three-DJ lineup that will feature DJs Drop the Lime, White Panda[…]

MCAB announces executive board

The Middlebury College Activities Board (MCAB) has appointed the executive board members for the 2011-2012 academic year. Nadia Schreiber ’12, who will serve as president[…]

Alcohol study prompts forum

The College Alcohol Study found that 98.5 percent of participating students reported at least one negative experience due to someone else’s drinking. The survey was[…]

Grille and 51 Main continue to lose money

In the 2010 fiscal year, the Grille lost $200,000, while 51 Main lost an additional $90,000. Improvements in profitability, the opening of Crossroads Café and[…]

beyond the bubble

With the world’s attention focused on Libya, Syrian President Bashar Assad has increased the level of violence used by his military forces in dealing with[…]

Mula, Graf take Commons positions

The fall of 2011 will usher in new faces for the Head of Brainerd Commons and the Head of Cook Commons. Stefano Mula, assistant professor[…]

SGA Election Results

Last week’s election failed to elect a Student Government Assosiation (SGA) President and Student Chair Of the Community Council (SCOCC).  As a result, there will[…]

college shorts

Harry Potter star Emma Watson changes schools Emma Watson, the 21-year-old actress who stars as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movie series, is searching[…]

Committee announces senior events

After months of planning, the Senior Committee finalized the events for Senior Week. Beginning on Tuesday, May 17 and ending with Commencement on Sunday, May[…]

Community Council update: Council discusses role of orientation in Feb integration

After a one-meeting hiatus for Passover, Community Council reconvened on April 25. Associate Director of Campus Activities and Director of Orientation JJ Boggs and International[…]

Student Co-Chair of Community Council Candidates’ Letters of Intent

Kevin Broussard ’12 My name is Kevin Broussard ’12 and I am the current RA of the Queer Studies House. This year is also my[…]

SGA Presidential Candidates’ Letters of Intent

Riley O’Rourke ’12 My name is Riley O’Rourke and I am a junior from New York City, but I grew up spending a lot of[…]

P(resident)ial F(ace)book

Dear loyal Campus readers, Three more weeks left in the semester. Five more weeks before I graduate. It seemed only yesterday that I was a[…]

Golf teams face crazy weather

In their second tournament of the spring season, the men’s team came away with a win, while the women’s team placed fifth out of 13[…]

How will the playoffs play out?

These are the most compelling NBA playoffs since Michael Jordan won his final championship with the Chicago Bulls in 1998. Despite an impending lockout that[…]


The last year of a student’s time at Middlebury is distinct in many ways from his or her first three. Socially, seniors are given access[…]

Women’s tennis adds two wins to tally

The women’s tennis team traveled to Maine this weekend for a pair of away wins. These victories will advance the 10th ranked Panthers to five[…]

In defense of Saper- Laurie Essig, Sujata Moorti and Ellen Oxfeld

In a letter to the editor about Middlebury sophomore, Jay Saper ’13, Professor David Stoll wrote: “Since Saper is a SOAN major, and I am[…]

One suite, two suite, good suite, bad suite

Housing registration for juniors and seniors at Middlebury sucks the big one. It’s overly convoluted, illogical, stressful and frustrating. Even when everything goes smoothly, as[…]

A call to action for a lifetime

This past weekend at Powershift, the proverbial gauntlet for every American young person was thrown down. Hard. On Saturday night, Tim De Christopher — a[…]

Passover Panini – Dylan Levy

An Ode to Yesterday

A good day is a rare event. I’m not trying to be depressing saying this — it’s scientifically proven. If days were rated and put[…]

Men’s tennis edges out Bowdoin, dominates Bates on weekend

The men’s tennis team defended their number one ranking over the weekend by completing a two-game sweep over their Maine rivals Bowdoin and Bates. On[…]

Track and field takes on Big Green and UVM in Hanover

The Middlebury Track and Field Team competed in a rare Sunday meet this past weekend in Hanover, N.H., competing against Dartmouth and the University of[…]

Who cares about the commons?

Every Middlebury student possesses an identity in this bubble: this identity can be defined by our friend group, where we live, our major, where we[…]

Health care reform for Vermonters – Paul Cillo

Governor Peter Shumlin is right. Health care reform is needed — the sooner the better. One big reason: Health care is busting the state budget.[…]

Men’s lacrosse wins three straight in high scoring games

Quieted somewhat by the drizzling rain, the usually boisterous, sun-dressed Trinity Spring Weekend crowd looked on in dismay as David Hild ‘11 and Co. ran[…]

Shed your winter coat

Need a spruce up for the spring? Ready to “shed your winter coat?” A campus staff writer explores the town options for a new spring[…]

Women’s lacrosse taken out in Bantams’ undefeated tear

The Middlebury Panthers faced a tough 11-10 loss against the Trinity Bantams this past Saturday on Kohn Field. The third-ranked Bantams improve to an undefeated[…]

Shop shares passion for knitting, beading

On June 23, 2010, Cacklin’ Hens: Vermont Yarn, Beads and Gift Emporium made its Middlebury debut. The store, located at 383 Exchange Street, opened soon[…]

One in 8700

Raj Bhakta is a man of many passions, and his life thus far has been about following those passions. Only in his 30s, Bhakta has[…]

Baseball weathers rough Saturday

On a chilly, windy Saturday in Vermont, the Middlebury College baseball team saw their postseason hopes take a severe hit at the hands of the[…]

Midd Murmurs collects stories

Middlebury Murmur, which officially launched last week, allows students, faculty, staff and alumni to record stories about their Middlebury experiences specific to a place on[…]

My Powershift: a personal account

Day 1, Friday: Throughout the day, Powershifters bid Middlebury, Vermont adieu and boarded buses to head down the coast.  It was D.C. or bust —[…]

Students present work at spring symposium

Last week, 270 Middlebury students across disciplines and class years came together to present the culmination of months of research in what has become an[…]

Softball sails to 17-4, winning five in a row

The Lady Panthers flattened Hamilton, scoring 30 runs with only 27 hits on Saturday. The Middlebury Women’s Softball team record now stands at 17-4 overall,[…]

Sophomores reflect on studying abroad early

Each year, 60 percent of Middlebury juniors study abroad, but Lisa Luna ’13 and Ethan Galiette ’13 are switching things up. Both are currently spending[…]

Alumnus’ website nominated for Webby award

Midd alum Mike Bender ’97 has just announced that his much-loved website, Awkward Family Photos (AFP), has been nominated for a Webby Award. Awkward Family[…]

Otter Creek Bakery celebrates 25 years of success in the Middlebury community

On Monday, April 16, Otter Creek Bakery celebrated its 25th anniversary. Two and a half decades after co-owners Ben and Sarah Wood began their business,[…]

Honorary degree recipients share their stories

Dottie Neuberger ’58, community activist When Dottie Neuberger ’58 graduated from Middlebury, she had no intention of settling in town, but over 50 years later[…]

Campus Character: Zach Schuetz

“I guess I’ve always had this kind of independent streak,” Zach Schuetz ’11 said halfway through our interview, as though that was not evident from[…]

Local Lowdown

Cabaret performance April 21, 7 p.m. – 8 p.m. Enjoy a night out on the town! Tonight, singer Sarah Stone will perform at the Town[…]

"Synergy" – Senior Dance Show

I go to a show to be convinced. It doesn’t have anything to do with good faith, or believing that something has meaning because I[…]

Panic Ignites Fears, Sexuality

Low Level Panic ran in the Hepburn Zoo from Apr. 14-16. The senior 700 work of Ele Woods ’11, Jess Spar ’11 and Lindsey Messmore[…]

Slam poets travel to national competition

Anna Gallagher ’12, Alex Geller ’12, Maya Goldberg-Safir ’12, Mori Rothman ’11 and Bella Tudisco ’13.5 didn’t have high expectations when they traveled to Yale[…]

Hundreds travel to D.C. for Powershift

On April 15-18, over 200 students traveled to Washington, D.C. to attend the climate conference Powershift 2011. The conference — which attracted over 10,000 students[…]

Booking It – "How I Live Now"

Though Meg Rosoff’s How I Live Now was written in 2004, it remains one of my favorite books of all time. This book is so[…]

Midd alum reflects on Earth Day

An Earth Day celebration at the Town Hall Theater on April 16 explored how writers and songwriters throughout the centuries have thought about our relationship[…]

H.I.P. sparks student discussion

On April 24 from 2:30-4:30 p.m. in the Gamut Room, Be H.I.P. (Highly Informed People) and Get H.I. (Highly Informed) will host an event featuring[…]

For the Record – "Belong"

Musically speaking, 2009 was a dying year. But thanks to a team of indie superheroes including Animal Collective, Passion Pit and The Dirty Projectors, humanity[…]

Sexual Assault Policy Changes

On April 10, the Sexual Assault Oversight Committee (SAOC) presented a new sexual misconduct policy to the Student Government Association (SGA). This presentation was part[…]

Middbrief: Old Chapel to add extra reading day to finals

In an all-campus email sent last Thursday, the College announced the addition of one reading day to the exam schedule, effective beginning with the fall[…]

Academic jury still out on Wikipedia

Over the years, Wikipedia has remained one of the most used and controversial sources available to students at the College. In 2007, the history department[…]

overseas briefing

PARIS — Out of all the things I was expecting to be different when I went to France, I never thought I would have to[…]

beyond the bubble

One month has now passed since the United States and its European allies commenced a bombing campaign in Libya, designed to repel the forces of[…]

College Shorts

UC Schools admit more out-of-state residents Admissions statistics from The University of California (UC) schools reported the highest ever acceptance rate of non-California residents for[…]

SGA update: SGA to vote on funding for Ross gym, pass/fail system

Voting for the Student Government Association (SGA) elections will run from April 210 at noon until April 22 at noon at go/sgavote.  Results of the[…]

The Amuse-Bouche

The amuse-bouche: a mini nibble of delectable quality, intended to stimulate the appetite and alert the stomach to the approaching meal. Literally meaning “mouth amuser”[…]

Tea is coffee's gay cousin

So, I don’t really know the journalistic ethics behind using the publication that you work for as a platform for self-promotion, and even though ignorance[…]

Women’s tennis adds another win, blanking Continentals 9-0

This past weekend, the Panthers traveled to Clinton, New York to take on the Hamilton Continentals. Going into the match, they had lost only one[…]

The Impending Sports Apocalypse of 2012

While the NFL mires in the early stages of a lockout, the NBA and MLB are also in the last years of their collective bargaining[…]

Men’s golf finishes third at Manhattanville

Both the women and men’s golf teams kicked off their spring season this past weekend traveling to Vassar and Manhattanville Colleges respectively. For the women,[…]

Softball sweeps Williams, adding three wins to record

The Panther women dominated Williams last weekend winning both games in a double header, and a game against the Ephs on Friday. They defeated the[…]

Panthers take to the track in outdoor season opener

Following their annual spring training trip to San Diego, the Middlebury track and field team returned to East Coast competition this weekend in the Springfield[…]

Women’s lacrosse puts end to losing streak with win at home

The Middlebury Panthers defeated Bowdoin Polar Bears this past Saturday at Kohn Field in a definitive 16-12 final. The ninth ranked Panthers (7-2, 4-1) had[…]

Top-ranked men’s tennis takes down Bantams 7-2

The top-ranked men’s tennis team improved to 12-1 for the season Saturday after defeating number 13 Trinity 7-2. Senior captain and 10th-ranked singles player Andy[…]

Men’s lacrosse drops a rare game to Amherst, takes it out on Polar Bears

This past week was a week of firsts for the Middlebury men’s lacrosse team, not all of them positive. Last Wednesday saw the seventh-ranked Panthers,[…]

Baseball starts out hot in NESCAC

Despite dropping two of three games to Amherst last weekend, the Middlebury baseball team is still off to their best NESCAC start in years thanks[…]

Said explores identity

Najla Said presented “Palestine,” her one-woman show, to an intimate audience April 11 at the Chateau Theater. The performance was the first in a series[…]

The long arm(s) of the law: where jurisdiction of public safety ends and the police force begins

Almost as soon as we arrive at Middlebury, we learn to be thankful that we report to Public Safety, not the police. We know punishments[…]

Staff Spotlight: Nadia Horning

For Assistant Professor of Political Science Nadia Horning, life has been anything but predictable. Horning hails from Madagascar, but she spent her early life traveling[…]

Student plans fundraising hike

For Olivia French ’14, environmental conservation has been a lifelong passion. This interest began when an enthusiastic science teacher introduced the topic of greenhouse gases[…]

Panel talks socioeconomic diversity

While Middlebury puts a lot of time and energy into expanding cultural diversity at the College, members of the Institutional Diversity Committee (IDC) saw socioeconomic[…]

Power Couples: Jeff and Diane Munroe

Just moments after sitting down for an interview, it was immediately clear: the story of how Jeff and Diane Munroe first met would be a[…]

Under the Raydar — 4/14/11

Historians have depended on our letters — the letters of heroes, friends, soldiers and kings — to rewrite the past. Battles, love stories, discoveries can[…]

Standard Deviations — 4/14/11

The root of “passion,” etymologically speaking, is pain. Anyone who’s ever been in unrequited love can probably attest to this: love, when done badly, hurts[…]

Editorial – 4/14/11

Rumors often circulate during the mid-months of Spring regarding big events coming to the College. Last week, Old Chapel finally announced our 2011 Commencement speaker[…]

The mark of quality

One nondescript afternoon, I was sitting in Axinn pretending to work on my thesis. As if I weren’t already busy enough listening to the sounds[…]

Cartoon – Dylan Levy

On free speech – Louis Tiemann

Our community has recently been embroiled in two debates regarding the Foundation for Individuals Rights in Education (FIRE) highlighting of the Aunt Des video series[…]

Need-blind for all? – Juan Machado

I am only here today because Middlebury College, at the time I applied to college, was one of a handful of colleges in the US[…]

On Mr. Saper and the First Amendment – Conrad Trimbath

I recently drew inspiration to reply to Jay Saper’s crusade against free expression from my favorite movie, The Big Lebowski. In an early scene, Walter,[…]

Deconstructing an email chain – David Stoll

I would like to go into a few events preceding Jay Saper’s ’13 March 24 Campus opinion, “Building a healthy academic community.” Let’s start with[…]

Thank you from the MCCC

We write to express our warmest thanks to the Middlebury College community. Thanks to you, this winter we have been able to house 12 homeless[…]

If we shadows have offended …

To the Middlebury community, If we took weekly polls on approval ratings for the Campus, last week we would have posted our highest approval scores[…]

Bands battle for spring concert crown

Nine Vermont-based bands chosen from an applicant pool of 50 graced Middlebury from Thursday, March 31 through Saturday, April 2 for the town’s first annual[…]

Summit addresses agriculture in school

On Tuesday, Apr. 5, Middlebury Union High School hosted the second annual Stone Soup summit, which brought together Addison County’s thriving Farm to School (F2S)[…]

1 in 8700: Father Terence Gleeson

A native of Sydney, Australia, former resident of New York City, and current reverend at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Middlebury, Terence Gleeson is gearing[…]

Maple Museum reaches out to youth

About 20 minutes south of the College campus, located on Route 7, sits the New England Maple Museum. The maple museum details the history of[…]

The Pragmatist

A wide array of students, along with several admissions counselors, administrators and faculty members gathered in the Hillcrest Orchard Room on Wednesday, Apr. 6 to[…]

Local lowdown

Local food lecture April 14, 6 p.m. – 7 p.m. As part of its annual meeting, the Addison County Relocalization Network (ACoRN) presents a talk[…]

Forgetfulness cleanses all pains in "Eurydice"

“Forget the names — the names make you remember,” are the simple words of a father left in the underworld too long, remembering the love[…]

Choir finishes Cali. tour in Concert Hall

On Monday, April 4, the Middlebury College Choir performed in the CFA Concert Hall. The program included compositions by Brahms, Duruflé and Whitacre, as well[…]

"Vanya" triumphs in acting, design

I rarely see plays in which there are no weakly-presented characters and all actors fuse seamlessly with the spirit of their reproductions.  In Vanya, written[…]

MCAB announces spring speakers

In late April, the Middlebury College Activities Board (MCAB) will host Chief Washington Correspondent for the New York Times David Sanger and former Commander of[…]

Student research symposium opens

On April 14, the College will kick off its fifth annual Spring Student Symposium.  This year, 268 students from all classes will present their work[…]

For the Record – "Canyon Candy"

Few could disagree that in the past decade the practice of music sampling has become over-hyped, even over-used. No longer a technique exclusive to producers[…]

1,675 applicants join class of 2015

From April 13-15, the annual spring preview days for admitted students will flood the campus with 350-400 admitted students and their parents, according to Dean[…]

One Life Left – Video games as art

Warning: this article contains spoilers pertaining to the games BioShock, Braid and Limbo. But honestly they’ve all been out for more than a year, so[…]

Overseas briefing

BORDEAUX — It is a commonly held American stereotype that the French are snobby.  Before arriving in France, I wasn’t sure what to expect from[…]

Evacuation from Syria recap

On March 8, Root arrived in Syria to study Arabic at the University of Damascus. On March 14 Root began classes. On March 18 Root[…]

Missing student returns home

Following a wave of action by the College and media outlets from around the world, Middlebury student Pathik (Tik) Root ’12 was released from prison[…]

Middbrief: Biology professor receives teaching award

On April 7, Associate Professor of Biology Jeremy Ward was awarded the 2011 Perkins Award for Teaching Excellence. The annual award honors outstanding teaching in[…]

beyond the bubble

On April 10, Peruvians headed to the polls — many to avoid a fine for not voting, not out of a particular passion for any[…]

Community Council update: Council discusses social, academic interest house status

In the Community Council meeting on April 5, the Council reviewed the Social Houses. The Social House review subcommittee, composed of Cook Commons Coordinator Linda[…]

college shorts

James Franco to spread dilettantism to NYU Oscar-nominee, PhD candidate at Yale University, artist, writer and Salon’s 2009 Sexiest Man Alive James Franco will teach[…]

Paralympian Chris Waddell '91 will give commencement speech

Chris Waddell ’91, the most decorated male skier in Paralympic history and founder of the nonprofit One Revolution, will address the class of 2011 as[…]

Browse our April Fools issue online!

[issuu layout=http%3A%2F%2Fskin.issuu.com%2Fv%2Fcolor%2Flayout.xml backgroundcolor=2A5083 showflipbtn=true documentid=110407052228-c8aa9dee5bb94b1f92e34ee5fd8e4f2e docname=april_fools username=MiddleburyCampus loadinginfotext=April%20Fools%20Edition%202011 showhtmllink=true tag=april%20fools width=420 height=325 unit=px]

3 Clubs You Should Immediately Join

It was around this time two years ago that I was a second semester freshman still unattached to a student organization. My Friday nights remained[…]

College confirms Root '12 detained in Syria – UPDATED 3/27/11

As of Friday, March 25, Tik Root ’12 has been missing for a week while studying abroad in Damascus, Syria. His last known contact with[…]

Wilkerson honored as Regional Coach of Year

Nicole Wilkerson, the women’s track and field assistant coach was recently honored by the United States Track and Field and Cross Country Coaches Association (USTFCCCA)[…]

Notes from the road: One fan’s journey to Virginia

For sports fans, applying to college usually means making a decision between big-time athletics and big-time academics. Sure, there are select schools where you can[…]

Panthers suffer first loss of season in OT

After holding off a scrappy, out-of-conference Springfield team on Wednesday afternoon at Kohn Field, the fifth-ranked men’s lacrosse team traveled to Wesleyan on Saturday to[…]

Women’s hockey falls in Frozen Four, wins consolation

The women’s hockey team ended their season Saturday in dominant fashion, skating past Gustavus Adolphus 5-0 in the third place game of the NCAA tournament.[…]

Panthers eat Cardinals on home field, winning by 10

The 13th ranked Middlebury Panthers had a definitive victory over the Wesleyan Cardinals this past Saturday on Kohn Field. The Panthers improve to 2-0 in[…]

Women’s tennis dominates Rochester with 9-0 victory

In their third match of the season, the women’s tennis team came out victorious, beating Rochester 9-0 at home. So far this season, the team[…]

Panthers’ season ends in heartbreaking loss

All good things must come to an end as the Middlebury Men’s basketball team record-breaking season came to an end Friday at the ends of[…]

Op-ed: Harry Morgenthau, Really Listening

On Friday morning, I opened my window for the first time since November. Sunlight lay in long strips across my quilt and I could feel[…]

Posse expands to Chicago

Beginning in the fall of 2011, the College will recruit 10 Posse Scholars from Chicago in addition to the roughly 10 students selected each year[…]


When Jay Saper ’13 clicked “Reply All” to James B. Jermain Professor of Political Economy Peter Matthews’ two-department-wide (Economics and Sociology) email advertising an upcoming[…]

@world: put down you smartphones #growup

My phone is the most basic model sold at the Verizon store. It can take pictures (but not videos); it has a speakerphone and texting[…]

Spring Break – Dylan Levy

Panther Blood: An exercise in bi-winning

The past few weeks, there have been several op-eds printed in the Campus protesting the stifling nature of Middlebury’s rigorous academic demands. Although I agreed[…]

Yankee Doodle Dandy?

A few days before the Japanese earthquake (and ensuing nuclear power and human crisis), the Federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission in this country approved Vermont Yankee’s[…]

Preschoolers take over Snow Bowl for Iguana Cup

The Middlebury College Snow Bowl welcomed skiers from age five to age 50 to participate in the second annual Iguana Cup, a fundraiser for the[…]

Building a healthy academic community

Last week the economics department sponsored a lecture on “Early Non-Marital Childrearing and the Culture of Despair,” by Phillip Levine, an economist from Wellesley.  Levine[…]

Meet the Farmer: Monument Farms

The College takes great pride in the quality of the food served in its dining halls. Matthew Biette, director of dining services, seeks local and[…]

"Everyone Can Dance" with the Big Action Performance Ensemble

On Friday, March 18, Tiffany Rhynard, artistic director of Big Action Performance Ensemble (Big APE) dance, introduced the troupe’s most recent performance in the Town[…]

Students embrace a classic Vt. tradition

Middlebury students are taking advantage of their location and many are getting involved in the maple syrup and sugaring industry. Max Godfrey ’13.5 and Sam[…]

Thank you, thank you! – Donna Donahue

On behalf of the Better Middlebury Partnership I want to thank the wonderful Middlebury College volunteers who helped us with the Chili Festival and to[…]

Middlebury flower shop moves to new location

On March 1, The Blossom Basket, previously located at 56 College St. next to Sama’s Café, moved to 8 Bakery Ln. The store, which was[…]

Spotlight On… Mica Schlosser '13, CCAL Student Arts Curator

Did Ariel Ritchin’s ’11 vibrant photographs catch your eye on the way to your mailbox through the McCullough Social Space last month? How about the[…]

Under the Raydar

When I’m at home — which is to say, my other home in Pennsylvania — I don’t usually find myself hoarding all of the dishes[…]

Administration Tree

The Princeton Review ranks Middlebury fourth in the country as a school that “runs like butter,” but most students have few opportunities to meet our[…]

One in 8700

Trent Campbell can often be seen around town and on the College campus with a camera around his neck, taking photos for the Addison Independent.[…]

Famed NPR voice resonates with students

Eight years ago, in one of Middlebury’s many attempts to bring the outside world to campus, Scholar-in-Residence in English and American Literatures Sue Halpern established[…]

Students launch mock trial team

At a school filled with active learners and avid debaters, it is a wonder that this club has not existed until now. Pioneered by Kelsey[…]

Reilly Steel ’11 performs one-man show as senior 700 project

If religion is the opiate of the masses, then Reilly Steel ’11 is the crack of the American People, as proven in his performance of[…]

The L-Word

Years of what felt like conditional love growing up — from my parents, from my teachers, from pretty much anyone who wanted me to succeed[…]

Campus character: Ele Woods

“Oh, sorry bros, didn’t mean to spoil your fun,” coos Ele Woods ’11.5 to the skateboarders we cross paths with as we walk along the[…]

Noah Silverstein ’11 captivates with music, voice

With a single yet powerful voice and a captivating stage presence, Noah Silverstein ’11 enthralled his audience this past Sunday during his senior recital, performing[…]

Local Lowdown

Spring garden talk March 27, 2 p.m. – 3 p.m. The Henry Sheldon Museum, located on 1 Park St. , will host Mary Cliver for[…]

Decathlon starts construction

On Tuesday, April 5, the Solar Decathlon team hopes to gather members of the College and local community as well as sponsors and donors to[…]

Professor charged with embezzlement

Associate Professor of Political Philosophy Kateri Carmola has been charged with embezzling $4,500 worth of funds from the Salisbury Historical Society. Carmola will appear at the[…]

Francois Clemmons leads St. Patrick's Day concert

Three kilt-wearing, bagpipe-playing men filed into the concert hall at the Mahaney Center for the Arts on Friday, March 18, starting off the St. Patrick’s[…]

College community fundraises for Japan

Following the recent earthquake, tsunami and resulting nuclear crisis in Japan, Middlebury students and faculty at the College’s partner university, the International Christian University (ICU)[…]

One Life Left – "Ghost Trick"

Platform: Nintendo DS Rating: Teen One of my favorite franchises of all time is Ace Attorney, a visual novel series focusing on the wacky cases[…]

No country for Marlboro Men: students smokers face challenges

It would be hard to name a legal activity as thoroughly reviled, passionately embraced, socially segregated or emotionally charged as the practice of cigarette smoking.[…]

Old Chapel announces all-gender restrooms

Old Chapel announced the upcoming establishment of all-gender restrooms in non-residential buildings on campus in an email to students, faculty and staff sent on March[…]

Community Council update: Council Discusses seating in dining halls and jobs

On March 21, the Community Council met to discuss student seating in the dining halls along with the College recruitment policy. Sufficient seating in the[…]

Overseas Briefing

VALPARAÍSO — Since I first started studying Spanish I’ve had this passion for it. Spanish is fluid, Spanish is round; in my mouth Spanish curls[…]

Reaccreditation seeks student input

Every decade, American colleges and universities must go through a rigorous examination to prove their effectiveness as an institution. The College is now in the[…]

College Shorts

SAT essay question stirs controversy Online discussion forums such as College Confidential have been filled with complaints about an essay question on the most recent[…]

Symposium focuses on race, enviornment

From April 7-9, the College will host “Land and Justice: A Symposium on Race, Ethnicity and Environment.” The symposium is co-sponsored by the Center for[…]

Two Students awarded Watson fellowship

The Thomas J. Watson Fellowship announced its 2011-2012 recipients on March 15, among whom are two Middlebury students. Austin Davis ’11 and Sarafina Midzik ’11[…]

A very premature crush list – Maya Goldberg-Safir

Sometimes I get fed up with this place. There may be better reasons to dislike Middlebury, but so often I come back to the same[…]

Tart Revenge

Recently, I was lucky enough to be one of the 200 people to attend a Monday Atwater dinner. In this case the theme was French[…]

Jimmy Wong

While Rebecca Black, thirteen-year-old YouTube love/hate sensation, was dominating the viral airwaves with her prepackaged hit “Friday,” another Internet sensation was brewing, this one far[…]

Panthers roll into first Final Four

As the Middlebury men’s basketball team advanced to the Division III Final Four for the first time in school history over the weekend with victories[…]

Women’s hockey makes sixth Frozen Four trip

Senior goaltender Alexi Bloom achieved her record-breaking 11th shutout of the season as the Panthers edged Manhattanville 1-0 in the first round of the NCAA[…]

Men’s lacrosse dominates overwhelmed Bates squad in season opener, puts up 14 goals in home defeat of Bobcats

It didn’t take long for the Middlebury men’s lacrosse team to take control of its 2011 season opening game this past Saturday against Bates. It[…]

Skiing takes ninth overall at NCAA championships

The 2011 NCAA Ski Championships were all about revenge. After finishing in the runner-up position three years in a row, the University of Colorado (CU)[…]

Men’s tennis sees fall success continue into spring season

The men’s tennis team began its defense of its 2010 National Championship season with three wins this weekend against Oneonta, Brandeis, and Connecticut College. The[…]

Women’s lacrosse turns the tables on Bates in first game

The 15th ranked Panthers (1-0, 1-0 NESCAC) won their season-opener in overtime against the Bates Bobcats this past Saturday in Lewiston, Maine. The team came[…]

Women’s tennis is unbeaten thus far

The Middlebury women’s tennis team started off their season with two indoor games at home on Saturday. They started out the day against Brandeis, winning[…]

Women’s DMR team takes title at NCAAs

On Friday, the women’s indoor track and field distance medley relay (DMR) team joined an elite group, comprised of only three other athletes in Middlebury[…]

Posse heads to Fairlee for national program retreat

Since the first Posse Scholars arrived at Middlebury in 1999, the program has continued to flourish on campus. One of the group’s biggest events is[…]

Standard Deviations — 3/17/11

In honor of losing an hour to the cruel, cruel design of Daylight Savings Time, let me say this — everyone’s clock runs differently. For[…]

Student wins annual Fraker Prize

On International Women’s Day at the Chellis house, Associate Professor of English and American Literature Marion Wells announced that Colleen Carroll ’12 had been unanimously[…]


Whether you hear of it through e-mails from your RA or by looking down your decimated hall, the problem of dorm damage is a reality.[…]

MiddCon and LAL

Dearest Blueberry, You don’t know a lot about me, and I don’t know a lot about you, but we are in love. Here is the[…]

Cartoon – Dylan Levy

Staff Spotlight: Kevin Moss

In many ways Kevin Moss is the very picture of a Middlebury scholar. As professor of Russian and chair of the Russian department, he is[…]

Power Couples Series Part One: Ilaria Brancoli-Busdraghi and Pieter Brouke

What Middlebury student has never experienced the platonic professor crush? It’s hard not to become enamored with our various instructors’ talent, enthusiasm, kindness and quirks.[…]

To a basketball player – Wenbo Zhang

At the beginning of your journey, it might have been the glamour of the NBA that lured you into the game, or that exhilarating sound[…]

A letter on creativity

In a recent lecture on the connection between mind and body, Andrea Olsen said that after three days of drinking water at a conference in[…]

Chili fest heats things up

Saturday, March 12 marked the third annual Winter Carnival and Chili Festival in the town of Middlebury. This year, over 3,500 people strolled down Main[…]

Good Point reflects on, celebrates 10 years

Good Point Recycling, an electronics recycling company in Middlebury, recently released its 10-year anniversary report, which re-capped the company’s growth in 2010 and highlighted its[…]

Spring showers bring syrupy sweetness

The end of February and beginning of March mark the start of the tapping season in Vermont, the time for extracting as much sweet goodness[…]

Meet the farmer: Nola's Secret Garden

Nola Kevra leads a simple, quiet life in the woods near Ripton, Vt. The owner of Nola’s Secret Garden, a greenhouse that produces organically certified[…]

1 in 8700: Danielle Boyce

Danielle Boyce is ready for yet another adventure. On March 21, she and her husband, Steve, will become the owners of American Flatbread in the[…]

Spotlight On… Adam Kritzer '11 and Christian Morel '11

Friday, April 8 will mark the debut of a performance quite unlike any Middlebury College has even seen. MOVE, a performance art piece masterminded by[…]

The pragmatist

Debate continues in Vermont over how to address the projected budget deficit, as lawmakers and citizens protest cuts to social services while refusing to support[…]

"Terminus" captivates audience

Hearing a man with an Irish lilt describe murder in rhymed verse is oddly captivating. As is hearing a young woman speak passionately of a[…]

Local lowdown

St. Patrick’s Day happy hour March 17, 4:30 p.m. Two Brothers Tavern offers pints of Guinness coupled with tunes from Rick Klein and Peter Macfarlane,[…]

Comedy unites College, town

Otter Nonsense performed their annual improv show at the Town Hall Theater on Friday, Mar. 11. The performance marked the Otters’ second community performance since[…]

Policy violations shut down Bunker

As of Sunday, March 6, operations of the student group running the Bunker have been suspended for the year, but the space in the Freeman[…]

For the Record – "Collapse Into Now"

About thirty years ago, R.E.M.’s debut single “Radio Free Europe” sparked a garage rock revival in the American underground, essentially marking the transition from post-punk[…]

Hamlin premieres new song cycle

On March 13 the Mahaney Center for the Arts featured soprano vocalist Susanne Peck, accompanied by pianist Cynthia Huard, oboist Daniel Frostman and Deborah Sharpe-Lunstead[…]

Booking It – "Room"

Warning: don’t start reading this book if you have homework to do, because you won’t get anything done until you finish. Room, the latest book[…]

Dorm damage increases

With $53,879.19 in dorm damage already billed and what are traditionally the most destructive months still to come, the 2010-2011 academic year is shaping up[…]

"F Word" symposium opens

Discussion of feminist topics will take center stage on March 17 and 18 as the symposium “The F Word: Feminist Texts, Feminist Lives” comes to[…]

Endowed chairs earn more than their peers

The College awards endowed chairs more than twice the enrichment funds of its peer institutions, including those that award bonuses, according to findings from the[…]

beyond the bubble

On Friday March 9 an 8.9 magnitude earthquake shook the island nation of Japan. The quake resulted in a subsequent tsunami that rolled inland at[…]

DMC seeks to recruit new members

On Tuesday, March 8, a “dinner-time discourse” was held in the seminar room in the basement of Ross by DMC, also known as Deep Meaningful[…]

green news

Have you noticed anything different about dinners in Ross Dining Hall lately? Particularly on Thursday nights? Perhaps you detected the slightly dimmed lighting or the[…]

Gender Council serves as forum for student input

On Thursday, March 3 the Gender Council held its first meeting. Made up of students, faculty and staff, the Council is facilitated by student co-chair[…]

overseas briefing

What has surprised me most about Chile isn’t how different the culture is. I knew going in that their lunch is the equivalent of dinner[…]

Everybody, Apply for the Gender Council!

OK, so I admit, I have a biased opinion. I’ve been on board with the Gender Council idea since it was first floated at a[…]

I Heard Dominique Young Unique Was Really Awesome OR Why You Need a Cell Phone to Coordinate Your Social Life

I bought my ticket for Dominique Young Unique in a fit of gung-ho, event-attending initiative. And, even though it was a Friday night concert and[…]

The End of Friday Night Lights

Just like that “Friday Night Lights,” one of the best television dramas of all-time, is over and you didn’t even notice. On Wednesday, February 9th,[…]

The Muffin Revolution

Over the past few years there has been an overwhelming surge in the popularity of the cupcake, a mini bite of deliciousness that combines the[…]

Big APE creates dance community

The March 3 rehearsal for “Everyone Can Dance” began in a circle in the middle of the Mahaney Center for the Arts Dance Theater.  Thirty-five[…]

"Immediate Theater Experiment"

Ten-minute plays are something of an anomaly in the theatre world, but for seven consecutive Sundays at 5:00 these brief dramatic pieces will be coming[…]

The Reel Critic – "Francophilia"

As it is now de rigueur for every serious news publication to publish an evaluation of James Franco’s career, I decided it was high time[…]

Passionate slam poet confronts injustices

Slam poet Andrea Gibson performed at 51 Main on Tuesday, March 1. The event drew a large crowd of both students and members of the[…]


There are many wonderful things we can, and often do, say about Middlebury students. Our academic knowledge is vast and expanding everyday; our athletes are[…]

One Life Left – "Marvel vs. Capcom 3"

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 forever changed arcade fighters. Tournaments popped up across the country, many characters were introduced, some of which no one had ever[…]

Passive Revolution

Interesting course offerings, Spring 2011

An ideal liberal arts education provides a broad-based academic curriculum with the purpose of cultivating individuals who think critically, communicate well and realize potential. Such[…]

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Snow Storm

I Among twenty snowy mountains, The only moving thing Was … snow. II Middtwitt: this snowday has only reinforced how badly I WANT MATTHEW BIETTE[…]

Institutionalized Protest

From Iran to Egypt, from Yemen to Libya, from Morocco to China and from Senegal to the United States citizens have spilled into the streets,[…]

Shadow-Boxing for the Climate

Lately, I’ve been taking a class on social movements; civil rights, farm workers unions, peaceful uprisings in the Middle East — you name it. And[…]

A welcome change – Jack Hoffman

The town meeting last week marked the second year in a row that Vermont’s education spending has declined. And it happened without the angst we[…]

Panthers defeat Lord Jeffs for NESCAC title

The top-seeded Panthers hosted the NESCAC tournament this past weekend. Middlebury faced off against Bowdoin on Saturday and, after a 4-0 win over the Polar[…]

“Hello” policy – Logan Brown

Although I have a very large bone to pick with issues involving the Middlebury community and our inability to integrate different social scenes on this[…]

Men’s basketball rolls past Colonials to NCAA sweet 16

Playing in front of a sold out crowd in Pepin Gymnasium, the Middlebury men’s basketball team continued adding to their season of firsts. After a[…]

Improv concert celebrates artists

On Thursday, Mar. 3, the Dance Program showcased an improvisational music performance by affiliate artists Michael Chorney and Ron Rost in the Dance Theatre. The[…]

Panthers send six to NCAAs in Ohio

This past weekend, the men’s and women’s track teams traveled to New York to compete in their final meet before the indoor NCAA championships– the[…]

Women’s Tennis

Middlebury women’s tennis will open the season with lofty expectations for pair of high-flying sophomores. Leah Kepping ’13 and Brittany Faber ’13 made the most[…]

Men's Tennis

The men’s tennis team opens its season this weekend with matches against Oneonta, Brandeis and Connecticut College. Twelve members from last year’s national championship winning[…]

Young farmers take root in Vermont

It is no secret that sustainable farming is popular in Vermont. Perhaps less well-known is that a growing number of these farmers are young people,[…]


The Middlebury College baseball team will take to the diamond for the first time this season at Southern Vermont on Friday, March 23, where they[…]

Film scholar delivers lecture

Jim Naremore, a widely-known and respected film scholar and professor emeritus of communication and culture at Indiana University, made a visit to campus last week.[…]


Last year, the women’s softball team’s season came to an end in a hard defeat against Wesleyan in NESCAC play-offs. Their record was 18-12, with[…]

Peak Sports Snowshoe Race draws crowds

On Saturday, March 5, Peak Sports held its annual Peak Snowshoe Challenge. The course, which weaved through the Green Mountain National Forest of Pittsfield, Vt.,[…]

After flames, hope spreads at Pete's Greens

Twelve days into the new year, Pete’s Greens, a year-round organic vegetable farm in Craftsbury, Vt., suffered an unthinkable loss. When owner Pete Johnson ’97[…]

Track & Field

Following a strong showing last spring and an energizing winter season this year, the Middlebury men’s and women’s Track and Field have high expectations for[…]

Men's Lacrosse

The Middlebury men’s lacrosse team comes into the 2011 season primed for success, but also with a bit of a chip on its shoulder. The[…]

The Localvore: Costello's spices up lunch, Italian style

Lunch is often a cop-out. Let’s face it: lunch is something that happens in between parts of life. At best, it is a short respite[…]

One in 8700 – Tamara Chase

A Boulder, Co. native, Tamara Chase’s favorite mountain in Vermont is Sugarbush, though she does have a “nostalgic love” for Winter Park and Mary Jane,[…]

Women's Lacrosse

The Middlebury Panthers have high expectations for their 2011 season. They are led by co-captains Sally Ryan ’11 and All NESCAC Chase Delano ’11, both[…]

Campus Character: Ben Wessel

“I have a really good beard,” said Ben Wessel ’11.5 from beneath the hood of his signature blue and black-checkered sweatshirt, where he is half-asleep.[…]

Flower show previews spring bloom

On March 4–6, Green Works, also called the Vermont Nursery and Landscape Association (VNLA), put on its 15th annual Vermont Flower Show at the Champlain[…]

DJ Madness: The Campus talks to four of Middlebury's most visible DJ's


The men and women’s golf teams will kick off the spring season with tournaments on April 9 at Manhattanville and Vassar respectively. After ending their[…]

Proctor and Ross: two different stories from the head chefs

Richard O’Donahue When asked if he had any culinary specialties, Proctor Head Chef Richard O’Donohue was quick to set the record straight. “No,” he said[…]

A second interview with Allison Stanger after her appearance on The Daily Show

After Leng Professor of International Politics Allison Stanger sat down to an interview with Jon Stewart of The Daily Show  on Tuesday, March 1, for[…]

Olsen emphasizes need to learn foreign languages

As a school recognized for its exceptional language programs and support of positive international, it is no surprise that the Middlebury-Monterey lecture series talks are[…]

Under the Raydar

For many of us graduating in May, this is a time of stress, half-hearted application-filling-out, cover letter re-writing and the concern that we might be[…]

Local Lowdown

Dog-sledding lecture March 11, 10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. The Ilsley Public Library has planned an exciting event for all ages. Ed Blechner, who works[…]

Superblock decisions released

Residential Life released decisions on Monday, March 7 announcing the groups to be located in Superblock housing for the 2011-2012 academic year. In addition to[…]

Activity fee surplus funds student orgs

After several years of budget surpluses, the current student activities reserve holds over $400,000, according to SGA and Finance Committee meeting minutes. Much of the[…]

Hazing Discussion Continues

According to Old Chapel, on Feb. 2, a team party aimed at welcoming the first-year female swimmers crossed the line from innocent initiation to hazing[…]

Cross Street Bridge hosts celebration

On Tuesday, March 8 Middlebury participated in the “Join me on the Bridge” celebration, organized by “Women for Women International.” Karin Hanta, director of the[…]

Turf Battle plans unveiled to College

Students, faculty and staff gathered in Dana Auditorium Monday, Feb. 28 to view the three proposals selected as finalists of the Atwater Landscaping Designing Competition,[…]

beyond the bubble

As civil war rages on in Libya, tension within the international community has continued to escalate as political officials weigh the options of military and[…]

College opens new schools abroad

The College has established two new study abroad programs in the Middle East, one in Beer Sheva, Israel and another in Amman, Jordan. The program[…]

Printing quota saves 4-5 million pages

As of last February, the Library and Information Services (LIS) instituted a printing system aimed at reducing the number of pages printed by setting a[…]

Community Council Update: Council examines dorm damage

In the Feb. 28 Community Council meeting, council member and Assistant Director of Custodial Services Linda Ross spoke to the council about the recent rise[…]

Overseas Briefing

DUNEDIN — For geology majors, New Zealand is a great place to study abroad. I’ve already had the opportunity to geek out over mudstone boulders[…]

College Shorts

Harvard brings Navy ROTC back Following the repeal of the controversial “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” law that banned gays from openly serving in the military,[…]

Zimride to offer green carpooling at Midd

Students have proposed the use of Zimride, a new ride share system, to reduce the number of vehicles on campus and serve as an alternate[…]

91.1: 24 HOURS A DAY middlebury’s own radio station, wrmc, is broadcasting live. here’s the station’s story; the view from behind the microphone.

It’s 4:30 on a Friday afternoon and Tim Spears leans toward the hanging silver microphone as he pushes up a couple of sliders on the[…]

Celebrating 40 Years With Nathan Laube

Nathan Laube offered a virtuosic performance at Mead Chapel on Feb. 27 in a solo concert commemorating the 40th anniversary of the installation of the[…]

Local folkies play intimate show at 51 Main

Despite last Friday’s bleak weather, the performance by Vermont’s own Split Tongue Crow managed to create a warm atmosphere at 51 Main. The five-piece band[…]

Midd alums launch new websites

Have you ever had an argument with a friend and wished there was someone there to settle it for you? Well now thanks to two[…]

For the Record – "The King of Limbs"

What does a band that’s been changing the landscape of popular music for a quarter of a century do when they set out to make[…]

Unlocking the criminal justice system: Symposium prompts examination of the justice in crime and punishment

Go directly to jail. Do not pass “Go.” Do not collect $200. In this case, jail is Proctor Terrace. In conjunction with this spring’s symposium,[…]

Staff Spotlight: Michael Kraus

Michael Kraus, Frederick C. Dirks professor of Political Science and director of Russian and East European Studies, has a life that is, to say the[…]

College keeps Affolter: Student campaign to keep teacher proves a sucess

As Visiting Assistant Professor of Education Studies, Tara Affolter’s time at Middlebury neared its end, the Keep Affolter movement took off. After  President of the[…]

Fauerso featured at artist talk

On Feb. 24 the art department sponsored a talk featuring Joey Fauerso, known for her award-winning work exploring the dynamic intersection between seemingly disparate themes[…]

Standard Deviations — 3/3/11

Hookups.  Like Natty Ice, beer pong, chemically-aided all-night cram sessions and crippling addictions to Facebook, hookups are one of the most iconic symbols of what[…]


As the winter months draw slowly to a close, two sports teams at the College have infused the Middlebury community, both town and gown, with[…]

Booking It – "The Sherlockian"

As a fan of Sherlock Holmes books ever since I read The Hound of the Baskervilles when I was 13 (the sound of dogs barking[…]

Men's basketball captures NESCAC title

The Middlebury men’s basketball team made history last weekend. The Panthers tied the school record for most wins in a season, avenged their only loss[…]

Crossword Answers

A recap of the NESCAC Championship game – Dylan Levy

Women’s hockey blows by Williams in decisive fashion in quarterfinal match

The fifth-ranked Panthers advanced to the semifinals of the NESCAC tournament, downing the Ephs of Williams 6-2 in the quarterfinals on Saturday. The victory was[…]

Men’s hockey sees season end to Colby in NESCACs

It’s been a long time since no men’s Panther hockey was played in March, but unfortunately fans and players will have to wait another eight[…]

Students share study abroad stories

On Tuesday, Feb. 22, students who had studied in a number of different counties  last semester gathered together at 51 Main to hear stories from[…]


Last semester, I donned an oversized chain necklace and a fitted Atlanta Braves cap, sagged my jeans, put on some swag and went to dinner[…]

Sidewalk safety – Brittany Gendron

As a first-year counselor, I know all about health and safety. I am a sober-friend encyclopedia; I am officially certified as a crowd manager, I[…]

Skiing races to yet another fourth place finish at ERCs

The Panthers wrapped up their regular season with a fourth place result at the Eastern Regional Championships, hosted by Bates College. UVM returned to the[…]

Annual Bill Koch Festival celebrates shared passion for skiing

The Rikert Ski Touring Center at the Bread Loaf Mountain Campus in Ripton, Vt. hosted the 2011 TD Bank Bill Koch League Festival on Saturday,[…]

1 in 8700: Ellen Flight

Ellen Flight is a true “campie.” The director of Camp Songadeewin, a girls camp located on the shores of Lake Dunmore in Salisbury, Vt., Flight[…]

Swimming and diving sets three school records

The men’s varsity swimming and diving team traveled to Bowdoin this weekend to compete against 10 other teams for the NESCAC Championship.  Williams edged Amherst[…]

Men’s squash defeats Bates to capture 14th place nationally

The Middlebury men’s squash team ended their fourth season on a high note, finishing the year with a record of 14 wins and 11 losses.[…]

Addison County Human Society provides care for countless critters

There is only one humane society in Addison County, and lucky for Middlebury students, it is in town. Off Route 7 South on Boardman St.,[…]

For whom? – Rachel Ochako

On the first Friday of the semester, I watched the Free Friday film, For Colored Girls produced by Tyler Perry. I was expecting a movie[…]

Town prepares for Chili Festival

The town of Middlebury’s third annual Winter Carnival and Chili Festival will take place on Mar. 12, less than a month after the College’s own[…]

Give me Sloppagees, or give me death

Last Thursday, I picked up the Campus for a leisurely morning read in Proctor. I was in the mood for some good quality snark, so[…]

Individual performances led the way at Open N.E.s

Before the spring sports season gets underway, many track and field athletes elect to also train and compete for the indoor track team. The team[…]

The Pragmatist

As Vermont looks to replace the power from the imminent close of Vermont Yankee, it begins debates about projects to produce this power. Most notably,[…]

Wine of the Week: Maison Louis Jadot Beaujolais-Villages

Dr. Wino’s Take: Founded in 1859 and covering over 380 acres, the Maison Louis Jadot French wine producer has had plenty of time and space[…]

Local lowdown

2011 Vermont flower show March 4 and 5, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., March 6, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Make the trip to Essex[…]

Grille to open seven days a week

With the hiring of a new manager, the Grille will once again be open seven days a week. The new schedule will take effect the[…]

Gifford suffers fire damage

Early Saturday morning, a fire in a trashcan on the third floor of Gifford Hall activated hallway fire sprinklers, causing significant water damage to the[…]

Comprehensive fee hits 53k

Old Chapel has set the comprehensive fee at $53,420* for the 2011-2012 academic year, a 2.5 percent increase over this year. After a policy begun[…]

Crossroads Café to serve healthy food

The venue that formerly housed The Juice Bar will be reopened under student management as the Crossroads Café. The new café, which plans to open[…]

Students call for reopening of Atwater

In early February the Student Government Association (SGA) conducted a survey about the dining services at the College. Carried out independent of the Department of[…]

EIA fair connects students, employers

In early February the Student Government Association (SGA) conducted a survey about the dining services at the College. Carried out independent of the Department of[…]

Site compiles advising resources

The Center for Teaching, Learning and Research (CTLR) has recently created a new resource for academic advisers that brings necessary information together into a single[…]

SGA Update

At the Feb. 27 meeting, Dean of the College Gus Jordan took comments and questions from the SGA about the first draft of the Student[…]

Beyond the Bubble

While popular revolutionary movements have occurred in many states in North Africa and the Middle East since January, in no country have they proved as[…]

Green news

For years the National Mall in Washington, D.C. has served as a place where the citizens of this country can gather to show what matters[…]

College shorts

Guns may be allowed in Texas Universities Texas state legislators have drafted a bill to allow licensed handgun owners to carry their guns on university[…]

Frozen in Time: Inspired by this year’s Winter carnival theme of Traditions, The Campus takes a closer look at carnivals past

Every February, Middlebury gets as New England as it can possibly get — we eat sugar on snow while watching ski races, build ice sculptures,[…]

Fun Facts About Winter Carnival

1. Things MCAB did try this year to, “recreate a Winter Carnival that they might have had in the 50s or 60s,” according to Liz[…]

Student Begins Personal Grocery Shopping Business

Most Middlebury students have experienced the feeling: it is late at night, there is no food in the dorm, both MiddExpress and The Grille are[…]

Women’s hockey roughs up Bowdoin, takes first seed in NESCAC

The Middlebury women’s hockey team took two of three games this week to finish the regular season with a record of 18-4-1, and the first[…]

Aunt Des ‘dishes’ about her new job

Where are you from? How did you get to Middlebury, and what did you do before taking on the Great Dish War? My parents came[…]

"Febitude" — Past and present deans of admissions discuss what it means to be a Feb

In 1970, Middlebury’s admissions office had a challenge on its hands: fill the space left behind by an extraordinarily high number of juniors abroad. The[…]

Bass talk shows history of a lifelong activist

After a brief introduction, Rick Bass walked up to the podium and turned to his audience, taking a long look at the white board. Disconnected[…]

The L-Word — 2/24/11

I am in the process of learning an important lesson, and at the risk of embarrassing my boyfriend, it’s a lesson I would like to[…]

Men’s basketball rides Camels into ground

While most students were dancing or carving ice over the weekend, the Middlebury men’s basketball team was making history for the second time this season.[…]

Men’s hockey stumbles on a patch of rough ice

The Middlebury men’s hockey team’s 2010-2011 season has certainly been an up and down affair, with this last weekend’s set of ECAC East home games[…]

Campus Character — Leo Moses '14

With his signature thick-rimmed glasses, grandpa-inspired sweaters, well-loved three-year-old J. Crew messenger bag and effervescent smile, Leo Moses ’14 isn’t one to blend in with[…]

Skiing takes fourth for fourth time this season at home races

Do not be fooled by the result sheet, however; the Panthers skied better than they have all year, and they will certainly be out for[…]

Under the Raydar — 2/24/11

After watching “Race to Nowhere” — a film in the documentary series put on by the Education Studies Department, (apart from critiquing what invisible layers[…]

Women’s Basketball Comes Up Short

After a season of extremes — from starting off with six straight wins to losing four in a row in conference play — the Middlebury[…]

Women’s swimming and diving makes impressive splash at NESCACS with first-years

Last weekend, thirteen first-year women represented Middlebury at the NESCAC Championship hosted by Williams College.  Though they lacked depth with such a small squad, the[…]

Women’s squash takes 13th at Nationals, beats Amherst

The Middlebury College women’s squash team finished in 13th place at the College Squash Association (CSA) National Championships played at Princeton University and The Lawrenceville[…]


This past weekend, Middlebury College celebrated its 88th Winter Carnival — continuing the longest-running student-led Carnival in the country. Apart from the much-appreciated three-day weekend,[…]

Eco-Spirit award honors Anne Hoover

Anne Hoover, recipient of Spirit in Nature’s 2011 Eco-Spirit Award, leads a life comparable to the busiest of Midd Kids. Though Hoover admits she has[…]

Spotlight On… Noah Mease '11, Playwright

It’s not too often that we get a chance to see a production of student-written play here at Middlebury, but this weekend provided one of[…]

One Life Left – 2/24/11

Game |9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors Platform |Nintendo DS Rating | Mature For those of you who read my column, you may have noticed[…]

A letter from the editor on responsible journalism

The Campus has taken a lot of heat in the last week over our coverage of hazing among members of the men’s and women’s swimming[…]

Verbal Onslaught and Reclaim Childhood team up

Last Thursday, Verbal Onslaught kicked off Winter Carnival by pairing up with non-profit organization Reclaim Childhood in an evening dedicated to self-empowerment.  The event was[…]

VT Yankee continues to leak tritium, sparking debate

On Jan. 7, 2010, Vermont Yankee, a nuclear power plant located in Vernon, Vt., discovered tritium leaking from one of its groundwater monitoring wells. More[…]

Handsome Devil

Eric Schlosser speaks on our nation's flawed food culture

Journalist Eric Schlosser delivered an address titled “The Future of the Food Movement” and took questions from a capacity crowd at McCullough Social Space last[…]

Protect this house

I’ve written many times on Middlebury’s traditions, and I’ve exhausted the subject. However, the sub-zero temperatures have slowed my usually enormous imagination. Furthermore, the cold[…]

A Dean is Crowned

This week, I plan to use my column in a rather self-serving manner. First, some context. Last week I was fact-checking an article in the[…]

On the need for political activism

I’ll never forget the day I saw democracy at work. It was June 26, 2009 — Michael Jackson had just died and the House of[…]

Race to where?

What is this place we call Middlebury? We exalt our college as a place of intellectual inquiry that shapes well-rounded students who lead balanced lives;[…]

There is no future … there is only the past

It is natural for human beings to look towards the future, to dream of what tomorrow, or twenty years from now may bring. We work[…]

The Reel Critic – 2/24/11

Blue Valentine Blue Valentine, directed by Derek Cianfrance, was notorious well before its release: after screening to high praise at both the Cannes and Sundance[…]

Slow Business Forces Farmers Diner to Close

The Farmers Diner in Marble Works closed its doors for the last time on Feb. 14, a few months shy of its second anniversary, for[…]

Localvore: Italian flavor sizzles in Burlington

Located on St. Paul St. in downtown Burlington, Trattoria Delia is a haven of rustic warmth and flavor. Beyond the entrance, tucked away and heavy[…]

Sights and sounds of the 2011 Winter Carnvial

Orange Crush by Deirdre Sackett, Arts Editor On Thursday, Feb. 17, the McCullough Social Space was filled with bright neon leggings, copious amounts of spandex[…]

One in 8700

Eating at Grapevine Grille is like having a meal at a good friend’s house. The large, bright room with its mismatched furniture and pictures of[…]

Local Lowdown

Comedian performance Feb. 25, 7 p.m. – 8 p.m. & 9 p.m. – 10 p.m. Ready to laugh out loud? The Town Hall Theater (THT)[…]

Justice symposium begins

The upcoming spring symposium entitled “Communities and Justice: Inequality and Innovation in America’s Justice System” will feature a variety of speakers addressing the problems in[…]

SNG recruits new activists

In recent weeks, student activists have been furiously recruiting for Powershift, trying to expand interest for the conference — which will be held in Washington,[…]

College considers food studies

The Food Subcommittee of the Environmental Council held an open meeting with students, faculty and administrators on Feb. 22 debating the potential creation of a[…]

SGA Senate Spring Elections 2011

Wonnacott and Cook Commons residents along with Febs hit the polls today to elect SGA representatives. Ballots will be distributed to students by e-mail, and[…]

Yale conference inspires students of color

During Winter Carnival, students traveled to Yale University to participate in the 16th Annual Black Solidarity Conference. Members of African American Alliance (AAA), Women of[…]

Aunt Des provokes controversy

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) objects to the College’s broad anti-harassment policy and claimed that the Aunt Des videos, part of a[…]

Community Council update: Council discusses room draw process, tree vandalism

In its Feb. 21 meeting, Community Council members discussed room draw and recent landscape vandalism on campus. Associate Dean of Students Doug Adams and Residential[…]

SGA update: Senators fund OINK, Worth Mountain Lodge

During its Feb. 20 meeting, the Student Government Association (SGA) passed three pieces of legislation, including the Outdoor Introduction for New Kids (OINK) and Worth[…]

Former President continues progressive actions

John McCardell, president emeritus of the College and current president at Sewanee, the University of the South recently announced a decision to cut the $46,000[…]

Student jobs available, although not guaranteed

Although 35 to 40 percent of students are currently employed, many students have difficulty finding jobs on campus because the College does not guarantee employment[…]

Beyond the Bubble

Unrest has continued to spread across the Middle East and North Africa since the popular revolution in Tunisia in January. Following the successful model that[…]

Green News

Whether it’s the buffet-style meals, the community atmosphere or the fact that some of our food is locally grown, the dining halls make the College[…]

Egypt Liberated

Yalla ya Misr! My heart is with the Egyptian people! Smiles, confidence, thiqa, reason, passion, righteousness, strength, pride, unbroken honor, respect, unyielding passions that resonate[…]

Letter to the Editor: Why must we be so politically correct?

This question plagues my mind almost every time I sit down to write an article for The Campus. This past week I went to one[…]

One in 8700: Herb Gingrich

After being cut from his high school basketball team, Herb Gingrich joined special olympics to stay out of trouble, and has accomplished so much more.[…]

Et Tu, Sweatpants? – 2/17/2011

A few months ago, senior Simran Bhalla changed my life with a single text message — the context of which has long since faded with[…]

Sutherland performs the best of folk

Affiliate artist Pete Sutherland performed at the Mahaney Center for the Arts this past Friday night, entertaining the audience with a rousing concert of both[…]

Spotlight On…Dan Sheron ’10

After he graduated last May, Dan Sheron ’10 packed up and left the States to spend some time in Russia. He ended up writing a[…]


It is an exciting time for young entrepreneurs at Middlebury College — and consequently, for everyone else as well. With the impending opening of the[…]

In defense of an all-male Dungeon

In the fall of 2008, I arrived on Middlebury College campus to learn, with some disappointment, that I would be living on an all-male hall[…]

Febulously Febtastic

They’re here. They’ve come. Amidst a campus of jaded liberal arts zombies, morosely trudging to class while praying for global warming to kick in, they[…]

Men’s basketball jumps to second

As the NESCAC championship creeps closer and closer, the Middlebury men’s basketball team keeps on rolling in the victories. With victories over previously undefeated Amherst[…]

Cartoon – Dylan Levy

Winter Carnival

“Breaking the Huddle” in Mixed Signals

“Breaking the Huddle,” a lecture on the opening of a new gallery at the Middlebury College Art Museum, existed in my mind as something very[…]

Men’s hockey continues to make up ground

The second half of the men’s hockey team’s season has certainly been prettier to watch than the first. The Panthers, coming off a pair of[…]

Women’s squash takes down Ephs for second time in as many weeks

On Sunday, the Middlebury College women’s squash team defeated Williams College for the second time in a seven days, shredding any doubt that the Panthers’[…]

Skiing places third at Dartmouth Carnival, reaching podium and earning best finish yet

The Middlebury ski team produced its best result of the year this past weekend, taking third place in the Dartmouth Carnival. Middlebury has had some[…]

3SquaresVT stretches hunger relief efforts across state

One in seven families in the state of Vermont cannot provide three nutritious meals for their loved ones each day. Statistics like these are what[…]

Women’s basketball earns seventh-seed in NESCAC

With their NESCAC seeding and seniors’ pride on the line on Saturday, the Middlebury College Women’s basketball team came through with a big win over[…]

Otter Creek Brewery pours pints galore

Ever gone on a tour at one of Vermont’s finest local breweries and reached the end prepared to enjoy that long awaited (and perhaps necessary)[…]

For The Record – 2/17/2011

Chicago’s Smith Westerns showed up late for the party — about 40 years late. The teenage quartet’s home-brewed combination of garage-rock guitars, Beatles melodies, T-Rex[…]

1 in 8700: Angie Wade

Angie Wade has come a full circle. Upon finishing high school, she started work at Lazarus Department Store. Owned and managed by Stan Lazarus, the[…]

Men’s squash sees success in matches leading into playoffs

The Panther men played at home this weekend and had yet another great weekend on the squash court, winning three out of the five matches[…]

Women’s hockey rides defense to victory again

The women’s hockey team hosted then third-ranked Plattsburgh on Tuesday. Riding a seven-game winning streak in which they had allowed just three goals, the Panthers[…]

Localvore: Middlebury pizza pies satisfy

Pizza: there is something inexplicably appealing in the word, and the possibilities its myriad of forms suggest. In the United States, it has become a[…]

Swim team censured for misconduct

On Feb. 3, the College began investigations into an incident involving both the men’s and women’s swim teams on Feb. 2.  Dean of the College[…]

The Pragmatist

As Vermont addresses its $150 billion projected budget shortfall for the 2011 fiscal year, it will likely make the biggest cuts to human services, a[…]

Campus thrift store proves a success

The clock strikes five on a Friday afternoon and already there is a line through the three floors of Adirondack house. The door opens every[…]

Dominique Young Unique moves bodies

While Dominique Young Unique might not live up to the last third of her stage name, the first two thirds seem to be pretty accurate. […]

Local Lowdown

One-World Library Project presentation Feb. 17, 6:30 p.m. – 8 p.m. Tonight, enjoy a presentation entitled “Not Lost in Translation: Yoko Ogawa’s The Housekeeper and[…]

Staff spotlight: Leticia Arroyo Abad

Growing up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Assistant Professor of Economics Leticia Arroyo Abad experienced the vibrant culture of a city with 2,891,082 inhabitants. Currently, she[…]

Managing Vermont’s winter wonderland

The discomfort of trudging through endless snow is tempered only by one important consideration: at least we didn’t have to shovel it. Keeping the paths[…]

Indoor track sets five new school records

Following a strong showing at Dartmouth over February Break, the Middlebury men’s and women’s indoor track and field teams took part in meets this past[…]

Senior seminar in environmental science tackles local ecological issues

Faculty and students constantly advocate breaking the so-called “Middlebury bubble” and exploring life outside the confines of the Middlebury College campus. The Environmental Studies Senior[…]

Food for Thought

Over February break, a controversial lawsuit was brought against Taco Bell. California citizen Amanda Obney, along with a law firm in Alabama, claim that only[…]

Standard Deviations — 2/17/11

We live in a world often starved for touch.  There are occasions that are generally acceptable: a hug between friends (or a kiss, depending), a[…]

College establishes new Arabic major

With much of the Arab world undergoing revolutionary change, Middlebury students are taking another step towards understanding the region. Following a vote of approval at[…]

Old Chapel caps staff salaries

Many of the College’s 1,300 employees will find a different number on their paychecks in the next 18 months as Old Chapel restructures the staff[…]

Group housing options relocate

For the past three years, students have had the option of living with a group of up to 30 other students in Palmer, Fletcher, Mumford,[…]

ADK attic projected to close

CCAL is currently seeking alternate spaces for the Trunk, the Free Heelers and the Middlebury Mountain Club (MMC) after Public Safety deemed the attic of[…]

Site funds student entrepreneurs

After spending over two years in the planning stages, the College’s new program, MiddSTART, will officially launch in the coming weeks. MiddSTART, created through the[…]

Senators discuss gym for Ross, mid-year budget report

During its Feb. 13 meeting, the Student Government Association (SGA) discussed the possibility of opening a small gym in Ross Commons. Members also reviewed the[…]

Beyond the Bubble

The protests that have occurred in Tunisia and Egypt have been successful in fostering significant political change. In Tunisia popular protests resulted in the ousting[…]

College Shorts

Colby College Professor Resigns after Scandal Once a place of privacy, restrooms have been redefined for Colby College students. Professor of Economics Philip H. Brown,[…]

Under the Raydar

I am really impressed with my friends. To be more specific, I would say that I am impressed with the grace with which they carry[…]

Students evacuate from Egypt

All 22 students slated to attend the C.V. Starr-Middlebury School in the Middle East in Alexandria for the spring semester were safely evacuated by plane[…]

Old Chapel positions change

Six new administrative changes throughout the College this academic year have quietly shaken up responsibilities from the Health and Counseling Services to Cook and Brainerd[…]

Campus prepares for Winter Carnival

For the past 88 years, February has played host to one of the College’s most beloved traditions, Winter Carnival. This year, Winter Carnival will take[…]

Solar Decathalon receives $150K

Despite the recent announcement that the 2011 Solar Decathalon competition will not take place on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., members of the Middlebury[…]

Commencement ceremony to see changes

In an e-mail to students, faculty and staff in January, Old Chapel announced that the 2011 Middlebury College Commencement Weekend will see two changes to[…]

Beyond the Bubble

Over the past two weeks Egyptians have waged ideological battles across their country, arguing amongst one another about the problems within their nation, and about[…]

College Shorts

Teens turn to bath salts as alternative drugs Bath salts are no longer just for long, rejuvenating soaks in the Battell Hall bathtubs. According to[…]

The Secret Life of the American Administrator

Winter Term is over and spring semester has begun. And somehow, we have more snow now than we did during the entire month of January.[…]

Plastic, Paper, Cups…Shoot

A few weeks ago, I had a wonderful back and forth with a student and it came to both of us that perhaps the e-mail[…]

In need of a new strategy

We are losing the fight with carbon usage. Since the summer of 2009, climate and energy legislation has gone from passing the House of Representatives[…]

MAlt lessons reach into College life

Musical Chairs is an incredibly stressful game. I have few fond memories of this birthday party favorite. As I recall, manic kiddie music was featured[…]


The uprisings in Egypt, along with similar demonstrations in Tunisia, Jordan and Yemen, have shaken the sociopolitical status quo in the Middle East. These revolts[…]

Women’s squash falls in NESCAC championship

Last weekend, the Middlebury women’s squash team finished second overall at the fifth annual NESCAC Team Championships in Hartford, Ct., home of the Trinity College[…]

Men’s basketball rebounds from first loss

Even though the Middlebury men’s basketball team’s record-breaking run came to an end at the hands of rival Williams over February break, the Panthers remained[…]

Panthers hockey shuts down Camels, tallying ninth shutout of the season

The fifth-ranked Panthers ran their winning streak to seven games with two more victories this week over Hamilton and Connecticut College. The Panthers, 15-3-1, beat[…]

Women’s basketball bounces back from a four-game losing streak

The Middlebury College Women’s basketball team ended a four-game losing streak on Monday, defeating the Albany College of Pharmacy 74-64 at Pepin Arena. The win[…]

Henry Sheldon Museum brings past to life

From wedding gowns and toy dolls to pianos and tin trinkets, the Henry Sheldon Museum has it all. Room after room of tastefully displayed 19th[…]

Skiing finishes fourth at UVM Carnival, dissapointed by result

The UVM skiers used their home courses to their advantage last weekend to stay unbeaten in the 2011 season. The team podium for this weekend[…]

Poverty curtailed as HOPE spreads across county

John Graham dreamed of building an organization that provided a variety of basic services to those in need, and he did indeed make his vision[…]

Men’s squash earns best finish to date in NESCAC tournament

Last weekend the men’s squash team traveled to Trinity College to compete in the NESCAC tournament. The Panthers were ranked 15th going into the weekend,[…]

Metatheatrical experience combines our worlds

This past Monday, POST•M, a “devised metatheatrical creation”, was performed in the Dance Studio. Directed by Nerina Cocchi ’10, the show featured Alena Giesche ’11,[…]

Spring arts preview

Feb. 17-  Green Eden – This original play is the senior playwriting work of Noah Mease ’11. In it, Philip Cummings welcomes a young poet[…]

One Life Left – 2/10/11

If you were to ask me what trend currently defines the gaming industry, I would give two answers: sequels and motion control. Nintendo kicks off[…]

Men’s hockey improves on a lackluster start to season

After suffering the program’s first defeat in school history to Wesleyan three weekends ago, the men’s hockey team has rebounded onto the winning track. Going[…]

Reel Critic – 2/10/11

Watch Parks and Recreation. Seriously, do it. I know; you saw an episode in the first season and it wasn’t for you. Try again. Generally,[…]

One in 8700

As she walked down Main St. in Middlebury during a lunch break four years ago, Barbara Harding saw a ‘For Sale’ sign in the window[…]

Dance company explores New Orleans in performance

Jan. 21-22 at the Mahaney Center for the Arts the Dance Company premiered their semester long project, “Culture, cash and community: to have or have[…]

Visit the Green Mountain National Forest

Have you ever snow shoed up Monastery Mountain, cross-country skied across Bingo Brooke or walked the Robert Frost Interpretive Trail? If not then you have[…]

Local Lowdown

A capella concert Feb. 11, 7:30 p.m. – 9 p.m. Come hear the University of Vermont a capella group, the Top Cats, perform. The entertaining[…]

Orientation leaders guide new Febs

During February break, a new group of students was moving in. The class of 2014.5 began orientation on Feb. 2 and to help with their[…]

Under the Raydar

While trying to decide how to write A Valentine’s Day Column (yes, all of those words are capitalized), I turned to my foremothers in Features[…]

Campus Character: Bianca Giaever

Life is really just one big story, and no one seems to understand this more than Bianca Giaever  ’12.5. Giaever is an independent scholar at[…]

MAlt trips take students to four unique locations

A remarkable number of metaphors for an improved understanding of the world involve physical expansion. Whether an opening of eyes, broadening of horizons, or widening[…]

The L-Word

Valentine’s Day is coming up — don’t everyone get excited at once. In all honesty, though, I do get excited for Valentine’s Day, and not[…]

Social Entreprenueurship in the Liberal Arts

Jon Isham is an associate professor of economics This Winter Term, 21 students and I have learned a lot about social entrepreneurship. First, the idea[…]

Call to Establish a Peace and Conflict Studies Program

To The Campus, According to the New York Times, more than 400 universities and colleges worldwide offer individual courses, certificates and undergraduate or graduate degrees[…]

A Hunt submission

To The Campus, They say that home is where the heart is. So, when I was preparing to come to college last year as an[…]

Making sustainability mainstream

To The Campus, You start your day with a cup of hot coffee. You grab a banana in the dining hall for a snack after[…]

Men’s basketball extends streak, 2-0 in NESCAC

Not even a 13-point road deficit to a rival school could stop the Middlebury men’s basketball team from continuing its historic run over the weekend.[…]

Wesleyan overpowers Panther hockey for first time in history

After a rough opening week of the season, the Middlebury men’s hockey team seemed to have found its footing, going 4-1-2 in its next seven[…]

Women’s squash tears up NESCAC rivals

The Middlebury women’s squash team continued to perform at a high level last weekend, defeating Connecticut College, Amherst and Hamilton while improving to 9-1 on[…]

Women’s Hockey splits games at Amherst; wins first in shutout

The ninth-ranked Middlebury Panthers traveled to fifth-ranked Amherst this past weekend to continue a rivalry that has become one of the best in women’s college[…]

Ski teams open the season with success at St. Lawrence

The University of Vermont ski team kicked off its season in a dominating fashion by taking a commanding victory in the first carnival of the[…]

Men’s squash rides its five-game winning streak into the weekend

The Middlebury men’s squash team had another great weekend. On Jan. 15 and 16 they faced off against Amherst –– ranked 19th, Hobart –– ranked[…]

Women’s basketball cools off, drops two to conference opponents

The Middlebury women’s basketball team hit a bit of a rough patch to open conference play last weekend, falling on the road to both Tufts[…]

Swimming and diving beat Hamilton

Coming off wins against Bates and Colby, the Panthers looked to continue their success against Hamilton on Saturday.  The men scored a narrow 122-109 victory[…]

A trust in democracy despite tragedy

Seventy-six days ago, across the Unites State of America, contentious election after contentious election took place. At the end of the night, the Republican Party[…]

Shakespeare in the Dark

The 24-Hour Play Festival, which began at 8:00 on Saturday and ended with performances at 8:00 and 10:00 on Sunday, was a definite highlight of[…]

Guilt, blame and privilege

Dean of the College Shirley Collado’s Plates and Privilege article greatly bothers me. She distorts an issue of collective inefficiency into an opportunity to mount[…]

“Indie” Academics

For many, Winter Term can become a graveyard for grand schemes that never come to fruition. Among many people I know, “we’ll do it in[…]

Since when is a Carpenter not a carpenter?

My basement at home has two sides: one is a finished section with a big television, computer desk and ping-pong table. A door leads to[…]

ACoRN’s 10-year plan seeks to expand local market

The Addison County Relocalization Network (ACoRN), an organization started in 2005 in response to growing concerns about peak oil and environmental challenges, recently released “The[…]


Grades: they are the universally recognized symbols of our knowledge, skill and effort; they give us a platform on which to stand and proclaim our[…]

24-Hour Play Festival

It’s Saturday at 8 p.m., and whether you’re getting ready to throw your hands up in the air another time or bundling up for a[…]

Otter Creek Bakery installs solar panels

This fall, Otter Creek Bakery, located at 14 College Street, joined the town’s green efforts and installed solar panels on top of its roof. Growing[…]

Playwright’s reading inspires solo students

Nationally renowned poet, actor and playwright Dael Orlandersmith staged a reading of two new short scripts in the Seeler Studio Theatre on Thursday, Jan. 13[…]

Crummy days cured at Vt. Cookie Love

The aroma of fresh baked cookies that pervades Vermont Cookie Love is enough to make anyone’s mouth water. Owners Suzanna Miller and Paul Seyler opened[…]

1 in 8700: Jeff Costello

A native third-generation Vermonter, Jeff Costello’s favorite spot in Middlebury is the Town Green. He grew up in town and often worked in his father’s[…]

For the Record – Top 10 Albums of 2010

10) Menomena — Mines Menomena’s third proper album is one of the year’s most underrated, and it finds the Portland trio really hitting their stride,[…]

Reflections on the past, present and future

When I graduated from Middlebury in May of 1972, I had decided to seek election to the House of Representatives that fall, but I could[…]

For the Record – Top 10 Albums of 2010

10) Fang Island— Fang Island Any band that takes its name from an article in The Onion about Donald Rumsfeld’s secret hideaway is bound to[…]

“Proctor Face”

Casual, confident, but the stuttering gait and searching eyes betray real fear. “Is anyone I know here?” Methodically spooning lima beans about your spinach, making[…]

Et Tu, Sweatpants? – The Movies

The silver screen has a long and sequins-smattered history of facilitating the perpetual stylistic dialysis of the masses. No, not in what Blake Lively or[…]

For the Record – Top 10 Albums of 2010

Writing a top ten of 2010 makes me feel like a character straight from High Fidelity. My favorite ten albums of 2010 are… 10) White[…]

Local Lowdown

Open Mic at Carol’s Jan. 21, 7 p.m. Have something to say? Bring your friends to Carol’s Hungry Mind Cafe this Friday for Open Mic[…]

College celebrates Martin Luther King Day

This past weekend, the Middlebury College community organized and participated in a variety of events to honor the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. Stephanie[…]

Winter term workshops: student experts share their skills with the rest of us

When the following students decided to lead Winter Term workshops for the first time, the decision was sometimes less than self-assured, tempered by apprehension about[…]

Campus Character: Natty Smith

Natty Smith  ’10.5 had just returned from a weekend camping trip in the Green Mountains’ Bristol Cliffs when I interviewed him on Sunday. With three[…]

Class launches boat-building project

If you make your way over to Johnson Lounge, you might be surprised at what you’ll find. This month, the  Winter Term class “Vermont Waters”[…]

The Hunt comes back with a bang

Last year, when The Hunt failed to generate enough enthusiasm from students to be carried out, The Campus wrote that it would take “some strong-willed,[…]

Standard Deviations

Do me a favor. Take a moment, wherever you are, to take stock of your body. It’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it? Skin over muscle[…]

Juice Bar set to reopen in the spring, run by students

A group of students was recently awarded the contract to run the Juice Bar as part of the contest launched by Vice President for Administration[…]

College Study Shows Grades Increasing Over Time

According to data released by the Office of the Registrar, grades at the College have steadily increased over the past 10 years. The data tracked[…]

Forest Hall renovation scheduled for summer 2011

After the spring semester exam period, Facilities Services will begin a $10.5 million renovation of Forest Hall that will add 11 new beds and bring[…]

CCSRE works to promote diversity awareness on campus

Midway through its second year, the Center for the Comparative Study of Race and Ethnicity (CCSRE) continues to tackle issues of diversity in the Middlebury[…]

Students gather for civic conference

On Feb. 11 50 to 60 college students from across Vt. will converge on campus to discuss what role community service and civic engagement play[…]

Senate urges administration to adopt ROTC program

At its Jan. 16 meeting, the SGA passed several new resolutions, including a controversial resolution encouraging the administration to consider the re-instatement of a Reserve[…]

Beyond the Bubble

In recent weeks violence has erupted in the North African nation of Tunisia. The violence was first sparked on Dec. 17 when a young man[…]

Overseas Brief

JOHANNESBURG — While all of you are living it up in feet of snow, I’m sitting outside writing this in gloriously sunshiney, 70-degree weather (sorry[…]

College Shorts

FourLoko drink to be recycled, used as fuel Four Loko may have been banned from the shelf, but it has not yet been completely obliterated.[…]

The Reel Critic – 1/13/11

Top 10 Films of 2010 Simran Bhalla: The annual moment for our greatest cultural argument — the cause of many divorces and probably some religious[…]

Student musicians bring folksy groove to OSM

What causes us to shiver?  Stepping into the winter wind that cuts through goose down, a cold hand on a wrist, a rumble underfoot when[…]

One Life Left – 1/13/11

Top Games of 2010 2010 has come and gone and we are all one year closer to the end of existence as we know it. Silly[…]

One man show pairs circus act with AIDS awareness

It was easy to imagine David Schein in a circus. The opening segment of his solo performance, which came to the Mahaney Center for the[…]

Axelrod ’08 returns

Ezra Axelrod ’08 performed last Saturday at the CFA Concert Hall in an exclusive preview of his American Motel World Tour. The performance was an[…]

The Night Kite Revival, featuring Taylor Mali

Last Thursday, Middlebury students, faculty, staff and community members came together in the sold-out McCullough Social Space for a one-of-a-kind event: a spoken word poetry[…]

Making the Most of J-Term

So it’s J-term. After months of three, four or even five classes, we’ve arrived at our favorite month of the year. In order to help[…]

Professors pick apart the Wikileaks phenomenon and its implications for American politics and law

A large crowd gathered on Wednesday, Jan. 5 in the Robert A. Jones Conference Room to hear a selected panel of knowledgeable sources address the[…]

Campus Character — Jeffrey Garofano

During Winter term, the only politics Middlebury students deal with might be at which dining hall to eat and with whom to catch a ride[…]

Food for Thought — Culinary school grad Kate Strangfeld ’12 tells us what she’s eating this week

Next to the orange and banana, apples are one of the most ubiquitous fruit. When all other fruits seem to come and go, depending on[…]

Power Down challenge aims to reduce power use

Winter Term To-Do List: Ski. Sleep. Study. Catch up on Modern Family. Dance party at ADP. And “Power Down.” Middlebury’s famous Winter Term, sometimes known[…]

The L-Word — 1/13/11

Happy 2011, readers. May the new year bring a new start and new opportunities to love. It seems to be a January tradition to make[…]

The Gender Council: Grassroots Policy Change

To the Campus, In November 2009, a group of students and college employees asked a simple question: What if campus activists and experts interested in[…]

Men’s basketball wins record-setting 11th straight contest

As the new year rolls on, the Middlebury College men’s basketball team continues to rack up victories, setting a school record with an 11-0 start[…]


The spoken word event last Thursday, Night Kite Revival, was phenomenal. Listening to Taylor Mali turn Microsoft Word into spoken music was inspiring, and when[…]


The subject of this month’s column is misinterpretation facilitated by technology. Now, I’m sure you all have saved every one of my past columns and[…]

Women’s hockey routs Cardinals, battles rival Bantams to a 1-1 tie

After an incredible start to the regular season that saw the Panthers roar to a 7-0 record, the women’s hockey team has had a slower[…]

Men’s hockey improves record to .500 on season

After battling to a series of ties in their games against Southern Maine and Hamilton, the men’s hockey team put together a great team effort[…]

Top 5 local winter activities

From skiing, sledding and snowshoeing to eating local food and dog sledding, Vermont is chock-full of winter activities. Addison County boasts some of the state’s[…]

The Corporate world of greater good

In 2004, UPS decided to stop making left turns. With a tweaked GPS system, they eliminated all left turns from the routes that their 95,000[…]

Women’s basketball shines in early games

After starting the 2010-11 season 9-1, the Middlebury College Women’s basketball team is serving notice that Pepin Arena doesn’t just belong to the men anymore.[…]

It’s “grate” to be a Cabot consumer

Located at 869 Exchange St., tucked a few hundred yards off of the road, is the Cabot Creamery. Though one could easily drive by without[…]

Women’s squash mows down Polar Bears, Mules

The Middlebury women’s squash team began 2011 with convincing victories over two NESCAC opponents, Bowdoin and Colby. In matches played at the Simon Squash Center[…]

Vermont Folklife Center finds unique voices

This September marks the 27th anniversary of the Vermont Folklife Center. Minnesota native Brent Bjorkman, an experienced folklorist who took over as executive director three[…]

Read this while checking your BlackBerry

Multitasking plays the dual role of virtue and vice. While some list it under the skills section on their resumés, others condemn its effect on[…]

Men’s squash upsets 17th-ranked Bowdoin

In their opening match of the season on Dec. 5, Middlebury men’s squash played the formidable Princeton team, ranked third in the nation and boasting[…]


It is a rare thing in life to be aware of the fact that you have just experienced something special. Many times we look over[…]

One in 8,700

In the middle of a field in Whiting, Vt., white snow blankets the rolling hills and dusts the evergreen trees. A sled glides swiftly through[…]

Swimming and diving dunks Colby and Bates

The men’s and women’s swimming and diving teams were in need of some fast times and a couple of wins coming into their first weekend[…]

LocalVore: L’Amante is a Burlington Adventure

To experience truly great food is to fall in love.  It is an act of quiet passion conceived and carried out through exacting quality and[…]


Local Lowdown

Musical broadcast Jan. 13, 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. The Town Hall Theater is bringing a big show to the small town of Middlebury, as[…]

tIMe to shine

I was cross country skiing a few days ago, when I snow-plowed to an abrupt stop. In front of me was a steep downhill, and[…]

Porter sustains burglary damage

The Office of Public Safety continues to investigate the forced entry and burglary of Porter House, which was discovered on Dec. 28. Officer Chris Thompson,[…]

Men’s tennis receives NCAA Championship rings at Saturday’s home basketball game

The national champion Middlebury College men’s tennis team was honored by the NCAA on Saturday during halftime of the men’s basketball team’s 85-72 victory over[…]

Grille hours remain limited

Despite promises made last October for expanded operating hours at the Grille on Sundays and Mondays, administrators now predict new hours will not go into[…]

MMLA adds site at Swarthmore

The Middlebury-Monterey Language Academy (MMLA) has announced the addition of Swarthmore College to the summer school’s locations for 2011. Located in Swarthmore, Penn., the school[…]

SGA Update

In their first meeting of Winter Term, on Jan. 9, the Student Government Association (SGA) sought to address complaints about the lack of available newspapers[…]

Beyond the Bubble

On Jan. 9, citizens of South Sudan began the seven-day process of voting for their independence. The vote represents the culmination of a desperate 50-year[…]

Overseas briefing

BEIJING — It was somewhere between the instant noodle aisle and distilled rice spirits section that an unsettling sensation started in my stomach. Caught in[…]

College shorts

Study sheds light on effects of being dumped According to a recent study by the University of Michigan, being dumped has a negative effect on[…]

Faculty earn titles, tenure

Laurie Essig, assistant professor of sociology and anthropology and women’s and gender studies, along with four other professors, were approved for tenure this past fall.[…]

Study Break

Everyone deals with finals week in their own way. Some caffeinate, some go sleep deprived, some build a fort of books and never leave the[…]

Campus Character — Rhiya Trivedi

If you’ve ever been in Proctor Lounge, you’ve probably seen Rhiya Trivedi ’12. “I spend a disgusting amount of time here,” Trivedi said.  “People call[…]

Student starts ski tuning business

Middlebury Ski Tuning is a new business in the campus community, located at Old Stone Mill and founded by Tom Crocker ’11.5. It offers full[…]

Women’s cross country runs to sixth national title, men place 21st

The Panthers finished their season the way they started it –– on top. The women’s cross country team took home their sixth NCAA win in[…]

Student-led plan to keep professor takes off

When Visiting Professor of Education Studies Professor Tara Affolter checked her inbox on Nov. 14, she was in for a big surprise. She was greeted[…]

Requiem for Proposition 19

Daniel Pulido ’11 is from Bogota, Columbia. It feels strange to say that in Middlebury College the war on drugs has been lost. It makes[…]

Women’s hockey sets off season undefeated

It’s hard to imagine how the women’s hockey team could have had a better start to the 2010-2011 season. The Panthers beat NESCAC rivals Bowdoin[…]

A prayer to the bicycle gods

Cori Hundt ’11 is from Warren, NJ. I think I offended the bicycle gods. Perhaps I was a bicycle thief in a previous life? Or[…]

First impressions of Middlebury from an international graduate student

Ramune Pansa is  from Kassel, Germany Answer me one question: What are the first six things that come to your mind when you think about[…]

Left or right?

Andrew Torre ’13 is from Landgrove, Vt. In extreme economic circumstances such as those that prevail today, before any remedies can be applied, it must[…]

Standard Deviations — 12/2/10

There are fantasies, and there are fantasies.  There is the fantasy where your loving partner sweeps you off your feet to your favorite restaurant, where[…]

Under the Raydar — 12/2/10

One thing that always comes into clarity when I am home for Thanksgiving is that vivid line between being a child and being an adult.[…]

Men’s basketball opens 2010-2011 campaign on a 4-0 tear

While most of us were enjoying turkey and catching up on sleep, the Middlebury men’s basketball team got off to an undefeated start over the[…]

Craft fair supports fair wages

From jewelry from Kenya’s Spice Coast to beaded works from India, handmade goods from all over the world made an appearance at the 19th annual[…]

On douchebaggery and the like

Danil Rudoy ’11 is from Moscow, Russia The problem of douchebaggery at Middlebury College, a proud educational institution with a long history full of copious[…]

Swimming and diving opens season with trio of road meets

The men’s and women’s diving teams started off the season with back-to-back away meets the weekend of Nov. 20-21, swimming against Tufts and Connecticut College[…]

Emoticons ftw :)

This past week, Middlebury joined Williams and Bowdoin as the third NESCAC institution to enact gender-neutral housing legislation. Starting in Fall 2011, any sophomore, junior[…]

Danforth Pewter offers rare products

On the right side of Seymour St., just beyond the center of town, sits Danforth Pewter Company. Danforth displays items ranging from buttons to oil[…]

Men’s hockey performs well at PrimeLink Shootout

After a rocky season-opening weekend in which the Panthers lost to two mediocre NESCAC opponents, the men’s hockey team got down to business as they[…]

Ski teams train over break for upcoming 2011 season

The Middlebury Alpine and Nordic ski teams kicked off their seasons on the snow during their Thanksgiving break trips. The Alpine teams headed to Vail,[…]

First annual fashion show benefits HOPE

On Saturday, Nov. 20th, crowds gathered at the Middlebury Town Hall Theater for the first annual HOPE “Model Citizen” Fashion Show. The event, which partnered[…]

1 in 8700: Owners of the Ski Haus

Down the hill from campus in the main section of town sits The Ski Haus. The store, formerly known as the Alpine Shop, was recently[…]

Men’s soccer ends NCAA run in quarterfinals

In the world of sports, one second can create a fine line between winning and losing. The Middlebury men’s soccer team learned that lesson the[…]

The Pragmatist

Budget crunches and achievement gaps feature prominently in news around the country. School boards and communities across Vermont continue to explore ways to decrease the[…]

Women’s basketball runs through competition

With a 75-40 victory over Johnson & Wales on Saturday, the Middlebury women’s basketball team improved their record to 4-0, their best start since 2007,[…]


This past week, Middlebury joined Williams and Bowdoin as the third NESCAC institution to enact gender-neutral housing legislation. Starting in Fall 2011, any sophomore, junior[…]

Arkansas is the best state in the country and if anybody disagrees with me I’ll fight them in front of Proctor Friday morning

It’s that time of year again, folks. Thanksgiving has come and gone, the turkeys have been eaten, the dishes have been washed, the crazy uncles[…]

Local Lowdown

Author appearance Dec. 2, 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. Take a break from your studies to listen to Jared Duval, who will speak at the[…]

Council approves gender-neutral housing for 2011

Community Council has approved a proposal to implement gender-neutral housing for all sophomores, juniors and seniors beginning with rooming assignments for the fall semester of[…]

Two Panthers footballers named as Academic All-Americans

Middlebury has long prided itself on its dual status as a prestigious liberal arts college as well as a powerhouse in the world of Div.-III[…]

College’s for-profit ventures expand

On Nov. 20 Middlebury Interactive Languages (MIL) officially launched its software program MiddWorld Online at the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL)[…]

Early Decision I application numbers remain steady

Though applications may continue to trickle in since the Nov. 15 Early Decision I deadline, data from the Office of Admissions reveals that the number[…]

Chronicle reports high presidential compensation for 2008

On Nov. 14, The Chronicle of Higher Education released its annual compensation report for the chief executives of 448 colleges and universities across the U.S.,[…]

MMC makes Polartec competition finals

The College placed as a finalist in the Polartec “Made Possible” contest, a competition among college outdoor clubs to win a $10,000 grant for a[…]

Library expands access to research materials

With the College’s new membership this month in the Center for Research Libraries (CRL), students will have access to a plethora of research material comparable[…]

Beyond the Bubble

Tension continues to rise on the Korean peninsula following a series of attacks by the North Korean military against their South Korean neighbors. Both strikes[…]

Overseas Briefing

TEL AVIV — We ended up having about 15 minutes for our last activity.  We had eaten at a burger joint, shopped in a great[…]

Green Column

Have you ever counted how many napkins you grab in the dining hall at once? My friends and I tried a little social experiment this[…]


The Duke Nelson Recreational Center, dubbed the “alien space craft center” by Yeasayer themselves, slowly began to fill with Middlebury students as the shaggy-haired members[…]

Chaos reigns, performers captivate in “Marisol”

When the angels revolt against the senile God, the moon disappears and every item of food is turned into salt. Marisol, without the protection of[…]

Reel Critic – 11/18/10 – AMC Drama Roundup

Mad Men Season 4 recap (Simran Bhalla): As my editor Toren once tweeted, AMC continues “KILLING IT with the serialized dramas.” Mad Men’s penultimate season[…]

Quidditch Tri-Commissioners discuss the World Cup and the future of Quidditch

Kate Olen ’11 Senior Quidditch enthusiast Kate Olen ’11 is one of the veterans of the magical sport, as she has served as one of[…]

Flying Panthers: Middlebury students take to the skies (sort of)

As if a handful of NESCAC championships were not enough, this past weekend, Middlebury snatched up another victory at the 2010 Quidditch World Cup in[…]

Et Tu, Sweatpants – 11/18/10

Whether we like it or not, winter is coming: Vermont’s sub-artic, snow-covered, frostbitten, I-don’t-want-to-leave my-warm-bed-ever-again winter. And yes, the same chilled air that quashes many[…]

Fanning performs in college’s 1000th performance

This past Friday, Mead Chapel was home to a delightful concert that marked the Performing Arts Series’ 1000th performance since its creation. The concert focused[…]

Students give contra dance a whirl

On Friday, Nov. 12, the McCullough Social Space was filled with students twirling, skipping and stepping to traditional folk music. Sponsored by the Middlebury Mountain[…]

Professor likens “machismo” to the state of Mexico

On Friday, the Women’s and Gender Studies department hosted a lunchtime lecture by Visting Professor of Spanish and Portugese Giannina Reyes-Giardiello. Sitting with fellow students[…]

Macnee’s last-minute goal advances Panthers

The men’s soccer team has a flair for the dramatic, to say the least. Coming off a gripping shootout win in the NESCAC tournament final[…]

Field hockey downs Tufts, falls to Ursinus

Less than 24 hours after a thrilling come-from-behind victory over their NESCAC rival Tufts to advance to the regional finals of the NCAA tournament, the[…]

Food For Thought — 11/18/10

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the question, “Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable?” and now having graduated from culinary[…]

Football finishes with strong win over Tufts

Last Saturday, the Panthers finished the 2010 football season in style, beating the Tufts Jumbos (1-7) to improve to 4-4, salvaging a .500 season and[…]

Winter Sports Previews

Men’s Hockey The men’s hockey team enters the 2010-2011 season with big shoes to fill. The team won the NESCAC crown last winter and is[…]

The L-Word — 11/18/10

What’s the sexiest thing you can wear? Confidence. Your gender doesn’t matter, your sexual preferences don’t matter, even your looks don’t matter — if you[…]

The Interface — 11/18/10

When Jeanne Brink enrolled as a business student at the Vermont College of Norwich University in her late 30s, she never thought she’d graduate to[…]

“Mane” Event: New museum arrives in style

A new museum is bringing an old tradition to Middlebury residents. The National Museum of the Morgan Horse, located at 34 Main St., tells the[…]

Exhibit injects color into campus scenery

Nine different landscapes sprang from the same assignment; their angles and depths, mirroring reality, are soaked with the light and color produced from the mind.[…]

Staff Spotlight — Linus Owens

Linus Owens had a plan for his life. And then, things changed. We will start this story from the end: As many of you know,[…]

One in 8700

Many Middlebury students know that Noonie’s Deli, a sandwich shop in Marble Works, sells some of the biggest, tastiest, reasonably priced sandwiches around. Owner Bryan[…]

Angry Fans

While doing my normal snooping around sports websites, I came across a headline that made me shriek with joy –– “Lebron says quote misinterpreted, compares[…]

Volleyball wins first-ever NCAA game

Women’s volleyball ended their season with a loss to UMass Boston in the second round of the NCAA tournament. After what might possibly have been[…]

Campaign promotes nutrient dense crops

Wednesday night, the Ilsley Public Library hosted a talk by Dan Kittredge, founder and director of the Real Food Campaign. The presentation, which was open[…]

Rugby ends undefeated season with championship

The Middlebury College Rugby Club captured their fourth-ever Northeast Rugby Union championship on Sunday, defeating 21st-ranked William Patterson 43-5 at Bowdoin College. The second-ranked Panthers[…]

Hot chocolate tester explores Middlebury’s beverage options

Anyone who has been at Middlebury College longer than a few months knows there is a time when each of us needs saving. It may[…]

Local Lowdown

Sir Riel Nov. 18, 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. Head down to the Town Hall Theater on Thurs. night to witness an evening of “eccentric[…]

Cross country teams qualify for NCAAs

Coach Terry Aldrich put it best when  he said that the Panthers had “the most historic weekend for the Middlebury Cross Country team in the[…]

McKillop ends stellar career the right way

On Saturday afternoon in Middlebury, Vermont, one senior from Poway, California shone brighter than any other player on the field. From the time his name[…]

Local Wanders

Since 1998, the Spirit in Nature Interfaith Path Sanctuary has been a place where various faith groups walk, pray and promote environmental conservation. The trail[…]


Most students at Middlebury are athletes. Just over one in four students participate in varsity sports, and the percentage increases dramatically if we include JV,[…]

Rulers and the ruled

Last December hopes were high, and expectations soared as 197 countries sent representatives to the city of Copenhagen to take part in the United Nations[…]

Balance and the pass/fail system

This past week, we once again awoke in the early hours of the morning to stare at the lifeless blue screen of BannerWeb. Typing in[…]

Aid appreciation

I was excited to get an email in my inbox with the words: “You are the 2010-2011 recipient of the Anonymous Scholarship, a donor-funded scholarship[…]

Cuddle for carbon neutrality

The Vermont winter makes a solid argument against the existence of global warming, especially when gusts of icy snow get involved. Admittedly, this time of[…]

“Line by line and point by point”

When the woman in the most significant position of international climate policy power says that she does “not believe we will have a final agreement[…]

Midd Quidd!

To the Middlebury Campus, My family drove from New Hampshire to New York City this weekend to attend the Fourth Annual Quidditch World Cup. This[…]

Dressing up your subconcious

In the HBO series, Bored to Death, Ted Danson’s magazine-editing character hears that the board of his publication has voted to cut his column —[…]

“Keep Affolter”

Last fall I had the tremendous benefit of arriving on this campus and beginning my Middlebury journey in the classroom of Visiting Assistant Professor of[…]

Remembering a fellow sports editor

Technically speaking, Jeff Klein ’09 and I were co-editors of The Campus Sports section for three semesters in 2008, but that distinction doesn’t do justice[…]

Quidditch wins cup title in NYC

At the fourth annual Quidditch World Cup in New York City on Nov. 13-14, the second-seeded Middlebury team Constant Vigilance took the top prize. This[…]

MacGray conspiracy

How many times have you had your laundry in the washer and ready to go, having snagged a precious available washer on a busy Sunday[…]

College appoints Douglas, McKibben to new positions

President of the College Ronald D. Liebowitz recently announced two major positional changes. Vermont Governor Jim Douglas ’72 will join the College community as an[…]

College community mourns recent grad

The College community mourns the tragic death of recent graduate Jeff Klein ’09 on Nov. 9 near his home in Chappaqua, N.Y. A line of[…]

Grille managing staff retire

Director of Dining Services Matthew Biette recently discussed a change in the Grille’s management.  The current managers, Michael Glidden and Dave Kerin, who run the[…]

Professors opt for early retirement

Twelve senior faculty members will be retiring at the end of this semester as a result of the Faculty Retirement Incentive Program (FRIP), a program […]

Music department copes with library move

The recent decision to move the Music Library from the Kevin P. Mahaney ’84 Center for the Arts (CFA) into the Davis Family Library has[…]

Beyond the Bubble

After being detained for 15 of the last 21 years by the ruling military junta, Burmese pro-democracy leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, has finally been[…]

Overseas Brief

YAROSLAVL — My semester in Russia thus far has presented me with challenges both big and small. The big ones, like my upcoming term paper[…]

Inside the Crest

Legitimate representation demands clear and consistent communication between legislatures and their constituencies. Therefore, the recent polling program launched by the Student Government Association (SGA) and[…]

College Shorts

Students at the University of South Florida have been found guilty for cheating on a midterm exam for a senior-level business course. After an anonymous[…]

“Credit” where credit is due – Lisa Mulcahy

To the Middlebury Campus, The article published in the most recent issue of the Campus, entitled “Students debate course credits,” struck a nerve with me[…]

MCMP Presents: “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee”

According to Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary, a syzygy is “the     nearly straight-line configuration of three celestial bodies in a gravitational system.” One of more[…]

Monopoly: The Middlebury Edition


My dream is to find a career where I can be a hybrid of Tina Fey, Jon Stewart and Sam Seaborn. So far, I am[…]

The birth of small talk

This world has its ups and downs, but parts of it really suck. Airlines that decide it’s OK to strand me in a dirty motel[…]

Looking for trust

College students get a bad rap. Among any population there will be a few misbehaved deviants scattered among many upstanding individuals; but at Middlebury, it[…]

Editorial – 11/11

Midterm elections do not inspire quite as much media buzz and public interest as its quadrennial counterpart, the presidential election. And in some regards, they[…]

College’s affiliate artists collaborate in eclectic concert

From bagpipes to bassoon, from harmonica to horn, Middlebury College’s private music teachers put together an assorted performance of jazz, blues, classical, folk and new[…]

Men’s soccer captures NESCAC title in penalty shootout

After downing Tufts 3-0 at home on Halloween in the quarterfinals of the 2010 NESCAC tournament, the Middlebury men’s soccer team travelled to host school[…]

Women’s soccer falls 2-0 in semis

Last weekend, four teams converged on Amherst, Mass. to battle for the women’s soccer NESCAC crown. With the exception of the underdog Bates Bobcats, who[…]

Volleyball tears through tournament to win title

After traveling to Amherst to compete in the NESCAC championship, Middlebury returned to campus Sunday with their third ever conference title and first since 1998.[…]

Football edges Hamilton in first road win

Head coach Bob Ritter and the Middlebury Panthers got back in the victory column on Saturday, beating Hamilton 30-26, improving to 3-4 and keeping their[…]

Rugby dominates RPI

The MCRC bounced back in a big way on Saturday, beating Rensslaer Polytechnic Institute 36-5 in the quarterfinal round of the Northeast Rugby Union playoffs[…]

Cross country competes at ECACs

On Saturday, the Panthers raced at cross country ECACs in Bristol, R.I., and both teams turned in yet another outstanding weekend. The men’s team took[…]

Fall Sports Awards

Middlebury teams have long enjoyed a tradition of excellence in D-III athletics. Panther teams have won NESCAC titles and athletes have earned Player of the[…]

For the Record – “Love King”

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Terius Nash. Terius, aka The-Dream, enjoys pursuing women, “Patrónin’” and informing you of his sexual and financial prowess. Oh, and he[…]

One Life Left – “Fallout: New Vegas”

“You have one favor, but think it through before you ask me.” Looking through my dialogue options, I could ask for some money, extra items[…]

Spotlight On…Andrew Weaver

51 Main welcomed a different kind of performer Nov. 6 when Andrew Weaver ’13 gave a reading from his recently published collection of short stories,[…]

Nothing’s hotter than an otter

In March of 1991, Laurence Miller brewed his first Copper Ale. The owner of Otter Creek Brewery, Miller opened his business at 616 Exchange Street,[…]

Parini to read from new book

This year’s Vermont Bookshop Authors Series starts off with a bang with the release of author (and D. E. Axinn Professor of English and Creative[…]

Local dinner addresses poverty

Families and friends from the town of Middlebury and its surrounding area gathered at the Middlebury Methodist Church on Nov. 6 for the 19th annual[…]

1 in 8700 – Meet Middlebury’s resident piercing expert and pro wrestler

Body piercer, bouncer, professional wrestler, actor, stand-up comedian, glass-eater and guest star on Tila Tequila. These are just some of the various professions that Pierre[…]

Old Gold dresses many in Vermont

As the festive glow of Halloween fades, one costume shop in Burlington, Vt. still relishes the success of its bustling fall season and prepares for[…]

The Pragmatist

Democrat Peter Shumlin won the Vermont governors’ race on Tuesday Nov. 2. At Election Night at the Grille, political science professors Betram Johnson and Matt[…]

Angry fans

A number of recent injuries to Brett Favre have led to questions about whether or not his streak of 292 consecutive starts will continue. The[…]

Local Lowdown

“Thoroughly Modern Milly” Nov. 11-13, 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. Make a trip to Vergennes Union High School (VUHS) to see a fantastic musical comedy.[…]

Standard Deviations

Trying SM for the first time is a lot like visiting the parents of your significant other for the first time—probably awkward, possibly painful, and[…]

Under the Raydar

I have been struck with a hyperawareness of awareness itself, and it has appeared in extremely polar forms. Please be warned, this is going to[…]

Outdoor program gets SGA support

The Student Government Association (SGA) recently passed a resolution to seek financial and organizational support from the administration for an improved outdoor orientation program. The[…]

Senior gift goes to Solar Decathlon project

Every year since 1981, the members of the senior class have honored their time at Middlebury by giving a class gift to the College. “The[…]

SGA initiates $5 vacation shuttle program

In past years, students’ options for airport transport have been limited to friends’ cars and expensive local transportation services. Due to these conditions, the SGA[…]

Prop 19 picks up support at Midd

Proposition 19 did not pass in California. However, if it had been put to a vote here at Middlebury, it seems it might have found[…]

“I’m Majoring In…” Middlebury Students Choose their Own Majors

The Independent Scholar is a rare breed at Middlebury. Each is passionate about a specific field that does not fit within one of the established[…]

Campus Character: Ada Santiago and Fugu

“He’s really curious,” said Ada Santiago ’13. “He likes to be in the know. When new people come, he likes to meet them. He’s playful[…]

Atwater opens for special dinners

Starting Nov. 29, Atwater Dining Hall will open again through special dinners sponsored by Middlebury College Activities Board (MCAB). Old Chapel closed Atwater’s regular dining[…]

College seeks design plan for Atwater green

Vice President for Administration Tim Spears, working alongside Facilities Services landscape horticulturalist Tim Parsons, has recently launched a student design contest, known as “The Atwater[…]

Spring symposium results arrive

The Middlebury College Activities Board (MCAB) Speakers Committee has awarded funding for the Spring Symposium to a proposal entitled “Communities and Justice: Inequality and Innovation[…]

Community Council reviews party registration

During its meetings on Nov. 2 and 8, Community Council reviewed the Public Safety Department’s role on campus, as well as policies surrounding student print[…]

SGA Update

At the Nov. 7 Student Government Association (SGA) meeting, a new resolution to reform aspects of Middlebury’s course credit system was introduced. The resolution was[…]

Acclaimed author Ted Conover delivers talk “Sending Myself to Prison”

Author and journalist Ted Conover will give a talk today at 4:30 p.m. in Dana Auditorium entitled “Sending Myself to Prison (and Other Places I[…]

Beyond the Bubble

Since the end of World War II, the global community has focused on deterring states and individuals from committing violent acts. With this aim it[…]

Green News

The past month has been an important one for the Solar Decathlon (SD). From being chosen as the lucky recipients of the Senior Class Gift,[…]

Overseas Briefing

by Peter Hirsch ’12 When I am at home over the summer I always dread going to the grocery store. This is not because of[…]

For the Record – 11/4/10

Artist |Deerhunter Album |Halcyon Digest From the opening bass rumbles of “Earthquake,” we are shaken (how much depends on how loud you crank the volume)[…]

“Major Barbara”, strong cast offers intimate interpretation

As Ellis Professor of English and Liberal Arts John Bertolini mentions in his program notes, “unusual people” of idiosyncratic ambition inhabit Major Barbara. George Bernard[…]

Et tu, Sweaterpants? – 11/4/10

Though I am a firm believer in the flexibility and personalization of fashion, there are certain things that will never be in style; socially blacklisted[…]

“It’s an Olio” breaks fourth wall and other theatre conventions

It’s an Olio, a four-man wonder featuring the talents of JP Allen ’11, Ben Meader ’10.5 and Gillian Durkee ’11, as well as the multiple[…]

Shao, Phillips, others perform in haunting concert

The New York Times has called cellist Sophie Shao “eloquent and powerful.” One might think this is a paradox, but to be a truly exceptional[…]

Open Mic explores stories of coming out, identity

Identity is a broad, even baffling theme. It is intensely personal. It can be painful. It was thoroughly picked apart, laughed over and celebrated at[…]

Huckett and Friends perform cozy concert

The Concert Hall was filled with eclectic music Saturday night as musician Dayve Huckett and friends took the stage. An affiliate artist with the College,[…]

Diagnosis of a Faun

In the most recent installment of the Performing Arts Series, Middlebury College played host to Tamar Rogoff’s Diagnosis of a Faun.  The piece focuses on[…]

One Life Left – “Castlevania: Lords of Shadow”

The Castlevania franchise is one of those franchises that anyone who spends any of the time in the realm of gaming can instantly recognize, but[…]

The Reel Critic – “The Social Network”

Generally, when watching the average Hollywood blockbuster, the discerning filmgoer has to resort to deriving pleasure not from the film itself, but from being the[…]

Alumni Band Showcase

On Friday, in honor of homcoming weekend, the Grille hosted a special edition of the MCAB-sponsored “Music and Drinks” series, featuring a showcase of four[…]

Wright’s Cosmic Makeover

From Oct. 15-19, native Vermont artist Sabra Field ’57 watched her mural “Cosmic Geometry” come to life on the back wall of the Wright Memorial[…]

Board of trustees passes six resolutions

Six resolutions were successfully passed at last weekend’s board of trustees meeting. At their Oct. 23 board meeting, the trustees moved to accept the College’s[…]

Students and faculty debate one course, one credit

Students taking natural science and introductory language courses routinely spend twice the amount of time in class than students in other classes, prompting a possible[…]

Middlebury Initiative raises $338 million

Despite the effects of the economic downturn in the past two years, the Middlebury Initiative has raised approximately $338 million and is well on its[…]

Solar Decathlon wins Senior Gift vote

On Nov. 1, the Senior Committee unveiled this year’s senior class gift. After deliberating between three possible candidates, the class voted to donate the $100,000[…]

Admired French professor passes

Jean Thompson Fulton Professor Emerita of French Carol Rifelj recently passed away after spending 38 years as an esteemed member of the faculty at the[…]

Office manages all events for students

The wide array of events that happen on campus, compounded by a lack of communication between student groups and a limited number of venues, make[…]

Overseas Brief

Everything I know and am is utterly false. This is what the British students at Oxford tell me. I cannot speak or spell or tell[…]

Inside the Crest

This past week, Student Government Association (SGA) passed resolutions urging the Administration readopt the outdoor orientation program — a move this column previously examined in[…]

Beyond the Bubble

This week, the nation of Brazil added itself to the increasingly long list of countries that have recently elected a female leader. Campaigning on the[…]

College Shorts

This week, the private company Kiplinger released its “11 Best-Value Private Universities,” with Princeton, Yale and California Institute of Technology topping the charts, respectively. Kiplinger[…]

MOQA organizes week of celebrating identities

The Middlebury Open Queer Alliance (MOQA) sponsored a week of identity exploration Oct. 20-28, replacing its traditional Coming Out Week, centered around National Coming Out[…]

New ‘shame campaign’ targets problem of disappearing plates

The Communications Office has launched a new multimedia initiative to address the perennial problem of plates disappearing from the dining halls.  Described as a “shame[…]

SRC streamlines departments in wake of staff reduction

The Staff Resources Committee (SRC) is continuing to grapple with the task of staff attrition and departmental streamlining as a result of the financial setbacks[…]

MCAB survey reveals student satisfaction with campus events

Recently the Middlebury College Activities Board (MCAB) surveyed the student body in order to gather input on the status of social life at the College.[…]

Community Council commences meetings for the semester

The Community Council, with its representative membership of students, faculty and staff, is an encompassing forum through which every member of the College community is[…]

SGA Update – Senators introduce OINK resolution, discuss buses for breaks

At its Oct. 24 meeting, the Student Government Association (SGA) introduced a resolution to encourage the College to establish an outdoor introduction program. This College-run[…]

Spooktaular event treats all in town

Pirates, princesses, cowboys and witches alike gathered on the Middlebury town green on the afternoon of Saturday, Oct. 30 to celebrate the third annual Halloween[…]

Communications organizes ‘Murmur’ campus network

The Office of Communications is working to establish a “Murmur” network on campus. Murmur, which originated in Toronto’s Kensington Market neighborhood in 2003, is a[…]

Overseas Brief

PARIS — After two years of coping with the relentless stress we urban types experience surrounded by the physical beauty and placid countryside of Middlebury,[…]

Beyond the Bubble

Following the G20 Summit meeting in South Korea, much speculation has been offered regarding the souring of relations between the American and Chinese governments. Though[…]

Green Column

It would be an understatement to say that sports are a big part of life at the College. About 28 percent of the student body[…]

Cabaret show wows local crowds

On Oct. 28, the Byers Studio of the Middlebury Town Hall Theater was transformed into a true cabaret setting: small, candlelit tables faced the front[…]

Local Lowdown

Spaghetti dinner Nov. 5, 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. Looking for some home cooking? Tired of Ross and Proctor’s tofu? Come to the St. Ambrose[…]

Trick me twice, shame on me – Christian Schoning

At 12:30 a.m. this past Saturday, a friend and I decided to hit up the Bunker, host of the annual VACA-sponsored Halloween party, featuring DJs[…]


It is rare that we think of Middlebury, both town and college, as a mighty, unified force. It is more common that we equate the[…]

Crossword Answers – 11/4

Crossword Answers – 11/4

Coming OUT – Sean Maye ’11

Middlebury’s OUT day marks one of the first times that our campus has collectively engaged the idea that honesty about our identities can truly foster[…]

Climate refugees: our greatest responsibility

Being a climate activist, I tend to engage in some pretty intense and discouraging discourse. Still, the most terrifying conversation I’ve ever had was with[…]

Spooktacular fun – Nicole Duquette

To The Campus, I would like to extend a “wonderful job done” to the students who volunteered their time to the Spooktacular event held on[…]

Go green for the kids

Three weeks ago, as the rest of the editorial board was working tirelessly on our third annual Green Issue, I was taking a holiday from[…]

Bad decisions to no decisions

As you read this column you know who has won and who has lost in the midterm elections. You know who will control the House[…]

McDonalds reopens for business

Eighty-six days ago, McDonalds, located at 280 Court Street off of Route 7, closed for renovation. Many were dismayed: the infamous late-night Big Mac and[…]

Local Wanders

The Trail Around Middlebury (TAM) is a 16-mile foot and bike path that circles the town of Middlebury, linking several parks and protected areas. The[…]

1 in 8700

During his Ultraman Competition, a three-day event in Hawaii that includes a 6.2-mile swim, a 261.4-mile bike ride and a 52.4-mile run, Steve Hare listened[…]

Middlebury christens Cross Street Bridge

This Saturday, Oct. 30 marked one of the most significant events for the town of Middlebury in the past century. The Cross Street Bridge, a[…]

Local Lowdown

Bake and rummage sale Oct 29, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Oct 30, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. The Middlebury United Methodist Church has[…]

Cross Street Bridge Grand Opening

After 18 months of construction, the $16 million Cross Street Bridge above Otter Creek will open this Saturday, Oct. 30. Joe Colangelo, the assistant town[…]

E-VT reaches out to Vt. communities

Part of Vermont’s charm lies in a simple image of its landscape: quaint New England villages nestled in rolling hills dotted with red barns and[…]

The Pragmatist

Vermont’s ongoing budget problems have affected education due to the aging of the state’s population coupled with a decrease in the number of school-aged children.In[…]

1 in 8700

David Nienow, owner of Ramunto’s Pizza in downtown Middlebury, has worked in the food industry nearly his entire life. A native of Southern Wisconsin, Nienow[…]

Route 7 solar farm prepares to join grid

In June 2010, the Vermont State Legislature passed a bill to take affirmative steps away from the use of fossil fuels and towards renewable energy.[…]

2010 Gubernatorial General Election

Vermont’s political scene is heating up in the midst of preparations for the upcoming gubernatorial general election, set for Nov. 2. Incumbent Republican Governor Jim[…]

Cross country teams storm NESCACs to take title

For the first time ever in the history of Middlebury cross-country, the Middlebury men took home a NESCAC championship at Hamilton College on Saturday. The[…]

Men’s soccer rebounds with resounding win over Tufts

Following a tough 1-0 loss at home to Bates on Oct. 23, the Middlebury men’s soccer team needed a win on the road against Williams[…]

Panthers defeat Trinity to advance in playoffs

For the last regular season game of the fall, the Panthers travelled to Williamstown to take on the formidable Ephs in a match-up that would[…]

Volleyball draws second seed in playoffs

Women’s volleyball finished their regular season with a strong showing at Hamilton College this past weekend. The Panthers easily beat the host school 3-0 Friday[…]

Crew launches successful 8s program

The Middlebury Crew Club is a team caught in transition. The team has grown to its largest membership ever, with 21 members on the varsity[…]

Field hockey falls in NESCAC quarterfinals

After finishing up their regular season with a 2-1 overtime victory at Williams for their ninth straight win, Middlebury (11-4) was defeated by the sixth-seeded[…]

Panther offense stifled by Bantams in loss

The Panthers dropped to 2-4 Saturday after losing 25-10 to Trinity (5-1). Despite a strong start from the Panthers, the Bantams dominated the second half[…]

Tim Edwards ’10 furthers basketball career

Tim Edwards ’10,  former co-captain of the most sucessful basketball team in Middlebury history, has recently signed an  agreement to play for SB DJK Rosenheim[…]

“Picking Up Butch” featured on E:60

The venerable ESPN show “E:60” had a distinctly Middlebury feel this week, as one of the episode’s 15-minute segments was dedicated to the well-known Middlebury[…]

Rugby wins New England

En route to their 13th consecutive undefeated regular season, the seemingly invincible men’s rugby club had a bit of a scare this past weekend when[…]

Women’s soccer poised for showdown with Williams

Playing their first home game in a week and a half, the Panthers fed off of the crystal clear fall day and the support of[…]

Field hockey wins eighth straight

Middlebury (10-3) kept their impressive streak rolling Saturday with a dominant 4-1 victory over the Bates Bobcats (4-9), the team’s eighth straight win. More importantly,[…]

Football gains Homecoming redemption

Everything is better after a win –– just ask Panthers head football coach Bob Ritter –– particularly when you can run the ball effectively. The[…]

Rugby club sees success at home and away games

The Middlebury College Rugby Club faced their hardest test of the season this Saturday, taking on rising Northeast power Boston University at home in front[…]

Cycling club competes in Mountain Bike National Championships

Fall is mountain bike season for the Middlebury Cycling Club, which has seen a huge groundswell in interest this year and now boasts a team[…]

Angry Fans

In the wake of a weekend that saw three players get fined $50,000 or more for illegal hits that knocked Desean Jackson, Josh Cribbs and[…]

Volleyball does not lose a game at Hall of Fame

After defeating Plymouth State at home earlier in the week on their Senior Night, Middlebury women’s volleyball traveled to Holyoke, Massachusetts to compete in the[…]

First-place Panthers upset by Bates in Homecoming game

Following its first loss of the season back on Oct. 2 to Colby, the Middlebury men’s soccer team has been on a roll. Leading up[…]

Water polo finishes fourth in hosted event

This weekend the Middlebury men’s water polo team played dual roles as hosts and underdogs, and very nearly added spoilers to their resume as well.[…]

Inside the Locker Room with Scarlett Kirk ’14

Rookie sensation Scarlett Kirk ’14 burst onto the Middlebury sports scen two weeks ago in spectacular fashion, providing the offensive spark that helped propell the[…]

The Plates of Wrath

Over the past week, the communications office has been rolling out its new battle strategy against dishware thieves. You might have seen the posters with[…]

Fall Break Adventures: Students live it up on and off campus

Students Find Family Away From Home There’s no wrong way to spend fall break. You can stay on campus with friends, admiring the fall foliage[…]

Health and Wellness center offers alternative activities

TGIF! But what is there to do to kick-off the weekend? Friday Night Coffeehouses. Every Friday in the Grille, the Health and Wellness Center hosts[…]

Organizations recruit graduating seniors

After three years at Middlebury College, in some cases more, all students must face the nagging question of what comes next. The Career Services Office[…]

Beckley bears down on U.S. poverty

“U.S. Poverty: It’s Timed to be Ashamed,” declared the first slide of director of Washington and Lee University’s Shepherd Poverty Program, Dr. Harlan Beckley’s Oct.[…]

Cameron Cup kicks off in the cold

During the afternoon after the first snow of the year (well, okay, flurries- but it still counts), a small group of students met on Battell[…]

Staff Spotlight: Murray Dry

When you enter Charles A. Dana Professor of Political Science Murray P. Dry’s office he appears, dare I say it, quiet. The man who sits[…]

Under the Raydar — 10/28/10

So, I made a bad decision. Well, a series of bad decisions that led me to one place: a required 8 a.m. class my senior[…]

Standard Deviations — 10/28/10

You are beautiful. When I say this, I don’t mean it as some feel-good, wake-up-in-the-morning-feeling-like-P-Diddy sort of mantra that you are supposed to use to[…]

Communications Office’s new ‘shame campaign’ targets plate problem

The Communications Office has launched a new multimedia initiative to address the perennial problem of plates disappearing from the dining halls. Described as a “shame[…]

SRC reorganizes departments

The Staff Resources Committee (SRC) is continuing to grapple with the task of staff attrition and departmental streamlining as a result of the financial setbacks[…]

SRC reorganizes departments

The Staff Resources Committee (SRC) is continuing to grapple with the task of staff attrition and departmental streamlining as a result of the financial setbacks[…]

MCAB survey reveals satisfaction with events

Recently the Middlebury College Activities Board (MCAB) surveyed the student body in order to gather input on the status of social life at the College.[…]

Community Council governs student ife

The Community Council, with its representative membership of students, faculty and staff, is an encompassing forum through which every member of the College community is[…]

SGA Update

At its Oct. 24 meeting, the Student Government Association (SGA) introduced a resolution to encourage the College to establish an outdoor introduction program. This College-run[…]

Communications organizes ‘Murmur’ network on campus

The Office of Communications is working to establish a “Murmur” network on campus. Murmur, which originated in Toronto’s Kensington Market neighborhood in 2003, is a[…]

Beyond the Bubble

Following the G20 Summit meeting in South Korea, much speculation has been offered regarding the souring of relations between the American and Chinese governments. Though[…]

Overseas Briefing

PARIS — After two years of coping with the relentless stress we urban types experience surrounded by the physical beauty and placid countryside of Middlebury,[…]

Green Column – A green Homecoming weekend

It would be an understatement to say that sports are a big part of life at the College. About 28 percent of the student body[…]

Women’s soccer pulls off four-goal comeback in “miracle at Middlebury”

Down 3-0 with only 10 minutes left to play, most teams would drop their heads and resign themselves to defeat. That attitude, however, is not[…]

For the Record – 10/14/10

Artist |Walkmen Album |Lisbon The reign of the dejected, early-2000s post-punk rockers is over. The Strokes have failed to produce a notable work in almost[…]

Volleyball stands alone atop NESCAC rankings

After a stellar weekend, women’s volleyball moves to 5-0 in conference play and takes over sole possession of the number one position in the NESCAC.[…]

Football falls in heartbreaker to Amherst

If the disappointment that resonated through the press box after the Panthers 38-31 loss to Amherst was any indication of the feelings that head coach[…]

Men’s soccer returns to winning ways, blanks Amherst 1-0 at home

After conceding its first two goals of the season in last week’s stunning overtime loss at Colby, the Middlebury men’s soccer team was hungry for[…]

Et tu, Sweatpants? – 10/14/10

Here at Middlebury, we pride ourselves on our quest for carbon neutrality, our compost piles, our organic garden and overall awareness and attentiveness to the[…]

Women’s golf completes turnaround season, finishes second in NESCAC

In a weekend jam-packed with Panthers home athletic action, both Middlebury golf teams took their shows on the road to other NESCAC venues. The women[…]

One for you and one for me

A classic fall tradition — apple picking — has met yet another of Vermont’s defin ing characteristics: supporting the community. “Pick For Your Neighbor” is[…]

Awareness arrives through yoga

On the 10th day of the 10th month of this millennium’s 10th year, Middlebury celebrated 350.org’s Global Work Party with a morning yoga session at[…]

Community celebrates Global Work Party

In 188 different countries, people joined together at 7,347 Global Work Parties across the globe. Groups gathered to celebrate the environment, and to inspire political[…]

Women’s cross country turns in historic finish

This weekend, the Panthers competed in the Open New England Championships. The race took place in Boston, where the men’s and women’s cross country teams[…]

Break the mold with a new fall break

With fall break almost here, anxiety is high across campus as students count down the minutes until, for four days, they are free from work[…]

Rugby drives St. Mike’s into the mud

After a change of both time and venue for Middlebury’s match against St. Michael’s College last weekend the MCRC fought their way to a final[…]

First-Year Show explores themes of love

A staple of the theatrical calendar each year, the First-Year Show showcases Middlebury’s freshest dramatic talent. This production, the 15th of its kind, was no[…]

1 in 8700

It started with a small truck. Robin Igenthron hated commuting by car to Boston from Middlebury for his job at Electronicycle. He had his trucking[…]

Angry Fans Go Green

We’re all about The Campus’ Green Issue, but given the current amount of sustainability in professional and major college sports we didn’t feel a though[…]

Local Lowdown

Cornwall Harvest Festival October 15, 2:30 p.m. – 4 p.m. Come join the harvest festivities at the Cornwall School! Students have been busy making arrangements[…]

Women’s tennis team delivers strong home performance

In honor of former head coach Gail Smith, who holds a record 107 wins during her tenure that lasted from 1983 to 1999, Middlebury hosted[…]

Field hockey, led by Greer, downs Amherst 4-1

The 18th-ranked Panthers field hockey team continued their resurgence on Saturday with a 4-1 home victory over the NESCAC rival and 17th-ranked Lord Jeffs. The Middlebury[…]

Local Wanders

“Organic isn’t some high-in-the-sky idea; green isn’t some exotic goal,” said Larry Plesent, CEO of Vermont Soap Organics. “It’s just what you do.” For the[…]

Remembering Beethoven

When one thinks of Beethoven, the first things that come to mind are the heroic tours de force bursting from each symphony and the piano[…]

Middlebury Athletics “goes green” for Homecoming

Green, aside from being the color of the fields, is not a characteristic usually associated with sports; however, students and faculty alike are working to[…]

Photography exhibit explores nature

For the College’s students, environmental awareness is not a new topic. However, to actually see human destruction against the genuinely beautiful backdrop of nature is[…]

Alum builds green beauty business

As Middlebury College sends its graduates off into the real world each May and February, the question “What will they do next?” is often on[…]

The scoop on Carbon Dioxide in the air

Climate change is a contentious issue framed by questions across social, economic, cultural, political, scientific and ethical realms. Was the early ripening of apples in[…]

The only realistic option for survival

It has indeed occurred to me that the position I’ll soon take towards this question will be attacked. Critics and sympathizers alike will accuse me[…]

Getting to know the Residential Sustainability Coordinators

The dictionary definition of “sustainable” is “able to be upheld or defended.” However, the question of what we’re trying to sustain varies from person to[…]

Green Issue Editorial

If the green masthead or eco-centric content has not tipped you off, you are reading our third annual green issue. Alongside our usual news articles[…]

Military innovation, consumer demand

To The Campus, In response to, “U.S. Military Orders Less Dependence on Fossil Fuels” by Elisabeth Rosenthal, published on Oct. 4 in the New York[…]

Cook festival offers family fun

On Forest lawn, with the fitting backdrop of fall trees with leaves of various hues, sit six tables. The first is for cider donuts. If,[…]

Twitter won’t save the world, but it will help

At last weekend’s TEDx talks, my friend Sierra Murdoch ’09.5 gave an unexpected piece of advice. “Stay away from screens,” she cautioned, “Be wary of[…]

Bikes crossing borders

To The Campus, The bicycle need not be abandoned when we turn 16 and (finally) pass the drivers test. They are generally so beneficial to[…]

The audacity to lead

Almost every day at Middlebury College, I receive an influx of emails announcing the latest environmental initiatives and encouraging students to make their voices heard.[…]

“The great moral fight of our age”

Thanks to dogged efforts this month by leaders of “Race to Replace” — yet another inspired project of Middlebury’s Sunday Night Group — several hundred[…]

The confusion of composting

If Middlebury has taught me one thing, it’s that this planet is absolutely mind-blowing incredible. Think about it: Earth has created and supports countless forms[…]

In defense of a “flawed system”

When Senator Michael Bennnet (D-Colo.) was the superintendent of Denver schools — a public school system at the very bottom of national rankings — he[…]

A step toward sustainable energy

To The Campus, It has been nearly five years since President George W. Bush’s explicit remark on ‘America’s addiction to oil’ in his fifth State[…]

The L-Word

It’s not easy being green. If I have learned anything about living a sustainable lifestyle (and I have learned a lot while at Middlebury), it’s[…]

Campus Character: Sierra Young

For most four-year-olds, a major accomplishment might be a successful count to 10 or a particularly imaginative finger painting. For Sierra Young ’12, it was[…]

More Green(grass), less Green(backs)

Anyone looking out upon the green hills and dusky red vistas of Middlebury College would be aware of the beauty of the world and the[…]

Plant achieves carbon dioxide reduction

Statistical evidence from student/faculty research has shown that the College’s biomass gasification plant is running to its full capabilities and will help Middlebury remain on[…]

Daniel Brayton: On being blue

Americans tend to dislike regulations. We don’t like being told what to do, much less how or why to curb our appetites. Yet we are[…]

The Interface

When Elder Simeoli was 19, he left his home in Las Vegas to serve his two years as a Mormon missionary in Maine. After teaching[…]

Fall concert features Yeasayer and DOM

The Brooklyn-based indie rock band Yeasayer will play in Nelson Recreational Center on Nov. 13. DOM, the Worcester, Mass.-based electronic pop group, will open. For[…]

10/10/10 activism proves a success

Sunday, Oct. 10 — the serendipitously timed 10/10/10 — saw a profusion of environmental activism under the auspices of 350.org, the campaign to reverse climate[…]

Solar decathlon team prepares for competition

The Solar Decathlon team continues this fall to work on the design, fundraising and community outreach for their project in preparation for the competition held[…]

Harris pursues reporting on cement

One of ten early career journalists to have received the Middlebury College Fellowships in Environmental Journalism this year, Sarah Harris ’11 plans to “tell the[…]

Students organize for coal independence

On Oct. 9, hundreds of Vermont college students were registered to vote as part of an effort through the Race to Replace campaign. Teams of[…]

Poverty Symposium begins Oct. 21

American Poverty in Context, a fall symposium exploring issues of poverty and hunger in the U.S., will run from Oct. 21 to Oct. 29 and[…]

Green News

Falling leaves, shorter days and chilly nights. Summer in Vermont, sadly, has definitely come to a close. But in the Harris Farmhouse, things are still[…]

College Shorts

Aiming to influence elected officials for the midterm elections in less than a month, students, faculty and advocacy groups have begun demonstrating publicly to show[…]

Overseas Brief

KAMPALA — I had a chicken on my right, a baby on my lap and there was a lingering smell of rotting fish in the[…]

Beyond the Bubble

Few Americans seem to know about the Canadian government, people or history. While Americans may not know the name of our current prime minister, they[…]

College extends Grille hours on Sundays and Mondays

Dining Services will expand the operating hours of the Grille to 5 p.m. to 12 a.m. on Sundays and until 12 a.m. on Mondays beginning[…]

Inside the Crest

In the upcoming weeks, senator Anne Runkel ’11 will present a resolution before SGA urging the administration to help promptly restore MiddView (OINK, MOO et[…]

TEDx talks prove a success

The College hosted its first TEDx event, “TEDx Middlebury,” this past Saturday, Oct. 2.  The event lasted the whole day, featuring 16 speakers presenting on[…]

Reel Critic – 10/7/10

MOVIE | Holy Rollers DIRECTOR | Kevin Asch Holy Rollers can’t seem to decide if it’s a coming-of-age character drama, a cautionary parable about two[…]

One Life Left 10/7/10

Game|Dead Rising 2 Platform|Xbox 360, PS3, PC Rating|Mature “Why did mommy bite me, daddy?” asks Katey, one of the main characters of Capcom’s zombie series,[…]

Tedx Talks — On Being Human

“There’s nothing quite like having a coal train in your front yard to make you feel powerless,” said Sierra Crane-Murdoch ’02, a Middlebury graduate whose[…]

Tedx Talks — Hello Avatar: Your Networked Life

According to Beth Coleman, professor of writing and new media at MIT, the virtual identity, while a source of entertainment for gamers and movie viewers,[…]

Tedx Talks — Authentic Patriotism: How They Found It, and Restored a Nation Adrift

Author, professor, renowned speaker and Middlebury graduate Stephen Kiernan ’82 kicked off the series by reminding attendees of what it means to be part of[…]

Tedx Talks — The Place of Wonder: A Giant Pod of Potential

Jessica Riley ’98 recalls when, in a sculpture class in Paris, her instructor came up and smashed to pieces a beautiful sculpture she had just[…]

Tedx Talks — It’s All in the Story

Frank Sesno ’77, whose resume includes but is not limited to “Director of School of Media and Public Affairs at George Washington University,” “CNN White[…]

Tedx Talks — Rise of the Amateur Organizers

Michael Silberman ’02 knows a lot about the power of technology to connect people. As a Howard Dean staffer, he saw the launch of the[…]

Tedx Talks — Thinking Like an Island

Philip Conkling can trace the beginning of his career back to the discovery of an ancient cellar hole on Flint Island in Maine. The history[…]

Tedx Talks — Getting Here From There

Sunny Bates is all about networking. Adrift after college, with a degree in Middle Eastern Studies and Energy Economics but, perhaps counterintuitively, no desire to[…]

Tedx Talks — Synthetic Sea, Synthetic Me: Plastic in the World’s Oceans

“The last five years of my life have been profoundly influenced by trash,” Cummins began her talk. Specifically, the plastic trash that is filling our[…]

Tedx Talks — Writing with Julia

When the author of five books whose work has appeared in The New York Times, Vanity Fair and Time comes back to his alma mater,[…]

Tedx Talks — Time for Schools to go to Work

Chris Maxey’s mother believed that her children should be thrown in the ocean before they could walk … people frequently tried to come to the[…]

Tedx Talks— Lattice as Lifestyle

We’ve all heard of the “career ladder,” but Yelizavetta Kofman ’07 and Astri von Arvin Ahlander ’07 advocate another model: the more flexible “career lattice.”[…]

Acoustic guitarist connects with audience

As Middlebury turned to face autumn this weekend, Paul Asbell delivered a concert full of summer warmth to a campus audience. The acoustic guitarist, described[…]

Cross country shuts out competition at home meet

The Panthers ran their way to another win this weekend. On Saturday, the men’s and women’s cross-country teams dominated at the Vermont Cross Country State[…]

Staff Spotlight — Frank Winkler

As I arrived at Gamaliel Painter Bicentennial Professor of Physics Frank Winkler’s office, the nameplate on his door informed me that I was visiting the[…]

Trio brings touches of Brazil, France

The Heliand Trio — an ensemble comprised of pianist Cynthia Huard, clarinetist Elisabeth LeBlanc and bassoonist Rachael Elliott — performed at the Center for the[…]

Students explore many unique jobs on campus

Each fall, numerous Middlebury students search for work on campus.  The College offers a variety of positions, each with  advantages and disadvantages. Some have flexible[…]

Men’s soccer stunned in O.T. loss

All good things must come to an end. The Middlebury men’s soccer team’s 673-minute shutout streak that dated back to overtime of the 2009 NESCAC[…]

Former Chinese president’s advisor speaks

On October 3, Victor Zhikai Gao spoke about China’s transformation under President Deng Xiaoping, for whom he served as translator. Gao is the first influential[…]

Standard Deviations — 10/7/10

Manual sex is really the perineum of the sexual repertoire — usually appreciated as a road to get between interesting places, and not as an[…]

Football turns over win to Colby

The Panthers dropped to 1-1 on Saturday, losing to NESCAC rival Colby 38-27. It was a frustrating day for the Panthers, who, despite forcing four[…]

Legacy Endures on Main Street

While a number of the small houses that compose Middlebury’s campus have served various roles throughout the history of the College, the conversion of Munford[…]

Letter to the Editor: George Altshuler ‘10.5

Dear Campus, I want to compliment Melissa Hirsch on her 9/30/10 Op-Ed “Truth in Biases.” Her piece was an entertaining read and I think she[…]

An ode to yum brands

Some days here at Middlebury just seem too perfect. The autumn air is crisp, but not too cool, professors cancel class and homework assignments and[…]

Ridder Embodies “Renaissance Women”

On Sept. 29, the Women’s and Gender Studies Program and Chellis House, sponsored a talk with former journalist Marie Ridder titled “The Making of a[…]

A Presidential News Feed

One of the best things about this week was the opening of the movie The Social Network. I have not seen this movie, but I[…]

The demands of an environmental reality – Andrew Conner ’11

The recent column entitled “CEOs, hip-hop dancers and biofuel farmers” presents a compelling argument for why the environmental movement needs to be more inclusive so[…]

Dancing with the stars

Great leaders are all judged by history. Centuries of human history are often boiled down to a list of those who have defied expectation: Pericles,[…]


For those of you blissfully unaware of the drop in temperature, the hike in workload or our past editorial alerting you to both of these[…]

The customer’s always right, right?

In 1999, a Los Angeles court issued subpoenas to 17 U.S firms — including Wal-Mart, Tommy Hilfiger, The Gap, and Sears — seeking more than[…]

The consequences of kindness – Phillip Ziff ‘10.5

As you may have already heard, a Rutgers freshman, Tyler Clementi, leapt to his death off of the George Washington Bridge on September 22th. He[…]

Under the Raydar — 10/7/10

I asked a friend of mine a personal question this past week, and he responded very thoughtfully, ending his answer with, “And I mean that.[…]

Men’s golf tops Qualifier, women bring home second

After days of rain, the weather finally cleared last weekend and both the women’s and men’s golf teams competed in tournaments; with the sun shining[…]

Woodchuck Cider

Slightly removed from the main section of Middlebury sits one of the fastest growing hard cider companies in America. Woodchuck Cider is a Middleburybased company[…]

Field hockey fights back for win at Colby

Middlebury (3-3) got their record even and their season back on track with a 2-1 road victory over NESCAC rivals Colby (3-4) on Saturday. The[…]

Vt. author embodies spirit of Northeast Kingdom

When D.E. Axinn Professor of English and Creative Writing Jay Parini introduced writer Howard Frank Mosher to a crowd in Axinn’s Abernethy Room last Wednesday,[…]

Wag your tail for Woofstock 2010

A bark-off, an agility course, homemade treats, music and blue skies are just some of the reasons why Woofstock 2010, Addison County Humane Society’s annual[…]

Ciderfest 2010 is a fall ball for all

On Oct. 2, people of all ages came out to enjoy a great fall tradition: Ciderfest 2010. Champlain Orchards, located in Shoreham, Vt., hosted the[…]

Volleyball sweeps the week

Women’s volleyball improved their season record to 11-3 after an impressive three-win week. After traveling to nearby Colby-Sawyer earlier last week, the team made the[…]

A new kind of darty hits the town

Founded by local author and environmental advocate, Bill McKibben, as well as several other Middlebury alumni, 350.org is an international organization whose mission is “to[…]

Rugby last unbeaten in NE

Playing their toughest match so far this season, the Middlebury College Rugby Club won a hard-fought match against the U.S. Coast Guard Academy on Saturday[…]

The Return of Abigail Washburn

Sporting a head of frizzy brown hair and wearing a pink dress, tights and boots, Abigail Washburn certainly fit the appearance of a bubbly bluegrass[…]

The Pragmatist

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Vermont Refugee Resettlement Center, which was founded in 1980 to provide critical services to refugees resettling in[…]

Tennis rebounds at Dartmouth

Some things just never seem to change about Middlebury Athletics, and the glowing success of the men’s tennis squad is certainly no exception. Last weekend’s[…]

Local Lowdown

Middlebury Arts October 8, 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. Come join fellow Middlebury residents for the Arts Walk, a leisurely promenade through downtown Middlebury and[…]

Panthers attack Mules, emerge with 2-0 win

The women’s soccer team is rising. With a dominating 2-0 shutout at Colby last Saturday, not only did the team redeem Middlebury’s honor in far-off[…]

Inside the Locker Room

This season, the one question on the minds of the Panther football team is not the win tally for the fall or the number of[…]

Reaccreditation self-study well under way

The College is currently in the process of reaccreditation, a process that all institutions of higher learning must undergo every 10 years.  The New England[…]

Public Safety releases annual report

On Sept. 30, the College released its annual security report, including statistics of on-campus crime from the years 2007, 2008 and 2009. According to Associate[…]

Faculty searches continue against odds

Despite the financial setbacks the College has faced during the economic downturn, the administration has continued to actively search for and hire new faculty members,[…]

SGA discusses printing, OINK at weekly meeting

During its Oct. 3 meeting, the Student Government Association (SGA) discussed ways to decrease waiting time for students who need to print few pages, yet[…]

Meet the Press brings two notable journalists to campus

As part of the College’s “Meet the Press” lecture series, acclaimed New Yorker reporter Jane Mayer will visit campus on Oct. 11 at 4:30 p.m.[…]

Beyond the Bubble

On Sept. 30 the citizens of the world’s only totalitarian state were able to view the individual who will likely succeed their current dictator. Through[…]

Overseas Briefing

The Saturday night of my first full weekend in Madrid, there was a huge festival in the center of the city called “La Noche en[…]

College limits gaming bandwiths

Students wishing to relax and play online video games have been denied access to the college’s online network on three separate occasions during the first[…]

College Shorts

US Senate examines for-profit college practices For-profit colleges have recently taken a huge hit in public perception after being exposed in U.S. Senate hearings as[…]

The Clifford Symposium: Students and professors alike come together to take a deeper look into global health

How do we interpret “helping our fellow man?” Are we ethically responsible for helping to solve global health issues? These are just some of the[…]

The Clifford Symposium: Keynote speaker Dorothy Roberts on “The New Biopolitics of Race and Health”

Keynote speaker Dorothy Roberts knows how to grab an audience’s attention, and Friday night she did it by announcing that in 2002, there were 83,570[…]

The Clifford Symposium: “Making Medicines Essential – The Evolving Role of Pharmaceuticals in Global Health”

Jeremy Greene is assistant professor in the department of the history of science at Harvard, instructor in the division of pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacoeconomics at Harvard[…]

The Clifford Symposium: “‘Doing’ Global Health Work — Different Perspectives”

Saturday morning’s panel featured three women who have taken hands-on approaches to health care in their respective fields. Those in attendance learned about their respective[…]

Men’s soccer remains undefeated

Six games. No goals conceded. The 2010 Middlebury men’s soccer team has made a habit of shutouts. In fact, the last goal it allowed was[…]

The Clifford Symposium: “Othering: Connecting through Differences”

Susan Ray, assistant professor on the Faculty of Health and Sciences at the University of Western Ontario’s School of Nursing, delivered the opening lecture at[…]

The Clifford Symposium: “Do Unauthorized Immigrants Have a Right to Health? Ethnographic Reflections on Contemporary ‘Deservingness’ Debates”

Sarah Willen, assistant professor of anthropology at Southern Methodist University, continued this panel’s theme of deservingness by applying it to unauthorized immigrants through what she[…]

Football lines up a win in home opener

Head football coach Bob Ritter can exhale: his Middlebury Panthers opened the 2010 football season with a 24-21 win over the Wesleyan Cardinals. He may,[…]

Who gets the last laugh? Backstage with Middlebury Improv: Middlebrow

“Each birth is different,” said Andrew Powers ’11.5. With nostalgic looks on their faces, five-eighths of the Middlebrow improvisation troupe recapped some of their favorite[…]

Who gets the last laugh? Backstage with Middlebury Improv: Otter Nonsense

Turns out they can do more than open shells while floating on their backs. Whether you had the chance to catch one of their sold-out[…]

Bristol festivities draw large crowds

“OK, Ryan, don’t blow her up there!” shouted the loudspeaker, barely audible above the revving of the ’66 Mustang’s engine. The engine is weak, though,[…]

Panthers pounce in OT for first NESCAC win

Sometimes, the game comes down to a matter of inches. In Saturday’s 2-1 overtime victory, the Panthers women’s soccer team proved they had that extra[…]

The L-Word – 9/30/10

This is a shout-out to the make-out. Last weekend I had some friends over for a rousing round of “Spin the Bottle” in the context[…]

Campus Character: Yuki Takeda

“Whistling” 。 “You don’t need an instrument. No money, no teacher, no room, no audience. Anywhere, whoever, it’s the music for any ordinary person. The[…]

Comedy at Middlebury

If you are interested in comedy, you are attending Middlebury College at the right time. Both of our college’s improv comedy troupes — the nearly[…]

Science fuels magic of fall foliage

When it becomes too cold for chlorophyll, tourists  flock to Vermont. According to the Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing, tourists spend over $370 million[…]

Field hockey falls in battle against Bowdoin

In Middlebury’s second matchup against a top-10 nationally ranked team in as many weeks, the Panther field hockey team came up short against the NESCAC rival[…]

Learning the ropes of Res Life: First-time members of residential life staff reflect on their first month on the job

As students from the Class of 2014 arrived on campus this August they met their residential life staff (Res Life), first-year counselors (FYCs) and Commons[…]

Can you resist Champlain Chocolates?

While the world can sometimes be harsh and unwelcoming, there is a place where life is always sweet: 750 Pine Street in Burlington, Vt. Founded[…]

Men’s tennis faces strong competition at ITA event

This weekend’s tournament at Williams College proved to be a challenging early season test for the Panthers, coming off a week of rest and a[…]

Spotlight On: Marcella Maki ’14

Many people picture an organic, sustainable piece of clothing as the staple of the stereotypical Rastafarian: a ratty, hemp getup fit for a hippie. Aside[…]

The Interface – 9/30/10

Stocked with pies, crumbles, syrups and nearly every kind of apple you could ever want, the Champlain Orchards farm shop is as Vermont as Vermont[…]

For the Record 9/30/10

Artist |Frankie Rose & the Outs Album |Hollow Life I was surprised listening to the first track off Frankie Rose’s most recent project — surprised[…]

Volleyball hits roadblock at Amherst Classic

Women’s volleyball traveled to Amherst, Mass. this past weekend for the Amherst Classic, where the squad won one game but lost the other two, making[…]

One in 8700

On Saturday morning, amongst the vegetables and classic Vermont maple syrup of the Middlebury Farmer’s Market, Tom Homann sells his pottery. Drawn to his work[…]

Angry Fans

Former USC running back Reggie Bush recently gave up his Heisman Trophy as the result of an NCAA investigation that ruled that he was an[…]

Creemee season ends as winter approaches

Vermont is known for its maple syrup, beautiful fall foliage and delicious apples, but what about creemees? Surprisingly, many Middlebury College students can’t define the[…]

Et Tu, Sweatpants? 9/30/10

At its very core, fashion is about three things: practicality, authenticity and risk. Practicality is the most objective of part of the equation: you don’t[…]

Visiting professor explains Butoh

From painting to literature, sculpture to drama, Japan has always been an innovative nation when it comes to the arts, so much so that they[…]

Women’s cross country claims another title at Williams

The Middlebury cross country team had another great showing this Saturday at the Williams Purple Valley Invitational. For the Panthers, it was their first highly[…]


Last Wednesday, President of the College Ronald D. Liebowitz delivered his annual State of the College address, taking the opportunity to outline the current financial[…]

Local Wanders

Sisters Audra Ouellette and Kris Bowdish have been busy designing, creating and maintaining Addison County’s only corn maze, located at 181 Thompson Hill Road in[…]

The universe according to John

The more I learn, the more I learn that I have learned very little. Bertrand Russell said of this inverse relationship: “those who feel certainty[…]

Truth in biases

An article in the New York Times last week described yet another issue that the Texas Board of Education took with their history textbooks.  The[…]

A conversation with yourself

My second to last third Monday of a Middlebury semester began much like most of its predecessors: with a delirious 7:15 a.m. breakfast. Damn chemistry[…]

Men’s golf takes second place

In a sports-packed weekend, both the Middlebury men’s and women’s golf teams traveled to tournaments. The men’s team finished the Williams Invitational in a tie[…]

Architect puts new spin on old designs

From Sept. 30 through Oct. 14, the architectural works of renowned Canadian architect Brian MacKay-Lyons will be exhibited in Johnson Memorial Building. The display will[…]

Local Lowdown

Good Gravy Music Series October 1, 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. Take a trip to Burlington and enjoy live music at Nectar’s, located at 188[…]

Students elect first-year and Brainerd senators

Nathan LaBarba ’14 and Joanie Thompson ’14 were elected first-year senators to the Student Government Association (SGA), and Charlie Arnowitz ’13 won the Brainerd Commons[…]

MCRC thrashes UNH ’cats

On Saturday the Middlebury College men’s rugby team dominated the University of New Hampshire Wildcats, scoring 12 tries and finishing the game with an impressive[…]

MiddLab showcases student research

Though the new website launched in February 2010, one facet of Middlebury’s revamped online presence did not take off until May. MiddLab, a virtual compendium[…]

Deng’s Interpreter Discusses Chinese Economy

Victor Zhikai Gao, a former interpreter for Deng Xiaoping and currently an influential figure in China’s economy, will speak on campus Oct. 3 at 7:30[…]

New scholarships introduced for Monterey applicants

The Monterey Institute of International Studies will offer 50 new scholarships each year for applicants that fund attendance of Middlebury College Language Schools, the Monterey[…]

Inside the Crest

With the full SGA elected last week, Sophomore Senator Tony Huynh ’13 assuming control as Speaker, and the first briefing by Treasurer Will McConaughy ’11,[…]

Beyond the Bubble

Has the western world been hypocritical in its condemnation of the Iranian government for its implementation of capital punishment? Such was the claim that Iranian[…]

Overseas Briefing

CONCEPCIÓN — While the earthquake in Haiti last Jan. received a flood of political, humanitarian and media attention for its catastrophic level of destruction, the[…]

College Shorts

Weight loss courses help overweight students The percentage of overweight college students has increased to 11.3 percent in 2009 from eight percent in 2000. As[…]

Audio: Campus Character: Yuki Takeda

Tree Hunt: Katsura

The Katsura tree is located in front of Forest Hall and one of the most striking fall trees. When its leaves start to turn gold[…]

Tree Hunt

As the air continues to get cooler and we transition into fall, the beauty of Middlebury’s campus comes alive with a watercolor of reds, oranges[…]

Field hockey brings it home in overtime vs. rival Bantams

Just four minutes and 16 seconds into the extra period, standout forward Lauren Greer ’13 collected the ball from a scrum near the goal, turned[…]

Men’s soccer adds two more shutout wins to the season tally

The Middlebury men’s soccer team enjoyed another successful weekend as it improved its overall record to 3-0, 2-0 in the NESCAC, by downing Trinity on[…]

Liebowitz’s Army

The highlight of this week was undoubtedly the rhetorical season-opener given by President of the College Ronald D. Liebowitz in Mead Chapel on Wednesday. Unfortunately,[…]

Tree Hunt: Osage Orange

Middlebury possesses the state’s largest Osage Orange Tree. This is a bizarre tree that bears a yellow softball sized fruit that, while largely inedible (everything[…]

Tree Hunt: Weeping European Birch

This tree is a kind of Frankenstein monster growing just down the hill from Mead Chapel. Forming one of the most unique trees at Middlebury,[…]

9 p.m. do you know where your food is?

Dear Campus, I rarely get homesick. However, if there’s one instance when I really miss Mommy it’s when I’ve got the flu. If there are[…]

Tree Hunt: Crimson King Maple Tree

This tree is a newer member on campus, and it was planted in a special ceremony in 1990 upon the Dalai Lama’s visit to the[…]

Tree Hunt: Norway Spruce

Decades ago two rows of spruce trees were planted in front of McCullough to block the wind and define the field lines of the old[…]

Tree Hunt: Elm

This is the tallest tree on campus, standing at an impressive 85 feet. The elm towers on the North side of Mead Chapel. This elm[…]

Cross country teams sweep home events

“It was a great day to be a Panther,” said cross country coach Terry Aldrich following Saturday’s dominating showing in the home meet. The men’s[…]

Tree Hunt: Star Magnolia

The Star Magnolia is one of the first trees to bloom at the beginning of spring, and when it does, its sprouts white flowers. Parsons’[…]

Standard Deviations – 9/23/10

One of the more annoying truisms that floats around the sex-advice world goes something like this: “The most powerful sexual organ you have is your[…]

Journalists focus on green issues

It’s no news to a Middlebury student that something needs to be done to protect the environment. As the first college in the US to[…]

Volleyball shuts out Lord Jeffs 3-0 in grudge match

Women’s volleyball had an impressive week, losing only one set over the course of three games, breaking a long-standing school record, and bringing home a[…]

MiddCheer keeps spirits up, thinks big

Uncertainty can be a scary thing, but the MiddCheer cheerleading squad knows how to roll with the punches with the greatest of ease. Led by[…]

Blues Jam gives musicians a venue

Whether you rock out on the guitar or play a mean harmonica solo, whether you’re a seasoned pro or experimenting with a new hobby, whether[…]

Staff Spotlight: Prem Prakash

As an alum of Winter term yoga, my chat with yoga instructor Prem Prakash was hands-down the highlight of my week. It was a little[…]

Under the Raydar – 9/23/10

I ran into an alum this weekend, and I asked him what he was doing come Monday. He said, “Making money. And making money for[…]

CEOs, hip-hop dancers and biofuel farmers

When stripped of passions, ideologies and embellishments, environmentalism is fundamentally concerned with one fairly basic concept: limits. Whether it takes the form of slowing consumption[…]

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble

Since the day when the Mayflower first docked in Plymouth Harbor, the United States (as it came to be known) has always been thought of[…]

Rugby dominates in home opener against Norwich

The Middlebury men’s Rugby Team opened up their regular season with a decisive victory against the Norwich Cadets. With firm control over the pace of[…]

Editorial: Ephemeral autumn

It is easy to forget about the doldrums of January and the blistering cold of February during the mild days of September, but they will[…]

Women’s tennis competes in ITA tournament

ITA Championships feature strong competition for women’s tennis At the ITA Regional Championships held at Babson and Wellesley Colleges, the Middlebury women’s tennis team faced[…]

Men’s golf hosts Duke Nelson, women compete at Dartmouth

The men’s and women’s golf teams finished sixth and 16th respectively at tournaments this weekend. This is the second weekend in a row that the[…]

Angry Fans

Fantasy sports are almost ubiquitous in the modern sports scene, as hoards of savvy fans (mostly male) now flock to the web to worship the[…]

Cartoon – 9/23/10

The new house on the block

I live in the newly renovated Munford House a.k.a. “Young Munny” a.k.a. “Beta Gamma Omichron” (BΓO). The numerous nicknames we’ve invented for our beloved house,[…]

Two Cents on One Percent Art

When the Committee on Art in Public Places was created in 1994, they made a decision to funnel one percent of the cost of any[…]

For the Record – 9/23/10

Artist |Robyn Album |Body Talk, Pt. 2 If you’re like me, you’ve probably found yourself lost in the ever-growing world of electropop music (think Lady[…]

Midd Moth spins first tales of year

Most of us have seen Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. We’ve enjoyed our jaunt through Harry’s magical world of wizarding delight. We’ve gasped[…]

Harmonica brings blues, inspires students

At one point during his hour-long set on Friday night at the Center for the Arts concert hall, harmonica player Mark Lavoie took a break[…]

Symposium opens today

This year’s Clifford Symposium, entitled “Beyond Rx: Global Health,” opens today and will run through Saturday, introducing experts from a wide variety of fields covering[…]

SGA elections end Friday at noon

First-years and Brainerd Commons Owls hit the polls today to elect their representatives for student government. Ballots will be distributed to students by e-mail, and[…]

One Life Left – 9/23/10

Game|Halo: Reach Platform |Xbox 360 Rating |Mature “No, no! This cant be happening!” yells Jorge, codename Noble II, as he watches one of the most[…]

Museum exhibit encourages community

From Sept. 17 — Dec. 12 Andy Warhol’s famous Soup Can will rub shoulders with Greek terracotta and modern sculpture in the Museum of Art’s[…]

College closes Juice Bar indefinitely

As per a final decision made by Dining Services on Sept. 14, the Juice Bar will remain closed and not re-open, as was previously reported.[…]

Students celebrate High Holiday season

With the onset of fall comes cooler days, changing leaves and, for many students, the Jewish High Holidays.  With Rosh Hashanah on Sept. 8 and Yom[…]

Food allergies challenge students

Nearly 2,500 Middlebury students enjoy meals at Ross and Proctor dining halls each day, but for students with food allergies, every meal is another possible[…]

Beyond the Bubble

French Prime Minister Nicolas Sarkozy has received harsh criticism from the European Union for his government’s recent initiative to deport 1,100 Romanian and Bulgarian Roma[…]

College Shorts

Yale hopes to introduce the liberal arts to Asia This Monday, Yale University announced its initiative to create a new liberal arts college to be[…]

President projects stable financial future

In Wednesday’s State of the College address, President of the College Ronald D. Liebowitz projected cheerful confidence as he outlined the College’s current financial situation[…]

Audio Slideshow: Tour de Farms

Bike, stop, eat…repeat

On Sunday, Sept. 19, over 500 bikers left the Shoreham Green for one of the most farm-friendly events in New England. The Tour de Farms[…]

Tattoo and piercing parlor opens

“We’re a no-judgment tattoo and piercing shop,” said Pierre Vachon, the co-owner of Frog Alley Tattoo and Leatherworks. Christin Eaton, the tattoo artist and second owner,[…]

Moonlit Alpaca Farm is fun for all

When pondering retirement, many couples may think about upcoming travels, spending more time with family and picking up new hobbies. Carol and Cass Tillman, owners[…]

One in 8700

Every Saturday morning downtown, a community of farmers, townspeople and students draws together.  Bigger than last year, the size and energy of the Middlebury Farmer’s[…]

Women’s soccer rebounds with 2-0 win to split the double-header

Despite opening the weekend with a tough 2-0 loss to conference opponent Trinity, the Panthers came out fighting on Sunday and put together a great[…]

The Pragmatist

Despite the numerous sprawling fields and farms around Middlebury, the amount of developed land in Vermont has been increasing over the past several decades, especially[…]

CROP Hunger Walk

On Sunday, Oct. 3, all are invited to participate in the 33rd CROP (Communities Responding to Overcome Poverty) Hunger Walk. Funds from the event help[…]

Local Lowdown

Made in Vermont Music Festival September 23, 7:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. Head over to the Vergennes Opera House (VOH) on Thursday night for a[…]

Willow project continues to thrive

Since its inception in 2007, the Middlebury willow project has been running according to plan.  The first harvest and testing of willow trees as a[…]

Post-grad employment increases ’11

On Sept. 13, a record number of students came to Dana Auditorium where they attended Senior Meetings. 661 students attended the three sessions at 12:30[…]

Overseas Briefing

BUENOS AIRES  —  I seem to understand my host family a little better every day. Sometimes they come to me with English questions, and they[…]

Dean and Britta

Call it a most beautiful marriage of music and film. Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips — two musicians currently performing with a band under the[…]

Spotlight On … Andrew Massey, College orchestra conductor

Andrew Massey, Middlebury College orchestra conductor, has been at the helm of professional ensembles for over 30 years. His career has taken him across the[…]

Reel Critic – 9/16/10

MOVIE | The Ghost Writer
DIRECTOR | Roman Polanski

Gamut Room features music, Moth

It’s hard to image Middlebury’s arts scene without the Gamut Room. Nestled in Gifford Hall at the foot of a small outdoor amphitheater, the Gamut[…]

Putting Names to Faces: Once a dairy farmer, a member of the Navy, an elementary school teacher and a policewoman. Now Public Safety officers.

For students, the image of Public Safety may be of the officer walking down a hallway on a weekend night or the Public Safety car[…]

Getting to Know: Officer Jake

Our very own Officer Jacob Chamberlain has seen quite a bit in his day. By the time he left the Navy he had been to[…]

Getting to Know: Director of Public Safety Lisa Boudah

A face less known to the student body, Director of Public Safety Lisa Boudah has brought Public Safety to its current high level of efficiency.[…]

Getting to Know: Officer Mike

Public safety officers come from all walks of life, but it is probably safe to say that very few come from a background in dairy[…]

Getting to Know: Officer Marcy

As one of the three female Public Safety officers on campus, not many expected Officer Marcy Gosselin to pursue a career in police work. “I[…]

Women’s soccer returns and regroups from tough road trip

There are no games that can be taken for granted. This is a lesson that the 11th-ranked Middlebury women’s soccer team learned in their season-opening[…]

Students find return from abroad bittersweet

About 60 percent of Middlebury students study abroad during their junior year.  While most of these students spend only a semester in a different country,[…]

The Interface: Andrew Forsthoefel ’11 interacts with characters outside the student bubble

This column is written as a reminder that our community transcends the physical boundaries of the campus and encompasses a beautifully diverse group of people;[…]

Campus Character: Fifelo Aganga

Unprompted, Fifelo Aganga ’13 turned to me and declared, “If I had to sum myself up in three words I would have to say black,[…]

Men’s tennis embarks upon another season of dominance

The Middlebury men’s tennis team opened up the fall season with a bang this last weekend, taking home victories in the A, B, C and[…]

“Granola Gang” continues legacy

The first weeks of fall always seem to carry an air of relief.  As students settle into their lives at Midd, it feels as though[…]

The L-Word – 9/16/10

This summer, while sitting in a coffee shop in Montpelier, the most peculiar thing happened. A man touched my knee. It doesn’t sound that weird,[…]

Under the Raydar – 09/16/10

While I was sitting in my office this summer, my co-worker turned to me and said, “Hey. Did you know that nearly one in four[…]

MCRC opens with victory over Harvard

The Middlebury men’s rugby team bested the Harvard Crimson this weekend in a tough warm-up match that resulted in a Panther victory of 33-17. Although[…]

For the Record – 9/16/10

ARTIST | Arcade Fire
ALBUM | The Suburbs

Volleyball sets season off well with 3-1 start

Women’s volleyball started its 2010 season with a very strong showing at the Endicott Tournament in Beverly, Mass. this past weekend. After opening the tournament[…]

Cross country gears up for strong season

The Panthers cross country teams surged into their first weekend of competition with high energy and determination, as both teams competed at the Dartmouth Invitational[…]

Field hockey rebounds from Tufts loss

The Middlebury field hockey team was given no time to ease into their season this fall, as they opened NESCAC play with a tough away[…]

Men’s soccer prevails over Jumbos in opener

The Middlebury men’s soccer team’s quest for a Division III national championship began this past Saturday on Tufts’ Kraft Field in Medford, Mass. The Panthers[…]

NER jump starts subscriptions, careers

They read page after page. At times, they have even feared they might drown in paper. No, they are not the Middlebury Admissions Committee. Literary[…]

Angry Fans

Hello sports fans, Spencer and Brad here to give your brief NFL preview. Did we make some outlandish picks? Of course. There are some bold[…]

Women’s tennis opens fall with tough competition at Williams Invitational

In the round-robin Williams Invitational opener against Vassar, Skidmore and Williams, the women’s tennis team came away with a positive impression and an eye on[…]

The ultimate pass/fail

When was the last time you used the word “awkward?” Was it to describe the time that random guy sat next to you in Proctor[…]

Golf teams place well at St. Lawrence tournament

The Middlebury golf teams opened their seasons in strong fashion, with the men’s team placing fifth out of 15 teams and the women’s team finishing[…]

Stuck in the middle(bury)

This past January, as the nation collectively reflected on the past decade and prepared for the next one, I bid a fond farewell to my[…]

Mad As Hell

I worked in an office this past summer. Around the room were several wall-mounted TVs tuned to financial news channels. The intended purpose, I assume,[…]

College Republicans and Democrats memorialize 9/11

The national tragedy that rocked the world nine years ago was commemorated in an event organized by the College Republicans and the College Democrats on[…]

Commons deans report to faculty heads

As part of an administrative restructuring taking place this year, Commons deans will now report to Commons heads, as opposed to directly to the Dean[…]

Inside the Locker Room

This week’s Inside the Locker Room focus is Derrick Angle ’12, a tennis player from Troy, NY. As always, The Campus was able to pry[…]

Students lead peers in sustainability

As part of an effort to further integrate the College’s sustainability goals with the everyday workings of student life, the Office of Sustainability Integration created[…]

New center expands to accommodate student needs

The offices of Career Services, Student Fellowships and Health Professions and Alliance for Civic Engagement (ACE) have all moved under one roof into Adirondack House[…]

Prominent economist delivers lecture

Cornell University economist Francine D. Blau will deliver the fall 2010 David K. Smith lecture entitled “The Gender Pay Gap: Going, Going, Going … But[…]

Inside the Crest

The Student Government Association (SGA) Senate convened for the first time this past Sunday at a brief meeting in their Crest Room chamber. With no[…]

Beyond the Bubble

Florida is underwater. People are standing on their roofs calling for help. In some areas the water has risen to 18 feet above the ground.[…]

Overseas Briefing

NAIROBI — In Kenya, staring is okay. Actually, it is welcomed. In the U.S., if you rest your eyes on a stranger for longer than[…]

College Shorts

Average SAT scores remain steady According to a report released on Monday, average scores on the SAT college entrance exam remained steady this year, in[…]

Can you BEAR these teddies?

In today’s tough economic environment, it is nice to know that there is still a workplace where employees smile, laugh and make cheesy jokes. Welcome[…]

Local Lowdown

Flea Market September 18, 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. Looking to decorate your dorm room? Head to the Town Hall Theater for a one-of-a-kind flea[…]

Chocolate shop excites all palates

“To bring people fresh food and community and just a place to get away from the everyday, [to] be happy for a little bit,” said[…]

One in 8700

In 1990, siblings Andy and Jen Li moved to the United States from China. Jen, who has now lived in Middlebury for six years, believes[…]

Local Wanders

Monroe Street Books owners Dick and Flanzy Chodkowski have watched their business change since it first opened in 1991. An ever-expanding repertoire of books and[…]

51 Main fills docket for upcoming year

51 Main at the Bridge, the popular restaurant and entertainment venue in downtown Middlebury, has a plethora of events planned for the upcoming year. Community[…]

Answers — “Lookin’ Good”

Summer photo contest gallery

Congratulations to this year’s summer photo contest winner, Petra Smitková (you can see her winning photo here). Petra’s photo was chosen from over 100 images submitted by 47 students. Check out the full gallery after the jump.

Old Chapel dramatically realigns responsibilities

Administrators have enacted a major strategic realignment of responsibilities in recent months as part of an ongoing effort to integrate academics and student life on[…]

Shirley Collado joins administration as Dean of the College and Chief Diversity Officer

In April 2006, the Human Relations Committee, chaired by Dean of Students Gus Jordan and consisting of staff, faculty and student members, submitted a 44-page[…]

Popular author gives reading

On Sept. 7 at 7:30 p.m., only two days after the new first-years filed into Mead Chapel for Convocation, the pews filled once again with students, faculty, staff and community members to welcome a special guest: critically acclaimed fiction writer Ian McEwan. The English author gave a reading of his latest work at the behest of his friend and D. E. Axinn Professor of English & Creative Writing Jay Parini.

McEwan’s reading was part of what Parini called a “long tradition” of famous writers coming to the College, a tradition that has included the likes of Ralph Waldo Emerson, John Updike, John Irving and Joyce Carol Oates. McEwan, who lives in London, is a prolific novelist whose work has garnered him numerous awards including the 1998 Man Booker Prize for Fiction for his book, Amsterdam. […]

Middlebury grad opens bakery

Many Middlebury graduates go on to accomplish feats all over the world, in destinations as far-flung as Cape Town, China and the Arctic Circle. Julianne[…]

Fall Arts Preview

September 11: “13 Most Beautiful” — Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips have composed music to accompany Andy Warhol’s little known four-minute silent film portraits.  They[…]

The Reel Critic – 09/09/10

The news that director Edgar Wright would be heading up an adaptation of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s “Scott Pilgrim” graphic novel series was cause for celebration,[…]

Lupo plans mural makeover for Wright

The Wright Theater will soon be looking a little more colorful than usual. This fall, the theater’s eastern wall will be decorated with a 1,300[…]

Building Blocks: Students step up during orientation

During Orientation Freshman attended a variety of events. Here are some of their accounts: “Uncensored”, The Square Dance, Registration. First-Year Orientation is an integral part[…]

Christian Values… – 09/09/10

School is in session, and everyone has come with their “fall collection”—a culmination of items, spanning from what was not left behind in the spring[…]

“Uncensored”: First-years open up about their lives and fears

The first few days of Orientation are filled with introductions and small talk, however ‘Uncensored,’ an event organized by the Commons, was created to enable[…]

Square Dance: New dance moves leave the first-years spinning

“It was like a drunken night with mistaken steps and unnamed faces,” said Preston Peraota ’14. Many incoming Midd Kids agree with Peraota’s description of[…]

Registration: First-years work to create class schedules

On Friday afternoon, Sept. 3, the atmosphere at Kenyon Arena was tense as the Class of 2014 anxiously gathered for fall registration. In the days[…]

Editorial: A summer of change

Well, it’s that time of year again. Several weeks of e-mails from professors and gradually cooling nights have served as warning, but nothing can ever[…]

Students enjoy summer without leaving Vermont

While most of campus packed up and left Middlebury in May, others packed their bags and moved all the way to… Battell? For some Middlebury[…]

Let the adventures begin.

Welcome back, Middlebury. After browsing through the photos you submitted to The Campus’ Summer Photo Contest, I know that many of you did some really[…]

The disintegration of the ‘ethnosphere’

For most of the world’s people, climate change is inextricably linked to starvation, migration and extinction; the phenomena cannot be mentioned independently of declining crop[…]

Heating It Up: Students brave summer heat to take part in fitness challenges

It was 8:30 a.m. in San Francisco, and while most of the city was just waking up, Charlie Koch ’13 had already put in a[…]

Standard Deviations – 09/09/10

I have a love-hate relationship with the term “hook-up.”  On the one hand, as someone who loves discretion, it’s a perfect phrase to describe a[…]

The Anthropology of an Unkindness

BEST WEEK EVER. Such a statement, rendered in all caps and spoken with the naïve earnestness of the Double Rainbow guy, is often written off as[…]

PTP offers students slice of Big Apple, onstage and off

Between July 6 and August 1, Middlebury theater students took center stage in a venue far removed from the hills of rural Vermont, setting up[…]

Under the Raydar – 09/09/10

Taking part in orientation meetings as a senior has been: hilarious, exciting, redundant, but above all else, eye-opening. It is surreal to be back on[…]

Greetings for the uncreative

“Lookin’ Good”

Across 1. Flamenco music style 6. Ballpark authority 9. Despise 14. Ivan IV and Catherine II, e.g. 15. Sun, to Santiago 16. Only State with[…]

Bridge cuts down traffic on Main St.

While students have spent their summer months traveling and tanning, Middlebury has been busy at work. The town, which has had little time to relax[…]

One in 8700: Laura Asermily, Middlebury Town Energy Coordinator

The College’s colors may be navy and white, but most know that Middlebury, the town and the College, tries hard to stay green. At the[…]

Men’s tennis claims D-III NCAA crown

The Middlebury men’s tennis team capped a record-setting season with their second ever national championship last spring, defeating Amherst 5-1 at Oberlin College in Ohio.[…]

Just Biden time

Doubtless you believe yourself to have just returned from summer break. You have answered the questions posed time after time: “How was your summer? What[…]

Club Midd: Athletic adventures at Middlebury

By now I’m sure all of you –– even the incoming first-years –– are familiar with the stereotype (and I mean that in the truest[…]

Undergrads attend summer writers’ conference

Since 1926, Middlebury College’s Bread Loaf campus in Ripton has played host to the Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference. Every year in mid-August, several hundred poetry[…]

Restaurants heat up dining scene

It doesn’t matter how much of a quinoa fanatic you are, how many red velvet cupcakes you’ve been hoarding nor how desperately loyal you are[…]

Power Rankings (Week of Sept. 5, 2010)

Fall sports preview

Men’s soccer After a dramatic goal scored by Robbie Redmond ’12 with little time left in regulation, an own goal in the 97th minute of[…]

Summer Photo Contest Winner – Petra Smitková ’13

Men’s and women’s Ultimate storm nationals

While most Middlebury students were embarking on their summer adventures or planning Memorial Day BBQs last May, the men’s and women’s Ultimate Frisbee teams journeyed[…]

Angry Fans

We are Angry Fans. We root for bad teams because our fathers root for bad teams. Between us, we live and die for some of[…]

Grille undergoes temporary cut in hours

The administration has cut hours at the Grille to 11:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Mondays and will close the restaurant entirely on Sundays. However,[…]

Student organizes ideas conference

Good ideas are worth spreading.  This principle inspired and guided Cloe Shasha ’11 to spend more than half a year organizing the College’s first TEDx[…]

College undergoes major construction

Summer renovations on campus created 63 new student beds by converting office space in Voter Hall, Meeker and Munford houses into residential space for students. […]

Quidditch World Cup moves to New York City

The Quidditch World Cup will move from the Middlebury campus to a new location in New York City’s DeWitt Clinton Park for the fall of[…]

College welcomes new first-year class

The Class of 2014 landed on campus a week ago, and the overwhelming enthusiasm of 580 students from 36 countries canceled any lethargy the muggy[…]

Beyond the Bubble

On June 26 and 27, Toronto hosted the G-20 summit, an annual event that brings together bank officials and finance ministers from 20 of the[…]

Overseas Briefing

They say studying abroad changes your point of view, that it opens your mind to a wealth of different opinions, customs and ways of life.[…]

College Shorts

Mental illness increases on college campuses According to a recent study presented at the 118th convention of the American Psychological Association, mental illness has seen[…]

Audio Slideshow: Middlebury Orientation 2010

Need to find that back-to-school buzz?

Carol’s Hungry Mind Cafe, Sama’s Café, the Stoneleaf Teahouse and 51 Main have menus suited for all taste buds and are ready to caffeinate the[…]

The Pragmatist

Farmer’s markets and natural foods stores are springing up in towns and cities across the country; in Vermont alone the number of farmer’s markets has[…]

Local Lowdowm

Circus comes to town September 9, 5-7 p.m. Kick off your weekend fun early at a free community circus hosted by Nutty Steph’s Granola and[…]

Video: Revealing a new name: Middlebury’s Davis Family Library

Davis Family Library Naming Ceremony Photo Gallery

On May 6, President of the College Ronald D. Liebowitz rechristened the Main Library as the Davis Family Library, after Jim Davis ’66 and his[…]

Main Library rechristened the Davis Family Library; James S. Davis ’66 revealed as longtime anonymous benefactor

It was James S. Davis ’66 and his wife, Anne, who in 2007 kicked off Middlebury’s $500 million capital campaign with an anonymous donation of[…]

Students race to raise money for GlobeMed’s Uganda initiative

On Saturday, May 1, GlobeMed held a 5K Fun Run on the Middlebury Cross Country Course.

Editors’ Picks – 05/06/10

Middbrief: German Theater Group wins competition

The Middlebury German Theater Group took home the top prize at the 33rd Annual German Theater Festival and Competition last Thursday, April 29, which was[…]

College partners with online education leader

In an effort to increase College revenue, maintain the College’s leadership in language education and expand language education in America, Middlebury joined forces with online[…]

Men’s lacrosse stays afloat in NESCAC play with win at Amherst

Approaching what could have been its final weekend of the season, the men’s lacrosse team stepped up and took no prisoners in their Friday and Sunday games against Williams and Amherst, respectively.

Errors force SGA re-election

Due to multiple errors in the election software used for the recent Senate elections, the Student Government Association (SGA) has voted to hold re-elections. Voting[…]

Carp’s Comments

I have been meaning to write this column for a while and seeing as this is my last chance, I decided to get my frustration out in words

Middlebury Crush List: Reasons to Love Middlebury

It is the last week of classes, and the highly anticipated “crush lists” are starting to be posted on the Proctor bulletin board and in the entrance to Ross. There, seniors list their past indiscretions and their plans for future ones.

Panthers Scoreboard – 05/06/10

Facilities sees increase in dorm damage

Facilities has seen an upswing in the amount of instances of dorm and house damage that have been reported on campus this semester. In the[…]

Local Lowdown – Summer Edition

Bread Loaf poet Grotz reads new work

On Friday, April 30 Assistant Director of the Bread Loaf Writer’s Conference Jennifer Grotz gave a reading of her work in the Abernethy Room of the Axinn Center at Starr Library.

Winners and Losers – 05/06/10

Track and field teams finish in middle of pack at D-III N.E.’s

Middlebury’s track and field teams traveled to Tufts University to compete in the New England Championships last weekend, and both teams saw a number of strong performances.

Local Wanders – 5/6

Walking into Vermont HoneyLights is a breath of fresh air. Located on Main Street in Bristol, Vermont HoneyLights is a family-owned and operated business that[…]

Judicial boards see record applicants

The 13 new members of the College’s judicial boards have been chosen for the 2010-2011 academic year, selected from a record-breaking pool of 69 applicants.[…]

UWC Scholars program celebrates 10th anniversary

Somewhere in rural New Mexico the dinner bell rings. An Israeli student and Palestinian student linger in the indoor swimming pool, dynamically conversing between laps.[…]

For the Record.. – 05/06/10

ARTIST | Dr. Dog
ALBUM | Shame, Shame

The L-Word – 05/06/10

I’ve been thinking recently about where people hook up (have sex, make out, whatever your definition is). Since sophomore year, I personally haven’t been doing it anywhere interesting — ah, the benefits of a single room.

Students’ summer plans heat up

This summer, students plan to embark on myriad adventures across the globe, from London to Nevada, Florida to Israel. The Campus talks to students about their upcoming plans.

Beyond the Bubble – 5/6

After re-reading my column from last week in conjunction with the SHOUT piece written by Features writer Rafferty Parke, I was struck by the differing[…]

SGA approves gender neutral housing bill

Back in the 1970s, when many of our parents were in college, a major controversy broke out on campuses nationwide. Male and female students were living in closer quarters than ever before, sharing dormitories.

Women’s tennis falls in fierce battle of tennis powerhouses

The women’s tennis team traveled to Amherst last Saturday to play the 2nd-ranked Lord Jeffs. It took more than four hours to determine a winner, with the Jeffs eventually clinching a 5-4 win that so nearly belonged to the Panthers.

Notes from the Desk: Charting a new course for Middlebury journalism

Student journalism has never been more central to the future of news media. At a time when traditional industry titans are being challenged for control[…]

Op-Ed: True life: I am a tolerant Midd student

Allow me to invite you to dine with me in Proctor dining hall (where all the cool kids eat) and I will introduce you to[…]

New alcohol policy works, says Jordan

the number of students requiring care for alcohol intoxication has declined and the College has closed the night coverage office (NCO), popularly called the “Drunk[…]

Activist speaks out for ‘hidden voices’

One of the last speakers of “Gaypril,” which ended last week, was Faisal Alam, a Queer identified Muslim activist. He spoke about the struggle LGBTQ Muslims go through in trying to reconcile their faith and sexuality. The event was well-attended and had a diverse audience.

Students give the gift of thanks

Between endless schoolwork, extracurricular commitments, athletics, student organizations and social engagements, when was the last time you stopped to say a simple “thank you?” It goes without saying that many MiddKids are running on overbooked schedules, leading us to forget to express our gratitude to those who have helped us get to where we are today.

Vermont celebrates civil unions

As Gaypril comes to a close and talks of gender-neutral housing dominate recent conversation on campus, the town of Middlebury reflects on its own progress[…]

Center of the Circle – 05/06/10

If you are unfamiliar with McSweeney’s “Open letters to people or entities who are unlikely to respond,” please visit http://www.mcsweeneys.net/links/openletters/.

Softball falls short of postseason

The Middlebury softball team watched its season come to an end this weekend after losing two of three games in a must-win series against Wesleyan University. After winning game one of the key home series 5-0, the Panthers could not muster another win on the weekend, instead falling prey to the Cardinals 10-7 and 6-4 in games two and three.

Middlebury Great Eight – 05/06/10

By the Numbers – 05/06/10

Op-Ed: Tolerance is not transformative

By Lark Mulligan ’11 and Viveka Ray-Mazumder ’11   Seemingly every year during Gaypril, the Middlebury community witnesses hate crimes that attack non-heteronormative identities. The[…]

One in 8,700: where the personalities of Middlebury proper are celebrated

In the pre-dinner lull, Narender Kaur sits down in the main dining area and leans an elbow on a tabletop bearing a bejeweled image of[…]

Mark Our Words, and our Calendars

May 6th 2010: Airswimming The senior work of Martina Bonolis ’10 and Michaela Lieberman ’10.5, “Airswimming” tells the tale of two women in an asylum[…]

The Reel Critic – 05/06/10

Last December, every newspaper, magazine and blog published something just like this. It’s a reflection of the past year, an article that requires very little research, no additional viewing, no real beginning, middle and end and is entirely based off of one writer’s opinion despite purporting some deep statistical formula.

Women miss NCAAs for first time in 16 years

The Middlebury Women’s Lacrosse season came to an end with a 9-8 loss to Colby on Sunday in the NESCAC playoffs in the Quarterfinal game. Middlebury was coming off of an exciting 11-10 win over Williams in their final regular season game when they entered the playoffs.

Future SGA president, SCOCC make plans

The votes are in: Riley O’Rourke ‘12 will assume office as President of the SGA for the 2010-11 academic year, and rising senior Raymond Queliz[…]

Editorial – Gender-neutral housing

In the midst of a campaign season, woefully managed at best and shockingly incompetent at worst, the SGA managed to pass a piece of legislation[…]

State House keeps it local: Middlebury artist commissioned for Governor Douglas’ official portrait

They line the walls of the State House in Montpelier. Eyes of past leaders gaze out at Vermont tourists and legislators. They are silent, yet[…]

Notes from the Desk: Last will and Tess-tament

I, Tess Russell, do hereby bequeath the following: To B.M., D.B. and the rest of the ENAM department, I leave: my last residual shred of[…]

‘Good Woman’ condemns capitalism

“The Good Woman of Setzuan” ran in the Wright Memorial Theatre this past weekend, April 29 toMay 1. Directed by Professor of Theatre and Women’s and Gender Studies Cheryl Faraone and designed by Middlebury theatre department faculty, this piece of epic performance, speckled with dramatically stark musical numbers and sporting a lively and talented ensemble, warned its audience of the pitfalls of capitalist society.

Letter to the Editor: Doug Sinclair

To the Editor: Over the past nine months, time and again, Middlebury students have extended a helping hand to fellow citizens of our community who[…]

Internships are “critical,” says CSO

Over the past few years internships have become increasingly important for students as they play an ever larger role when applying for jobs after graduation.[…]

Good Morning and Good Luck

Proving he’s the whiner his biweekly pinochle club always thought him to be, Mexican President Felipe Calderon is getting all sorts of whiny over the[…]

Local brief: Academy Street construction update

The rumblings of construction have become almost white noise to Middlebury residents since crews broke ground on the Cross Street Bridge project in the fall.[…]

Author undresses ‘raunch culture’

On Wednesday, April 28, Dana Auditorium filled to capacity as students gathered to hear from Ariel Levy, author of Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture.

Tennis finishes NESCAC play undefeated, moves onto semis

Middlebury men’s tennis encountered its toughest challenge of the season last weekend, hosting fifth-ranked Amherst in a battle of the two top teams not only in the NESCAC, but in the country as well. At 22-8 overall and 7-1 in league play, Amherst proved to be the opposite of the typical NESCAC pushover the Panthers have been used to facing this season.

Carol’s Hungry Mind steps up service

Don’t be surprised if the next time you grab coffee at Carol’s Hungry Mind a hand thrusts a plate of pita and hummus into your[…]

Behind Andrey Tolstoy

By the time this column makes it to the dining halls, I will already have migrated to my next vessel. I am not authorized to[…]

Arts Brief – Philippe Bronchstein ’10 releases second folk album “Men Who Share My Name”

Philippe Bronchstein ’10 has operated under an assortment of monikers during his four-year stint at Middlebury College, including Bearplane, Flannel Mammal, Philbronch (for the Twitter[…]

Overseas Briefing – 5/6

NOTTINGHAM — I love airports.  I love the fact that everyone has a place to go and a story to tell, and I admit it,[…]

Baseball ends season with losses at Tufts

Before opening day this season, before the first pitch and the first rained-out series and the first grudge match against Williams, I asked sophomore pitcher Dirk van Duym ’12 about the team’s expectations of themselves for the coming season.

Flannel Mammal – 05/06/10

My good friend Jim said this to me the summer after freshman year of college when I had grown my first full beard. At the time, I had no idea what it was that had inspired me to grow my monument.

Local lowdown – 5/6

Local playwright shows “My Ohio” May 6 and 7, 8-9 p.m., May 8, 2-3p.m. and 8-9 p.m., May 9, 2-3 p.m. Come down to the[…]

Waters to Wine: Closing time: finish your whiskey or beer

When I began this column three semesters ago, I imagined it as a lighthearted contribution to The Campus’ pages; if not an opportunity to focus[…]

College Shorts – 5/6

Students protest Arizona immigration law Students from the University of Texas and local civil rights groups staged a protest on the U. Texas campus against[…]

Late-night workout attracts fitness fiends

Despite the uncharacteristically cold April evening, guide Nick Lynch and his fiancée Natalie Valente proceeded as usual. “It looks like it’s going to be a[…]

Op-Ed: To be a Midd-kid

Since the 90s, Middlebury’s higher-ups have been hell bent on turning the school into the leading liberal arts college by paying for the best professors[…]

Spotlight On… Will Bellaimey ’10.5 & Bianca Giaever ’12.5

ver the course of the last few months, you may have noticed somewhat ambiguous signs for a thing titled “The Middlebury Moth.” No, those aren’t advertisements for a horror film

Athletes battle to save image, standing in NESCAC

For men’s lacrosse, it all comes down to this Friday against Williams. With a loss this Friday at Williams, the Panthers would enter the NESCAC[…]

Sustainability grants ‘green’ study abroad

On April 23, the Robert A. Jones ’59 Conference room hosted presentations by the fall 2009 Sustainable Study Abroad Grant recipients. As the Dean of[…]

At track and field NESCACs, women take third, men fifth

Middlebury’s men’s track teams made their mark at the 2010 NESCAC Championships held at Tufts on Saturday. The Middlebury women placed third overall, while the[…]

Hocus pocus brings hope to kids

The Hindi word for magic is “Jaadu.” However, co-founder of Magicians Without Borders, Tom Verner, believes that magic is a universal language. “Everyone speaks magic,”[…]

Campus Character: Chris Wood ’10

“I’m distrusting of everything around me, yet extremely perceptive,” said Chris Wood ‘10. “I’m a professed cynic.” Surrounded by the trappings of an affluent East[…]

Men’s tennis team rides wave of success with strong senior leaders

9-0 wins, as spectacular as they may be for the winning side, inevitably get old after a while and especially on paper. Any and all[…]

College Shorts – 04/29/10

Gates urges Harvard students to give back Renowned Harvard dropout, Bill Gates returned to the university on Wednesday to encourage students to seek philanthropic jobs.[…]

National Cognitive Dissonance Week

In honor of this being National Cognitive Dissonance week, I happily bring you a flurry of poorly researched information about topics you don’t want to think about. You can thank me later.

Golf teams turn in solid effort at Williams

Both Middlebury’s golf teams were in competition at Williams College’s Taconic Golf Course this past weekend in Williamstown, Mass. The men’s team vied for the[…]

Red, Right and Blue – 04/28/10

When I sat down to write my last column of the year, I was tempted to write about the war in Afghanistan, the nuclear proliferation treaty or the way the world would look without America.

SCCOCC election race enters runoff

A runoff election to determine the student co-chair of the Community Council (SCOCC) will occur today starting at 5 p.m. and will continue until tomorrow, April 30, at 5 p.m. Since none of the three candidates — Janet Rodrigues ’12, Ray Queliz ’12 or Kevin Broussard ’11 — received more than 50 percent of the original vote, which occurred last week, this second round will determine which of the two candidates who received the most votes, Rodrigues and Queliz, will win.

Saying Goodbye – Faculty and students honor beloved Professor’s retirement

“Letting Go: Dancing with Rivers” ran in the MCFA Dance Theatre last Saturday, April 24. The show was part of a series honoring College Professor John Elder as he retires from the College this year.

Baseball salvages shreds of dignity

In what has been a season of extreme highs and lows for Middlebury baseball, the outlook has turned up for the moment. The team took[…]

Local lowdown – 4/29

Haiti potluck dinner April 29, 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. All are invited to Weybridge Elementary School for a dinner and Haiti discussion. Dr. Mike Kiernan[…]

The Pragmatist – 4/29

The primaries for the Vermont gubernatorial election in September may be far away, but between recent debates and more media coverage, excitement is quickly building[…]

Notes from the Desk – 04/29/10

Nestled in beautiful Vermont, in one of the most liberal states in the nation, Middlebury College is an open and accepting community, where everyone can[…]

Anaïs Mitchell sings for charity

There is a unique pleasure in watching a deserving musician rise to prominence.

Overseas Briefing – 04/28/10

PARIS — Americans often talk about French exceptionalism, a term that, in its most general definition, means the French way of doing things.

One in 8,700 – 4/29

In the years between 1975 and 1980, NASA launched the Viking 1 planetary probe towards Mars, Richard Leakey discovered a 1.5 million year old homo[…]

Panther Scoreboard – 4/29

Ash disrupts students’ travel plans abroad

The eruption of Iceland’s Mount Eyjafjallajokul created minor travel delays and inconveniences for Middlebury students studying abroad in Europe this semester.

SGA Senate Election, 2010-2011

Voters hit the polls today to elect their SGA representatives for the 2010-11 academic year. Below find a summary of the candidates’ platforms. To vote head to go/sgavote.

Editorial – 04/29/10

Recently, President of the College Ronald D. Liebowitz invited The Campus alcohol columnist Mike Waters ’10 to engage in a discussion about the problems ailing Middlebury’s social life and the potential for a cure.

Winners and Losers – 4/29

For the Record – 04/29/10

ARTIST | She & Him
ALBUM | Volume Two

Editors’ Picks – 4/29

Softball splits series with Spartans

“I think this series was a wake-up call for us,” said pitcher Ali McAnany ’11. In their two-game series at home against neighbor Castleton State[…]

Local runners take sweet strides

The sun was shining, the sky was blue and local runners took to the roads for the second annual Middlebury Maple Run on Sunday, April[…]

New wireless network allows faster browsing

LIS has developed a new wireless network called “Midd-standard” that provides higher performance than the often-problematic midd_secure network while maintaining the same level of security.

Seventh Generation – Burlington business takes steps towards a clean future

Today’s world is plagued with environmental disasters erupting left and right. Companies like Seventh Generation are taking action to curb the negative consequences of these[…]

SHOUT’s relief efforts echo across campus

Though Middlebury students are known to joke about living in a bubble, the earthquake that devastated Haiti in January was a catastrophic wake-up call. The[…]

Beeman and co. please crowds in ‘Perform’

There was a drag queen in Hepburn Zoo April 22, 23 and 24. There was also a womanizing politician and a love struck songbird. Incidentally, they all happened to go by the name of Schuyler Beeman ’10, and they were part of his senior work, a collection of scenes and songs simply dubbed “Perform.”

From Midd to the Mideast: The difference between could and should

Over the past number of weeks, there has been a flurry of rhetorical posturing on all sides of the table.

SGA undertakes annual social house review

The Subcommittee on the Social and Academic Interest Houses is wrapping up its annual Social House Review. The current Community Council (CC) will make recommendations to next year’s council whether each of the five social houses, Alpha Delta Pi (ADP), Kappa Delta Rho (KDR), The Mill, Tavern (Omega Alpha) and Xenia, continue as organizations or be discontinued.

The Reel Critic – 04/29/10

Movie: Kick Ass
Director: Matthew Vaughn

Op-Ed: A whole lot of culture in one requirement

Calling all cultures! If you want to graduate from Middlebury, you have to meet some academic distribution requirements. Many of us sweat and struggle, searching for that second college writing class. Many of us pull a fist-pump when we discover that we may skip one of the eight disciplinary categories (this writer won’t take science). But what about the third academic requirement? The Cultures and Civilizations Requirement (CCR).

Kadence takes its first ‘steps’ toward success

While Middlebury is without a Greek system, it has been lucky enough to benefit from the best of Greek traditions with the addition of Middlebury’s[…]

Beyond the Bubble – 04/29/10

In sharp contrast to the donor apathy that has plagued the relief effort in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Haitian government is in the unfamiliar territory of having too much aid at its disposal to repair its nation following the earthquake in January.

Women’s lacrosse snaps three-game losing streak

The Middlebury women’s lacrosse team turned the tides of a rough patch in the season with an exciting 13-9 win over the sixth-ranked Tufts University[…]

By the Numbers – 4/29

Panthers fall to pair of NESCAC competitors

All good things must come to an end. After enjoying a 12-1 run to open its season, including a 4-0 record in NESCAC play, the[…]

Swimming Holes and Grassy Knolls: Explore the great outdoors this spring

With Winter Term long gone and the last traces of snow finally melted, it would appear that spring has arrived once again at Middlebury College.[…]

College accepts no transfers

The Office of Admissions has not accepted any transfer students for fall 2010.

Old School – 4/29

This week’s theme is: weird crap. It pops up in The Campus every once and a while. The first two sections of the 1954 article[…]

MCMFA offers student program

As far as academic resources go, the Middlebury College Museum of Fine Art is regrettably unnoticed and underused by the majority of students on campus.

Summer school applications rise

In spite of the economic struggles of the past year, the Middlebury College Language Schools continue to attract highly qualified candidates.

The Middlebury Great Eight – 4/29

SGA Update – Senators vote to officially support the D.R.E.A.M. Act

At its April 27 meeting, the Student Government Association (SGA) voted to approve the resolution submitted by Vincent Recca ’12 to officially support the passage of the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors (D.R.E.A.M.) Act at Middlebury College.

Arts Brief: Get ready for ‘The Good Woman of Setzuan’

This weekend the Middlebury community will be treated to a performance that seeks to capture audiences through intellectual engagement.

The Campus Crossword 4/22/10 (Answers)

Video: Student Orgs On Campus: MOQA

The Campus Crossword 4/22/10

Answers to the crossword will be posted here at 7 a.m. on April 23. Across 1. NaCl 5. Stats for Mayweather 8. Alf or E.T.[…]

Local Republicans talk economy

On Friday, April 16, local Republicans gathered at 7 p.m. in the Ilsley Public Library to discuss the current situation of the Vermont economy with[…]

O’Rourke wins SGA presidency

Election results are in, and Middlebury has chosen its new Student Government Association (SGA) President: Riley O’Rourke ’12. O’Rourke won the election by a wide[…]

Midd named decathlon finalist

Members of the United States Department of Energy (DOE) named the College’s Solar Decathlon design one of 20 finalists that will compete in the 2011[…]

Bantams take the brunt of Panther aggression

As the NBA playoffs opened this past weekend, analysts took their turns predicting each series’ winner.

Local Lowdown – 4/22

Exhibit reception April 22, 5 – 7 p.m. Get your weekly dose of culture at the reception for “Invisible Odysseys,” an art collaboration between Lincoln[…]

Elder retires after 37 years at the College

A sense of wonder, a reverence for nature and an understanding of humanity have driven Professor John Elder in 37 years of devoted teaching and[…]

Overseas Briefing – 4/22

PARIS — I set out on my year abroad with a lot of expectations, one of which was, of course, to become “multicultural.”  Little did[…]

Presidential Letters & Thoreau’s “Walden”: Special Collections reveals its most valuable items

At Middlebury College, we are constantly aware of value: the value of an education (whether in thousands of dollars or in worthwhile experiences), the value of a course and curriculum, the value of friendship.

College unveils language software

After a year of planning and negotiations, Middlebury College has publicly announced the details of its new language acquisition software. The new company, directed toward[…]

Eliot Jia ’10 punishes NESCAC foes

Middlebury men’s tennis hosted Bowdoin and Colby this past weekend, earning a pair of unchallenged wins in NESCAC play. To date, it was undoubtedly the team’s most convincingly dominant weekend, as not one player or doubles pair lost a set.

Notes from the Desk: Beyond the Relay

Tomorrow evening, hundreds of people will descend on Middlebury for the town’s annual Relay for Life event. It’s a success by any measure, especially when[…]

GMLC brings audio to the masses

With 11,730 volumes, the Platt Memorial Library in Shoreham, Vt. serves a population of 1,299. Compare this to an establishment like Fletcher Free Library in[…]

New budget policy gives clubs greater flexibility

The Student Government Association Finance Committee (SGAFC) has approved changes to its budgeting and allocation system, that are expected to cut bureaucracy in funding the[…]

Op-Ed: John Elder

When I heard from friends and teachers that John Elder would be retiring from Middlebury College, it was at the beginning of my junior year,[…]

One in 8,700 – 4/22

The first present Leonard Gibbs remembers getting from his father was Louis Untermeyer’s anthology of poetry. Born in Georgia, Gibbs moved to Great Valley, Va.[…]

Middbrief: McCardell, Root offer last lecture

On April 27 and May 6, the “Last Lecture” series will present Professor of Biology Tom Root and President Emeritus of the College John M.[…]

College Shorts – 4/22

Former Brown student sues alma mater A former student, William R. McCormick III, has sued Brown University for denying him the chance to defend himself[…]

Beyond the Bubble – 4/22

A volcano erupted last Wednesday in Iceland, causing a massive cloud of ash to be released into the atmosphere. Prevailing winds have carried this natural[…]

Waters to Wine: My report to the president

After three illustrious semesters as a columnist for The Campus, one thing I still haven’t quite figured out is how many people actually read my[…]


The most emphatic recommendation for my column this week came from one of my editors: “a well-researched piece about the reasons for marijuana prohibition.” Why[…]

Girls rock Montpelier: Local Girl Scouts learn the legislative ropes

While the Girl Scouts of America may be most commonly associated with Thin Mints and Caramel deLites, young women of the Vermont branch are working[…]

Local brief – Children and their teddies partake in tea

Over 20 girls and boys aged 6-10 filled the Middlebury Community House on April 16 for the annual teddy bear tea party. Each child brought[…]

Op-Ed: Please do not handle heavy machinery

y attention and shocked my sensibilities. In the past twenty-four hours, I have witnessed no less than four members of the opposite sex adjusting certain[…]

Local Wanders – 4/22

The New England Maple Museum in Pittsford,Vt. prides itself on being the largest and most complete maple museum in the United States. Tom Olson founded[…]

Public Safety Log: April 13 – April 19, 2010

Community Council: meet your candidates

As the election approaches for the Middlebury College Community Council, a non-academic issues forum composed of administration, faculty, staff and student representatives, candidates seek support[…]

Editorial: Why the Apathy?

We’ve written several editorials this year praising Mike Panzer ’10 and the rest of the current SGA for the significant number of tangible initiatives they[…]

TFA reaffirms its philosophy

“Teach For America (TFA) has been a challenging but incredibly rewarding experience. I don’t think it is the solution, but it’s part of a movement to help address a crisis in our education system,” said Hallie Fox ’09, reflecting on her first year in the program.

Student bikers race to build schools in Uganda

So much for the T.A.M. Last week, Middlebury cyclists spent their workouts biking to Uganda!

Golf teams struggle through soggy weekend tournaments

The men’s golf team competed this past weekend at the annual Williams Invitational against NESCAC rivals and the other “regulars” from around the New England area.

For the Record – 04/22/10

Were you a fan of MGMT’s “Oracular Spectacular,” or, more particularly, of “Electric Feel,” “Kids” and “Time to Pretend”? Have you had fun blasting the infectious “Daylight” by Matt & Kim out of your fast moving vehicle? These tunes are great, and, with the “indie” label attached, they make you feel on top of the current music scene.

The Reel Critic – 04/22/10

In “Date Night,” Steve Carell and Tina Fey play, in their characters’ own words, a “boring couple from New Jersey” that is thrown into a manic night in New York City involving lying cops, a manipulative babysitter and kinky politician-turned-criminals.

Crew looks to build on spring success

Step aside, UVM; the title of first-ranked men’s varsity four boat in New England now belongs to Middlebury.

Women continue uncharacteristic slide with losses to Dutchwomen and Lord Jeffs Jeffs

Middlebury dropped its fourth NESCAC game of the season to the Trinity College Bantams on Saturday. The Panthers had a tough week overall, losing to both Union College and Amherst College in midweek games before hitting the road to face Trinity on Saturday.

Softball drops rubber match in extra-inning bout with Ephs

The Middlebury softball team suffered a pair of losses last weekend to NESCAC West division rival Williams College in Williamstown, Mass. The Panthers won the first game of the three-game series before dropping the next two.

Women’s frisbee clinches sectional title in convincing fashion

The Middlebury Pranksters dominated West New England College women’s sectionals this past weekend with six straight wins en route to the championship.

‘After Miss Julie’ misses nothing

Following deftly in the footsteps of Liz Taylor and Paul Newman in “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,” Martha Newman ’10 and Matthew Nakitare ’10.5 explode with sexual tension in “After Miss Julie.”

Editors’ Picks – 04/22/10

Flannel Mammal – 04/22/10

Let’s talk for a second about sunglasses. Since I can remember, sunglasses have always been a symbol of “cool,” a single accessory that can turn the dorkiest, most awkward and uncomfortable person into a real snazzy cat.

The L-Word – 04/22/10

Alcohol and sex. They’re probably the two biggest conversation topics at Sunday brunch in Proctor, and the most interesting stories involve both of them. The Health Center, and the administration in general, are obligated to stress that sex and alcohol don’t mix — for good reason, considering sexual assault statistics on college campuses — but despite the warnings and Jyoti Daniere’s attempts to start a student dating movement, the sexually active Middlebury student’s night life seems to involve drunk sex with mere acquaintances.

The Last Hurrah – senior dance majors give innovative final performance

On April 16 and 17, sold-out audiences in the MCFA Dance Theatre were treated to “Walking the Curb,” featuring senior independent work from Elizabeth Boles ’10, Philippe Bronchtein ’10 and Sophia Levine ’10.

Women’s tennis reaches top NESCAC rankings

The women’s tennis team improved to 12-1 on the season with impressive performances on Saturday and Sunday. The Panthers defeated 11th-ranked Bowdoin 6-3 on Saturday before beating Colby and Colby-Sawyer on Sunday.

‘Yellowbrickroad’ is a family affair

Independent horror film “Yellowbrickroad,” the writing and directing debut of Jesse Holland ’02 and Andy Mitton ’01, had its Vermont theatrical debut in Dana Auditorium on Sunday night. The film, which is still seeking a distributor, has screened at the alterna-Sundance “Slamdance” festival and the Atlanta Film Festival, gradually building buzz as a fresh, unsettling and innovative entry in the growing genre of “indie horror”.

Cooking (not) by the Book – 04/22/10

In the last week or two, I’ve been thinking a lot about the pros and cons of melted cheese. The pros seem obvious: melted cheese makes just about everything taste better. My dad’s solution to failed cooking attempts was always to add bacon; mine is to add cheese.

Relay for life

Winners and Losers – 04/22/10

MCRC falls in Sweet Sixteen of national championship

The Middlebury College Rugby Club (MCRC) saw their hopes at a repeat national championship come to an end last weekend, as the team failed to advance out of the Sweet 16 round. Thirteenth-seeded Middlebury faced off against fourth-seeded Miami of Ohio in Saturday’s matchup, a game that turned out to be far closer than the disparity in the teams’ rankings would imply.

Francois Clemmons turns 65

Alexander Twilight Artist-in-Residence Dr. Francois “DivaMan” Clemmons concluded his 65th birthday concert on Sunday with a rousing rendition of “This Little Light of Mine.” Throughout his performance, Clemmons’s “light” shone brightly, both literally and figuratively.

Staff Spotlight – Shelley Payne

Shelley Payne, an athletic equipment manager at the College, knows full well the value of a good work ethic in making your own way through life.

Adaptation ‘Jekyll’ haunts the stage

Ross Bell’s ’10 “Jekyll,” which he wrote and directed for his Senior 700 work, ran in the Seeler Studio Theatre this past weekend, April 16-18. Based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” the play deviated slightly from the book’s plotline, yet the cast was able to expertly retain the chilling aura of the original thanks to superb acting and set and sound design.

Middlebury Great Eight – 04/22/10

The Middlebury Great Eight – 4/15

Winners and Losers 4/15

Campus Character: Alyssa Limperis ’12

Not many people have the ability or the confidence to befriend just about anyone and feel comfortable at any table in the dining hall, but[…]

Kraus shares secret Czechoslovak security files

On Friday, April 9, a full-to-capacity conference room of students, professors and community members were given a vivid reminder of the freedoms and privacy we[…]

Sports Briefs – 4/15

Lacrosse tri-captain Dana Heritage named NESCAC Player of Week Women’s lacrosse tri-captain Dana Heritage ’10 was named NESCAC Player of the Week on Monday for[…]

Talk challenges profs. to re-examine diversity

The weeks following Spring Break are a time when Facebook albums abound with pictures of extravagant vacations. Students celebrate their return to “Club Midd” with[…]

By the Numbers – 4/15

Kick-off of second Arts Walk season draws crowd despite rain

Downtown Middlebury played host to the second annual Arts Walk this past Friday. It was the first of seven nights, one a month, in which[…]

Local lowdown 4/15

Town history slide show April 15, 7 – 8 p.m. Ann Sullivan presents “Vergennes from Yesterday to Today” at the Bixby Memorial Library in Vergennes[…]

Town celebrates art of poetry

Last Friday evening, gathering between the “Middle Readers” and “Gardening” shelves at the back of the Vermont Book Shop on Main Street, an audience looked[…]

Women’s water polo wins championship

In the championships of the North Atlantic Division held at its very own natatorium, the Middlebury women’s water polo team dominated the competition and ended[…]

‘Painted’ opening skates to success

Although the event’s title suggests a leisurley stroll, one contributor to the Middlebury Arts Walk, which kicked off its second season on Friday night, has[…]

Track and field teams take third at Dartmouth

riday’s Dartmouth Invitational was a great day for the Middlebury track and field teams. Although the Panthers did not win the invitational, placing third behind[…]

Editor’s picks – 4/15