Meredith White


A Day in the Life: Accompanist of Dance Ron Rost

“So what’s your purpose?” That’s what Ron Rost asked me after I talked to him on a Saturday afternoon. This Saturday in the life of[…]

Campus Character: Patrick Devereux

If Patrick Devereux ’15 had a soundtrack, it would be comprised of such princes of southern rap as Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka, OJ da Juiceman[…]

Alumna’s Non-Profit Makes Big Strides

In the wake of the 2000 Olympic summer games Nike aired an ad featuring Olympic runner Suzy Hamilton. Like all patrons of athletics, Nike enjoys[…]

Campus Character: Mitchell Parrish

Mitchell Parrish ’14 loves Thai food more than he loves Chinese food. He loves Bazooka and Eclipse gum, but for different reasons. He loves technology[…]

Campus Character: Carllee James

Last Friday, Carllee James ’13 celebrated being 200 days away from the end of a journey she started three years ago as a first-year from[…]

Students Respond to Amherst Rape Account

Last week, Amherst College’s student newspaper, the Amherst Student, published one of the most talked-about articles in recent college journalism, a former student’s chilling first-person[…]

Campus Character: Doug Shrivers

For many students, MiddExpress transcends the services of a basic convenience store. Or maybe it is the bone-chilling excursion on a Vermont winter night that[…]

CSCs Strive to Effect Sustainable Change

As a campus that prides itself on being environmentally conscious, it is easy for students to fall into a trap of complacency. However, the Campus[…]