Michelle Smoler


A Signed Professor Evaluation

Professors have a unique and important place in a student’s life. We should never underestimate the deep and at times life-long impact of the student-teacher[…]

Anti-Zionist Lecturer Invites Controversy

  This past Thursday, the student group Justice for Palestine (JFP) hosted Associate Professor of Modern Arab Politics and Intellectual History at Columbia University Joseph[…]

INSPIRIT Dance Troupe Honors Legacy of Muhammad Ali

Last Friday and Saturday, March 15-16, Professor of Dance Christal Brown and the INSPIRIT dance troupe performed her dance piece, titled “Opulence of Integrity.” A[…]

‘They Asked Me Where I Get This Stuff, I Told Them I Don’t Know’

In my past columns, I’ve discussed the value of a liberal arts education in its ability to endow us with critical-thinking and writing skills —[…]

Ambassador Dennis Ross Discusses Mideast

This past Tuesday, Mar. 12 members of the College and Middlebury community gathered in Mead Chapel to hear Dennis Ross, Washington’s ambassador to Israel under[…]

“You Don’t Like Being Second, I Don’t Like Being Wrong.”

The job hunt. I have begun to wonder if the anxiety that surrounds finding a job is less about being employed and more about our[…]

“I Just Don’t Know What to Do, I’m Just Afraid to Love You.”

Society creates numerous barriers to become self-aware — mainly that it creates so-called “acceptable” models of behavior that cannot possibly match each person’s set of[…]

SGA Update

An on-going discussion of Feb student over-representation among SGA Senators came to a head at the meeting last Sunday, Dec. 2, in which the Senate[…]

“Such a Long Long Time to be Gone and a Short Time to be There”

This past week we kicked off the holiday season with Thanksgiving, which despite its most questionable history, has always been for me less about its[…]

“And Any Man Who Knows A Thing Knows He Knows Not A Damn, Damn Thing At All.”

The Middlebury “bubble.” This phrase evokes an image of a fragile environment, easily popped by contact with other objects — from the inside or out.[…]

A Certain Romance

After gazing in awe at the double rainbow that appeared after the freak thunderstorm last Saturday, I realized that most of us share a certain[…]

Life’s Not a Competition, But I’m Winning

Time in general and, more specifically, here at Middlebury, is valuable. Never was this more apparent than as I sat in the news office in[…]

Statistics Reveal Drinking Habits in NESCAC Schools

This past Thursday, Sept. 20, administrators, staff and students gathered to discuss the results of the alcohol survey conducted among nine of the 11 New[…]

On the Road to Find Out

Last semester, prior to final exams, a professor of mine surprised the class by providing each student with two mix CDs. A sweet gesture –[…]