Sabine Poux


“City of Angels” Recalls 1940’s Hollywood

I shuffled into the picturesque red-brick Town Hall Theater and sat among students and members of the community alike in the theater’s beautiful auditorium.

Middlebury A Cappella New Releases

Three of the College’s a cappella groups are recording CDs this year: the Paradiddles, the Dissipated Eight and the Middlebury Mamajamas.

Life Outside the College Bubble Explored in New Play

It is not often that we, as college students, venture outside the college bubble. Sometimes it is easy to forget that not everyone is a[…]

Play Explores Phone Sex and Urban Life

What do you get when you cross three upperclassman actors, a red prop phone and gardening sex metaphors? You get Does This Woman Have a[…]

TEDxMidd Talks “Playing the Game”

What is feminist glaciology? How should we talk about intersectionality? Can graffiti bring people together? Is there a solution to mass incarceration?

Antigone Project Brings Myth to Present

From Oct. 27-29, the Middlebury College Theatre and Dance Department’s most recent show, The Antigone Project, challenged the audience’s preconceptions about Sophocles’ well-known Greek tragedy Antigone.

First-Year Show Masters Intense Content

Smashing watermelons into smithereens, an interview with Bob Dylan, a monologue from a fallen angel; the cast of the Middlebury first-year show Savage + Love[…]

Yoga on Campus a Welcome Retreat

You know the yoga is relaxing when you are standing in eagle pose and have completely forgotten about the two papers, midterm and four homework[…]