Toby Aicher


Play Explores Laughter and Healing

Can laughter be a part of the healing process for a survivor of sexual of assault? The Post Traumatic Super Delightful (PTSD) play, written and[…]

Envisioning Feminist Science at Midd

On Nov. 29, an interdisciplinary panel of faculty and students came together to discuss the topic of “Envisioning Feminist Science at Middlebury.” The event, organized[…]

Speaker on Experience in Forensics

Last Friday, September 16th, Colby College Professor of Chemistry Julie Millard spoke on forensics and her work at the Maine State Crime Lab. Her talk,[…]

Students Conduct Summer Research

Over 140 students conducted research at the College this summer, and the list of summer projects ranged from the theoretical physics of Casimir forces to anxiety in fruit flies.

Mars Curiosity Lead Scientist Gives Talk

Last Friday, April 7, Fletcher Jones Professor of Geology at Caltech John Grotzinger spoke about the current research of the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity rover[…]

Seniors to Present Science Theses

Graduating seniors will present their senior science theses this May. Their theses represent at least a year’s worth of original research. Many students consider  doing[…]

Rehm Talks Future of Genomic Medicine

Last Friday, April 4, Dr. Heidi Rehm ’93 came to Middlebury and gave a lecture on personalized medicine and the use of genetic testing to[…]

Speaker on New Drug Discovery Methods

Rockefeller University Professor of Chemical Biology Sean Brady gave a talk last Friday, March 18 titled “Watch Your Step: There’s New Chemistry Everywhere.” Brady uses[…]

Students Participate in Porter Internships

The College has a large pre-medical program: this year, more than 50 Middlebury students applied to medical school. One of the College’s best opportunities for[…]

New Electric Car Charging Station

The College installed a charging station for electric vehicles (EVs) in the parking lot behind Proctor Dining Hall this Nov. The station is a level[…]

Speaker on Public Distrust of Science

Distrust of scientific experts is widespread in the United States. It fuels the anti-vaccine, climate change denial and creationist movements, to name only a few[…]

Speaker Proposes New Cholera Therapy

Dartmouth Professor of Biochemistry Jon Lull spoke last Friday, Dec. 4 about his research using fatty acids to treat cholera and other gastrointestinal bacterial diseases,[…]

College Upgrades the 24-Inch Telescope

More than 400 people visited the observatory to watch the lunar eclipse. The eclipse coincided with a supermoon, a rare event that only happens once[…]

New Filmmakers Festival is a Success

The first Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival (MNFF) was held this summer and ran from August 27-30. MNFF is tailored for new filmmakers, the underdogs of the film industry.

Science and Society: Funding the National Institute of Health

Despite the polarization of politics, Republicans and Democrats continue to unite on at least one issue: National Institute of Health, or NIH, funding. I was[…]

Science Spotlight: Women in Stem

Young river birches line McCardell Bicentennial Hall’s Walk of Science, which leads up to one of the building’s second floor entrances. Of the ten famous[…]

Science Spotlight: Nobel Laureate Carol Greider

Nobel Laureate Carol Greider gave a lecture last week on how she helped solve one of molecular biology’s fundamental mysteries: why are germ cell lines immortal?

Science Spotlight: Stem Cell Lecture

This year’s class of ’88 lecture series speaker Hugh Taylor addressed the question, “Will Stem Cells Stop the Biologic Clock?” The Yale School of Medicine[…]

Science Spotlight: Computer Science and Social Justice

Lawyers are expensive, and many Americans can’t afford quality legal representation.  Last Friday, Nov. 14, Vermont Law School Professors Oliver Goodenough and Jeannette Eicks gave[…]

Science and Society: The Thousand Dollar Genome

Last year Heather Dewey-Hagborg became the world’s first DNA portrait artist. For her controversial art project Stranger Visions, she collected genetic detritus such as hair,[…]

Science Spotlight: Nobel Laureate Martin Chalfie

Nobel laureate and Columbia University Professor of Biological Sciences Martin Chalfie visited the College last Thursday, Oct. 16 to give two lectures. One talk focused[…]

Science and Society: Rosetta Space Mission

In early November, the Rosetta space mission will land on a comet. Arguably as momentous as putting a rover on Mars or a man on[…]

Science Spotlight: School of the Environment

The College is a surprisingly busy place during the summer, with its hodgepodge of researchers, employees, Bread Loaf students, and language learners. This summer, 11[…]

Science Spotlight: Senior Science Theses

The physicist Richard Feynman once wrote “we are very lucky to be living in an age in which we are still making discoveries… and that[…]

Science Spotlight: BiHall’s New Telescope Operator

When I tell people I go to Middlebury, the second most frequent question I’m asked, after “Where is that?” is, in its blunt variation, “Why[…]

Lecturer Links Biology and Art

Cameron Visiting Artist Jake Winiski gave a lecture titled “How an Artist Becomes A Biologist” last Tuesday, Feb, 25. In his talk Winiski detailed an[…]

Science Spotlight: Octopus Biology

I had noticed a couple of times a locked door in Bihall with pictures of octopuses and a sign “octopi wallstreet”, so when my friend[…]

Science Spotlight: Bio Speaker on Campus

Renowned Biologist and Science educator Sean Carroll came to the College last Thursday, Nov. 14, and gave two talks, one on his recently published book[…]

Science Spotlight: Alchemistry pHun!

The fact that each chemical equation scribbled on a blackboard often translates into a spectacular, real life occurrence is easily underappreciated. For instance, eyes may[…]

Science Spotlight: The Foraging Club

A walk in the woods with a forager reveals all the neglected treats. As Jake Faber ’16 strolls along the forest floor he scans the[…]

Five New Professors Join Science Staff

It can be intimidating to step into a professor’s office. With complex computer algorithms scribbled on black boards and overflowing shelves filled with worn books,[…]