Joy Zhu


The Umbrella Revolution: This is Only the Beginning

The Umbrella Revolution is a grassroots movement of Hong Kong people in protest of increasing control by the Chinese government. It began as a class[…]


As my German school friends and I hurtled up the steps of McCardell Bicentennial Hall, pressing all the elevator buttons to get there fast, I[…]


As a kid, my favorite food and drink were spaghetti bolognese and Coca-Cola. Yet, after indulging myself in the richness of cakes, Cheese pizzas and[…]


If girls were noodles, then Hong Kong girls would be rice vermicelli and the girls from Middlebury spaghetti. Why? Rice vermicelli is puny and delicate.[…]


The recent assassination attempt on a former editor of a major newspaper has caused international outrage. This event does not exist in isolation. Over the[…]


A developed city should also have a developed culture. Hong Kong does not have one. In In Search of Hong Kong Culture, Lee Oufan, a[…]

Burmese Days

The reasons I did it – measure the blood pressure of about 400 patients in 3 8-hour workdays – was because of this. “When are[…]


It is politically incorrect to call Myanmar ‘Burma’ because of its colonial connotations, but the new name ‘Myanmar’ is also politically incorrect, as it is[…]


Some time ago, two of my close friends in a long distance relationship broke up due to an ‘irreconcilable cultural difference,’ despite both of them[…]


At home in Hong Kong, I used to be able to just stand up and go anywhere. Right now, any means of travel requires meticulous[…]

Hirschfield Series Brings Foreign Films to Campus

Every Saturday in Dana Auditorium at 3 and 8 p.m., the Hirschfield International Film Series screens foreign and independent movies to the Middlebury College community[…]

Stop Traffick: Slavery is Not a Thing of the Past

Award-winning author and journalist, recently named National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, E. Benjamin Skinner gave a ‘narrow’ definition of slavery.

Vito Acconci: “Way Station” and Art of Subversion

“It was in ’67, ’68, when the U.S. was making great efforts to invade Vietnam that I realized that religion and politics — these abstractions[…]


As I walked uphill after a movie screening in Dana Auditorium, I caught a glimpse of the smokestack, unimpeded by trees, starkly alone; a museum[…]

Hirschfield Film Series: A Touch of Sin

Middlebury College, as a part of the Hirschfield Film Series, screened Jia Zhangke’s first award winning film A Touch Of Sin, which was nominated for[…]


Movies seem to tell us that any form of connectedness seems possible when “all you need is love.” But somehow this kind of idealism doesn’t[…]


Although much of the attention on immigration reform in Congress centers on the policy toward illegal immigrants, Professor of Public Policy at the College of[…]

Hirschfield International Film Series: Caesar Must Die

Tired of mainstream and American movies? The annual Hirschfield International Film Series, hosted by the Department of Film and Media Culture, screens independent and foreign[…]


It was not until I came to America that I began shaking hands with other people. I have navigated a diverse species of hands since[…]