Will Henriques


Let’s Think a Little Harder About GMOs

The Olympic conversation at lunch the other day turned to genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Someone mentioned that Russia is attempting to ban GMOs outright (check[…]

Science and Society

When I told a friend that I would be taking Studio Art over J-term at dinner in November, she laughed and warned me that the[…]

Science and Society

“Human beings in a mob / What’s a mob to a king? / What’s a king to a god? / What’s a god to a[…]

Science and Society

This summer I had the opportunity to be part of an interdisciplinary research team trying to build an automated biosensor to detect aromatic hydrocarbons in[…]

Science and Society: Scientific Literacy in America

How scientifically literate are you? That could depend on your politics, according to a recent analysis conducted by the Yale Law School and Psychology Professor[…]

Science and Society

“Are Our Political Beliefs Encoded in Our DNA?” Surrounded by news of the government shutdown, Iranian negotiations and Obamacare, this was the headline that caught[…]

Exploring the Role of the NSA in Scientific Research

On Sept. 7, Joe Kloc wrote on The Daily Dot about the New York Times’ coverage of recent revelations about the National Security Agency’s (NSA) access[…]

Science Spotlight: Increasing Interest in Science

With school back in session, the student tides across campus have returned. The hushed conversations and echoing footsteps in the Tormondsen Great Hall of McCardell[…]

Science Spotlight: Summer Research

Soon the campus will empty. Dorm rooms will be stripped down and cleared out, cars will be packed, Commencement caps will fly in the air[…]

Science Spotlight: Liberal Arts Lags in Science

I was browsing the Sites Dot Middlebury blog, “Core and Change in the Liberal Arts,” — an online hub for this conversation on campus —[…]

Science Spotlight: CS Majors Vie in Coding Contest

On Friday, April 12, Paul Donnelly ’15, Matei Epure ’16 and Chris Matteri ’13 travelled to Siena College in Loudonville, New York, to compete in[…]

Science Spotlight: Student Research

Walking out of Davis Family Library the other day, I overheard a professor consoling a frantic senior with the following: “What you’ve got to keep[…]

Science Spotlight: Tree Vandalism on Campus

It was almost comical. One of the custodial staff was in the Battell bathroom as I brushed my teeth early one morning during winter term.[…]

The Dangerous Parsnip

Creating a stimulating introductory-level science course is challenging. There’s a host of information thrown at students: terms to memorize, concepts to learn, lab techniques to[…]

Science Spotlight: Monsato’s Seeds

What does it mean to possess the genetic information of something or someone? Is the genetic code – the foundation of life from bacteria to[…]

Science Spotlight: Greenhouse Cultivates Plants, Curiousity

Trickling water echoes softly through the glass room overflowing with a riot of lush green vegetation. In one corner, potted orchids perch alongside an old[…]

Science Spotlight: Science Outside the Bubble

It’s a big week for science. The top New York Times headline Monday morning read: “Obama Seeking to Boost the Study of the Human Brain.”[…]

Exploring the Biochemistry of Love

Valenetine’s Day is here, and even over in McCardell Bicentennial Hall, talk has turned towards love. This past Tuesday, Philip Battell/Sarah Stewart Professor of Chemistry[…]

Science Spotlight: Trees and the Urban Forest

The class gathered outside of Voter, looking up at the wire strung between two diverging trunks of an elm. “You see that wire, the slack[…]

Science Spotlight: Methane Tractor

The garage sits on the edge of the fields to the west of campus along Rte. 125. “Henry” the tractor is parked inside.

Science Spotlight: Byers’ Nanowires

Scale is one of the miracles of modern technology. The earliest computers took up entire rooms and had less computing power than the smart phones[…]

Science Spotlight: Costanza-Robinson Lab

Environmental chemistry is broad field that spans the study of chemical processes in the atmosphere, earth, water and biological world. Associate Professor of Chemistry, Biochemistry[…]

Science Spotlight: Natural Language Processing

“I disdain green eggs and green ham.” Easy enough to simplify this sentence down to the classic Dr. Seuss: “I do not like green eggs[…]

Science Spotlight: Computer Vision

The hallway of the sixth floor of the McCardell Bicentennial Hall, home to the computer science department, is lined with posters with titles like “3D[…]

JusTalks Organizers Discuss Program

Listen to the Campus’ Will Henriques discuss JusTalks‘ with organizers Josh Swartz, Kate McCreary and Hudson Cavanagh. Alternatively, a video explanation from the group can be viewed above.

Environmental Studies Talks Promote Innovation

Standing in front of a crowd of some 50 faculty, students and community members during lunch last Thursday, Oct. 25, Executive Director of Équiterre and[…]

Science Spotlight: Psychology Department

Of any of the isolated silos in the world of academia disciplines that seem to have little overlap — the natural and physical sciences and[…]

Science Spotlight: Environmental Studies

In the environmental studies department, students and professors strive to research innovative solutions to environmental issues. Projects and interests range from building sustainable housing to[…]

Computer Science Faculty Seek Expansion

Interest in computer science has been trending upward over the past four years at Middlebury College, but in the past four semesters, the computer science[…]

Science Spotlight: Bunt Lab

The laboratory of Burr Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Chair of the Chemistry Department Rick Bunt is a small, unobtrusive room tucked about halfway[…]