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Logged off
Logged off
By Jake Gaughan March 9, 2021

Besides Panopto lectures and PolicyPath surveys, one of the most drastic changes to Middlebury College life in the pandemic has...

What we watched/What we read
What we watched/What we read
March 9, 2021

The things we left behind
The things we left behind
March 9, 2021

A Year in Headlines
A Year in Headlines
March 9, 2021

Campus survey finds split opinions on the fall, widespread Covid-19 violations and mental health struggles
Campus survey finds split opinions on the fall, widespread Covid-19 violations and mental health struggles
By Hannah Bensen and Benjy Renton January 23, 2021

Although two-thirds of students said they did not regret their Fall 2020 enrollment decision, 76% of students said their mental health was worse...

After last-minute cancellation, Febs swap Snow Bowl graduation for stadium celebration
After last-minute cancellation, Febs swap Snow Bowl graduation for stadium celebration
By Catherine McLaughlin December 3, 2020
Members of the Class of 2020.5 are able to “bring febness to whatever [they] do,” as they celebrate their final moments on Middlebury’s campus and prepare to step out into the world.
RIDDIM World Dance Troupe performed two shows from a tent behind Mahaney Arts Center as audiences watched in person, online and from a projection on McCullough Lawn.
RIDDIM World Dance Troupe Zooms in on Hip-hop, Kathak, and more
By Rain Ji November 19, 2020
Audiences joined the RIDDIM dance crew for their fall end-of-semester show “RIDDIM World Dance Troupe Zooms In” on Saturday, Nov. 14.
YouPower has a whole new look this semester. Although classes used to be taught in the Freeman International Center, they’re now held outside in Ridgeline parking lot to allow for social distancing.
YouPower puts new outdoor spin on fitness classes
By Niamh Carty November 12, 2020
Read about how Middlebury's student-run spin studio has adjusted this fall in order to continue offering spin classes.
The characters engage in a discussion about the limited selection of monologues available to budding Asian American actors and the young actress is left disappointed after seeing few options for leads that she can relate to and portray. VAN BARTH
‘finally’: Production with an all-Asian cast spotlights issues of representation
By EDYTH MOLDOW November 12, 2020
“finally” turned a spotlight on the lack of Asian representation in the media and the performing arts.
George Matthews Jr. sitting at the Middlebury carillion. He has been the man behind the bells for the past 35 years.
Behind the Mead Chapel bells, carillonneur George Matthew Jr. plays for passion and protest
By Sophia McDermott-Hughes October 22, 2020
George Matthew Jr. pursued his dream and has been playing the bells in the tower of Mead Chapel since 1985. He uses his platform to promote immigrant justice, racial equality and lift student morale.
Voices for Change: Checking in with the authors of three letters published in the Campus
By Roya Touran March 10, 2021

In the wake of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests that spread throughout the nation last summer, many Middlebury students and organizations...

MASK OFF, MIDD: Commitment and Chill?
By Maria Kaouris March 10, 2021

I have such a spectacular talent for making a fool of myself that, when it happens, I’m hardly surprised anymore.  Take, for example, the...

Midd Missed Connections is the new Proc Crush
Midd Missed Connections is the new Proc Crush
By Emmanuel Tamrat March 10, 2021

“what if we kissed on battel beach?” reads the bio of Middlebury Missed Connections (@middmissedconnections), the fun and light-hearted...

By Emily Ballou March 10, 2021
Middlebury’s trees and their caretaker recount a year of change and endurance
Election 2020
By Tony Sjodin March 10, 2021

Black Lives Matter and racial justice
By Abigail Chang March 10, 2021

Same storm, different boats
By Elsa Korpi March 10, 2021

By Emmanuel Tamrat March 10, 2021

It’s been a tough year. After being evacuated from campus last spring, we had to finish the semester from bedrooms and dining room tables instead...

The Last Five Days
By Constance Gooding and Daleelah Saleh March 10, 2021

sex panther
What is love (at Middlebury)?
By SEX PANTHER April 22, 2020
"I reached out to a few senior friends and asked them to answer a couple questions: how they defined love at Middlebury, if there was anything they wish they had realized sooner or done differently with regard to love during college, and when they felt most loved at Middlebury. "

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