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Career Center assists students with internships, entering the job market in uncertain time

Career Center assists students with internships, entering the job market in uncertain time

By TONY SJODIN May 14, 2020
The CCI is hosting daily virtual "Quick Questions" and other online programming to support students in their career exploration this summer.
Student environmental organizers find ways to keep active from home

Student environmental organizers find ways to keep active from home

By NICOLE POLLACK May 14, 2020
When sports seasons were canceled and classes went remote, activism did, too.
The Main Quad in October 2019.

College landscapers continue to work amidst campus shutdown

By Porter Bowman May 14, 2020
“If we’re not safe landscaping and working outside, we’re not safe anywhere,” said landscaper Todd Weedman. “My wife is in more danger going to the grocery store than I am going to work.”
Counselors at Parton were able to hold Zoom counseling sessions with many students, and Parton-led support groups have seen a large increase in participation over the past several weeks.

Students and counselors navigate challenges of tele-mental health care

By James Finn May 14, 2020
Parton overhauled its counseling program over spring break in anticipation of Covid-19 realities, but regulations in many states prevent counselors from continuing to hold sessions with some students.
Technology services step up to make remote learning happen

Technology services step up to make remote learning happen

By Rachel Lu May 14, 2020
8,000 Zoom meetings have been held since May 1, in contrast to roughly 700 per week prior to Covid-19.

Middlebury Volunteer Tutors come together to tutor children of staff

By Porter Bowman May 14, 2020
“We want to continue to give back to staff and get to a point where staff feel that students have their back,” said Ami Furgang ’20, one of the lead organizers of the program.

News in Brief: Middlebury expects 750 in the class of 2024 and 2024.5

640 new students currently plan to enroll in September, but this figure is tentative, given uncertainty about the college's fall semester plan and potential student visa challenges.
Callanan was sworn into the council at a small ceremony in Washington D.C. four days before classes began.

Midd professor assists with national Covid-19 stimulus decisions

By Tony Sjodin May 14, 2020
Associate Professor of Political Science Keegan Callanan, who was appointed to the National Council on the Humanities last August, is helping to advise its chairman on Covid-19 stimulus funding.
Last week, Middlebury Language School graduate student Tamar Freeland started a petition urging Middlebury College to consider a partial refund for the spring semester. Freeland’s activism comes almost two months after Middlebury College transitioned to remote-learning due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Small number of Middlebury students petition for partial refund of semester tuition

By Benjamin Glass May 14, 2020
Over 120 students signed a petition to college administrators that Tamar Freeland published online last week.
The Middlebury Off-Campus Project

The Middlebury Off-Campus Project

May 8, 2020
A series of stories and perspectives on how Covid-19 has impacted the lives of people in the Middlebury community. Check out the third round of publications.
Associate Professor of Writing and Linguistics Shawna Shapiro presented her research on student conceptions of inclusivity at the Fall Faculty Forum in October 2018.

How are faculty connecting with students during distance learning?

Professors have shown that it's possible to build community while practicing social distancing.
A whiteboard in the facilities building this March announced that most open positions were in the process of being filled. In the fall, when there were significant vacancies in facilities, that board typically listed the positions that were open.

Freeze puts hiring on pause, though many positions were already filled

By ROSE EVANS May 7, 2020
As part of its commitment to pay continuity for existing staff, the college has frozen all hiring that had not been completed before the transition to remote learning.
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