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Bochu Ding
Bochu Ding '21 is Editor in Chief.

He previously served as a managing editor, information insights director, interim digital director, news editor, and senior writer.

Ding is double majoring in economics and sociology-anthropology.  Last fall, he studied abroad in Paris, where he attended Sciences Po and pursued an internship at a social enterprise.

Ding is one of the college's Social Entrepreneurship fellows, focusing on helping impact organizations communicate to their clients and funders through storytelling. This summer, he served as an Impact Investing Analytics and Marketing Fellow at CapShift, a startup empowering philanthropic and financial institutions to mobilize capital for social and environmental impact.

During the school year, he also rows (starboard) for Middlebury Men's Crew.

Twitter: @bochuding

Bochu Ding, Editor in Chief

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Bochu Ding