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One in 8700: Hannah Hurlburt

By Rebecca Walker

November 4, 2015

Hannah Hurlburt, owner of The Good Witch, a costume shop on Main Street, sees more business than usual this time of year. The Good Witch business started in the back room of Mendy’s, another business on Main Street, but it eventually expanded into its own store last April. Hurlburt’s passion...

1 in 8700: Glenn Lower

1 in 8700: Glenn Lower

By Alessandria Schumacher

April 29, 2015

Glenn Lower ’84 does a little bit of everything to make the Co-op run smoothly. When asked what he does as general manager, Glenn Lower ’84 replied, “My kids—when they were small—used to say I sign my name a lot…they’d come upstairs and I’d be signing checks.”  Despite the fact that...

1 in 8700: Meet Peter Jensen

By Annie Grayer

April 15, 2015

This June, Peter Jensen, the Foundations of Engineering and Architecture Instructor at the Hannaford Career Center, will be retiring. After working eight years in his current position at the center, and forty years overall in the Middlebury education system, Jensen and his career of dedicated work deserve...

1 in 8700: Mike Rainville

By Linley Shaw

March 4, 2015

Mike Rainville’s woodcraft has received various different awards and amount of press throughout his career. The most recent plaque he’s received is the prized 2014 Vermont Woodworker of the Year given to him by the Vermont Wood Manufacturer’s Association. He also won the Vermont Design Competition...

1 in 8700: George Matthew Jr.

1 in 8700: George Matthew Jr.

By Jenevra Wetmore

March 5, 2014

For most of us the Mead Chapel bells are background noise to our daily activities, so when we hear them ringing our impulse is not to stop and listen.  Accordingly, one might take for granted the immense skill of George Matthew Jr., the College’s carillon player. The carillon, which is often mistaken...

1 in 8700: Lisa Bernardin

1 in 8700: Lisa Bernardin

By Jenevra Wetmore

February 26, 2014

Six years ago, Lisa Bernardin read a newspaper article that would alter the course of her life.  It was during a state of “oscillation,” as she said, that Bernardin came across an article about the winner of the International Brain Bee. The Brain Bee is an international neuroscience competition...

1 in 8700: Sue Lahai and Tracy Raymond

1 in 8700: Sue Lahai and Tracy Raymond

By Harry Cramer

February 19, 2014

Sue Lahai and Tracy Raymond have been cutting hair side by side at Bud’s Barbershop for over 18 years. The shop was opened in 1971 by Bud, according to Raymond. “He worked up right until ninety, so whatever clientele he had left we grabbed. This has been here for over sixty years. So everybody...

1 in 8700: Jernigan Pontiac

By Molly Talbert

January 15, 2014

Only the few and the lucky end up in Jernigan Pontiac’s cab. And, only the fewer and the even luckier end up in his stories. Jernigan Pontiac, who requested that only his nom de plume be used, has lived and driven cabs in Burlington for 37 years, documenting 17 of those years in a bi-weekly —...

1 in 8700: Dennis Smith

1 in 8700: Dennis Smith

By Olivia Jurkowitz

December 4, 2013

Coming off a huge state championship victory, Middlebury Union High School football coach Dennis Smith is grateful for many things. Every year, Smith and his players set the goal of being crowned state champions. In Vermont’s Division I, it is a difficult goal, but not out of reach. Smith believes...

1 in 8700: Nancy Weber-Curth of Sparkles Champagne Bar

By Molly Talbert

November 6, 2013

In the middle of the town of Middlebury, along Main Street, sits a row of restaurants and bars all within 50 yards of each other: Two Brothers Tavern, Otter Creek Bakery, Samas Café and the Champagne and Sparkling Wine Bar. The Champagne and Sparkling Wine Bar catches the eye, and not just because it...

1 in 8700: The Power Couple Behind Costello’s

By David Ullmann

October 9, 2013

Whether you eat there once a week, or just enjoy a sub from time to time, we can all agree that Costello’s Market is a staple of Middlebury. Many students of the College frequent this Italian market in the Marble Works Many move in and out quickly, rushing to class or to a club meeting, just picking...

1 in 8700: John Wetzel of Stone Leaf Tea

By David Ullmann

October 2, 2013

John Wetzel, founder of Stone Leaf Teahouse in downtown Middlebury views tea as more than just a drink. Rather, it is a way of connecting people. “It’s history, it’s culture, it’s modern society,” Wetzel said. Wetzel had not truly tasted tea until he worked on a fishing boat after he...

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