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Acceptance rate sees uptick to 24% amid Covid-19 uncertainties

Acceptance rate sees uptick to 24% amid Covid-19 uncertainties


April 2, 2020

The college offered a total of 2,228 students admission to its class of 2024, comprising 24% of the 9,165 students who applied, according to Dean of Admissions Nicole Curvin. The overall admissions rate saw a major uptick from last year’s 16% — an 8% difference.  21.5% of applicants received o...

Student Ambassadors broaden admission office’s reach

Student Ambassadors broaden admission office’s reach


February 20, 2020

Maya Gee, Roni Lezema, Dennis Miranda-Cruz, Cynthia Chen and Myles Maxie of the class of 2022 developed Midd Ambassadors in an effort to address the lack of diversity on campus.

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November 21, 2019

When we arrived on Middlebury’s campus in the fall of 2018, the demographics of the student body saddened us. However, they were not something that surprised us.

Admissions Scandal Demands Reflection


March 21, 2019

This multi-million dollar scandal is disheartening but not entirely surprising, and it sheds light on the deep flaws within the American educational system. 

Counting the Costs of Applying ED in the NESCAC


November 29, 2018

The carrot of the admissions advantage offered by early-decision admissions programs may be too tantalizing to resist.

First in Class of 2022 Accepted in Early Decision Round

First in Class of 2022 Accepted in Early Decision Round


January 17, 2018

The college admissions team released the first round of early decision acceptances on Dec. 9. Of the 650 applicants, 326 students were accepted, putting the  admissions rate at just over 50 percent. Those students accepted early decision are bound to attend the college. The average number of students...

338 Admitted Early for 2020

By Eliza Teach

January 21, 2016

The College notified 338 new students of their early admission to the Class of 2020 via an online portal on Dec. 5. Mailed letters were sent in the next week. The students were chosen from an overall application pool of 636 applicants. This is an increase from the 280 students offered early admission...

Admissions Releases Closed Files

By Claire Abbadi

February 11, 2015

A discovery by a group of Stanford University students could bring an unprecedented level of transparency to the college admissions process, after an anonymous Stanford campus publication released the finding that the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) stipulates that students have the right t...

College Offers Admission to 280 Early Decision I Applicants

By Ethan Brady

January 14, 2015

The College has offered admission to 280 students for the Class of 2019 under its Early Decision I plan. Decisions were released on Saturday, Dec. 6, via an online portal, and physical copies were mailed to applicants’ homes a day prior. The admitted students will represent about 40 percent of the class,...

8,196 Apply to Class of 2018

8,196 Apply to Class of 2018

By Mitch Perry

April 9, 2014

On March 21, the College mailed letters of acceptance to 1,422 prospective students representing all 50 states and 82 different countries in the hope that 575 of these students will enroll next fall.  The College shrunk its target class size due to yield for the class of 2017 that was greater than anticipated...

Reading and Ranking: Shaping the Class of 2018

Reading and Ranking: Shaping the Class of 2018

By Claire Abbadi

November 13, 2013

Last week, on Thursday, Nov. 7 the College admissions office began formally reviewing early decision applications, which Dean of Admission Greg Buckles projected would be around 691 applications. This year, however, admissions is hoping to reduce the class size from 600-610 to 575 students for September...

Admissions Reports Record First-Generation Enrollment

By Claire Abbadi

September 25, 2013

Thirteen percent of students in the class of 2017 are the first in their family to go to college, according to data released by the College admissions office. This number is the highest percentage of first-generation students in a class on record and likely in the school’s history, said Dean of Admissions...

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