What [Thing] Will Make You a Better Person?

By Jessica Cheung

January 14, 2015

What [podcast] will make you a better person? Of course, I would be remiss to not say Serial, the new podcast by Sarah Koenig and Julie Snyder.  It has killer cliffhangers and incredible writing. It Has inspiring spoofs, spoiler specials and productive conversations about narrative, ethics in reporting and sto...

Surviving Midd Unplugged: One Student Goes Off the Internet for a Week

By Ben Anderson

November 13, 2014

Last Sunday, I walked into the editorial office a few minutes before 5 p.m., as I’ve done most Sundays for the past two years, eager to discuss whatever it was we had decided to editorialize on that week. But instead of being greeted by the rest of the editorial staff, I found an empty and dark offi...

Follow the Money

By Emilie Munson

April 30, 2014

The Middlebury Campus brought big money out of the shadows this week. We distributed surveys polling our personal spending habits, where our spending money comes from and where we think the money comes from when we see others charge everything to their cards. The results of 109 surveys distributed across...

What is Your Cure for Writer’s Block?

By Emilie Munson

April 16, 2014

Bill McKibben Schumann Distinguished Scholar It's never been a huge problem for me. I grew up writing for newspapers, and that tends to cure you of perfectionism: you know that half the job is to get it done on time. I think sometimes you have to say: I'm going to write as well as I can right now,...

Head of the Class: the SGA, MCAB and Community Council organizations

By Middlebury Campus

April 28, 2011

Election season is over at Middlebury, and for the students who do not vote, which is the majority of those at Middlebury, this might not mean that much. Do we even know what the Community Council Co-Chair and Student Government Association (SGA) President do, or what they are in charge of? Those who...

Students present work at spring symposium

By Middlebury Campus

April 21, 2011

Last week, 270 Middlebury students across disciplines and class years came together to present the culmination of months of research in what has become an annual celebration of academic exploration at Middlebury — the student spring symposium. Now in its first year as a multi-day event, the symposi...

The long arm(s) of the law: where jurisdiction of public safety ends and the police force begins

By Middlebury Campus

April 14, 2011

Almost as soon as we arrive at Middlebury, we learn to be thankful that we report to Public Safety, not the police. We know punishments are different, but why, and how? The Campus talks to members of the Middlebury Police Department and the College’s Public Safety force to hash out the differences ...

Administration Tree

By Middlebury Campus

March 24, 2011

The Princeton Review ranks Middlebury fourth in the country as a school that “runs like butter,” but most students have few opportunities to meet our administrators. Years ago, every Middlebury student used to receive a pamphlet with the names, titles, pictures and job descriptions of most Middlebury...

Posse heads to Fairlee for national program retreat

By Middlebury Campus

March 17, 2011

Since the first Posse Scholars arrived at Middlebury in 1999, the program has continued to flourish on campus. One of the group’s biggest events is the annual PossePlus Retreat, which this year hosted Posse Scholars and their “plussers” for a weekend in Farilee, VT. The Campus explores Posse his...

91.1: 24 HOURS A DAY middlebury’s own radio station, wrmc, is broadcasting live. here’s the station’s story; the view from behind the microphone.

By Middlebury Campus

March 3, 2011

It’s 4:30 on a Friday afternoon and Tim Spears leans toward the hanging silver microphone as he pushes up a couple of sliders on the mixing board in the WRMC studio. Behind Spears hovers Matt Jennings, Spears’ co-DJ. For most of the week, Spears, vice president for administration and professor of...

Frozen in Time: Inspired by this year’s Winter carnival theme of Traditions, The Campus takes a closer look at carnivals past

By Middlebury Campus

February 24, 2011

Every February, Middlebury gets as New England as it can possibly get — we eat sugar on snow while watching ski races, build ice sculptures, and can watch our peers compete in snowshoe races. But the carnival is never exactly the same year to year, and it’s changed a lot over the years. This year,...

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