Administrators Failed Protesters and Lecture Organizers

Administrators Failed Protesters and Lecture Organizers


April 25, 2019

Last week, the administration canceled a talk by conservative Polish scholar and politician Ryszard Legutko due to safety concerns.

Bill Burger to Leave College

Bill Burger to Leave College


February 28, 2019

Bill Burger, the college’s vice president for communications and chief marketing officer, will leave his position on April 30. President Laurie L. Patton announced Burger’s departure in an all-school email on Feb. 14.

Two Years After Murray, College Drafts New Protest Policies

Two Years After Murray, College Drafts New Protest Policies


December 6, 2018

Proposed new policy disallows “civil disobedience” on all Middlebury campuses, adds a new provision regarding staff engagement with “expressive activity” and defines types of expression permitted and not permitted by the college. 

Coming Together: A Charles Murray Reflection


November 1, 2018

The Murray incident led me to believe that there was another side to the debate, containing ideas that I would never encounter at Middlebury.

In Response to “Stanger and Callanan Talk Murray at Princeton”


November 1, 2018

As a faculty member, I would like to respond to some mischaracterizations of campus life, and faculty relations in particular, that I noticed in a Campus story last week’s.

College Gets Grant to Fund Discourse Post-Murray


September 27, 2018

With a grant of $800,000, the college hopes to facilitate several workshops over the next three years to tackle navigating controversial ideas.

Letter: Response to “Response to ‘Response to Setting the Record Straight’ ”


December 6, 2017

Unreasonable accusations don’t sustain or replenish the civility needed at Middlebury and all other serious places of learning.

Setting the Record Straight


November 29, 2017

In her October 26, 2017 testimony to a U.S. Senate committee about the Charles Murray talk at Middlebury College, Prof. Allison Stanger stated: “The Sociology/Anthropology Department sought to rally the community to censor the Political Science department by demanding that we withdraw our co-sponso...

College Begins Discipline of Murray Protestors

College Begins Discipline of Murray Protestors

By Will DiGravio and Alex Newhouse

April 26, 2017

The College has officially begun to discipline those who participated in the March 2 protests that prevented Dr. Charles Murray from delivering a scheduled lecture. According to an official statement released on April 17,  the College has identified “more than 70 individuals it believes may be subject to ...

An Apology from PoliSci Chair to the Community

By Bert Johnson

April 20, 2017

Earlier this year I, as chair of the political science department, offered a symbolic departmental co-sponsorship to the Charles Murray event in the same way that I had done with other events in the past: on my own, without wider consultation. This was a mistake. Last week, I apologized to my departmental...

Charles Murray Protest, Talk Garner Media Attention

By Christian Jambora

March 9, 2017

National news and media outlets have been spotlighting the on-campus protests against Charles Murray, a libertarian columnist and sociologist who, due to student demonstrations, was prevented from delivering a guest lecture on Thursday, March 2. The events and their aftermath drew attention from major publ...

Charles Murray Visit Provokes Uproar

Charles Murray Visit Provokes Uproar

By Alex Newhouse and Ellie Reinhardt

March 9, 2017

On Feb. 22, the Middlebury College American Enterprise Institute Club published a group op-ed in The Campus that extended an “invitation” to the Middlebury College community “to encourage robust discussion and expose the Middlebury Community to diverse thoughts, opinions and understandings on the impo...

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