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College Instagram campaign features sanctioned student protester, reviving Murray tensions

College Instagram campaign features sanctioned student protester, reviving Murray tensions

By JAMES FINN April 26, 2020
The Instagram story, which was later deleted, featured a photo of Austin Kahn ’17.5 protesting Murray’s visit in Wilson Hall.
About 100 barricades, part of the college’s general security revamp, were stationed outside the Recycling Center on Wednesday.

Murray visit likely canceled amid coronavirus measures

By AMELIA POLLARD March 12, 2020
According to student organizers, Charles Murray's lecture — scheduled for March 31 — will likely be cancelled due to the suspension of in-person classes.

Student activists lead workshops on organizing, protesting

By Lily Jones March 5, 2020
Leif Taranta ’20.5 and other student activists are leading workshops teaching the Middlebury community how to be more effective activists.

A call to strike on March 31: A letter to faculty from students

Dear Faculty, On March 31, students, faculty and staff across campus will be striking in an effort to resist the white supremacy and pseudoscience.

Letter to the editor: Feb. 27, 2020

By ALYTH HESCOCK February 27, 2020
Sad day, again, for the college. As a moderate swing voter, I will add: a sad day for the Republican recruiting effort as well.

Murray visit raises questions for concerned faculty

The largest question that dogs us is, 'How did you allow this to happen?' write professors Jason Mittell and Jamie McCallum on behalf of the Middlebury Faculty for an Inclusive Community.

Campus conservatives divided over Murray’s upcoming visit

By CAROLINE KAPP February 13, 2020
Current and former members of College Republicans divide over the decision to invite Charles Murray to speak on campus for the third time.

Charles Murray round two: A chance to get it right

By HAYDEN DUBLOIS February 13, 2020
Hayden Dublois '17 helped organize Charles Muray's 2017 visit to Middlebury. Now, he thinks Middlebury's faced with an opportunity to "engage without shutting down and redeem the college's stained image in the eyes many alumni, donors, and the general public."
Covering Charles Murray, responsibly

Covering Charles Murray, responsibly

By SABINE POUX February 13, 2020
My valentine this year is transparency.

Charles Murray, once again: Undoing three years of community healing

Faculty on the advisory board of the college's Center for the Comparative Study of Race and Ethnicity opine on Charles Murray's impending visit to campus.

On engaging with Charles Murray

"Jim Douglas and the College Republicans are, of course, free to invite whomever they wish," writes the CDEI. "However, they should be clear about why they are inviting certain people, and what the implications for these invitations are."

Murray waived speaker fee for upcoming talk

By JAMES FINN January 25, 2020
Murray is scheduled to speak at Middlebury on March 31 in a talk sponsored by both the Middlebury College Republicans and the Open Campus Initiative.
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