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Alumni Stand Behind Jeff Byers

As alumni of the Middlebury Chemistry Department and former students of Professor Byers, we are truly disheartened by the recent events that transpired as a result of an insensitive Chemistry exam question.

Letter: Human Mistakes are Inevitable

By JUDY OLINICK April 25, 2019
The campus will move on to new issues, but the injury to Professor Byers may be very long-lasting.

STEM in the Liberal Arts: A Defense of CHEM 0103

By NATHAN EVANS April 25, 2019
By condemning the CHEM 0103 test question, we have decided that there is no place for the viewpoint of STEM to influence our understanding of history.

In Defense of Jeff Byers

By ELLIS GLICKMAN April 18, 2019
A month ago, I took a chemistry test that asked me to calculate the lethal dose of hydrogen cyanide.
The test question posed by Professor Jeff Byers on a Chemistry 103 exam in March asked students to calculate a lethal dose of Hydrogen Cyanide, one of the gases used by Nazis during the Holocaust.

Chemistry Test Question Invokes Nazi Gas Chambers; Controversy Ensues After Satirical Newspaper Makes it Public

By SARAH ASCH April 11, 2019
A question asking students to calculate "a lethal dose" of the gas used by Nazis during the Holocaust was brought to public attention last Friday.

Letter to the Editor: Parent Defends The Local Noodle

By KATHY LEINHARDT April 11, 2019
As a parent of a Middlebury student watching the Noodle kerfuffle from the outside, I am appalled.

We Apologize For Offensive Test Question

We write to acknowledge and offer deep apologies for an egregiously inappropriate question that one of our departmental faculty members included on an exam earlier this semester.
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