College May End Commons System ‘As It Exists Now’


March 21, 2019

A steering committee has released recommendations that, if implemented in full, “would effectively mean the end of the commons system at Middlebury as it exists now.”

Proposed Commons Changes Are a Good Start

Proposed Commons Changes Are a Good Start


February 28, 2019

The How We Will Live Together Steering Committee intends to address issues within the current residential system that have traditionally hampered students’ experiences.

Commons May Soon Undergo Major Changes


February 21, 2019

The Residential Life System is poised to undergo major changes, which could include building renovations, a new student center, and the elimination of a commons dean.  After a 10-month review, members of the How We Will Live Together Steering Committee charged with reimagining the system presented its ...

External Reviewers Assess Impact of Commons System


January 17, 2019

An external review committee has released a report evaluating the commons system and delineating areas of potential improvement as a continuation of the college’s “How Will We Live Together” residential life assessment.

Commons Review Shows Discontent in Student Life


October 4, 2018

An internal review of the college’s commons system revealed a significant disconnect between students and their commons, and highlighted key areas of concern within residential life, including a lack of student spaces and a strong feeling of disconnectedness among minority students, low income students...

New Head of Atwater Commons

By Holden Barnett

April 8, 2015

Next fall, Sandra Carletti, professor of Italian at the College, will assume the position of Head of Atwater Commons. The previous Co-Heads, Peter and Michelle Nelson, are resigning after a long and successful run. Although terms for Commons Heads generally last five years, the Nelsons were given a on...

Commons System Creates Connections

By Renee Chang

September 24, 2014

On a day-to-day basis – especially as the fall semester gains momentum – students encounter a multitude of social interactions. From meetings with advisers to late night chats with friends, our lives are largely influenced by the relationships we forge with others. But what – if anything – is...

$100 Hallway Fine Unique to Brainerd

By Nate Sans

March 12, 2014

A Brainerd Commons policy of fining students for leaving items in the hallways of residence halls has led to Brainerd’s levying fines of hundreds of dollars on students. Each Commons attempts to discourage students from leaving items in the hall, and when contacted for comment, representatives from...

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