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In regard to Riddim’s history: Give it back

By Niyafa Boucher

June 23, 2020

"It is an expectation that groups will evolve over time," wrote Niyafa Boucher '22. "However, the evolution of Riddim continues a larger societal trend of White people co-opting and erasing the humanity of people of color."

An insider’s look into the Dance Company of Middlebury

An insider's look into the Dance Company of Middlebury


January 23, 2020

This upcoming weekend, the Dance Company of Middlebury will perform a new work centered on intentionality and simplicity, let by Scholar in Residence Karima Borni and Oregon-based artist Meshi Chavez.

A Throwback for RIDDIM

Malia Armstrong ’22.5 and Katie Koch ’22.5 choreographed “Partition,” a piece that asserts femininity and  female sexuality.

By Emmanuel Tamrat

January 23, 2020

RIDDIM World Dance Troupe's most recent show followed the group's tradition of featuring student-choreographed dances in diverse styles.

‘Radical & boundary pushing’: Annual Fall Dance Concert promises experimental work

'Radical & boundary pushing': Annual Fall Dance Concert promises experimental work


November 21, 2019

At the annual Fall Dance Concert this weekend, audience members can expect to see a range of themes and styles in choreography by students and Artist-in-Residence Tori Lawrence.

Evolution dancers drop their masks

Evolution’s fall show, titled “The Mask Has Fallen,” featured urban dance performances choreographed and performd entirely by students.


November 7, 2019

In their first show of the year title "The Mask Has Fallen," Evolution impressed and energized the crowd, celebrating authenticity with student-choreographed urban dances.

Open Space Brings Improv to Dance

The Open Space Laboratory encourages diverse and experimental dance expressions.

By YVETTE YINUO SHI, Arts & Sciences Editor

September 29, 2016

As committed, busy college students, it may be difficult to recall the last time we spent a complete two hours with other people in complete silence. Yet on Saturday, Sept. 24, participants of “Open Space: An Improvisational Laboratory,” held in the Dance Theatre, did exactly that through a practic...

Drop-In Dance Performances Entice Passersby

Passersby had the opportunity to observe or engage with pop-up art installations on campus.

By Elizabeth Zhou

April 21, 2016

During your daily trek to classes, the library, or your favorite dining hall last week, you may have encountered an unusual sight – people making interpretive movements while donning headphones and walking around a public space. If you stayed for long enough, you might have noticed that the ordeal...

Colors Shine in Environmental Dance

By Will Simpson

October 14, 2015

A rainbow of cloth ribbons dotted the trees around Mead Chapel this past Thursday, Oct. 8. A group of students and faculty paced around very slowly, trancelike, intertwining the ribbons and wrapping them around the trees. Passersby could not help but stop and stare at this mesmerizing first performance...

Dance Spotlight: Faculty Concert

By Mandy Kimm

February 25, 2015

What exactly do professors do when they teach? Are they communicating some aspect of their experience — sharing some of their knowledge or perspective with students? Or are they laying bare their personal investigative process and human experience for all to see? The dance department this week presents...

Dance Spotlight: Movement Matters

Dance Spotlight: Movement Matters

By Mandy Kimm

January 14, 2015

I look around me and so much of what I see is divided into separate categories like academic and extracurricular, useful and useless, justice and injustice, natural and artificial, rational and irrational, mind and body. These kinds of binaries can be useful as a way of understanding what is or is not,...

Dance Spotlight: Fall Dance Concert

Stevie Durocher ’15.5 and Afi-Yellow Duke ’15 prepare for the Fall Dance Concert (Alan Kimara Dixon).

By Laura Xiao

December 3, 2014

The 2014 Fall Dance Concert on Friday, Nov. 21 in the Kevin P. Mahaney ’84 Center for the Arts Dance Theatre was well worth an hour of my Friday night. Featuring works by senior dance majors Doug LeCours ’15, Afi Yellow-Duke ’15, Stevie Durocher ’15.5, Sarae Snyder ’15 and Artist-in-Residence...

Dance Spotlight: Behind-the-Scenes of Flicker

By Mandy Kimm

November 12, 2014

A space for art of all kinds, from spoken word to sculpture to radio pieces to dance, Flicker is the student-created-and- produced showcase for artistic expression, established and directed by Aoife Duna ’16.5. The first showcase of the year took place on Friday, Nov. 7 in the Middlebury College Dance...

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