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Dear My People: It’s Not Always About Us, So Listen Up

By ALEXIS LEVATO January 17, 2019
He fails to acknowledge what the campus protests articulate because he is busy saying “us too.”

Dear My People: Black People Are Not Here For Our Entertainment

By ALEXIS LEVATO November 29, 2018
“Do you know what’s historically been America’s most popular form of entertainment besides porn?”

Dear My People: Affirmative Action Isn’t a Weapon

By ALEXIS LEVATO November 8, 2018
Let’s stop for a second and think about something; why do we think that colleges, jobs and housing are automatically meant for us?

Dear My People: Slavery Never Ended, It Just Found New Forms

By ALEXIS LEVATO October 25, 2018
This isn’t just a question of recognizing the abuses and dehumanization that our ancestors committed, although that would be a step in the right direction.
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Dear My People