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Proc or Ross? Settling the Debate

Proc won the largest share of votes as students' favorite dining hall, according to Zeitgeist survey data.


May 2, 2019

Perhaps the most divisive and controversial decision students must make boils down to one simple question: Proctor or Ross?

Students Navigate Misconceptions and Challenges of Veganism

The college's dining halls offer a wider array of vegan options this year than ever before.


October 18, 2017

The word “veganism” has the power to elicit eye-rolls, approving nods, or looks of utter confusion. Some view the vegan lifestyle as a pretentious fad, an overly ambitious and misguided attempt to save the world. Others admire the morality of it all, but consider the elimination of animal products...

SGA, Admin Collaborate on New Dining Options

Students Outside Proctor Dining Hall


October 11, 2017

The Student Government Association (SGA) and Director of Food Services Dan Detora have continued to collaborate on changes to the dining halls in response to student feedback to the SGA’s dining survey. Though the survey left them sifting through widespread criticism of the new swipe system, SGA s...

Dining Services Staff Discuss Upcoming Changes

Dining Services Staff Discuss Upcoming Changes

By Liz Stasior, Contributing Writer

May 3, 2017

Starting in the fall of 2017, a swipe system in Proctor, Ross, and Atwater will track when and where Middlebury students eat. This system will provide accurate counts for dining services in terms of preparing food as well as reducing waste. The system will also prevent guests not on the meal plan fr...

The Caffeine Fix: Dining Hall Switches to a New Brew

Graphic by Julia Hatheway.

By Emilie Munson

March 13, 2016

During Winter Term, the dining halls welcomed a new brew at the beverage station: coffee by local roaster Vermont Coffee Company. Based in Middlebury Vermont, coffee from the Vermont Coffee Company is fair-trade and certified organic. The move to serve it in the dining halls has allowed the College to...

Food Served on Silver Platters

Food Served on Silver Platters

By Michael O'Hara

December 3, 2014

Students returned from Thanksgiving Break to new and improved dining halls. All three — Ross, Proctor and Atwater — received a makeover with new features that include silver serving platters, cereal options for all meals and relocated silverware and sauce-dispensing stations.    ...

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