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Direct Your Attention: Dave Chappelle isn’t joking anymore

November 19, 2020

It is difficult to overstate the magnitude of comedian Dave Chappelle’s imprint on our zeitgeist. Even calling him a comedian feels like the wrong title; perhaps activist or social commentator is...

Direct Your Attention: At the October Apple Event, come for the tech, stay for the cinematic spectacle

October 22, 2020
Every few months, when Apple hosts one of their world-renowned events, I find myself eagerly counting down the seconds until the start. 

Direct Your Attention: Music’s biggest stage is actually quite small

“Musicians would come to your home for a private performance, or they’d show up at your office and play at your desk, easing you through the workday.” PIA CONTRERAS BALBUENA
October 15, 2020
There’s a moment in each NPR Tiny Desk Concert when the hairs on the back of my neck stand up in applause because something truly remarkable has just happened.

Direct Your Attention: An insider’s look at America’s outsiders

September 17, 2020
Upon first glance, Andrew Callaghan is like any other news anchor: he wears a suit, holds a mic and stands in front of an ever-present cameraman.

Direct Your Attention: Malcolm Gladwell’s perfect hi(story)

September 10, 2020
I can think of no better subject for the inaugural issue of Direct Your Attention than Malcolm Gladwell’s “Revisionist History” podcast.
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