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‘It’s a slippery slope’: From dining halls to athletic fields, students open up about eating disorders at Middlebury

Student athletes face unique obstacles on their path to recovery, and coaches are not always equipped with the necessary tools to support athletes recovering from eating disorders.


January 23, 2020

Middlebury students say that the college’s culture contributes to unhealthy expectations around food and exercise, and that the resources for struggling students are lacking.

On Image-Conscious Campus, Rosie Molinary Talks

On Image-Conscious Campus, Rosie Molinary Talks

By Hye-Jin Kim

February 11, 2015

“Where are all the fat Americans?” I overheard an international student joke in Proctor Dining Hall during the first week of first-year orientation. And he’s got a point. Middlebury’s student body is often labeled not only as very attractive, but also fitter — and much wealthier — than...

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